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Certegy Check Services


Declined checks!

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My wife tried to cash a $22.00 check at Albertsons Grocery store and the check was declined. Upon talking to a manager in the store I determined that they are using a check verification service called Certegy. I located a phone number and called them with a response that there was no derogatory information about my checks and that I was declined due to my check writing profile. We are retired and hardly ever write checks since we do all our purchases by credit card. This experience of being turned down in a store full of people was very embarrassing for my wife. Albertsons gave her a $40 gift card in an attempt to get her back into the store since we are regular customers (she still will not return).

I am a member of the Board of Directors for America's Credit Union and there was never a question of available funds to cover my check. In talking to our Credit Union CEO his wife was turned by Certegy for the same reason when writing a check at T J Max . I was unable to contact a real person at Certegy but he CEO was able to get to a real person by continually punch numbers that did no exist on automated menu. He was told that he did not have sufficient funds to cover the check and he told them they were liars since he was the CEO and new that he had more than sufficient funds to cover his check.

I am still being ignored by Certegy and we are afraid to write more checks due to the embarrassment that we might endure. We need a class action suit to prevent these folks from doing what they are doing to honest hard working American citizens.
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 13th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
I also am irritated with the arbitrary check decline done by Certegy based not on fact but on "check profile" and when I have a complaint, I want it addressed in a fair logical manner. The representative I spoke with at Certegy, indicated that she would be happy to send me an application to get approval for check writing! I don't plan to complete this intrusive requirement from a firm hired by businesses to check it's customers checks! Instead I intend to send a Registered Signed Return Receipt to the CEO of Certegy but, alas, that proves difficult because Certegy does not readily provide necessary information. I have discovered that it is part of Fidelity Information Services and I will copy paste this post to them. As I told the rep, I appreciate the fact this service is necessary but to simply reply, "Your check fits a fraud profile" is both insulting and most irritating given that I have a credit rating of just under 8 and I have been writing checks for nearly 45 years without incident! Their PROFILING system needs to be readdressed. Below is contact information I found for this business.

