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CD Baby, Oregon Complaints & Reviews - Not receiving services paid for

CD Baby Contacts & Informations

CD Baby

Posted:    cdbabylawsuit

Not receiving services paid for

Complaint Rating:  77 % with 22 votes
Contact information:
CD Baby
United States
www.cdbabylawsuit.com explains it all.

CD Baby is allowing artists like myself to pay for services they know they cannot provide due to whatever technical problems they say they are having. No customer service, just lip service.

I've now paid them $55 for distribution they are not providing and it's been 2 months. They knew their distribution capabilities were broken when I paid. They did not tell me! Now because their website is, as they say, "broken" - my music is not showing up as available on their website. This problem just cost me my eligibility for the Grammy's this year! They disqualified me because they could not find my music available for retail purchase!

My keyboard player who wrote an amazing powerful song with me is dying of liver cancer and I submitted our song to give him a chance to be publicly recognized for all of his musical contributions over the years and now he can't even have that chance. I could have gone with another distributor, but CD Baby did not tell me they were having problems before I made my purchase. And now their contract will not allow me to distribute my music to other places. I'm stuck!

I get nothing but lip service from the people at CD Baby and I'm sick of it. They've sabotaged thousands of artists' eligibility into the Grammys by having ALL of their digital downloads suddenly "disappear" from their website.

This company is not to be trusted!
Comments United States TV, Music & Video
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 11th of Sep, 2009 by   squafdonoboles 0 Votes
I am still awaiting a "Universal Mother" CD that I ordered with a credit card three weeks ago. Contacting them by e-mail only results in an automated message telling us that they are "too busy" to take care of us because they are upgrading their site. I have disputed the purchase to my credit card company.


Mike Cedeno
 17th of Sep, 2009 by   TekBoss 0 Votes
Order 2 CDs 3 weeks ago and haven't heard a peep. Emails get bounced back. I think it is time to pull the plug on this baby. They are either incompetent or crooks. One is as bad as the other. (Sep 16, 2009)
 25th of Sep, 2009 by   The SG Sound 0 Votes
I'm sorry to say what has always been a wondrous relationship with CDBaby is quickly becoming a major thorn in my side and causing me huge headaches re getting my new release out in a timely manner. I am stalling press opportunities because CDBaby has not even sent me an automated response saying they received the CDs to process. This was 2 weeks ago. Been e-mailing and calling them for almost 2 months and there is NEVER a response other than automated "We're too busy - site redesign - yada yada" messages.

I've never had anything but the best experiences with them before but my positive impressions are being sorely tested now. It is disruptive and frankly just befuddling.
-The SG Sound
 6th of Sep, 2010 by   lunchmoney 0 Votes
Looks like if Musicians would actually complain about CD Baby they will complain about anything. It seems out of a zillion CDs they actually screwed up a few orders... Nobody's perfect. CD Baby was est. 1998 and has paid out millions to Independent Artists. And NO I am not affiliated with CD Baby, just a dedicated and hard working Musician.


Terrance Day
 15th of Sep, 2010 by   Git Oh Verrit 0 Votes
i submitted my song 37 seconds ago!!! nobody has called me back to tell me how great my song is and to pay my all of my royalties. they are "too busy" to take care of ME, the customer. and when i try to get help, i still don't have a royalty check. even though i'm getting a smokin deal on a chance to have access to wide spread distribution, i still need to make sure people actually want to PURCHASE my awesome masterpieces. costs me pennies on the C note with minimal commitment on my end, and easy to do on a variety of terms, but yeah, those friggin bastards are startin to piss me off. It's been like over a minute at least by now. Maybe even more than that. Yeah, easy a minute and a half. wtf??? they are skimming off the top and hoarding my royalties cuz they're jealouse of how successful my music is.
 29th of Sep, 2010 by   Reno (COB) 0 Votes
LMAO!!! Best damn thing I've read all day. I'm still LMAO!!! I had to read it again.
 14th of Jan, 2011 by   KLPhair 0 Votes
"Now because their website is, as they say, "broken" - my music is not showing up as available on their website. This problem just cost me my eligibility for the Grammy's this year! "

