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CEX, England, Surrey Complaints & Reviews - Fraud / Refund

CeX Ltd. Contacts & Informations


Posted: 2012-03-28 by    coolzamana1234

Fraud / Refund

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 11 votes
I have had the worst experience of any company in dealing with CEX, there is no chain of command. No real complaint process and no organisation.

The customer service centre is email only and based in India. They take days to reply and refuse to deal with the complaint even after replying. I have even written to their CEO, who refuses to reply.
1) In Aug 2011 – I ordered a Video Camera and was sent completely the wrong model.

2) Last week (March, 12), I without thinking, again ordered HV40 UK Version from your website (Order No. 843642) and was sent completely the wrong Model. The US Version of the same camera (Vixia) The UK Version was advertised on the website (Legria).

3) I returned the Camera by Special Delivery and CEX confirmed they had received it.

4) I have written to your Customer Service representatives many times, who reply in 3 days and do not answer the question in anyway. Raj has written to me a few times without bothering to answer or read my question. The poorest service possible.

5) Yesterday Rxx, wrote to me confirming that I would be refunded yesterday, here is a extract from his email:

In a message dated 27/03/2012 16:31:56 GMT Daylight Time, wecare@webuy.com writes:


Thank you for your email.
The refund will be processed today.

CeX WeCare Team
Buy Sell Donate

6) Nothing has been refunded and CEX have decided to not answer my emails even though they still have my payment. I have no choice but to take this further and complain to Watford trading standards and Watchdog, as a start.

Its clear from CEX's reputation online and in reviews and blogs, that Cex treats all their customers like horse manure. This is obviously a regular occurrence and I find it surprising that companies such as CEX can continue to trade in the UK with no Customer Service.

I hope you this goes towards warning other people from buying from these fraudsters.
Comments United Kingdom Computers & Accessories
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 13th of Feb, 2013 by   fcukcex -1 Votes
fuck.cex (Sign Out)
Manage Website
Edit Profile
All cex Store Phone Numbers manager emails and more

i used to be a sales assistant for cex and i was instructed to do the following.

Swap parts from customers phones and replace them with broken parts and then say "it has failed the test"

if customers forget to come back in 14 days my old manager would keep the items for himself or sell them to cex for his own profit

knowingly sell broken stock to unsuspecting customers and refuse refund on thier return

lie to customers telling them their stuff is grade c and then sell it for grade a

knowingly buy stuff that we knew was stolen and the people who sold it would get less because they was stolen

cex is a scam company and why they havnt been shut down is a mystery, cex's internal communication is essential to their operations, please join me in spamming these emails. i have also added all the stores phone numbers and managers emails

have fun

If you want to email a store use the store name followed by @webuy.com (for example Aberdeen@webuy.com).

If you want to email the supervisor of a store just add .spv to the end (for example Aberdeen.spv@webuy.com)

CEX also use an online purchace system the call ecom, if you want to email a store ecom then use uk.ecommerce.STORENAME@webuy.com (for example uk.ecommerce.aberdeen@webuy.com

Note not all stores have ecom .. yet

You can also send what they call a mass email to all people in the CEX directory by using uk.allstores@webuy.com

If you wish to pester anybody high up in the company all you need is their name and their email address will be the first letter of their fist name followed by their last name (so john smith would be jsmith@webuy.com)

/information edited/
 14th of Feb, 2013 by   Turk86 +1 Votes
What's your bone? Get over it dude.
 14th of Feb, 2013 by   Akramsdad +1 Votes
I think this fcukcex guy got sacked for stealing which is why it lead to this.
 9th of Jul, 2013 by   singhshawlion 0 Votes
I worked for CeX for several years whilst at college and university. During my employment I saw the company slowly decline in terms of customer service and general standards. From the closing of the customer service helpline to the opening of a repair department which regularly returned goods in worse condition than when they were sent. Chronic lack of quality control and a pass the buck mentality are now endemic; sadly the op has met with problems which seem to have become the norm in CeX, and which the company has been aware of for years.
 15th of Aug, 2013 by   Lauren.H 0 Votes
I had a horrible experience with CEX. The location was based in the USA. It seems to be everywhere that this place seems to be ripping people off. They first lied to me about the cost of a computer, then swindled their way into selling it to me for $70 dollars more than what it would have sold for brand new. I thought that I could trust them, being that it seemed as though they were a well established business, to later only find out there is no phone number unless you want to count Google Voice. In the end, I did end up getting a refund after I basically badgered them for days. I tried asking nicely at first but they weren't speaking the language. Check out the full story here. http://www.pureleverage.com/livingthegoodlife/cex-wecarewebuy-com-is-a-scam/
 28th of Nov, 2013 by   John__Boy 0 Votes
Lost £70 iPod order using Cex and there own packaging with postage costs even with it being tracked online they refuse to deal with it or reimburse me and this has been an ongoing complaint for 2 years?.

