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At Home Rewards, Connecticut Complaints & Reviews - Charges to my account which were not approved my me.

At Home Rewards Contacts & Informations

At Home Rewards

Posted:    Joan Bullard

Charges to my account which were not approved my me.

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 4 votes
Contact information:
United States
Phone: 888-425-5874
I tried to purchase the us magazine as a gift but when i put in my visa card number nothing happened and i thought the transaction did not go through as we had be denied access by our credit card. We were having problems. Well today, i received the subscription to myself which i did not want! It was a gift but you never asked for the recipents name. I do not want the subscription for me and would like credit to my account. If that is impossible then i would like the subscription to go where it was intended!!! Please address this problem asap! Us weekly #s 0001y314082 and mechant info 800 - 2833956 ny thank you, joan bullard rbullard@embarqmail.Com
Comments United States Unauthorized Charges
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 30th of Jul, 2008 by   Patcia Carpenter 0 Votes

At Home Rewards - unauthorized payment
United States

I had an unauthorized charge of $29.95 on 6/24/08, plus a $1.00 charge, I would like a refund in the amount of $30.95 credit to my account.

Patricia E. Carpenter
 15th of Nov, 2008 by   Kenneth McLeod 0 Votes
 18th of Nov, 2008 by   Chris 0 Votes
Had the same details in a fraud protection call. After speaking with an agent determined this is for my Netflix subscription.

Do you have a Netflix subscription?
 30th of Nov, 2010 by   Eldon Scott 0 Votes
I dont even know what this is, Dont remember ordering any book or magazine. It all could be an error. I do not want the book or magazine. thanks
 30th of Nov, 2010 by   Eldon Scott 0 Votes
dont even know what this is, Dont remember ordering any book or magazine. It all could be an error. I do not want the book or magazine. thanks
 21st of Dec, 2010 by   Seenly 0 Votes
I've had this happen too, I just checked my bank statements and was charged twice! I am calling them tomorrow. Did you ever get your issue resolved Joad Bullard?
 22nd of Jan, 2011 by   tireland 0 Votes
BIG TIME SCAM! This company is a scam corporation. They advertise a FREE product for which you just have to notify them to cancel if you do not like the product. However, and this was NOT included in their advertisement, you must at your own expense and without prior notification return the product within a short period of time or you will find TWO charges on your charge card of over $69 without your consent. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS SCAM. THE PRODUCT IS WORTHLESS! IT DOES NOT WORK. THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE NOT HONEST!
Check out their website. There is NO mention of having to return the product. It even falsely advertises that it is risk free. NOT TRUE. You unknowingly have to accept the RISK of having to pay to return this product if it doesn't work. Check out the website below.
 2nd of Apr, 2011 by   Scotta79 0 Votes
MY wife has used her debit card to order a few different things online and now subscription services continue to take money out of the account without authorization. this has happened twice in the last three days totaling $93.27. I have tried to find out what these charges are for and how to stop them, but have had no success. Does anyone have suggestions on how to stop this?
 19th of May, 2011 by   huntah2kk 0 Votes
i have this same problem now too... i dont know where its coming from or how to stop it!!... please someone help!!!
 9th of Jul, 2011 by   netkru 0 Votes
Amazing!!! These people are liars!! I had been receiving two different magazines as a result of some- preview. I honestly don't even remember, how they got started in the first place. When I received post cards in the mail to cancel or continue- I called well within the advised time and canceled. One of the "automated" transactions went through just fine- but the other one did NOT!! Resulting in my credit card being charged $119.00 for a magazine!!! When I called a second time- upon finding the charge on my card. I was told- via the automated system, that they would once again cancel the subscription- but I would now have to *pay for the magazines I had received. What a racket!! I decided NO!! I had called well within the time frame- I have the cancellation number, YOUR automated system gave me. I'm not paying!! NOW- I finally got an actual person on the phone. HE says they have record of my calling- and yes they have the number- but they don't know why I called...are YOU kidding me??!! So, when I got a little less than nice on the phone. He said he'd see what he could do, to get the rest of the charges reversed. What a rip off!!! Never USE this company. The charges show up as TWX- Continuity Subscription Merchants, the post cards arrive as SynapseConnect, Inc. Whoever they are- they are liars and cheats!! Don't use them!! You can get your magazine subscriptions cheaper by using the little cards that come in the magazine!!
 28th of Aug, 2011 by   Michael O'Keefe 0 Votes

At Home Rewards - unauthorized use of my credit/bank account
At Home Rewards
United States

