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Ahmedabad Muncipal Corporation AMC Complaints & Reviews - Stray Dog Control

Ahmedabad Muncipal Corporation AMC Contacts & Informations

Ahmedabad Muncipal Corporation AMC

Posted:    mahendras

Stray Dog Control

Complaint Rating:  86 % with 21 votes
Contact information:
Phone: 1111
I am resident of Sardarnagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
We have serious problem of Stray Dogs in our streets.
Ahmedabad Muncipal Corporation AMC in ahmedabad gujarat india is not looking after our complaints.
The dogs are breeding in 400% capacity every week.
They are creating chaos and spreading their dirty lit around.
Please help

Email : mahendra.sharma@yahoo.com
Comments India Arts & Humanities
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 29th of Jun, 2010 by   DHAVAL BAROT 0 Votes
AMC Ahmedabad Muncipal Corporation

I had same problem.

5 dogs has bitten one school boy very badly. even though I have complained a lot to AMC, on Solanki 25352911 - 32984152 -369 amc muncipal 25359650 supritend. 9327038849 chaudhri but they came for dog capture but they want bakshis for their attendent. I have paid 50 Rs. but they captured a baby dog which was appered again after a 2 days in same street.

I think they have to close their department. what happen if that schoold boy is son of Mr. Chaudry who is suppritendant of department.

Thannks & Regards

 18th of Sep, 2010 by   ramjibhai 0 Votes
Dear AMC Team,

This is to inform you that we people living at Vstral location and this location is under AMC, We are observe that from last 3month no one swapper team come over there from remove and take care of swap, We are paying to AMC for take care of swap as tax for yearly.

Now this year our CM Mr.Narendra Modi announce for swarnim Gujarat and to collect swap Door to Door from every society and Home to make a such name as Swarnim.Please insure me how its possible without your team is not collect Swap from last three month, Due to this we people is suffering with different type of decease and fever from past few weeks.

When i talk to AMC control room for the same but he says this area is not in under AMC.

Address :
Vrajbhumi Society, Nani Canal Road,
Nr. Vinayak Park, Vstral, Ahmedabad.

Santosh Singh
Chairman of Vrajbhumi Society and Co-operative Housing board,
 9th of Mar, 2011 by   shruti apartment 0 Votes
hi, we have a lot of problems with the dogs in my building. Every now and then they are making our place dirty, as well they bark at every one coming around. it seems to be very risky staying near 5 dogs. please get in touch with us to help in this matter. the contact number is 26301342.
 29th of Mar, 2011 by   ANIL JOSHI 0 Votes
 23rd of Apr, 2012 by   Ansari Aslam 0 Votes
I want to draw your attention towards the problems of the people of our area . I am resident of Rahim Seth Chawl, Millatnagar, Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India . We are suffering from a lot of problems due to the Nuru bhai who are rearing 2-3 horses for business purpose in the chawl of his. The whole area is stinking badly due to pollution created by them. In todays time when dengue, malaria, swine flu etc are out breaking in our Area. We are approaching you very hopefully we are requesting you to stop rearing of horses in residential area so that people can live in pollution free and disease free area . seeking for the immidiate action against rearing such animals in residential area .
Please help
 17th of May, 2012 by   prakash.. 0 Votes
Dear sir,

I am resident of Angan Appartment, Champaner sociecty, Usmanpura, Ahemedabad.

We normally used to complain regarding dog control issues to your complaint reg. phone 25352911, which normally remains busy.

We had in society about 20 nos. of dogs wondering here and there, making place dirty, barking to the person surrounding; which is being added to the tunes of 400 % every season. We have registered many complaints to capture the dogs, your team comes to capture the dog and wail till some dog lovers get gathered and create a show, which at the end of day reduce their work and liability. Sometimes taking bribe from dog lovers not to capture the dog. Such dog lovers again don't want dogs in their compounds.

I kindly request you to look into for the location mentioned above, I have very bad experience of dog biting to my family members three times. recently my one of the family member has suffered with the same problem, right now he is taking treatment of the same. This can only be understood by the person who has passed through such horrible situation.

I hope you will understand the whole issue and make necessary arrangement to capture the dog at the earliest. I understand I have made complaint to the appropriate authority who definitely will resolve the issue at the earliest.


