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DP&L POWER COMPANY, Dayton, Ohio Complaints & Reviews - Crooks

DP&L POWER COMPANY Contacts & Informations


Posted: 2011-03-03 by    EXSPOSER


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Contact information:
Dayton power and Light
Dayton, Ohio
United States
These dirty sorry theives are saying that rates have not went up but but my bill has spiked 300 dolars when you call customer service they get smart with you So I have talked to the meter reader he said rates has went up but the company will not own up and let it be known The bill invoice said 9.4 cents per kwh but to the meter reader you are paying 13 cent per KWH
I know a meter department person he is family when DP&L reades some meters if they do not like the reading they will change the numbers and make it higher they are all the time blowing these F ing smart meters to be so perfect a smart meter is for a very stupid power company that is DP&L there system is out of date Telling people that if you have a smart meter they will not have to go on your property this is bait to all you electric theives the meter department person said even if all meters are changed they still have to ckeck your plastic seal on your meter socket every month to see if it has been broke because this company is frauding the customers F them what goes around comes around ALL YOU ELECTRIC THEIVES DO NOT F WITH SMART METERS they can detect tampering so get smarter or bypass.
Comments United States Utility Services
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 8th of Apr, 2011 by   Goodcat 0 Votes
I totally agree. I just moved here and they are charging me $200 dollar deposit. I have never had to pay a deposit no matter where I have moved much less this amount. They said this is 130% of the expected bill for that property, and thats what they go by. There are alot of new energy companies coming out and I will not feel bad switching and hoping these clowns go out of business !!!
 4th of Jun, 2012 by   FREEMANS 0 Votes
 1st of Nov, 2012 by   DeeJZ +1 Votes
Did you get anything resolved with them? We are having some of the same issues. Our bill we just got was almost 500 bucks...that is insane..we call they are rude with us and say its a our problem and left to pay it or do without electricity. They are the only supplier in our city. Something has got to be done...we can't afford this anymore! We paid them $1400 in 28 days only to get another bill for almost $500 bucks. They are riping us off big time and as of now there is NOTHING we can do about it. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!
 13th of Dec, 2012 by   Ms Sally 0 Votes
I received an offer from First Nergy. I called up DPL Energy and asked them if I would have any fees from switching. She said no. I then asked if they could match the 6.25 per Kw that First energy offered. They said no. I then said, you are POSITIVE there won't any charges if I switch and she said, no there are no charges. So I called First Energy up and told them I wanted them to be my carrier. Now DPL ENergy is saing I do have a 150.00 fee. They totally lied to me. When I called I recorded the conversation when I asked them about this and Darnell yelled at me on the phone. I'm would NEVER go with DPL Energy again. They are either incompetent or liars. They are rude. And they all say they are managers. Don't be fooled by them.
 25th of Mar, 2013 by   pissed off6611 +1 Votes
I agree these people are liars don't trust them! They came over pretending to be with our electric company and said they were there to check the meter. Then they want to see something on our bill because they want to make sure we're not being overcharged.. Well that is when the guy says yes ou are being overcharged but thats why we are here to let you know your rate is actually getting lower and if your ok with that then just sign here... Well the paper on the side that's folded down says that we're now in contract with this dp and l for36months!!! Wtf!!! Well once i got a chance to read this and all the fine print ( the guy hid everything with his clipboard except for the place you sign) I chased the guy down and he told me he never ment to be dishonest and that if i didnt want to ' save money'( by switching) then he wouldnt send it in, he'd just 'rip it up'... Yeah well that's bullshit BC a few weeks later I get a letter from my electric company informing me that I was going to be switched!! I got it taken care of luckily... But another one of those frauds came over the other day and tried the same thing! He lied to get inside and at least this time i was able to bust him out! Dont trust these crooks
 25th of Apr, 2013 by   jbdpl +1 Votes
Totally agreed with pissed off6611. Almost exactly the same thing happened to us this afternoon. That guy claimed to be from AEP (our current electric company) and got my Service Delivery Identifier Number (from our AEP bill) and made me sign the contract without letting me read what's on the contract. He did not mention anything about switching to another company because he kept saying he's from AEP (I asked him four or five times to make sure). He said he's going to get all the residents in my apartment building to sign the form so we get lower rates from AEP. It only took me a few minutes to read over the contract and found something isn't right. I opened my door and went out and that guy disappeared completely (he didn't even knock my neighbor's door). Anyways, he's from DP&L Energy and the form I signed is titled "DP&L Energy - Residential Generation Supply Agreement AEP Territory - Nov. 2015 Terms and Conditions of Service". See, even the title is misleading - AEP is listed in the title. Basically without getting informed about switching the electric service provider, we're tricked to sign a contract with DP&L (which has nothing to do with AEP although that guy kept saying he's from AEP and AEP is indicated on his name tag). The service will start soon and end in Nov. 2015! If we decide to terminate their service early, we need to pay $199 for the early termination fee. Anyways, I have called AEP as well as The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and reported this. I'm sure I'll get calls from DP&L soon asking me to confirm the switch and I'll probably get something from AEP soon as well. My answer is a definite No. So be aware people.
 18th of Sep, 2013 by   2befair 0 Votes
Check your bills.
DP&L has a new scam by using some obscure Ohio code (OAC 4901:1-10-14) that allows them to charge you a deposit fee if your late for 2 months in a row. I have been a customer of DP&L for over 10 years and never had a problem with this. We changed to on line billing and I do the billing in our home now my wife did it before. We got a little messed up on the payment due dates so DP&L added a deposit charge of $295.00 dollars. If I had another place to buy service I would, we don't have any options but to buy from them.

I haven't paid the 295.00 yet and doubt I will. This is extortion by DP&L and even if their reading the code correctly which their not it doesn't mean they have to charge it. They are a heartless company and I wouldn't buy from them if I didn't have too. Imagine the people out there that don't have the extra money and paid them anyway?
 13th of Feb, 2014 by   Mr.eugene 0 Votes
I have seen this tactic so many times since I recently got into the energy supply industry. The whole point of an energy supplier is to EDUCATE people on the facts of the ohio choice program and for the customer to consider their options. A lot of companies will lie to the customer to get them to sign a contract with them, if they say they are with the utility company then the customer is more likely to agree. The energy supply companies started in 1989 and was founded by Marvin white when he got with the ohio legislature to show that the utility companies were a monopoly and that people should have the right to choose who supplies their energy. So when that company started this they were able to buy in bulk the energy on the open market and give it to the utility companies at a lower rate (saving customers money). The sneaky thing about dpl is that they opened another "company" called dpl energy. Essentially ehat they are doing is buying cheaper on the open market and selling it back to themselves at a lower rate then pocketing the difference (not to mention the interest they gain from the millions of deposited they get from the customers. I have made a choice and my company takes good care if me. Message me if you want to rest a little easier.

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