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Bestway Rent-to-Own, Pine Bluff, Arkansas Complaints & Reviews - Customer Service

Bestway Rent-to-Own Contacts & Informations

Bestway Rent-to-Own

Posted: 2011-07-07 by    CBailey

Customer Service

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Contact information:
Bestway Rent-to-Own
2801 South Olive
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
United States
Phone: 870-575-0225
On June 13th, I went into my local Bestway, which is located on 2801 South Olive Street, Pine Bluff, to pay my bill. The bill was due on the 6th. I pay weekly, so I was there to pay for both the week of the 6th and the 13th. The store manager charged a $10 in home collection fee, but no one came to my home for me to receive this additional charge. I then called the district manager and he gave me a $10 credit after I explained the situation to him that this extra fee was falsely placed on my account.

I went on the 21st of June to pay my account. I explained to her, the store manager, that the district manager credited my account for $10. Instead of me having to pay for just one week, the store manager insisted that I pay for two weeks. I did not pay for the two weeks. I tried to call the district manager again, but he was out of the office. Later that day, someone came by my house and put an in home collection fee tag on my door after I just left the store, not even an hour later. It is my understanding that as long as the store is still open, then I have until that time to pay on my account.

The next day, which was the 22nd, I went in to make a payment and an employee refused to take my payment because I hadn’t paid the in home collection fees. The same day, two in home collection fee tags were placed on my door, one for the 20th and one for the 22nd. I went back in on the 23rd and attempted to pay again and talk to the store manager, but she wasn’t there. I went back in on the 27th to pay the bill for the week of the 20th and 27th. The store manager told me that I had to pay over $80 to get the bill back current.

I attempted to give $50 on my account and give the remainder amount later in the week and she told me that she could not accept my payment. She then stated to me, “Do what you gotta do. I’m already a step ahead of you. I’ve already called the district manager myself.” I called the district manager to explain this to him, but he brushed me off. He did not try to help me resolve the problem at all.

As of today, I haven’t paid on my account since the 20th of June. The customer service at the store is poor. They call several times a day, but never leave a voice mail. The store doesn’t open until 10a.m., but they’ve called several times before 9a.m. I admit to being late a few times, but the bill was still being paid. The receipt doesn’t show the balance or how many payments I have left. I would like to have a printout of the balance due and any additional charges that have been placed on my account.

I’m hoping that this issue can be resolved as quickly as possible. I am the consumer and deserve to be treated with respect.

Curtis Bailey
Comments United States Retail Stores
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 7th of Jul, 2011 by   heath2011 +1 Votes
You said you didn't pay on the 6th you went the next week to pay for both weeks, so yes you do get a late fee. Just because the customer service sucks you still have to pay, you are stealing and you know it. You need to pay them what you owe
 7th of Jul, 2011 by   CBailey -1 Votes
How is it stealing when an attempt has been made to pay on the account and the store manager refuses to take payment?
 7th of Jul, 2011 by   heath2011 0 Votes
"As of today, I haven’t paid on my account since the 20th of June. The customer service at the store is poor. They call several times a day, but never leave a voice mail. The store doesn’t open until 10a.m., but they’ve called several times before 9a.m. I admit to being late a few times, but the bill was still being paid"

you know why they are calling so call them back and you still owe them money...it sounds like you are saying, "they wouldn't take a payment so woohoo free for me" I think there is more to this story then you are telling
 7th of Jul, 2011 by   CBailey -1 Votes
If I'm paying the bill, whether it's late or not, why should they have to call several times a day?? I pay on Monday's. The store is open from 10a.m. until 7 p.m. I have until that time to go in and make a payment. No one should have to call and tell me that my payment is due, when I pay weekly. If I'm late, then the late charge is on ME, not them. When I attempted to give the store manager the $50, she wouldn't take it. She only wanted the $80. If I'm in the store to make a payment of any type, then it shouldn't matter how much it is. She's upset because I called the district manager, but he hasn't done anything either. Everyone that I've talked to has nothing but negative things to say about this company.
 7th of Jul, 2011 by   heath2011 0 Votes
you said you haven't paid since june 20, do duah they are calling you, they want their money
 6th of Mar, 2013 by   Orea8 0 Votes
I enrolled in T&R Rent to Own organization that promised 30 days free access to their website for $1. Within 8 days this organization deducted another $39.95 from my checking account for another 30days of access. I of course cancelled by their procedures but they say up front there is no refunds.
 6th of Mar, 2013 by   RegularsOfMy3cents -2 Votes
Get lost Vantrollquist.
 22nd of Dec, 2013 by   appleton to wilson 0 Votes
I was supposed to have free access for a month, they charged me after a week or two. I also cannot find any information on how to cancel my membership.

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