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Achieve Card, Texas Complaints & Reviews - fraud

Achieve Card Contacts & Informations

Achieve Card

Posted:    Stayawayfromachievecardscam


Complaint Rating:  91 % with 11 votes
Contact information:
achieve card
United States
This prepaid card is a fraud from top to bottom. Stay away. First I see Ryan Thomas replied on here, he works for Achieve Card. What a joke he is .

He claims they have set up a special number for complaints, right to the president's desk. They will call you back. NO they do not. They ignore their customers.

I had their card for 6 months, twice I had unauthorized charges, charged to my account. Since this is a prepaid card, by law it has to stay who is w/d the money and supply a phone no.

There card does not do that. Twice in six months money was taken out of my account under the term debit withdrawl. So a ghost took the money out? I called and they claimed they had no idea who with drew the money.

That is not possible, because who ever took it out has a routing no, they could trace them by.

Take a look at http://www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/credit-cards-and-plans/achieve-card-in-austin-tx-90043892#complaint, MANY, MANY COMPLAINTS TO THE BBB.

I never got my money back, , honestly in my opinion they are thieves. Also check out of the BBB website how many other companies this clown owns. He preys on the poor thinking what will they do?

Well my lawyer knows what to do and has contacted the attorney general and the BBB.
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 15th of Jan, 2010 by   bcareful 0 Votes
When I called to activate this card they wanted my date pf birth and my social security number in full. I called to speak to an operator to inquire why they ask for a full ss# online and on the phone and could not reach anyone.

Be careful with this.
 26th of Jan, 2010 by   RyanATX 0 Votes
All legitimate financial institutions are required by federal law to verify the identity of their customers. Achieve is just following the rules by collecting and verifying this info.
 30th of Jul, 2011 by   Bridgitte 0 Votes
The AchieveCard has a monthly fee of $9.95 That is most likely what is happening. Perhaps if you read all the information before activating you wouldn't have had this problem.
 12th of Feb, 2014 by   sooo upset 0 Votes
I have over 1000 dollars on my card for some reason they have put a hold on it!! Can not tell me why or let me talk to the person who put it on hold asked me to send them by fax a copy of my I'd ss# mail with address and w2 form i did it still has been 2 days no one can still tell me what's going on and that's after a 227 min hold time... I have contacted a frud unit !!! And the IRS they are going to look in to it I just want MY money !!! I think it is shit that I pay for them to hold my money and can't get it !!!
 11th of Aug, 2014 by   winston childers 0 Votes
I've actually been a real customer for the past year and a half and let me be the one to give you the heads up: This is hands-down the WORST prepaid card service that you can ever find. i'll explain why in exact detail right now. if you don't believe me and plan on going for AChievecard, I feel sorry for you for wasting your time and raising stress levels for the experiences you are about to encounter. I am about to terminate my account next week.

Let's start.

1.) There is a $10 maintenance fee.
2.) There is a $1 fee every single time you put in your pin number.
3.) The customer service line is terrible because
a) You need to wait at least an hour before you speak to anyone about ANY simple question.
b) When you ask to speak to a supervisor, she is just as helpful as the rookie customer service rep you just spoke with
4.) They are CHEAP and stingy
a) The "auctions" that they offer are products that you can find for $5 at Marshall's OR at the Dollar Tree. Don't let that be the incentive for why you open an account there. It's NOTHING special WHAT-SO-EVER. $4 headphones, Old clearance Barbies, like what kind of business is this, seriously?
b) The customer service line is so long because they are too cheap to invest in hiring more employees
c) When my direct deposit got sent back to my employer, and I was unable to contact them for 4 days due to the ONE HOUR+ Wait time, all they did was offer me a ONE MONTH COURTESY of no maintenance fee. I probably wouldn't even be happy with 6 months free if they offered it to me with all the hassles I went through. $10 definitely DOES NOT cover it.
d) Did I mention there is a $10 maintenance fee PLUS $1 every time you use your card as a debit? And a $2.50 fee charge by them PLUS what the ATM charges for withdrawals? Rediculous.
5) There is a 20 load limit per 30 consecutive days. This includes both direct deposits and green dot loads. So dumb. SO SO DUMB.
This was why my direct deposit got sent back to my employer and I was left without money for a few days. They took 3 days JUST TO send it back to my employer, and I had to wait an additional 24 hours AFTER the employer decided to send it back to me to arrive in my Achievecard account

SUFFER!!! Calling the BBB tired of getting ripped OFF!!!
 11th of Aug, 2014 by   winston childers 0 Votes
Well my lawyer knows what to do and has contacted the attorney general and the BBB.

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