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Comfort Windows & Doors Complaints & Reviews - Bad Quality & Designed Products

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Comfort Windows & Doors

Posted:    sl1234

Bad Quality & Designed Products

Complaint Rating:  82 % with 60 votes
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Comfort Windows & Doors
United States
I purchased all 15 windows & doors with matching sidelites and I was told that my windows were a retrofit pocket installation and they were to reuse my existing trim and everything would be fully insulated guaranteed. Much to my surprise after a few years I noticed air leakage around some windows and around the doors in which THEY said everything was insulated & must be from a previous install. After I investigated these errors I found windows that were not properly sealed from the exterior weather air leakage/moisture, seal failures & frozen interior windows and doors. I also thought I had ventilation problems with the attic etc and added larger vents to see if ventilation was inadequate and was more than required. I removed my interior extension jambs to see if the windows were measured too small which creates air infiltration around the windows along with extreme heat loss and I was correct TOO SMALL in which I was told they were measured correctly, according to my measurements almost 1/2" too small all way around.

Were do I begin with seal failures and sash replacement, almost every window has been replaced and water infiltration underneath the exterior of the gaskets of the windows causing mold growth and they say it is almost impossible, WELL IT"S POSSIBLE. Let's see almost 15, 000 in cost and I will have to replace all the windows and doors the CORRECT way
Comments United States Window & Door Installation
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 22nd of Apr, 2010 by   TruthfulThinker 0 Votes
 19th of Oct, 2010 by   doug shea 0 Votes
this was a company coping the name of Comfort Windows & Doors. The truth be known this company is out of busness and P.S. their from Denver Col.
 7th of Nov, 2010 by   karen E Byrne 0 Votes
Comfort windows has ignored my complaints.Bought a home, and the sellers had a 3 Season room installed. A window was broken as a result of a stone hitting the window while my husband was mowing the lawn. The window is shattered, and called Comfort window. They never called me back. So in 2 days I called them, and got a return call from Mike Cross, head of the sunrooms. He said that the sellers did not have a contract to transfer to new owners, and he would explain to us on his appointment. We never got a appointment, and when i called, and spoke to Mike Cross, he said that he would come, either Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Told him my husband was 100%va disabled, and needed a date and time. Told me his appointment is scheduled by staff, either Monday or Tuesday, at 10, no show, no call, no response, .. I did ask him who does the permits, believe their was never a permit, and now we are here with a broken window. Do I have a legal suit ... and who are the owners of comfort windows, not on the web sites...
 11th of May, 2013 by   neacedan 0 Votes
I wouldn't put these windows in a chicken coop! The quality leaves much to be desired and their customer service is just as bad as the smell from a chicken coop on a hot summer day. We had a new home built and were led to believe these windows (double pane and tinted) were the next step up from contractor grade. Well, it is my opinion that may be true if you want windows built by "possibly" trained monkeys! I was present when the windows were delivered and there was little to no protective covering on the glass. There was, however, so much silicone caulking fingerprints and smears that perhaps that is what the manufacturer felt was an adequate covering. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! I was with the home builder when they were installed and I can state that the utmost care was used during installation to avoid scratching the glass or damaging the windows. We did our part but after struggling to clean the windows, at least 45 minutes per window because of all the silicone smears, only then did it become apparent how poor their quality control and careless the manufacturing process actually was. One window had a scratch between the panes; one window had a scratch near the edge where the frame met the glass that would have been nearly impossible to have occurred anywhere other than during manufacturing. Another had a scratch at least a foot long and another had 2 smaller scratches. We also purchased 2 quarter round windows to sit beside a square window on the second floor and the corner on one was not cut at a 90 degree angle and thus had to be installed crooked! What a piece of junk!!! Because it was a special order window we could not wait another month for a replacement. Now, not even 10 months later, one of the windows is developing a break in the seal and moisture is beginning to condense inside. This is the matching opposite quarter round special order window. Another piece of junk. The representative from the company came out and spoke to the builder after we told him of the problems and we never heard back. Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! About 2 months ago I contacted the company that sold them to me and yes, you guessed it, no follow up response. I was politely told that "Because I did not buy the "FERRARI" of windows, I should not expect much." Funny they did not tell me that when I gave them my money! To whomever read this, stay away from their products. We also bought an Anderson slider at the same time from the same place and it had no silicone smears. What it did have, however, was a protective film that entirely covered the glass on both sides. No smears, no scratches, and 90 degree not 85 degree corners. Do yourself a favor. Stay far, far, away from these people.
 28th of Jul, 2013 by   comfort Lies 0 Votes
Comfort windows upstate NY (Rochester and Syracuse) sales staff lies to the costumers. They will come in and play the U-Factor game with there window and tell you how great it is, then sell you a window that does not meet that same U-Factor and not tell you. Not all windows are built the same. Comfort has four different windows that they sell from Garbage, Bad, Better and Best. The best is to expensive and the rest would be equal to something that you could pull off the shelf at H. Depot. Don't get ripped off by Slick Willy.
 5th of May, 2014 by   J Steel 0 Votes
I can't believe I even wasted a nickel on these windows! My wife and I had Comfort Windows of Rochester install 13, 000 in windows and 1 front door. We did tons of research on windows and had more than one estimate to our house such as Home Depot, Five Star, Wonder Window, Champion, and then Comfort. In the end it came down to Comfort and Champion and we chose Comfort because it was 5 thousand cheaper. Well NOW I KNOW WHY! First off the sales guy seemed knowledgeable, but turns out he's just a good liar. He told us that we would not feel any heat come through the window and we got there Signature series and it feels no different than before we had new windows, and we have had them back 3 times for the windows having air coming through them because of there shotty and messy caulking job. We never even got to see a window before we bought it which was our biggest mistake, the guy from Champion took us through an entire presentation and light show for the glass efficiency, but we made the mistake of looking at price in the end. The glass is cheap the window looks cheap and the install was even worse, they quoted us 3 days max to install and it took over a week in the end. These guys are total scam artists, they say they make there own windows, yeah make them REAL CHEAP AND IT SHOWS! Now even 5 months later we still have air leakage and see only maybe a 10% drop in our energy bills, I would of happily paid 5 thousand more if I knew this is what I get. If anybody reads this please if you value your home you'll stay away from Comfort windows in Rochester, NY. Don't go with cheaper products just cause of the cheaper price.

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