Eligibility for the Grammy's? If you were eligible for the Grammy's I doubt you would be selling on CD baby! Dude you sound so melodramatic and full of crap its hilarious. You should stop being amusician and be a comedican! LOL.
 5th of Apr, 2011 by   ChristineMHLJK 0 Votes
I have ALWAYS had an awesome experience with CDbaby, until my 3rd studio album it is now 4 weeks; i am on itunes..which is cool..but have a backlog message that my fans are getting for teh physical album, that would be cool too, supply and demand is always great..but the supply is there, CD baby has yet to demand more Cd's from me, we sent them a bunch more anticipating a huge rush order as it has been 3 years since my last release...and as expected my fans have been emialing daily askign when they can get teh CD..cause there is a backorder on my CDbaby page..I usually get an email asking for more cds..NOTHING!!! there is a MAJOR disconnect, now my fans are saying I am holding back on them...it took me a very long time to establish my fanbase..UGH!! I am so frustrtaed with these guys!!!
 4th of Oct, 2011 by   bilbo bilbo baggins 0 Votes
i chose to 'test' cd baby. member sof my family bought my downloads from different places. 3 months later, nothing. checked their so-called 'monthly sales report' = nothing. message ="no data". NO DATA?!? WTF?? they take your money, put you on itunes etc, and dont give you anything back.
 22nd of Nov, 2012 by   JOHNNY TEXAS 0 Votes
No, we will not be sending you any money. This account has been closed .
Best of Luck,
In Reply To:
i have contact apple and they tell me they have already paid to my album. But don't know why i can't get my money?
I want to know when will i get it or you will hold it forever ^_^

 14th of May, 2013 by   Joe9 0 Votes
Its now coming to many artist's attention, that CD baby employees are setting up Bogus and scam retail seller accounts on amazon.com etc.They are duplicating discs and keeping the proceeds, I believe musicians are filing with a substantial evidence record to the federal bureau in portland, oregon.for an internal account enquiry, Hopefully this will lead to the real story coming to light.
 4th of Jun, 2013 by   Dennis Cowan 0 Votes
I run a Record Label, and my association with CDBABY has been diabolical to say the least. For twenty-three days (LOST)...they have given me the runaround...they also take five days to respond. They ruined one EP for distribution, and were about to put up half a track?...I stopped that at the approval and finalization and cancelled...they took ages to apologise...but yet again on attempt 2...there was strange things going on...this time it was distribution..a sudden ticked box appeared for one seller!. as opposed to our request of all retail outlets...a few days later there was another ticked box...none of which we ticked...we aborted both EP tries...yet they went ahead with one without the finalization process being approved, they claimed we'd approved it with the first one?...WE STOPPED THAT. They gave us a credit...and didn't honour it...and then laughingly turned around to say that 'perhaps CDBaby was wrong for us'...which we certainly agree on...in fact they are a disaster in the music business...and absolutely incompetent...at one time we sent 9 urgent e-mails...they replied to just ONE!
 9th of May, 2014 by   madmadra 0 Votes
I uploaded a song to them recently and find them terrible to deal with - the left hand just doesn't seem to be communicating with the right, you get automated generic emails from them which are misleading and don't aid communication and on top of that they have ignored most of the emails i've sent them anyway which i think is really unprofessional in this day and age. They have all these rules about the pictures submitted for the musicians artwork which seem really picky and which i've never come across when uploading songs and pictures to any other online distributor and because they kept ignoring my emails i eventually had to call them from europe and was then kept on hold for an age before someone finally took my call - when i pointed out that i had sent in 3 emails without getting any response over the previous week i was told that that they hadn't been in the office for the last 2 days - in fairness it was coming off a weekend but is it justifiable that an international company of this size would shut up shop from friday to monday every week? They really need to start putting the customer first, afterall they're the ones who are keeping their lights on - definitely not recommended

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