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Posted:    Ridley


Complaint Rating:  67 % with 6 votes
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United States
I have been suckered into a scam on the net that I would like to share and warn all people about.It involves promises by the above mentioned firms (who incidenataly I think are the same company.

First you are given promises, offers and assurances of vast profits by dropshipland at quite a cost, but are given goods to sell on independant auctions, you are also given options to buy a website .Remember before you buy the website you have already paid 74 quid odd as a subsrciption to gain access to 4500 items to sell as you see fit.

The website costs AT LEAST another 60 quid, thinking that you have previously subscribed for an offer where all wares are available for you to sell, you are then offered further products to sell in the same catories that you have previously already subscribed to, there is a choice of at least ten categories where you will have to pay a further £25 pound for each of these.

But wait, on the original page you are told you will be given valuable information to improve your sales techniques once you have purchased your site .How much are you supposed to pay for FREE info, another wonderful add inside their site is recieve google adwords free, pay only 24 .95.Again how much is free info supposed to cost lol.

Believe me thats not all, I bought the website and chose my web address and extension, That was two days ago.I was promised it would be up and running within 30 mins, ha.

There`s more tried to phone them this morning 9, 00am sharp I was still listening to their message at 9.50am on an 0844 number.

I`m usually a very cynical person about these internet operations, but this lot seemed above board and their advertising is very convincing. Dropshipland are not about your profits, believe me, you are constantly bombarded with offers to "help improve". Thankfully once I entered the website sales area I have`nt gone anyfurther or spent any more money on their "products" due to the poor customer support they offer.

One last thing that I think is vital to tell you, I recieved sales on my auction site, where I have been a member for over ten years, on seven items in the dropshipland catalogue, none of the seven items were available for sale when I went to purchase them for my customers.I contacted them through e-mail and was told that their catalogue update software was faulty and that I should just use the listing options.

Some people might say that Dropshipland are just showing good salesmanship

and pushing their product, but I doubt very much if their product exists.Or if it does it is only for their benefit and not you; their potential customer.
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 25th of Mar, 2010 by   Richard A Peterson +1 Votes
Hi have used dropshipland on and off for a few years, and have had no such problems. I think maybe you just didn't read what you were getting into.

Business does not work for everyone, but they have been very helpful to me, and in starting my own business with them. I use a few different dropshippers, and what I have found over the years, is that it is what you put into it, what you get out.

From reading your post, it seems that you are just looking for problems before you have started a business, and not taking responsibility.

I have used businesses in the past that did not work for me, but that is it, I knew it was me. Sometimes a company does not help, but usually it was still down to me, as I also used to look for excuses, just like you are doing.

I suppose it is easy to start a business nowadays, and they become throwaway, without really trying. It took me a while to start earning from my businesses, but dropshipland have definitely helped me, with the marketing and such.

No problems with them, and I would go as far as saying, they have been instrumental in my own business start up, and I would definitely recommend them.

Richard Peterson - Notts
 1st of Apr, 2010 by   Sheriya 0 Votes
i also purchased the package and have sold a total of four items out 20 due to them not being able to supply. I have now decided to shutdown my site as I am embarrassed as i have to keep informing my customers that i cannot supply due to no stock. What i cannot understand is that I do site update two/three times a day but still the out of stock items are on my site and on their site. They are unprofessional and I would not recommend anyone to undertake this business. I have spent hundreds on advertising. I get the customers but cannot supply - what is the point
 3rd of Dec, 2010 by   evertonlad 0 Votes
Tried this outfit and thought the good range of products would be a plus. In 8 months of marketing I haven't made a single sale. tried selling on ebay and own website and nothing. In all i must have lost about £300. In a way I am glad I am not the only one, they make many false claims.
 4th of Jan, 2011 by   dantheron 0 Votes
overpriced and products don't sell
 23rd of Jun, 2011 by   robertelle -1 Votes
dropshipland = dropshipblog = worthless scam :) Many people are just too afraid to speak up, they got done so badly by this company that they feel unable to speak. Don't be afraid, I got screwed, learnt a lesson and now am letting everyone know how big a rip off it is. Stay safe.
 3rd of May, 2012 by   usuallyhappychap -1 Votes
also been duped, just spent £79 pounds on the platinum package and now they want more money ie: £80 plus for what was originally advertised as all in, dont be fooled. If a deal looks too good to be true it usually is, as my wife just reminded me, feel violated but some people have paid more so got away lightly i guess.
 25th of Mar, 2014 by   ianobby +1 Votes
I have used Dropshipland which is under new ownership since February 2013 as one of my suppliers for well over a year and have had no issues at all. They clearly state the costs and what is offered on their website and it is your responsibility to make sure that you read it correctly before joining, if unsure of anything then email and ask as I did, it's as simple as that!
As with any business, online or offline, it is up to you to make it work and therefore you can not blame the company that supply you the tools to help run your business, for your failings in business, as that is just unfair and completely wrong in my opinion. Put in the effort correctly and there is no reason why what they offer won't work for you and you can also use it as a stepping stone to expand and add further supplies that you have sourced elsewhere. There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and making money online takes, time, commitment and research!
 19 hrs 18 mins ago by   Sean.m -2 Votes
Ianobby the samaritan … who in their right mind would post the same fake review throughout the internet.. This site has been scamming newbies for years. Same scam as previous owner. See google scam reports for details of how this scam operates

The owner shifted ownership to the US to avoid VAT. Avoid like the plague, not a dropshipper, just an intermediary who makes money from hosting fees and by marking up prices. They have been scamming for years and are very good at fooling newbie.
 10 hrs 32 mins ago by   ianobby +1 Votes
Mine is not a fake review, however yours clearly is as Dropshipland are based in the UK not the US my friend and I can prove it can you?

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