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American Income Life - Www. Workatail.com, San Diego, California Complaints & Reviews - Misleading Job Opportunity

American Income Life Contacts & Informations

American Income Life - Www. Workatail.com

Posted:    San Diego Job Searcher

Misleading Job Opportunity

Complaint Rating:  92 % with 92 votes
Contact information:
American Income Life
5677 Oberlin Drive, Suite 210
San Diego, California
United States
Phone: 858-450-9919

Your comments and feedback on American Income Life or "AIL" saved me from waisting my time. I too received an unsolicited phone call from a (Leah) scheduling interviews for management positions in San Diego. When I asked about the Job description I was given the web site with no specific details. Asked who I would be interviewing with...given the ..."one of our management team", also instructed to i.e., "dress professional, bring resumes" ...park on the street, not in our employee lot and yes "Be ONTIME".

When I asked where did you get my resume - I was given the "career builder" response. I only had my resume up public for two days and took it off after getting sooooooooooooooo much garbage i.e. job opportunities. Evidently they must have pulled it prior to me removing my resume.

In summary, if your in a position to upfront financially invest in your sales or management job training with no clear defined salary, expense reimbursement, or position...go for it. My suggestion, take that money and register for college/university classes that will really pay you back down the road. Professional companies "pay for their employees training" directly or through tuition reimbursement.

Shame on the company for pulling people in for a cattle call interviews, expecting to only scam a percentage. Don 't be their next "sucker", hold onto your money and use it to maximize your job search!
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 15th of Mar, 2009 by   EjSr 0 Votes
I'm so glad that I started research on this company, the same is for me, this person Leah called me and scheduled me for an interview. Everything that was said before on the complaints page is true and altogether exact. Shame on this company. I need a job, but I will not pay for it. I'd rather use the funds for a real license. I'm calling to cancel my interview. Thanks and may God Bless you all.
 25th of Aug, 2009 by   lm123 0 Votes
Received a call today from Debbie in Orlando office saying I had applied for a position with them and she was calling to schedule an interview. All she would give me was the website to check out. (www.workatail.com) I never applied to them. They simply got my resume off Careerbuilder after I had updated it two days earlier.

Many scams and commission only job out there. Beware.
 13th of Nov, 2009 by   Scam or talk 0 Votes

What is not legit about a fortune 400 platnium company with an A+ superior rating with AM best (the best rating to achieve) and a company that was just listed as the top 37th company to work for in america by yahoo hotjobs 2009 . The only company on that list that provides supplemental benefits to the working class man. The company doesn't advertise because they made an agreement with the union board to not advertise to help keep the cost down. SO do some real research based on facts rather than opinons and reading peoples slander!
 7th of Dec, 2009 by   liltuckermd11 0 Votes
Sounds fishy to me, I got an email from the 'president' of this company. The president of a legitimate company would have better things to do than write letters to random people. I pretty much find these online career sites so full of junk and fake ads as to be nearly worthless. I am not sure what the criteria for hotjobs top 100 companies is (it isn't clear on their website) but it may be a list companies pay to be listed on. Throw in a few reputable firms and it looks legit. I wouldn't bother. Any company that wants money up front or wants to push training expenses off on employees is NOT a top employer.
 15th of Dec, 2009 by   Draclvr 0 Votes
It's a scam, pure and simple. They simply data-mine from online career sites. When my degree and training is in medicine and they send me a solicitation for a sales job, they've obviously not actually "read my resume and found me a good fit for their company." Steer clear of this scam.
 25th of Jan, 2010 by   tylerrr 0 Votes
I was contacted today by a woman working for American Income Life. It is pretty obvious that if you search a business on Google and every result that is displayed reads "Scam", then it is a scam company. I have done a little research on the company, and sure enough, it is one of those companies that makes more money off of the employees than it does actually selling anything. You have to pay for hundreds of dollars worth of training, etc. No real job requires you to do such a ridiculous thing.

