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convergent, Houston, Texas Complaints & Reviews - Scam bill collect for nonexistent bills

convergent Contacts & Informations


Posted: 2012-04-08 by    SofiaNightkind

Scam bill collect for nonexistent bills

Complaint Rating:  95 % with 22 votes
Contact information:
10750 Hammerly Blvd. #200
Houston, Texas
United States
Phone: 855-343-7885
They want me to pay to settle a debt. However, it is not my debt, and I have no intention of paying it.
They have made themselves unavailable to any person who refuses to define themselves as debtors.
The bill is not mine.
Comments United States Collections Agencies
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 13th of Aug, 2012 by   cassie1975 0 Votes
I just rcvd a notice too and I have no ideal what it is...I owe no bad debt...its not mine...this is a scam to get $$$...watch out...this needs to stop!!!
 9th of Oct, 2012 by   eveningsky 0 Votes
I also received a bogus collections letter from Convergent with a return address: ATERSO01, PO BOX 1022, WIXOM, MI. I tried to call the 855-343-7885 several times getting a recording followed by a hang-up. Obviously I'm not paying them anything. Are they guilty of an FEC violation or is that only when they phone me?
 6th of Jan, 2013 by   SHERRY500 0 Votes
 21st of Mar, 2013 by   Pissed off in NJ again 0 Votes
Just rec'd a notice in the mail, in my husbands name for a utility of which has never been in his name...that particular utility has always been in my name in the state of NJ. Morons, I called them to dispute it 866-291-6364 and they wanted me to provide them with the last 4 digits of his social...NO WAY. Told them I wanted the information they got from this utility and the original service address, they are supposedly mailing it...yet another Scam to collect a debt that isn't ours, went through this last year with another collection agency: Portfolio Recovery...jackasses.
 14th of Jan, 2014 by   Nicole143 0 Votes
I was just contacted and asked to give my phone # which was called. I gave both my numbers and nothing showed up, the they wanted my SS#. That I'm not giving up. They're saying I have a debt with chase which I do not, it's not mine. I have a open chase account right now! I call back and they tell me neither of the numbers came up in their system but it's the numbers they have called me on.
 1st of Feb, 2014 by   Aspermont, TX person 0 Votes
I received a letter dated 01/21/2014 stating that I owed a total of $866.84 for Disk Network, which I do not. I have no bad credit. That they were willing to accept $433.42 for settlement. I tried calling that number, but got no response.
 4th of Mar, 2014 by   Rosa24 0 Votes
i received a letter saying that i owed the bank$286.00, which i owe them anything. i have not been a member in 10yrs. when i left i had a paper sign that i did`t owe them any thing by housing, to get my Apartment.Suntrust Bank need to get it together. and the ones who buy this junk to get money people donot owe.
this was sent to MARCH3, 2014
FromVirginia Beach VA.
 4th of Apr, 2014 by   angry504 0 Votes
I just received a letter stating that I owed 1, 146.31 and they're asking me to settle for 573.16. I have no debt and this is the first of this company I have heard of and not to mention no one has my home address and the address they have on the envelope has an apartment no on it and I don't live in an apartment . That sent up red flags immediately . I will not be giving them any money or calling them Because I'm likely to give them a few choice words not my number. Not to mention it doesn't specify who the debt is supposedly for.
 22nd of Jun, 2014 by   S. Hutchins 0 Votes
I have received about six or seven different bills from Convergent. I wrote them a letter disputing each one. A few were from companies I've never done business with in my life.Its as if they are going to keep sending me bills until I pay one. I don't know how to get them to stop.
 4th of Oct, 2014 by   FresnoGuy 0 Votes
I received a letter from them today stating that they had an old debt from Pallisades Collections. My original debt on this letter is from AT&T wireless. I haven't used AT&T for over 5 years. I tried calling their number but there is no one, I guess since today is Saturday, to talk to on their end. I turn over the letter and the very last sentence is as follows: The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt, we will not sue you for it, and we will not report it to any credit reporting agency.
So in other words they were hoping I were ignorant enough to just send them money or give them my credit card information to pay this old debt.
If anyone gets a letter from Convergent be sure to do some checking before you pay them. Funny how they make their letters look like a check payable to you.
 25th of Feb, 2015 by   Debbie Newton 0 Votes
I sold my condo on January 9, 2015 and closed my account with my electric company. I got a call today at work...Convergent had that phone number AND my cell number, saying that I owed CL&P over $225.00. I told them my attorney had taken care of all of my bills, paid what I owed and it was impossible for me to have an outstanding debt. They told me I was responsible unless I could give them all the information from my attorney. I told the guy he should get a different job. I wonder how many people send them money. How do you sleep at night, Convergent???
 14th of Apr, 2015 by   Can'tBeScammed 0 Votes
Watch these guys! They called and sent a letter trying to collect fake debt. My husband and I are currently refinancing and I have seen our credit reports multiple times over the years. He does not show any outstanding or unpaid debt. If this was legitimate it would be on our credit reports and we wouldn't have scores over 800!

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