Reported them to Watch Dog and so should everyone else before its too late...

They offer no compensation or any type of help and they lied numerous times about the postage claiming they do not provide postage but then go onto to state they provide only free postage???

Well I got both postage and address labels and the post office gave me a tracking number to go with it all and I paid nothing but according to Conrad at CeX they provide none of this? I have been on and off at them for 2 years and finally got too stressed out with them to continue so have placed it all in the hands of Watch Dog and Trading Standards and added to multiple complaint threads on various websites on Google to let all know you will have a bad experience with the company CeX if not you will suffer a very bad loss and a great deal of stress caused to you.
 15th of Aug, 2014 by   TwinBEEuky 0 Votes
I worked at cex wythenshawe 2013 and was saked for a gross misconduct alligation.

I have police witness and securaty whitness proving my innocence on this alligation.

but behind closed doors they had plotted to get rid of me and never approached

my witness's, s. i have since been back to the store 2014 as its my local and

now have been informed that i am band.

I have evidence from investigation proving that they had manipulated the investigation

to make me look guilty.

Is there anything i can do about this to resolve the issue and get justice because at the moment

im so angry about this that i feel that i want to seek my own justice in a not so pleasant way.

people involved

chris round - manipulater
simon hosman - mupit
mathew cook - Instigater
blake saxton.- lier

Never will i shop at cex and i will make sure non of my freinds' family' nabours

Infact everybody i know.

Yes they steal, yes they lie, yes they manipulate and they do care who they make a victim of.

stay clear of cex.
 10th of Nov, 2014 by   andy olive 0 Votes
after a camera was bought from warrington it was found to be the wrong one for a collage course as it was only16 hours from purchase it was taken back to our local widnes store for refund only to be told go to warrington to deal with it 20 mile trip an hour wasted time and all warrington did what widnes could not a a full refund and to say sorry for the poor excuse of a manager at widnes complaint has been done to webuy.com just a shame this is not the first time the widnes store feels it doesnt have to work with cex as its a franchise store please note the review is for widnes store warrington should be 5 stars
 18th of Nov, 2014 by   hatecex 0 Votes
I have had the same bad experience. When I initially traded in my Nintendo DS, it was basically brand new, I had used it about 10 times in total and owned it for approx. 2 years, I knew it would not get the full £99 I had paid for it, but was astounded when they quoted me £23.00 for it. I took a voucher for this amount intending to use it for something else in the future.
Recently, I have decided to use it for digital photo frames, I have managed on 4 separate occasions to find items that match the amount of the voucher including delivery, but they are not in my locality so I have had to try and order it online. In doing so I came up against the ordering system, which is clearly faulty and clearly not being fixed no matter how much they reassure me that it is. I have had to try this system on several occasions, after I was assured that it was now working, each time losing the items that I had previously found to buy as they had been sold in the meantime. Each time it did not work, I gave practical solutions they could use to help me and they ignored them and just asked me to try again. I have lost my patience now and asked them to send me the cash instead of the voucher, which I have been informed is not possible, with no explanation as to why not. I agree with previous people on here who have experienced it taking a long time to get a response from the e-mails, generally it has taken 2 days plus to receive a response, in which time I have had to re-shop for the items I need because they are no longer available. The customer service people are very good at apologising, but this is the limit of their capabilities, they obviously have no power to effect any change. I feel quite ripped off and really encourage other people to boycott this company.

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