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Benderson Development / Nathan Benderson, Buffalo, New York Complaints & Reviews - Benderson Development Engages in Illegal Price Fixing!!

Benderson Development / Nathan Benderson Contacts & Informations

Benderson Development / Nathan Benderson

Posted:    elliotsmith44

Benderson Development Engages in Illegal Price Fixing!!

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Contact information:
Benderson Development
2340 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, New York
United States
Phone: (716) 833-2954
A few years ago, Benderson Development decided that they would buy up half of the state of New York. At the time, I leased a small shopping plaza from Benderson. You would think that when the recession hit, leasing prices would reflect changes in the overall market. Yet, because of Benderson Development’s upscale clientele, they decided to keep prices fixed beyond what many hardworking tenants (like myself) could afford. Their motto has got to be, “Screw the hard-working middle class. Long live the rich.”

On April 10th, my office was the last space in the plaza to be closed. I watched my fellow businessmen and neighbors lose their companies and spaces as well. Today, nearly 10 spaces are open to lease – but beware, Benderson Development engages in illegal price fixing. They have attempted to dominate the market – and sadly, have done so very well. If you rent with them, you are setting yourself up to pay payments that are well above market share.

Have fun with that. I am a loving father and a good Christian man. I don’t think that I have ever posted on one of these things before, but I felt the need to speak up and warn others out there about these @$$holes. Beware of Nathan Benderson and Benderson Development!!

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 25th of May, 2010 by   msg5634 -3 Votes
did anyone force you to rent from then? isn't this a case of supply and demand and they are able to charge whatever they would like and it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to move forward. I am sure nobody was holding a gun to your head when you signed the lease.

Your comments are completely off base.

so who cares if your a loving father and a good christian man obviously you made a bad decision and now you are unwilling to face that fact. so leave all the chatter aside and be a man and own up to your mistake.
 25th of May, 2010 by   Tommydar37 +2 Votes
Watched the same thing happen to a shopping center near my house. One by one all the businesses closed. I talked to one of the owners who was closing his doors and he said he just couldn't afford to keep the place open anymore. These guys are killing the entrepreneurial spirit of America.
 26th of May, 2010 by   csuarez234 0 Votes
Working in investments, I've had the privilege to connect with some really great business owners in the Sarasota area where this company is headquartered. I agree with msg5634 that tenants should be well-researched ahead of time - however - it's a different story when the majority of your city is operated by one company - a company that happens to own massive amounts of land and property in major cities across the United States. The problem is that smaller businesses do not have room to move with Benderson around. Using their money, legal attorneys, and threats - they are able to dominate the market without allowing competitors who offer more affordable space the opportunity to grow.

Sure, that might be the nature of capitalism - but it is unfair to the consumer, the business owner, the tenant, etc. when they do not have multiple choices. My two cents.

I've heard numerous stories about these guys from people I do business with and I certainly am happy that I work from my own home office.
 12th of Apr, 2014 by   herrhess 0 Votes
This building in the attached photo burned to the ground last month. It's property abuts a shopping plaza vastly owned by the Benderson Development Corporation.
After Benderson offered the young owners an insulting purchase price for the property, (to which the flatly refused).
Benderson and their legal "goons" have used intimidation against contractors hired to remove the rubble in order to start the process of condemnation of the property.
This would start the wheels in process to affect Eminent domain, allowing this horrid corporation to use their might to obtain the property for their own personal gain.
If this is capitalism...book me on the next flight to Finland or any other socialist country.
 12th of Apr, 2014 by   herrhess +1 Votes
Attached photo of building ablaze.

 12th of Apr, 2014 by   herrhess +1 Votes
Benderson Development Corporation is scum!

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