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Discount World Vacations, Hollywood, Florida Complaints & Reviews - vacation package

Discount World Vacations Contacts & Informations

Discount World Vacations

Posted:    rkkdavis

vacation package

Complaint Rating:  96 % with 50 votes
Contact information:
Discount World Vacations
Hollywood, Florida
United States
BUYER BEWARE!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE!! They will lie and get you to purchase a package that includes a choice of a cruise when in reality it is an "optional" cruise. They are rude and arrogant on the phone. I am in the process of trying to get the $498 they charged to my card back because it is a complete scam! We were sold the package and assured that all we had to pay were port charges for the cruise on a choice of two different cruise lines. The package was received in the mail and it was discovered that there is an "OPTIONAL" cruise and that it cost $125 per person per night!!...I have been dealing with this since March and I will not give up until I get my money back. I have filed a complaint with the BBB.
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Discount World Vacations - Stolen money


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 9th of Jun, 2010 by   John John John 0 Votes
Discount World Vacations hung up on me after making me the greatest vacation offer. I would not give them my credit card number until I check them out. I asked for 24 hours and the man rudely said he didn't have time for this. This are bad people! I hope you don't give them your credit card number.
 31st of Aug, 2010 by   John Conner 0 Votes
When will people learn. Buying vacations over the phone rarely works out for the good. Most of these promotions require you to do a timeshare presentation. Sometimes fun and sometimes not.
 20th of Sep, 2010 by   Karonoz 0 Votes
Thank you for this They called me tonight and as I talked to them I typed their name in google and scams scams scams came up. I asked Maurice Wayne on the other end about this and he hung up on me. DON'T DO IT.
 6th of Oct, 2010 by   a_smith 0 Votes
YES, never ever engage with these people. Discount World Vacations is a scam, but even more so is the companies they are with. One in particular. A friend of mine got taken on one of those bonus vacations to the Dominican. She faxed in the form to International Escapes and immediately her card was charged for all the "taxes and fees." Vacation time came -- she left and was STRANDED overseas. The company NEVER followed through and honored the contract. Who would do such a thing? The director of International Escapes... Jean Kilani, who is also in charge of other travel services (My DR Vacation and myholidaysdirect.com). It has been months since the trip was scheduled and a year since she paid. He has made NO effort to refund the money. SCAM ARTIST!
 14th of Oct, 2010 by   traveller55 +1 Votes
Thank you for posting the true info on these scammers! They called me just a few minutes ago to tell me that I "won a contest" ... after a very long pleasant presentation by a lady named "Susan" I was connected to this abrupt guy who was very anxious to get my credit card info to charge me $498 "promotional fee" ... I expressed my suspision and he hang up on me!

I can't believe these criminals have not been charged yet!!! Spread the warning word about them!!!
 4th of Dec, 2010 by   Lisa0hi0 +1 Votes
Lord forgive me! This guy called me, woke me out of a sound sleep. After giving me his "sales pitch", I asked several questions. Now I am the last person who is an easy target for a scam...but like I said, I just woke up. I had mentioned, (after he told me that he could make me a better offer, put me on hold for a minute, then came back and said he could give me the vacation without the cruise...all for $198.00)...I was checking my account balance and found that I was short by like $18.00...NOTE: I am a widow on SS Disability benefits. I made the dumb mistake of telling him that my late husband and I lived in Ft. Lauderdale back in the late 70's...and that when he passed 7 yr's ago, my daughter had reminded me that "daddy wanted to be cremated, and his ashes spread off the Florida coast"...(Unfortunately my late hubby's ashes are still in the box the coroner gave me...my son has the box at his house in a curio cabinet.) So this PERSON played on my heartstrings...ended up saying that I could use this opportunity to take my kids down to Fla...(they are 28 and 25)...so we could fulfill my husbands final wishes. So when he told me that he could break it down into 2 payments of $99 dollars today, then the other $99 next month, I fell for it...I had every intention to give the complete package to my kids so they could take their wife - hubby and kids to Disney...and carry out their daddy's final wishes. I am so dumb! After thinking about the whole thing after I'd given him my debit card info...I called the number he called me from ...it just rang and rang. So I did a Reverse Phone # Look-up...the phone he called from is owned by Geanne Devarona
1850 S Ocean Dr
Hollandale, FL
Then I searched the company Discount World Vacations on Bing...and that led me here! I'm not sure what rights I have...especially since all the money I get comes from Social Security. I did call the Customer Service # the guy gave me...I got a recording...but left a desperate message. If need be, I'll get a legal aid lawyer and take care of this. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them. (Next stop - My banks website to see if I can put a stop to the charges before they ever get charged. My email is lisa0hi0@hotmail.com if anyone has advice for me. Thanks, May God bless. Lisa
 9th of Dec, 2010 by   Ashleynicole +1 Votes
Thank goodness for the internet... That's all I have to say.. These people (discount world called for my husband tonight and he wasn't home, this lady would not give me any info, because she told me if she did that the phone would automatically hang up and Nathan would no longer qualify for the free trip.. She did however give me a web site to check out, so i did, and the site screamed SCAM!! So here I am... Thank you everyone for sharing experience your! Lets hope that the next "victim" checks everything out before they give out any credit information!!
 9th of Jan, 2011 by   cthomasson +2 Votes
I bought this package too. It was a total rip off. They spent forever "confirming" my rooms in Florida. 48 hours before I was to leave, they still had no idea if I had a room or not. AT a day and a half prior to leaving, they told me they had rooms for all but one night. Of course, by that time the air fare was more than eating up any "savings" to be had by the package. What a pile os $#*t company.

