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Boost Mobile, Fresno, California Complaints & Reviews - Terrible service, dropped calls, delayed tex etc.

Boost Mobile Contacts & Informations

Boost Mobile

Posted:    och463

Terrible service, dropped calls, delayed tex etc.

Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
Contact information:
Boost Mobile
Fresno, California
United States
Boost Mobile always provided me with less then great cell reception but I put up with it because of the price. Delayed tex, holding your arm out with the phone like an antenna to send tex and waiting forever for pics to come through but at least my calls did. Well, I moved to another location in the same city and now my calls dont go through and more then half go directly to voicemail. I am starting a business from home and when I call my customers the line drops on them it is so embarassing. Well, id had been communicating with boost and they them selves told me I dont get service in my area and suggested I transport the number. For my business sake I transported my number to another service even though they said they couldnt because boost was a prepaid phone. It went through and now BOOST will not refund my 50 dollars that i paid for one more month. I told them why I was cancelling and transported my number and they just refused to give me my REFUND saying I forfeited the money when I transported my number to another provider. UNETHICAL, when they themselves said to do so because I dont get service where I now live. 50 bucks sure add up thats crooked I wonder how much money they are getting out of people who cancel and still have money on there account. THE CEO SHOULD BE ASHAMED THAT IS BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE.
Comments United States Mobile & Cell Phones
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 15th of Jan, 2011 by   linda1991 0 Votes
Omg they suck! The service the prices the phones it all sucks I wish I could sure this company!
 15th of Jan, 2011 by   linda1991 0 Votes
I meant SUE!
 27th of Apr, 2011 by   bruno lebo 0 Votes
This company blows...totally...i doubt they'll be around too long unless they figure it out.
 20th of Jul, 2011 by   Pat in RI 0 Votes
Here on the East Coast it’s no better with Boost (yes, I hate them, too). Their customer service is the worst I've ever seen, and the reception I had on the phone was terrible even though their website said my area had good reception. I only had the phone a few days when I had to send it back to QVC for a replacement due to a problem with charging. QVC, as always, was great about the return and processed it quickly. I suspended my Boost account until the replacement arrived and then tried to contact them - internet and phone - to switch to the new phone. I could find no link on their website to end the suspension and my phone calls went nowhere. Boost does offer something unique -- their phone recording hangs up on you if you don't push the right button or, heaven forbid, if you press "O" for operator (they don't exist). After numerous calls, I was hung up on each time. I submitted an e-mail and it took more than a day for someone to return my call. I paid over $60 (with tax added to the $55) for the first month and asked for a refund on the remaining days. Guess what? You can't get a refund. While there's no contract, there's no refund either if you cancel. I spoke with Jen (employee #5172055) who then transferred me to J. Sanders (employee #QA720353). Mr. Sanders said no refund can be given, that Boost only sells service. I explained that is false advertising since my reception was so poor and they were advertising otherwise and my funds did not get me service. He said "that's the way it is." What a great way to raise revenue - advertise that you can provide good service then don't and refuse to refund money to the customer when they are dissatisfied and want to cancel. I plan to write letters of complaint to the appropriate agencies and let my TV stations know about this scam. I even stopped in Radio Shack today to see if they could help since they sell for Boost. They, too, found their customer service to be a nightmare and told me that they are often on the phone for 45 minutes before they can talk to a live body. They pointed out that the benefit of a contract with other carriers is that you can actually get someone to help you when you need it. I learned an expensive lesson. I urge everyone who have had similar experiences to write their representatives and the FCC - they can't fix something they don't know is broken.
 20th of Jul, 2011 by   Pat in RI 0 Votes
I apologize for the jumbled post -- it was my first and it looked ok in the preview ... sorry.
 20th of Jul, 2011 by   Pat in RI 0 Votes
never mind ... now it looks ok.
 10th of Apr, 2012 by   JamaicanGurl 0 Votes
Boost mobile customer service sucks!!! The representives dont act like their professional train!!! I have the
most lost calls with this company thinking about switching to another company!!!

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