* 1.800.633.9454
* product.info@fnis.com

Listing Information
Name: Certegy Check Services
Address: St Petersburg FL
Telephone: 800 633-9454
Website: http://www.certegy.com
 15th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
Today is the second day that I have gone to Wal-mart to cash my payroll check and it was denied by this Certegy. Now, I have cashed my payroll checks from the same company that I work for at Wal-mart SEVEN times previously. None of my information or the companies information has changed yet this is the second time that I have driven all the way out to Wal-mart only to have my check denied for reason 2. I called them while at Wal-mart and the first time I was told that the reason it was denied was because the check showed signs of fraud which can happen with perfectly normal checks sometimes but unfortunately there is nothing they can do about it and I won't be able to cask my check there. The second time this happened I called again and the woman told me the same thing basically. That it was denied for security reasons because the numbers on the check didn't match up and there was nothing wrong with my information personally but there was nothing that could be done about it. The clerk at Wal-mart told me that this has been happening a lot lately and it's probably a glitch in the system but when I said this to the woman from Certegy she coldly told me that that wasn't the case and there was something wrong with the check. She had no sympathy at all. What is wrong with this system that it can deny a perfectly good check that it has cashed SEVEN times before?
 15th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
We have had numerous problems with Certegy as well. There is no company as good as TELECHECK ...so who is this Certgegy and why are they being allowed to take over America ? They are not helpful when you call. One time I called them as I was denied a check and they said because I had had checks stolen 15 years ago I couldn't write a check...OMG ! What is this ? AMERICA needs to speak out quick on this company !!!
 16th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
Boy 'O' Boy here we go again. Brian from Michigan writing to also tell everyone one I have had two recent problems with Certegy. I had a little over $10, 000 in my checking account and needed a new Lawn Tractor. Decided to go to Home Depot after banking hours. Gathered some gardening supplies wrote my check and it was declined. I of course asked for the manager whom stated that there was noting he could do. I explained to him that over the past 5 years I had spent over $25, 000 at Home Depot and never had a problem before. A cocky and obviously naive you girl behind the counter whom was listening shouted out "You must have some bad checks outstanding". Insulted by this I comment by saying that I am a retired Police Officer and have never bounced or written a bad check in my life. I then told the manager he could keep everything as I pushed the cart in his direction and will NEVER shop there again. I also called the 800 number I was given and was told that I had written a check out of sequence and that was why it was being denied. I loudly laughed and told the service person "yes I voided a check due to an error in writing a check. She did not care and it was useless to discuss it with her further. I got over it after a few days and went o Petsmart a week to the day later and wrote a check for $275. It was declined and the clerk handed me a card with, you guessed it CERTEGY. I could not beleive it. I really beleive thhat if you call and complain they flag your account and basically BLACK BALL you. I called the 800 number again and requested a list of the businesses they deal with. They refused to supply me with the information. I intend to check into this further with my Congressman since we all have bailed out the banking industry. I had a problem with my Mortgage company and my local Congressman has an aide that handles banking problems. She did a Congressional Inquiry and the problem was magically fixed the next business day with managers tripping over themselves to help me. I understand that some of these companies have signed agreements and could be fined or have no further bailout money given to them. CALL YOUR LOCAL CONGRESSIONAL MEMBER. I will be and I will be printing these complaints to take with me.
And by the way from reading these complaints I plan to boycot any store that deals with Certegy.
 17th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have just sent the following to Walmart on their customer service websit. Everyone that has dealt with this ripoff company needs to do it also.
I had a very embarrassing and degrading experience at my local Wal-Mart yesterday. The store location doesn't matter in this complaint. I have shopped at Wal-mart since 1983 when I worked there about a year in a new store. The amount of money I have spent can not even be calculated. I have written checks, used my debit card and cash.
I received a State of Alabama child support check in the mail yesterday. For $740.08 As it was Saturday my bank was closed and I have heard Walmart cashes checks. I went to customer service and they said yes we will cash your check. Apparently Walmart uses a completely inept cash verification service called Certegy Check Services. They requested my Social Security number (uncool) and then said they couldn't cash the check. They gave me a piece of paper with all of Certegy's information. When I got home, I called Certegy and the reason was the transaction followed a pattern of fraud. Oh my God. I am your average middle aged white woman with no criminal history or background. I write checks all the time and do not have bounced checks. EVER> Do you think the State of Alabama child support agency is in the fraud business?
I then went on the internet and found the place on scam websites. They have lost you a lot of faithful customers and one of there representatives posted a comment about the low intelligence of anyone who would even shop at Walmart. They said the complaints were end of the day jokes. Keeping Certegy employees entertained. You and Certegy have insulted all types of people. Since you have now taken over the grocery store market and most people are forced to buy groceries at your stores, there is no telling how much revenue has been lost because of this company. If they think your customers are so low life and ignorant WHY would you do business with this company?
If you don’t want people writing checks or cashing them, then why don’t you just say so?
You should take a look at the complaint website for this company.
Most people are talking class action lawsuit. I will be the first in line. I will come in right after Walmart.
This isn’t an isolated incident. It happens every day in your store’s and anyone else’s that uses this company. You have had people standing in your checkout line and called these people on the spot and they say, sorry, we will fix it right now. The check gets run back through and walla, denied again.
Several people mentioned taking this to the news media and I think that is a very good idea.
How dare you treat faithful customers this way. I will not ever shop at Walmart again.
My intent yesterday was to buy a wedding ring set for $498.00. I will buy one at a jewelry store, because only ignorant people shop at Walmart, right?
 23rd of May, 2009 by    -3 Votes
Okay, it's 2009 ... Why are you wasting your time and breath trying to resurrect a form of payment that has been obsolete for decades when a debit card linked to that same checking account is so much more convenient and reliable, not to mention much more courteous towards the poor shoppers that have to wait behind you while you write your $0.47 check for a pack of gum only to have it turned down?
 26th of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I live in American and have the right to choose how I pay for items I buy and if you don't like that Mr. Whinner you can leave and go so where else to live. I stand up for my rights and so did the forefathers before me and that is what America is all about. The right to choose. Now you get real. Certegy just might deny your debit card as well, then you'll be back to whine. Who'll listen then?
 27th of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I agree with Judy on the above response. What's worse about this, this Whiner fellow (who posted above Judy) has 2 dollar logic.. he writes "Why are you wasting your time and breath trying to resurrect a form of payment that has been obsolete.. " hmm, if your standing in line paying for an item, in a store that supposedly uses electronic means for verification (Certigy), then it would make sense that you are following a legal, prescribed means of payment, that has been in the economic system as an approved method of payment for years.. But what this whiner person does is belittle the issue and attack a post with literally hundreds of similar complaints. And we wonder why America is falling behind... Whiner needs to Go watch Jerry Springer so you can he can be sure everyone on this thread is poor and mentaly challenged.. Nice whiner.. love the comment on the person writing a check for .47 cents to have it turned down. Next time be more complete in your sociological presumption and economic status of these people who complained against certigy.. If your thinking this way i can't image what Certigy is doing in their boardroom. pfft.. Read the comment on pg 1 by initial poster.. There is the "target" audience Certigy is pissing off..
 29th of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I am President of Franklin Bank, a small bank in central Illinois. I too have customers with significant balances whose checks have been declined. I frequent violator are Walgreens and Home Depot. I got no satisfaction from calling Walgreens, Home Depot or Certegy. I have now put a message on all customers bank statments to avoid doing business with Home Deport and Walgreen. I notified these companies of this and they have replied that they do not care. They have enough business without my customers. I will continue to ask customers to boycot companies that use Certegy.
 29th of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I'm a small business owner of 11 years that needed to purchase a few items at Home Goods for a photo shoot for a client. I wanted to use a check so I could keep good accounting records and bill my client back. In addition, I wanted to give my company credit card a rest, and see about weaning my company away from credit, especially with everything that is going on with the economy.