Clark Thomasson
Eau Claire, WI
 11th of May, 2011 by   Hungry_Pam +2 Votes
wow thanks so much for these posts! the guy tried to scam me and your reviews totally saved me. it was exactly as you said. thanks!
 18th of Aug, 2011 by   grerinbro +2 Votes
I actually entered a contest last weekend, and was called by Discount World Vacations today telling me about this amazing trip. I am getting married next spring and this trip seemed like the answer to our Honeymoon prayers. We actually made the deposit payment, and immediately afterward looked online at reviews. Thank goodness for all of your posts, because you saved us from being scammed as well. My fiance called them back to cancel about half an hour after we talked to them, and they put him through to a manager who ended up (after trying to convince us not to cancel) saying he would void the payment. Then he hung the phone up on us. My fiance called them back to make sure the payment was voided, and couldn't speak to the manager again- he is now on the phone cancelling his credit card to be safe. Thanks for all of your help!
 19th of Oct, 2011 by   Meg.Verheyen +2 Votes
I just got suckered into the same scam! I filled in a ballot at a marathon that I was running - and then got a call saying that I had been selected for an "amazing package". I was super reluctant, but they were incredibly pushy on the phone. I finally agreed and gave them my credit card number for the deposit. When they put me through to "verification" I was told that the package did not include any airfare - of course this hadn't been mentioned before! At that point in time, I tried to cancel/reject the offer, and I was told that it was already too late to do so, even though I hadn't completed the "verification" process. So I ended up going through with the verification, because I had been told that I had no other option. I spoke to my credit card company immediately afterwards and I'm hoping that they'll work with me to rectify the situation - but ultimately I want to see these guys get shut down!!!
 21st of Oct, 2011 by   chickpeas +2 Votes
I have the same information to add as Med. above - I ran a marathon last week and received a call today with the identical sales pitch from the identical person Susan...interestingly the price did drop from $698 to $398 when the male manager took the line. I told him that I could not make this decision without my b/f and he said he could get him on the line to make a conference call. Too aggressive at this point, I declined to confirm and give any credit card info, to which the guy got pissed and basically hung up on me. I will be reporting this company to the Scotiabank Marathon administration with my concers. I also looked them up online during the call, and found SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!
 9th of Nov, 2011 by   anom19 +1 Votes
I was given the same offer and everything that has been mentioned in these posts I also experienced. This is a total scam. The manager I was talking about actually told me why they weren't a scam - so why would a travel agent focusing on convincing me that they are not a scam? After I confronted him and said that I read bad reviews about them, the manager got really upset and began screaming at me. Then he had his colleague Johnny Martin talk to me because he was too upset. This is a SCAM!
 19th of Nov, 2011 by   Tonitlc +1 Votes
I just got the call, after having filled out some ballot at the Toronto Women's show last week. Same nice woman describing I had "won" an amazing travel package. As soon as I asked for things in writing she passed the line onto a man who then went into the spiel about how the US economy is so hurting and hotels would rather work with his company to fill them, blah, blah, blah. I simply said, "So are you saying that you are not going to give this all in writing first?" he got angrier and went on about how I was the one who signed up with them, and he can easily go through and pick another "winner"...so I hung up and let him...It is a shame that these events allow these types of vendors to come in...
 3rd of Jan, 2012 by   SiMyFinalAnswer -1 Votes
Thanks for all the great comments folks. I was contacted last week by Cheryl at Discount World Travel. She told me that I was one of 50 winners from a 1000 for an 11-day vacation. It started with that I had 3 years to travel and there were no restrictions. The trips included Disney or Universal for 5-day and 4-nights and VIP tickets to either Disney or Universal -- $250 value. Also a 3-day Daytona/Cocoa Beach, or Ft. Lauderdale Ocean front hotel (Radisson, Sheraton, or Marriott). Then I would get a Celebration Cruise for 3-day/2-nights, in a 1st class stateroom to the Bahamas. Also, it included staying at the Hacienda in Puerto Vallarta or the Laguna in Cancun, Mexico. All that for $349 pp. After some hesitation, I was put on hold and then came the "Manager." He got the deal down to $198 pp minus the Mexico trips. They were willing to work out a payment arrangement with me as well. I told them that I would have to speak with my husband regarding it. The Manager told me that he understood my hesitation, but the credit card would guarantee any fraudulent charges. I thanked them for taking their time with me, but I couldn't make a decision like that until I spoke with my husband. My hubby and I actually thought about it, but then we figured it was too good to be true! After reading all of your comments we are certainly glad that we didn't give our credit card number. Lesson learned...don't fill out forms for free vacations, and certainly don't give out your credit card number for someone calling you!