Prakash Prajapati
 5th of Oct, 2012 by   Vilas Kulkarni 0 Votes
Dear Sir,
There r 12 to 15 dirty dogs in Laldarwaja bhadra area, i have compaining regarding that. but no body can taking action.
We are requested u to take the action and capture the dogs as earliest. After capture the dogs dont' make them free. They came back to same area.
I think u understand the our problems.
Vilas Kulkarni
 3rd of May, 2013 by   J H Gohil 0 Votes
I am resident of Jay Kalindi Apartment, Jaymala Char Rasta, Isanpur Road Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
We have serious problem of Stray Dogs in our streets. One one side dogs from Rachana Society and other side dogs from our Apartment creating chaos and spreading their dirty lit around. They are fighting very badly and creates a dangerous situation on the road. Even we could not sleep in night due to severe sound of barking and fighting. Many Many a times they are running behind bikers and bikers fall-down.
Please make us free from this horrible strayed dogs. My contact number is as follows:
Phone : +91-7600021809 Email : jhgohil@zyduscadila.com
 15th of Jul, 2013 by   Satish M 0 Votes
We are Managing Committee of Shakti Square Building Vastrapur. We have been complaining to AMC on 25352911 and 32984152. Complaint Number given to us is 280. There are 6 stray dogs loitering and dirtying the place. There is a hospital in our premises where patients come for medical treatment and classes for small children. It is more than 10 days that we have complained and more than 20 phone calls. They ask us to call up for reminder @7.30 am. That time they tell us "Dogs will be picked in afternoon". In afternoon when we call, they say "We are just coming". Finally in evening they say that "We will pick up tomorrow". This has been happening since last 10 days. The person picking up the phone refuses to give his name. Last week the stray dog bit a lady too. If something untoward happens, then AMC will be solely responsible for the consequences as we have been continuously informing them but NO ACTION is being taken by AMC to remove these stray dogs. Is there somebody responsible to look after this department??? If yes, please remove the dogs from here.
 20th of Sep, 2013 by   brijeshranpura 0 Votes
My name is Brijesh Ranpura, my address is " i/2, vikram appartment, nr.shreyas corssing, mankebaug hall road, ambawadi, a'bad.and my mobile number is 9227877123.I am trying several time to your dog control helpline number -25352911 but its comes every time busy.
please note my complain and catch one dog near my house.it is stay all time near my house and it is barking at night very much and also doing lots of sheet near my house so please catch as early as possible.

Thanks & Regards,

Brijesh Ranpura.
 15th of Nov, 2013 by   archana kurde 0 Votes
Dear Sir,
I am a resident of Premavati flats D'Cabin Sabarmati Ahmedabad. In our area large number of stray dogs are wandering. They litter every where and tear the garbage bags and everything and throw it everywhere, barking all the night. Please note my complaint and get us rid of this problem.

 11th of Mar, 2014 by   Shraddha shah 0 Votes

I am working as a lecturer and staying at Naheru Nagar, Sagar Apt, SM Compound, Ahmedabad. We have serious problems of street dogs. Sometimes they even dont let us sleep for nights. Our neighbour has pet street dogs which makes horrible nocises. Please help us.

Thank you.
 11th of Apr, 2014 by   HIREN SONI 0 Votes
Dear Sir/Madam,
I stays in 1815, Desai ni Pole, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
We have a dog lying right in front of
our gate all day and it creates lots
of day to day problems. Its hard to
get in or out of the pole and he
was running towards all the
motorcycle some people have fall
from there bike. he bite more than 27 people. primer schooi is aiso in our pole . its also hard for school little guys to come and leave school.
Kindly send dog catcher to our pole
as soon as possible.
Hiren Soni
 24th of May, 2014 by   bhavin megha 0 Votes
Respected Sir/Madam,
This is my hummble request to you, Kindly send dog catcher to our pole
as soon as possible. Because The dogs where lying ri8 in front of our gate all the day &
they creates lots of noise hole the day. Its hard to get in or out of the pole and he
was running towards all the motorcycle. They litter every where. So pls pls come & catch them...
Address:- 10, Bhadra Park Society, Near Bajkhedavad Society, Maninagar(East), Ahmedabad.
Bhavin Megha.
Mob:- 9974816993.
 18th of Jun, 2014 by   vivek joshi ghatlodiya 0 Votes
Dear sir/madam,
We are residents of ghatlodiya (area of hon.chief minister Mrs. Anandiben patel.) We are fed up of stray dogs here and dogs are getting violent day by day. Its humble request to take immediate action on it.
Best regards,
Vivek joshi
 23rd of Jul, 2014 by   vyas rohit 0 Votes
plz relive all dog in Ragbag society .yesterday you catcher street dog Rajbug socoiety, ghodasar ...humbel request to you .. some stupied person complain you .
 26th of Jul, 2014 by   Darshana soni 0 Votes
We have 8 very dirty dogs in our sanchay society opp bhavya park, near govt tube well, bopal
 26th of Jul, 2014 by   Milanman 0 Votes
No ... you have 7 !!! Heard you wacked the female bitch ... Deb Deb
 26th of Jul, 2014 by   Milanman 0 Votes
On a good note @ least the dirty dog Deb Deb dropped ... could have been 9
 26th of Jul, 2014 by   Milanman 0 Votes
She was a smelly beast ! Can still remember when you got her fixed in 78

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