So here I am at Home Goods with my 8 year old son, and I write a check for $176.41 from an account that has well over that amount. I waited, and waited and waited while the cashier tried to get my check to go through, and then she said sorry my check has been denied and here is this card which has the Certegy number you can call. I was furious and humiliated, and not to mention just beside myself because here I am with my son doing errands for my business. I bundled my son up in my car, went to my bank and proceeded to raise hell. How dare this happen when I have done nothing wrong, I was so mad I was shaking. So sitting down with my banker, we called Certegy, practically told them my life story, then was put on hold. When the man came back on the line, he started to talk then he actually hung up on us!! This tactic has been done to me before and it made me all the more determined.

We called back again and were told that my information somenow fit the Certegy's Profile for fradualent checks and that's why my check was denied. "What profile?" I asked and I was told that this was private information and that they couldn't give this information out. But they could send me an information packet which I could then fill out so my checks "may not" be denied in the future. I demanded a list of companies that use Certegy services but was told that since there were thousands of business there was no way she could provide me with that list. What got me the most was that my banker just sat there and bascially shrugged her shoulders saying that there was nothing that they could do.

As I left there with my son, he's asking me what is a "profile", and I'm still shaking with angry when it hit me that Certegy was the same company that denied another check of mine from a different account. This one a private residential account that I used for my home remodeling, and that the check was denied while I was buying appliances at SEARS. They accepted one check for $5000 but turned another down for $4000. My favorite was overhearing the Sales Manager tell the employee to get me to open a Sears Charge. Which I then said very loudly, "No thanks. I don't want another credit card." At this time, I thought it was my banks fault because my check wasn't accepted, and I had my bank called. But my banker explained to me that Certegy was the company and the amount of checks I was writing and whatever else they had as their list of criteria was considered suspicious.

Well I'm through taking this humiliation sitting down. I'm willing to give them a fight. After reading all of these other stories I'm even more fired up than ever before. I have to wonder if I've been blackballed because I make a stink out of my checks being denied. I'm not only contacting my Congressperson, but I'm going to see about actually getting this Class Action Lawsuit in motion. I also think I'm going to go to every single one of these companies that use Certegy and document if they take my checks or not. My feeling is that at each store I'll be turned down. I refuse to sit here and let this bogus company get away with humiliating all of us. Because even though I knew I had the money in my account, , I still felt like a thief trying to pass a bad check. And here I was trying to do the right thing and spend money that wasn't based on credit!!