I did not go to, had never heard of this company until a charge appeared on my bank statement removing 27.95 from my account. When trying to call this company to complain and remove these charged and any other they intended to make I could not get an answer to my call.
 13th of Apr, 2012 by   John H.Angell 0 Votes
I received a charge of $49.00 sometime before 3/23/12 on my credit card. I have no idea how this occurred.
I did not make any request for any subscriptions at ant time except $1.00 for News week.I dident suscribe to them for anything else

My visa card was charged for $49.00/ John H, Angell, 7948 Arrowhead Forest Ct. Montgomery.Al 36117
The last four numbers of my credit card are 9107 I can be reached on my cell phone 334 233 6533

Thank You
 19th of Jun, 2012 by   diane myers 0 Votes
they tried to charge 39.00 to a card of mine that wasn't even activated.called my bank they froze the card. call ur bank and have them block this buisness.
 22nd of Aug, 2012 by   J. A. Rayl 0 Votes
Someone needs to put this operation OUT OF BUSINESS!! I just spent 45 minute on the phone with their automated "person" and still did not get my unsolicited order credited to my account. I couldn't even cancel it because the system could not intake either my digital responses nor my voice responses. I know better than to fill out surveys online and other "deals" but apparently I did this and ended up with two magazine subscriptions, neither of which I wanted. In fact, they sent me "Parents" magazine and I don't even have any kids. The bill all of a sudden showed up on my credit statement - $52.00!! I'm not just appalled but am furious over the time spent trying to rectify this ERROR! Any suggestions?!?
 10th of Sep, 2012 by   Jim616 0 Votes
Someone needs to put theses jerks out of business. They called me and said they where going to sign me up for another 5 years when I said I did not want it. I never ordered these to begin with. They said they where going to charge me $69.00 a month for a magazine. I called my credit card company and they are running a fraud investigation om these jerks. I would like to know how these idiots sleep at night. Hey jerks get a real JOB.
 2nd of Nov, 2013 by   P Wooten 0 Votes
First I got a call saying they could lower my magazine payments to $19 amonth. I did not remember having any subscription, but like an idiot I gave them my credit card number, and even changed the magazines I would be getting from what they said the subscription was for. Well, the magazines never came, no charge was made to my account, and I never got a bill. Then I got a call from a rep of these people. He said I wasn't getting the magazines because I had not paid my bill of $687.70, and demanded payment of the entire thing right there on the spot--or else! I freaked, which of course he expected, because he obviously does this all day for a living. He intimidated me with all sorts of threats until I wound up authorizing $160 just to get out of it. Once I was off the line reflected a bit and saw this for what it was--a way to get a bunch of money in just ten minutes by using threats and intimidation. I really want to take them to court, but the court would want some written documentation, which obviously I do not have.
 2nd of Nov, 2013 by   BarbaraS7 0 Votes
I have been ripped off by these magazine companies for more than 400.00 dollars and each time I call they say they are going to replace my money but never do. Now I am going to have to fight with the bank because they say it is past their time limit. Try to do things right and these companies just keep on working the system. Sure wish the government cared as much for their citizens as they do about bad business practices. Getting to the point I am going have to start more involved in how to stop what is going on in the government. I now keep a notebook about every call I make to companies and get names, badge #'s, employee #'s, and write down the time and date to make a paper trail. Maybe that will be enough in court.
 25th of Feb, 2014 by   basket260 0 Votes
I have a charge of $23.70 on my credit card and cannot figure out what it was for, do not recognize the merchant name, and don't believe I subscribed to any services. Now I am trying to figure out how to cancel something I didn't subscribe to with a company I don't recognize. This is really a scam if one cannot figure out who the company and merchandise are.
 15th of Jul, 2014 by   virginia ardon 0 Votes
my name is virginia .ardon, I signed up with a credit score company for a free credit report, I canceled my subscription and was given a cancelation number. However this company "subscription merchants keeps on debiting $29.95 out of my account every two weeks, my bank has been able to get my money back except for this last two charges of $29.95, my bank stated is best if I just cancel this debit card and get a new one issue. This is the only way to stop the continuing unathorized charges. God Bless You. Hope this is able to help anyone out there.
 21st of Jul, 2014 by   Maninv 0 Votes
Good day,

I have an amount being charged to my credit card every month and I have no idea what it is. I have been trying to get hold of the culprits who obviously slipped this in with something I purchased but to no avail...how do i find out what I am being debited for and how to stop this?

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