 12th of Jan, 2012 by   ashley_009 0 Votes
We just had discount world travel call saying we won a 11-day vacation from a drawing that I took part in at a Bridal Show. It's really sad when people try to take advantage of people in the simplest setting. When my best friend and I were at the table signing up it seemed like a promotion from a travel company to promote business to couples looking to plan your honeymoon. I have been to a few others and have one some nice prizes that are just that, prizes from actual companies trying to get marketing for a product/service/business. I don't know who I am more upset with, this company for trying to take advantage of a situation or the fact that at these shows and marathons and what not are leaking information to these companies and letting them in the door. I read in a previous comment that these people tried sucking people in through a marathon. Now that's just really sad, what is wrong with people. I received a phone call earlier today saying we won a vacation through a different business (culinarybrides.com) and was actually really excited at first because I thought I won something from the bridal show.. Luckily after researching it, I realized it was a scam, and was ready for this next call with these jerks.
 23rd of Jan, 2012 by   l.g.f.o 0 Votes
My friend and i both signed up at festival in ontario and months later got multiple calls from this company. After finally answering the guy on the phone told me how i had won a dream vacation for 18 days. However, i was told i would have to pay 698$$ is "promotional fees". Obviously i was sceptical because i am not the type to go handing my credit card number out to random companies over the phone. I told the man i was at the gym and couldn't give him my credit card information without looking into it further. He then forwarded me to another man who was extremely rude and told me i had to do it right this minute or i would loose out. Seeing as i did not want to give out my information right away he was extremely pissed off and hung up. NOTE TO EVERYONE, DO NOTTTTTT LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE, THEY ARE ALL SCAMMERS, AND YOU WILL GET SCREWED OVER.
 2nd of Feb, 2012 by   meyt 0 Votes
Thank you for your information. I just got that scam and cancelled my own credit card. Thank you to everyone for your help. Just for your information they even scammed a US Service Member. So all my bro's and sisters dont do it. Take these peoples experiences seriously.
 13th of Feb, 2012 by   shouldhavchecked 0 Votes
Has anyone actually used their trips successfully? OMG bought this ...stupid me...can anything be done or is it too late to get money back from credit card company?
 10th of Mar, 2012 by   Victim :( 0 Votes
I had a call 2 days ago from a company called "my tropical getaways" and was told me that I won a 5 trips from the contest that I've entered at the BC home and garden show. The girl first came on the phone named "laura" congratulate me and quickly went over info of 5 trips in total. I was rushed by the girl to decide if I want to take the free prize, otherwise the opportunity will be going to the next person. The information that Laura gave me over the phone was the same as what I've put down on one of the draws, and that's why I thought I really won a a trip from the one show. At the very end of the conversation, She said that the trips included everything except the port fee and taxes. However, there is an administration fee which is $349/person for the first 2 travellers, and they need to charge $698 US in total. When I asked her further information about the administrative fee, a guy named "Mike Moyer" came on the phone. I asked him how do I know this is not a scam call. He then gave me an an email address to check. I went to http://www.mytropicalgetaways.com/, the address matches the info that was given by Laura . I have never thought of the website can be a scam at that time. Mike Moyer said I have to pay them $698 in order to secure the prize otherwise they will have to give it to someone else. I was overwhelmed and I gave him my credit info to secure the package. Then I was transferred to another person who does the verification process. At the end of the call, she gave me the contract no and customer service number at the end in case I need further assistance. I told my friends around the whole thing and they told me I was scammed. I tried to call them back at (954)921-2280. My called was directed to voice mail belongs to "Discount World Vacations". The name of the company doesn't match what I was told my Mike Moyer, but the voice of the mailbox was Mike Moyer. I am sure it was the same guys I was talking to earlier. I still left messages for them to call me back. I then call my credit card centre to inform about this fraud transaction. Mike Moyer called me the following day and inquired the reason about cancelling the package . I told them I am not interested in the package anymore and need him to reverse the claim. I told him it's not right to pay for something that I won. Mike Moyer then said I did't win a prize, I was just 1 of the 50 people chosen for this package. I told him that he's a liar. I was told by somebody that I won the contest that I've entered at the home show, and now you are saying something different. He is a total scammer!!! I hope I've read all theses comments before I received the scammer calls.

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