Watch out because I'm going to find more people in my area and get something started that will have Certegy running for cover.
 1st of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
WE've been getting the run-around from certegy since march 12th. we proved our bank NEVER denied a check from Kum and Go.. yet certegy just gives us the run-around. we 've faxed proof THREE times and all they say is "call us back in 5-7 days" they totally suck.. I'll never write a check where I see the Certegy logo EVER again. They are liars.
 9th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
I find it very fascinating that Wal-Mart is now unable to cash my checks, as they have been able to for well into a year. Then, three months ago I go about my daily routine of grabbing my check at Midnight from my work then heading on down to Wal-Mart (the only known retailer that cashes checks at midnight, which is quite useful if it WORKS) to get it cashed. Ah it had been fun to walk in there then come out with a wad of cash, but there's a problem...I have been declined? It was odd because three other people from my store (I worked at McDonald's at the time) were in front of me doing the same exact thing: cashing their checks. And I didn't even give it a second thought that I'd be declined, as all of them walked out with money...so then I asked them to try running it again, and of course I get that little slip of paper telling me to call this business number.

I sit on that paper for about 1 and a half months, assuming that it would work the next 6 attempts. But I was unsuccessful, and I hadn't yet tried to do the day thing...well after my 6th attempt I called up Certegy, entered the check information that they required and I was hit with some bs about preventing check fraud by apparently matching check-writing activity? Of course they said they'd immediately contact Wal-Mart's retailers, so I went back into Wal-Mart, with some sense of confidence. Hey, maybe it was actually working this time...then declined twice again and I was about to give up on Wal-Mart right then and there...though I decided to call Certegy in the morning.

Now here's where things get funny, I call them up and I get your typical (though not to be stereotypical or racist) guy from India as a man who hasn't the slightest clue what he's talking about. He tells me the reason I've been declined is due to my license number (which I haven't seen in any of these complaints thus far) and I thought..."why?". Well I asked WHY and he said because the numbers didn't match in their system, that it was declined...which is complete BS because when Wal-Mart or a Gas Station writes my DLN on a check it's merely for security purposes, not the computer. I asked if they could fix it there at Certegy and they told me no, that it had to be fixed at Wal-Mart. The reason this is so funny is that yes I had an Alabama Driver's License and used it to cash my checks at Wal-Mart, then I got my Kentucky license...and it still worked. And that number hasn't changed, even though both numbers were different on the licenses it still worked. But I go along with the guy, I'm curteous and all that...go down to Wal-Mart the next week because I already cashed the check at my bank and the next thing I know, apparently nobody at midnight knows how to change the number in their system! Well that's funny, because when I even mentioned the issue they looked at me like they hadn't the slightest clue what I was talking about...as if they never had an issue with Certegy before.

You know I even tried a different Wal-Mart and it still didn't work like 3 times out of my various attempts? So I come back the next morning, to talk to somebody at the Money Center (even though I got the check cashed elsewhere just before I got there, because my checks work everywhere else EXCEPT Wal-Mart for some reason now...) and she ignorately states that she cannot do anything without me having a check. BULL! All she had to do was pull up my information in their system and change the numbers, but I played ball...got my check the NEXT week and this being the final time I used Wal-Mart for my check cashing purposes...

Day-time, sunny out and so far everything was good and dandy. I walk up to the person I normally talked to months ago when I got them cashed during the day, and I tell her about the issue. She starts pulling it up in the computer and then...she too? She hits me with this thing that if they don't get an option to Override the information, they can't change anything. So they tell me to call the company and that THEY'RE supposed to do it. I laugh...I walk out with my check and I start cracking up. HAVE YOU GOT TO BE ****ING KIDDING ME?! Are these people really this stupid, I've tried for three months now to cash my checks at your stores and still...all you can do is send me in circles with a damn peice of paper telling me to call a bogus company?! Why not do what the gas stations do that don't have a check reading device, simply write the number on the check and give me the money...it's not like I'm getting paid 500 dollars! The most I made was 230 per week, but no...no cash for you!

