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Chesmar Homes Complaints & Reviews - Purchase of a new home that wasn't complete

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Chesmar Homes

Posted: 2011-12-02 by    Deliane

Purchase of a new home that wasn't complete

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 16 votes
Contact information:
Chesmar Homes
United States
My husband and, I purchased a new home from Chesmar Homes in 11/28/2007.In this process we have had the worst nightmares possible in doing so.We have recently had a new finding that shows the negligance on the builders behalf in building our new home. The new finding was a man size hole connected to the roof and a wall unit of the front room where there was no siding or any evidence of material was ever there. The error was founded by a company who was doing work on the home.This hole actually was missed by the builders inspector as well as our inspector Pilar to Post who we paid to inspect our new home before moving in.This hole has been open to the outdoor elements as well as the hurricane Ike.We have also found in this two year exposure that we could possibly have mold in our new home so, we paid out of our pockets for a mold speacialist.Due to me always getting and currently sick.The mold company did find mold in the air samplings and, due to that we were asked to keep the ac unit off and keep the doors closed to that room.In the meantime we have had to hire an attorney (which we may have conflicting interest )as well as other professional .We will not allow them to use their people to fix the issues which they have offered but, due to the huge mistake that was left for us to clean up we aren't convinced that they would due the job right the second time around.We will hire our own construction people as well as any other professional that we may need to do the work to get the job done correctly.This is just the icing on the cake for a better of liked words we've had ongoing issues with this company since the day of closing on the house.These issues were brought to their attention but, it wasn't a great big deal to them .I have even spoken with the president of the company Don Klein which my comcerns were apprarently not his.Nothing gets done or, even remotely satisfatory completed.Now we are dealing with the time factor that this immediated issue; filing a complaint and, or hiring the right people to get the job done before time does run out.In the meantime I am suffering with the mold that was found in my home due to the negligence from the builder who broke the contract by delivering me a supposively new home and apparently it was never completed.I have complained to the Attorneys General Office and, The BBB as well as other consumer agencies with they're final outcome of the issue.My husband and, as new home buyers just want what was promised to us by the builder.
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 2nd of Dec, 2011 by   retardsGalore 0 Votes
you purchased a POS in 2007 - they were building crap then and didn't care what materials were used or how the blueprints were laid out - most of the homes built during that period used 2x4s for supporting wall structures - ha -
I purchased a 102yo victorian and the neighbors house is already falling apart - his was built in 2009, same crappy construction
you need to file lawsuits - that's the ONLY solution
 2nd of Jan, 2012 by   chdoc 0 Votes
This reply is on behalf of Chesmar Homes. This complaint is identical to a posting dated 8/12/10 on another site. We have made all the repairs requested by the homeowner and are unaware of any additional concerns. We regret any time one of our homeowners has a concern and we work to resolve any issue in a timely fashion.
 21st of Mar, 2013 by   goldendeal +1 Votes
Chesmar Homes consist of conceded individuals as well as the company as a whole. Was considering purchasing a home in Cinco Ranch area, made an offer only a couple thousand dollars less than what were asking since it had less upgrades (most upgrades I wanted are not upgrades with other builders) ...They declined my offer and to add insult to injury they added 1000 dollar premium on the lot I was considering because it supposedly is 4 feet wider than the others... My experience with Chesmar Homes is they will nickel and dime you to death...offer absolutely no incentives and could care less if you, the customer are happy. I went with another builder and they bent over backwards for me. Going above and beyond what is expected. It was a total 360 turn around from what I experienced with Chesmar. I do not recommend Chesmar, unless you want to feel insulted and frustrated during the whole home buying process. Glad my money went to another builder that appreciates my business instead of Chesmare who seemed they couldn’t care less.
 12th of Nov, 2013 by   Tracey73 +1 Votes
I have been living in my brand new Chesmar home for 3 months and absolutely love it. I'm in New Braunfels, TX. As a first time home buyer I was told of the stress I was about to endure watching a home built from the ground up. I can honestly say this was totally opposite of my experience. Martha the sales woman was up front. I spent 4 hours picking out bricks, grout, tile, carpets. It was so much fun. I had requested a/c to be placed elsewhere, sockets, gate for the fence to go to the other side of std location.I was given the project managers number Ken and he is just as wonderful. My only issue i had was a/c unit was installed not where I requested. After one phone call to them it was moved to the other side of the house When moving in I was told how to maintain the.dffcfc house, things I would of never considered. I printed out list and have past onto friends.
 27th of Feb, 2014 by   MAGV 0 Votes
We too have had nothing but problems with Chesmar! For new home owners this has surely been a nightmare! We are having to have everything - literally almost everything- redone in our home! We haven't even been in it a year and the amount of problems we've had is unreal! I would never in a million years build with this company again! All I want to do is sell this house!
 14th of Mar, 2014 by   Kristen99 0 Votes
I think the important thing to note here is that they offered to repair the mistake and you refused to allow them. Mistakes happen with any home builder and at any price range, having purchased a number of new homes in my lifetime, I know this to be true. If you don't give a company (or person) the chance to correct a mistake, then the problem lies with you. This is why I'm sure the AG office as well as the BBB weren't able to help you; legally you must follow the proper channels. I just checked the BBB rating for Chesmar Homes and noticed they have an A+ rating and all cases were resolved to their satisfaction.
 12th of Apr, 2014 by   LoriP 0 Votes
I am having a lake view home built by Chesmar now, with an extra patio for additional enjoyment. Wait, make that FORMERLY a lake view home. The poor planning of the row of homes, all of which should have a lake view, resulted in loss of my view. Any planner knows that a lake view is a desired feature. Who would deliberately block one of their client's views? Chesmar. Instead of telling me that a longer home was going to block all views (even from the added on patio) they just threw them up quickly. When I got in town, so happy that my new home was going up, and went to take a look, the back of my home is recessed between the bricks of the houses on each side of me. No view. I am crushed since this was to be my dream home. It would have been nice to have been notified that I could have requested my home to be placed farther back on the lot since this big home was going in. I just now was told that I could have done that but that it is not something Chesmar "offers." Then why would anyone buy a higher priced lake view lot? Builders, planners, does anyone find this unusual? Poor customer service. No thought about customer satisfaction and this is early in the construction phase. They have taken the most important feature of the home from me. I am devastated, have cried for several days, and don't know how much worse this could get.
 8th of May, 2014 by   Iftekhar Ahmed 0 Votes
Now have read the ratings and all the serious complaints. This is very disappointing, This is why I am reading these postings. Reason, I am planning to buy a nice home in Upscale location in Town Lake in Houston, Hwy 290. I already saw several homes. The most unacceptable and not in common with all other Builders, if compare, no option in Floor Plan are being offered or available. Whatever the plan is available that's all it is. If I want with different option, it needs to be done with my own. That is exactly my Sales Person told me (Mandy). I have gone thru with different builders, every one has options available for buyers, but there at Town Lake?! Now with the QUALITY, I re-thinking, not to buy from Cheshmar Homes. Will go with other Builders. All the buyers are buying and it is their hard working Money. Cheating with Home Buyers and making huge money put in their pocket should not be tolerated. They need to put themselves in the same situation and find out how they like it? Thanks to all the reviewers making everyone alert.

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