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False promises from Country Club!

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I purchased the membership of Country club almost 2 months ago and all that they promised was false. They promised so many things and their customer service so bad that they even after calling they don't respond properly. They promised to give a free plot for the members and the plot that they gave me is in Andhra pradesh not even karnataka. They promised that they are giving the plots around Bangalore and turned out to be more than 90 kilometers far from Bangalore.

After knowing everything, called up the bank to cancel the payment or reverse the payment, but they too refused. Here the Bank involved is ICICI. They told me that the country club only should reverse the amount.

Talked to the Country Club Manager Irshaad. He was so rude and didn't help at all. Me and my friend had taken the membership and both are facing the same problem. Both contacted the manager and told that we would like to cancel the membership and he said the membership will not be canceled.

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 13th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes

Country Club - False promises from Country Club!
Country club Mr Cool membership

This is regarding Country Club cheating case. I had taken the membership of Mr COOL Life Membership on 27th SEP 2007 by paying Rs.125000/-. I was offered the following services which I never got till date which I never got:

1.One way Air ticket to GOA.
2.Plot measuring 1089 sfts at Coconut Groove Vedic Spa.
3.Additional 4 plots measuring 1089 sfts at Coconut Groove Vedic Spa for the members that I have introduced. Which I really did.This is a part of MGM (member get member scheme) that Country Club had introduced
4.For ICICI Bank Credit card holders additional plot of 534sqft. which I really didn't get.
5.Complimentary life membership for Spouse & 2 dependent children.

In-spite of me running around their indiranagar office for a year now & giving many letters. I haven't got anything for what ever I had to get. They only gave me false promises just to get away from me.

All the above 5 promises are actually put on the Country Club letter head & given to me by the marketing executive in SEP 2007 .I have that letter with me now.

 19th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Yesterday I gave a compliant in Indira Nagar police station based on Police commissioner's offer of help :
http://www.deccanherald.com/content/16711/police-direct-country-club-refund.html... />
Also approached a lawyer to send a Notice to CC followed by a case filing in consumer court after a 15 days time.If you want money this is one that I know

This is the laywer name is Sanulla his mobile number is 9341686763
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I'm also victim, they do false statements!
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Hi All,

Mine is also the same story I paid 125k for the membership in 2009 and was promised for 3 plots on Sira Rd, now they are telling there is a Green Belt on that land and if we want we can get the plots registered in AP. I went and saw the plots there however thats a deserted area and will never improve and the most worst thing is 1Acre of land there is 100000 (Hindupur)these people are giving on 1250sqft for 125k+registration. These are Big Cheaters.. Some how i want to get the money back and they are not even ready to talk to us Please advise me wht needs to be done...
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I had invested 2.25 lakhs based on false promises from one prince samuel from bangalore. till today I have not got even a single benefit for the money. This is a big money hard earned...
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have the same issue as all others If anyone plans to take a action against them plz call me 9970345553 From Nashik
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Hi is not fraud but a gifted fraud he has got the gift to be like a fraud His cousin's are the genuine frauds ***** RAJEEV Reddy - Country Club (Country Vacations) Turnover - 100 crores Cheating with Memberships, Vacations, foods..etc He cheats Families with middle income and credit cards ***Janardhana Reddy - Lootes money by illegal mining, bribing government persons, and fooling people.Many cousins around use the power to loot money and power.May got punishment right.Fight against fraud / corruption and pray for peace

***Only way to stop these guys is to Make them get out of Malls and super markets***
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Become a group for every city and stop this !!
You have every right to stop this.
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have invested about 2.5 lacs based on the false promise but so far i have not received any benefits, they promised free sites free holidays, but nothing happending, i have been sending the mails, speaking to the people, but nothing happending,
should take legal action on country club they have cheated the public.

I have got the membership done in the year 2009, after which only once i visited mysore road club, it was so sarcarstic, and the service they have done it was crap, the food they served oooops, just cant imagine there was a cockroach in it,
it was disgusting in my life. It was my newly wedding holidays along with my wife. Planned to stay at club, but after looking at the service. I have to leave the place.