So I gave up, I'm done with Wal-Mart...and I wanted to try one last time tonight at midnight but I wanted to look up Certegy first. And here I am, reading these complaints about this bs company that can't do anything right. Everyone's absolutely right, this company needs to have lawsuits up the ying-yang and be erased from the face of the planet...if I got to go down to HeadQuarters I would but sadly, I don't make enough to waste my time instead of feeding my 2 sons and wife to go all the way up to their HQ.

Here's a list of what retailers I've seen mentioned thus far that use Certegy:

Big Lots!
Home Depot
Piggily Wiggilys

There are other smaller grocery stores that have this issue, but damn...look I get paychecks and my bank account is screwing me over, so I have to get it cashed instead...I don't have a CHOICE with checks. I need them cashed at midnight because I live week to week with checks, I have 2 babies and it's hard to feed them as well as keep them up with diapers ! I don't have extra money, I need the money as soon as possible and I want my midnight cash checking back! I'm tired of this!
 9th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
And this comment is to agree with Judy, towards people who feel that "check writing" is outdated...leave it be. Cash is also considered "outdated" but you're never going to stop people from using it, as long as money is in paper-form it will always be that way. Once everything is seriously on cards and in computer databases than in our pockets, THEN Mr. Whiner do you get the right to complain. Until then, people have the right to write checks and hold onto cash, for some of us it's our only option. What about individuals who have a job that gives you a check but does not offer a direct deposit? Though McDonalds does, I know plenty of people working for other companies that never got this right...they don't have a choice and must get their checks cashed immediately. And what about those of us that end up with bank accounts that steal money from your account without you doing any of these transactions? So you end up in the negatives and by having your check direct deposited or regularly deposited into a bank account it does nothing but possibly fix the negatives. And what does that leave you with? Less than what you originally had, and even more of that money is going to be stolen from you...

So here's my question for you up to date, above standards kind of folks...what the **** is your issue? If you have a problem with somebody writing a check, go to another line...or use a damn self-checkout (since everything else is outdated, these are a lot more common in most retailers than you, Mr. Whiner, might think). If you can't stand someone pulling out cash and exact change, whoopdie doo...not everyone can keep up with bank accounts or not everyone has one...and to say if you live in this time and place without having a bank account and that makes me below your standards, then sir you've got quite a problem.

Good day and I hope Certegy purges...
 15th of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Without going into great detail, I, too, had a check declined today at Dillards Dept. store by Certigy. I have the highest of credit ratings and have never had a check declined in my entire life (63 years). After over an hour of many phone calls, I had no satisfactory information. I was given 3 separate corporate headquarter phone numbers and each time when I got a person to answer and I explained that I would like to talk to someone in the executive dept. to straighten out this problem, they switched me back to the same check authorization people that I talked to from the Department store phone. Each time I asked for the phone # of corporate headquarters, I was given a different number and told that the headquarters (1st) were in St. Petersberg, (2nd) in Jacksonville and (3rd) in Tampa. In other words, something is "fishy" here and I am being given the "runaround"! Tomorrow I am going to take this problem to our private banker and see what they can find out! Citergy is mailing me a form to fill out that supposedly will put me on their VIP list to ease this problem. Frankly, at this point, I am hesitant to give them anymore information.

I suggest that it would be a good idea to contact the executive offices of the companies and stores that use Citergy's services and let them know that many people are having problems both with contacting Citergy and with declined checks for no reason that makes sense.

