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Brightway Insurance agency, Ocala, Florida Complaints & Reviews - False explanation(s) of policy

Brightway Insurance agency Contacts & Informations

Brightway Insurance agency

Posted: 2011-03-28 by    familyfun26

False explanation(s) of policy

Complaint Rating:  72 % with 25 votes
Contact information:
Brightway Insurance Agency
Ocala, Florida
United States
Okay, yes I am new at owning a home. But when I rely and put my trust into an insurance agency to find what I need, I expect them to know what they are doing. Brightway insurance Agency got me set up with Security First. I went over my policy via phone with agent, Lauren Shaw, (my agent, Kevin Bland, never seemed to be available) and had her explain it to me in laimens terms. I asked my questions and then got down to the water side of it. I saw where it said 'flood exclusion', and asked what that exactly excluded. She proceeded to state that if a hurricane floods my home I am not covered, that if a pipe in the street bursts and floods my home I am not covered. But, if a pipe in my house bursts and 'floods' or 'fills' a room/house with water I am covered. I then asked about my roof. According to paperwork, the roof of this house was built new in 2006. ( granted new roof shouldn't be leaking right?!)I noticed a coupke of weeks ago the roof is leaking in many places! I asked her that if my roof is leaking when it rains will I be covered. Lauren stated that yes. It would fall under all other perils with a $1k deductible. Two (2) days later I proceeded to make a claim for my roof. The adjuster, Kevin Townsend, came out and took pictures and my statement. He stated that he actually saw more places where the roof was leaking and brought them to my attention. Anyhow, he left and went to do his work. A letter then came back to me stating that I was denied my claim and Mr. Townsend lied about damages to the roof and my statement was twisted around! Go figure. Now I believe the movies for sure. Mr. Townsend then called me and and told me I was denied. any guesses as to why? Well, It's because I have a water exclusion on my policy! It is listed as a water exclusion credit. Lauren Shaw had no idea what she was talking about when she was going through the policy with me over the phone. Thanks to her and her knowledge of reading insurance policies, my caim was denied and I now have to find a way to come up with $4k to replace my roof before mold grows rampid through my attic and who knows where else and before it ruins the ceiling and the drywall! I'm covered for mold/fungi and structural damage, but if it's related to the claim on my roof and involves water, I'm not. Guess which is going to happen first? Hint: It's not a new/repaired roof! What else does my family have to go through? My advice, seek a different agency. Perhaps one that is qualified to read policies.
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 16th of Aug, 2011 by   jlee133541 0 Votes
The only place you'll find flood coverage in the US is in a flood policy. The only way you would not be covered from water falling from the sky during a hurricane would be with a policy the excluded hurricane damage all together. If you had a policy prior to being written by Security First and the damage actually occurred then, the prior carrier would be on the hook for the damage. Security First should have paid you you would have subrogated and Security First would have gone after the prior carrier (who would have gone after the roofer). If there was a question about existing damage on the Security First application and the damage was not attested to (and present at time of application) your claim would have been denied and you premium refunded. It sounds like the Adjuster believed the damage to have occurred prior to the policies effective date.
 2nd of Nov, 2012 by   Peterr11 0 Votes
These people are ridiculous!
Brightway insurance/ Mercury insurance is the worst company ever!
Please save your money and time a find another company
They will screw you over
They give false information!
 15th of Nov, 2012 by   Alan 0 Votes
Brightway has saved me money, although I've never had a claim, so I can't speak to that part. I can say that both the JAX officce and my local agent are impossible to reach and do not return phone calls.
 20th of Jan, 2013 by   Jaxpun 0 Votes
I have had a brightway agent, Chris Huebener, for a few years now. He was very helpful in finding an affordable option for my family for our home and auto. He took the time to explain any question that we had when we were purchasing our home, thus needing the insurance. While it seems that Lauren misspoke as to the coverage, ultimately you would have received the policy in the mail, which does state the coverages/definitions/etc. Also, I have never had an issue getting a hold of Chris. He is always quick with an email, and never leaves a phone call unreturned ( if I don't get him on the first try) It sounds like you had a bad experience, but I can tell you that my experience and relationship with my Brightway agent has been great! Keep up the good work Chris!
 31st of Jan, 2013 by   Insurance Answers 0 Votes
Sorry about your roof luck. I was an underwriter, and if you believe that a new roof is an insurance companies responsibility, you are totally wrong. It is the homeowners responsibility for the mainteance, which includes the wear and tear, of their home. this has nothing to do with this agency or the agent. If an act of nature causes water damage the damage is covered.
 6th of May, 2013 by   knightnole 0 Votes
Well, it should make anyone like the person that dealt with Lauren Shaw feel good to know that she is no longer at Brightway. So have no fear.
 12th of Mar, 2015 by   Insurance Expert one 0 Votes
You weren't taken by Brightway you were mislead by the insurance company Brightway sold you. You put your trust and hand in Mr. Townsend NOT your adjuster the company Adjuster. You by contract have to PROVE the damage you ask the wolf to guard the chickens And are blaming the wolf for eating them! You needed to hire a Licensed Public Adjuster who would have protected your interested and proved the claim. Your are covered for water as long as roof has sudden and accidental damage. That's what you had to prove you didn't so the Mr. Townsend did what he has been trained to do PROTECT insurance company. You should retract this complaint you are wrong.
 29th of Apr, 2015 by   teachme 0 Votes
Having similar problems in Jacksonville with Brightway people who (1) fail to give complete information about the policy and (2) who refuse to give you a copy of the policy information until after you have bought it. Who is supposed to protect the insured? If you can't get accurate answers before closing and you can't get any truths in writing, how are you going to find out what is and is not covered and under what circumstances and exclusions before you commit to buying the insurance. If you think flooding is a problem, try getting an explanation of the sinkhole exclusion.

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