Its a bad service, and they just fool the cutomer. How to cancell the membership and get how to get refund of our membership payment.
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Dear Sir,
We are the aggrieved co-members on above mentioned Membership Number. I have to bring to your kind notice that I referred one new member to Country Club Representative at Mumbai – MR. BHARAT KUMBHARE on 10.11.2012 and on the same day, the reference was converted into a new Membership. As per your advertisement on Country Club website, I am entitled for one Return Air Ticket from the Country Club and Mr. Bharat committed to provide me the same. I raised my demand to Mr. Bharat on 12.11.2012 for issue of one return air ticket for Bangalore which I scheduled on 13.12.2012 for onward journey and on 16.12.2012 for return journey. However, till 24.11.2012, Mr. Bharat kept on giving us the false commitments like he was in process of getting the tickets from Hyderabad and one instance, he informed us that our tickets have been issued and very shortly we may get it in our hands. Upon inquiring about ticket details, he stopped attending our phone calls and responding to our SMS sent to him. Based on his commitments, we have already finalised our stay arrangement at Bangalore by paying the amount in advance.
On 26.11.2012, we approached senior collegue of Mr. Bharat i.e. Mr. Manojkumar for informing about the matter and he assured us that he will personally look into the matter and get the needful done under advice to us. When we contacted Mr. Manojkumar on 27.11.2012 again, he replied that the demand for ticket was to be raised one month in advance and by the time we approached him, it was too late to issue the tickets. That time he also advised us to send him our demand in writing. We pointed out that our demand to Mr. Bharat was well in advance but he did not take any action on that. He also never informed us that we should send our request in writing. Then Mr. Manojkumar refused to take any responsibility to get the tickets issued. As per his advice, we sent mail communication to Mr. Manojkumar on 27.11.2012 and reminder on 29.11.2012 and also SMS on 28.11.2012 and 30.11.2012. But till date, we have neither received any reply to our mails nor response to our SMSs.
It is very dis-heartening and dis-appointing to note that representatives of a esteemed and reputed Organisation like Country Club show such a casual, irresponsible and un-professional attitude towards their clients / members which result into lot of inconvenience and hardship to later.
I hereby request the concerned people to look into the matter personally and make a justice to me by doing the needful.
Mem. No. CCMU34BCLUB5SB18541 (Co-members)
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
if anyone knows renjith rjan s or moula executives no pls pass[bangalore]
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I alongwith my wife were fascinated by the offer made to us by one Mr. Azharauddin, a representative of your “esteemed” organisation, “Country Vacations”, having its branch office at Flat No.S-14, Durga Safron, Opp: Intel, Outer Ring Road, Deverabisenahalli, Bellandur Post, Bangalore -560103 (in short your “Sarjapur Office”). Accordingly, after paying a sum of Rs._____________ by way of cash on ____2012 and Rs.44, 000/- (Rupees Forty Four Thousand Only) by way of credit card transaction bearing No.__________ on _________2012 (Rs._________ in total), we had taken the membership of your “esteemed” organisation and were provided with an membership ID bearing No.DT8212#0257.
The said Mr. Azharauddin had offered to us alongwith the said membership, an Insurance policy too. However, till date we have not received our membership card nor our login/password details or the insurance policy. Your “esteemed” organisation’s customer care department too does not have any knowledge about the above mentioned matters and are as clueless as we are.
When we tried to avail our yearly holiday package, offered to us as members of your “esteemed” organisation, we were shocked and surprised by the attitude and response of your customer care department. We tried to book a room in Bellundur/ Koramangal resort for a day either on 1st December, 2012 or 2nd December, 2012, but were told by your costumer care that there were no rooms available and that the rooms would be available only in or after January, 2013. However, when we enquired directly with the Bellundur/ Koramangala resort about the availability of rooms for the same dates, the staff there informed us that rooms were available. Subsequently, when we informed the same to your costumer care department, we received a mail from you costumer care department saying that rooms would be available from 3rd December, 2012 onwards. This clearly shows the inefficiency and irresponsibility of your customer care department in giving proper details and dealing with the customers.

Apart from this, the rates of tax informed to us by the said Mr. Azharuddin and the rate given by the customer care department are entirely different. We were also informed by the said Mr. Azharuddin that the club membership also provides use of gym/pool/ massage and the same could be availed by us free of cost and only the spa coupons would draw taxes. But the customer care department is not at all aware of any such concession provided. We are yet to receive the spa coupons and we also have to inform you that the December, 2012 event passes, which we were supposed to receive by courier, has not yet been received by us even after the event is over. (Hope you did not mean to send us the December, 2013 event passes!).