I also would be happy to join in a class action lawsuit. Sharon from SC
 16th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
I went to Wal-mart yesterday since it was payday. I went to cash my county issued check and Certigy denied me. I do not have bad credit although I guess it is not considered to be good either since I am only 17 and I don't own anything on my own. This was only my second pay check, and I have no checking accounts or anything of the sort. I just wanted my cash in hand and I became quite irrate at this Certigy company. They told me it was a Reason 3 code and that I may call to see why I was declined. I am definately going to do that once I am off work today.
 19th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
This too have occured when I decided to stop using credit cards. There is money in the bank but because there is not a strong check writing history, we are denied and it is EXTREMLY EMBARASSING!! I mentioned to the manager at our local grocery store that I could go down the street the Hen House Markets and they would take my check. He decided to take my check and asked if Hen House uses a check verifiying system and I told him no, they tend to it in house and allow you to write a check.
 23rd of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
There was one day I had to get shampoo and pull-ups for my son, and I went to K-Mart, where I have shopped dozens of times, and NEVER had any issues. I wrote a check for $18.31 and was denied. I was so infuriated I left only to never return. I've heard so many horror stories of why people have been declined, it's ridiculous!! There are plenty of good people out there, who are not about to commit check fraud, that get denied because of some fluke incident that has nothing to do with them, or even with the company at which they are writing their checks. Not everybody likes to carry around cash, and believe it or not, not everybody has a debit card. Most people any more are trying to eliminate their debt, but disgarding their credit cards and such. But not only have I had my checks denied because Certegy has a backwards approach to check verification, but I'm also into the business of handling merchant accounts for ACH processing and credit card processing. We are a rather small company and always make sure to put the merchant first and look out for their best interest. Certegy is one company that I would NEVER recommend to ANY of our merchants. There are plenty of services out there that are a million times better that Certegy, but because their name is more familar with the retail industry, they are used more often than not. For anybody that is interested, there are companies like TeleCheck or Geti (Global eTelecom) who have great pricing plans even for small ma & pa stores. They use similar methods to verify checks. But you also have to remember what it is that you are looking for. Whether it's processing the check through ACH (automated clearing house) or verifying that the account attached to the check actually has the money. But these above mentioned companies all provide the same services, but you don't get even remotely close to HALF the complaints as I've seen here today!
 25th of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
certegy are a pack of soulless, rude, arrogant bunch of bullies who get power trips when they make girls cry...
i was disgusted when i found out how these people spoke to my partner who is going through the toughest financial and medical situation of her life. she called them to see if she can organise a different strategy of payment to get on top of her debt and was put through to the most arogent person i have ever spoken too, i know what he sounds like becuase when i heard the story i called this man and told him what i thought of him. this person abused his power as a debt collect and outright bullied my girlfriend and threatened her with legal action when it wasnt even necessary and when she was crying on the phone to this man he said and i quote " oh you know what i change my mind.. you cant pay it off now, either return the good or pay the whole amount!.. "
when i heard how he treated my girlfriend i dont think i have ever been so angry in my life.. i understand that they have a job to do but there is no need for attitude and definitely no need to talk down to people and make them feel useless. this mans name is TIM and he works at the collections section of the Adelaide branch on certegy in australia, i cant not describe the disgust i feel for this persons actions. but on a brighter note a man called Angelo was very plesant to talk to and we resolved our problems in less then 5 mins.. i think this bully named TIM should learn how to deal with people like Angelo...
 3rd of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just had the same problem in Home Depot. I have over $4, 000 in my checking account and tried to write a check for $680.22; the check was declined. The girl at the counter was extremely nice so I can't complain about her. She did say it was usually because I had written a bad check there before. I have never bounced a check so I know that was incorrect. It was during banking hours and my bank was a block away so I drove there and withdrew cash from my supposed "bad checking account" and then went back to pay for my purchase. It was so embarrassing. I usually only use my debit card but my bank has a $700 daily limit on it and I had already used it a few times today so I knew I could not charge the $680. The bank has offered to raise the limit but I actually feel more secure with it at $700 so if it were to be stolen that would be the maximum the thief could spend. This is my reasoning behind writing a check and for those saying "use your debit card" they obviously cannot afford to make large purchases otherwise they would know that most debit cards have a daily spending limit. I am planning on writing to the BBB and my states attorney. I too would be more than happy to file a class action law suit against them. I had never heard of them before and I even called my bank from Home Depot and they were going to verify the funds available but Home Depot would not accept that.
 6th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
i had the same problem with home depot, lowes and pet smart. i went to home depot 2 times in one day and the same with lowes. i paid with dept and check. they had to call for the check verification. I had been in that morning and used a check with no problem. i called my bank and they have no issues on my account and they don’t understand why they declined the check. I don’t understand how this company can have a problem with our checks and our banks do not. Do they have access to the accounts?? If they do who gave that to them???

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