And about the mailer from the president of the company, heh, yeah I got a few of those too. Just a blind mass mailer sent out to anyone that has a resume posted, you could have a blank resume on Monster.com and they would tell you that you are a "perfect fit" for the company. I can't believe that businesses like this are legal.

Oh yeah, this goes out to all of the people that go on about the Better Business Bureau rating. Does anyone even know what the BBB is? It is a corporation, not a government service. In order to receive "accreditation" from the BBB, a business must become a due paying "member", which also allows the due paying business to receive the highest rating, "A+". By the way, Enron had the highest possible rating.
 4th of Feb, 2010 by   bobbo65 0 Votes
A couple of weeks ago, I began my job search. I've been seeking out sites to hopefully better my odds and shorten the process, and have lost track of how many times I have posted my resume. about the second day in, I received a phone call from some one at AIL telling me that after reviewing my resume they were convinced that I would be perfect for AIL. This company is in the business of selling insurance, right? I have to agree with Tylerrr on the question of how closely they looked at my resume, because my resume details my 20 years of experience as a truck driver. does that make me the perfect person to sell insurance? I'll let you decide that one for yourself.
meanwhile, does any one have any real job leads for a truck driver looking for local work in southern New Hampshire?
 18th of Mar, 2010 by   Laura Halcon 0 Votes
Just got a call from Jamie from A.I.L. (714-650-0693). She stated she was calling me back after my inquiry. I have never inquired on this company or requested any information from them. BE CAREFUL WITH CAREER BUILDERS. They are famous for scam letters and other tricks. There is also no way to complaint about problems
 20th of Sep, 2010 by   radii 0 Votes
I have been contacted, as well, by an introductory email, then a peremptory followup that sought to upbraid me for not contacting them. The links are highly suspicious, with the description being 'workatail' but the URL pointing to:
 24th of Mar, 2011 by   kathleennnnn 0 Votes
Well...I'm scared now! I really did just make a phone call and spoke to Jamie, made an appt for tomorrow. This was all before I had even read about the company. I'm 45 year old female worked for 1 company for 24 years. I started out answering phones and moved up in the company to where I would sign checks. My old company didn't want to let me go and they are like family to me. I just want to work!!! Please don't mind the spelling...I didn't proof read before I sent this.
 30th of Mar, 2011 by   Songbird7 0 Votes
I, too was contacted. Bottom line - why would I want to work for someone who can't tell the truth, right out of the gate??? There are people looking for jobs whose lives are falling apart due to recession and lack of finances, and can barely afford necessities, who are literally spending their grocery money to put gas in the car to attend interviews, and this company is holding "mass interviews" for no specific job or a job you later find out is many hours away. To boot, one must pay for their own training (which is hidden until after gas money and half a day is spent to attend a group interview an hour away).
No thanks! I"D RATHER WORK FOR SOMEONE HONEST AND UPFRONT. Maybe I'd be willing to pay for my training with someone who is honest with me. But you other folks who wrote in are right... a professional company invests in their people, and I would like to add: treats they're employees like respected INDIVIDUALS, not a herd of cattle, or a like they are just a number.
 22nd of Jul, 2011 by   Ms. Wendy B 0 Votes
WOW. My phone has been continuing to ring. If I dont recognize a number I always google it because I too have been getting A LOT of calls about this sort of thing because of posting my resume on careerbuilder. NEVER AGAIN BTW!!
I found this story and thats enough for me to put this number down as a rejected number.
 6th of Jan, 2012 by   Joe Ramos 0 Votes
They just called me. And after doing some homework. I found out that they had their BBB accreditation revoked:

I don't think I want to work for them, not after they lost their BBB accreditation.
 9th of May, 2012 by   Lydia Ertle 0 Votes
Wow, you all have missed an opportunity of a lifetime. I started with this company six months ago and love it. I've made more money than I've ever made before and have such freedom. I suppose it's because I'm not afraid of working but even that isn't an excuse for you all. A major loss for you!!! Loving my job, Lydia

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