When we contacted your, so called, ‘customer care’ department to enquire about the same, we were informed (well after the event was over) that the said passes were supposed to be collected from your Koramangala Branch Office. There is no co-ordination between the departments within your own “esteemed” organisation and as a matter of fact the customers/members have to suffer for all the deficient service/s provided to them by your “esteemed” organisation.

We had been told that we would be given in writing about all the benefits of our membership in detail like the holiday vacations, taxes, insurance, renting/selling options for holidays, membership card benefits, hall renting, massage/spa, etc. However, till date we have not received any communication from your side in spite of us calling your customer care department and even visiting you branch offices at Koramangala and Sarjapur.

We have to also inform you that we had taken the membership for 24 months on EMI, however your organisation changed the same to 18 months without even informing us. We are having a bitter experience with your organisation and the services that are being provided to us are deficient and lack efficiency. When we enquired about your organisation with others (which we regret not doing earlier), we received innumerable complaints and bitter experiences. From our own experiences and the reviews, we came to know that your “esteemed” organisation has been misrepresenting the facts and has been cheating the customers/members.

we have united are fighting in court as well as approached the police. Anyone from bang interested can join us & call on 8147203771
 21st of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I had a call from them yesterday, and the way they were in a hurry to show me the presentation made me remember about the "Gold Quest" scam days and hence i came across this forum. So, i gave a blasting reply back and did not get into this trap. Thanks guys!, spread the word in facebook.
 24th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Dear Sir, The inconvenience, in regards to registration of your Plot is regretted. Kindly mail the complete details of your membership & issues to response.team@countryvacationsmail.com, so as to help you and understand the issue better.
 9th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Hi rekha,

I would like to talk to you on this as i got a call from country club representative on the membership scheme.
 19th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
This is true... Even you do not use club you have to pay maintenance. And there is no way you could cancel membership, once you are caught there intention is to milk you lifetime.
 20th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
Hi people, my self Noel here. I jst wanted to tell you. Country club is a waste club
Don't invest your harden money in country club. Better to invest somewer else.itz a pure cheating. They will tell lotz of thing the time of placing your order.after that never they will respond your calls or msges. I paid 5000/- as a booking amount. One month over till today they didn't called or ask about anything. I didn't received my membership card also.
M Chandrashekar was the executive. That guy is playing like anything. Given lotz of falls promises. Better to take membership from some reputed clubs.
Noel : 9738876212
 21st of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
I naushad ahamed taken membership in 2008 that time they told to give 3 flats but till know they not give the flats 4 day back country condo"s customer Support Officer came to me he told you have 2 flats come register the flats for registering the flats the cost will be 65000 what to do any one can suggest me my contact number 9880382330
 9th of Jul, 2014 by    0 Votes
We (myself & my wife) had taken member ship into Country Club recently. They promised lot of false things. Specially executive lady & manager who gave presentations to us, they are very bad. All are false promises. They said like,

1. Couples can take their kids with free of cost to visit any resort (in India) where we can use Swimming pool, GYM etc. facilities. For food, 20% discount & others.
2. If there are no kids, then one adult can be allowed with free of cost. They explained in such a way to convince us to take this member-ship that, we can take 2 people (my Mom & Brother) with us (Me & Wife).

Recently, we had visited Country Club (Near Sarjapur). We had faced lot of problems over there. They didn’t allow my brother to use swimming pool, they asked us to pay extra money. For GYM, they asked us to bring a letter from Customer Care and then they will see what to do exactly. We contacted many people over there, nobody helped us. Some people doesn’t even know, what are the basic principles in Country Club & they are telling don’t know, please talk to the person who gave this membership to you. It’s really a very big insult for us.

Is this how, these people attract the customers with your words & bring them into this club? Before, we had good opinion on Country Club. After visiting this, we got bad opinion. We are thinking, why did we take & come into this Hell. We spent 20, 000 Rs/- money on this unnecessarily.

These guys stopped picking our calls. They are not responding. We don’t understand, what we need to do now. Whom to tell all these things. We want to give compliant to third party people on this, if anybody is there. The way she spoke to us, oh God, it’s very bad to cheat the innocent people who doesn’t know anything about this club.

They explained a lot of things about travelling to other places, VLM Card, Life Time & some more. By looking at above, we are not sure how many would be really true out of these things. We are feeling, that we made a big mistake by choosing this Club.

I am sure, they will not return our money. Please don't do mistakes like us joining in this club. This is a fake one & waste of ur money.

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