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11950 SW GARDEN PLACE, Oregon Complaints & Reviews - ripped off my debit card

11950 SW GARDEN PLACE Contacts & Informations


Posted:    osker1

ripped off my debit card

Complaint Rating:  89 % with 38 votes
Contact information:
United States
can somebody help these people got me for $25.
Comments United States Mobile & Cell Phones
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 1st of Dec, 2008 by   Erica -1 Votes
Go through your bank account and nail their ass!!
 2nd of Dec, 2008 by   dan +1 Votes
i was upset when i saw this address on my bank statement but realized it is for my t mobile minutes for my cell phone
 2nd of Feb, 2009 by   Mwolf +1 Votes
Boost Mobile uses them too
 25th of Mar, 2009 by   rob2126 +1 Votes
Did you call the number on your bank statement? We did and it turned out to be the address of the processing center for Boost Mobile Prepaid phones.
 25th of Mar, 2009 by   rob2126 +1 Votes
Did you call the phone number on your bank statement? We did and it was the processing center for Boost Mobile Prepaid Phones.
 23rd of Apr, 2009 by   MARTHA -1 Votes
 28th of Apr, 2009 by   mrs.mose -1 Votes
 2nd of Aug, 2009 by   JLHB -1 Votes
If you have a calling card, like I do from Wal-Mart, and you refill it on the phone, this is the address that will show up on your bank statement if you use your debit card to pay for the minutes. I am in Southwest Asia and I use a calling card from Wal-Mart to call back to the states. When I refill the minutes on my card and use my debit card to pay for it, this is the information listed on my bank statement.
 28th of Aug, 2009 by   Eliseo +1 Votes
mrs.mose If you wouldn't have been such a jackass when you called in about the charges the representative talking to you would have been able to help you understand that FEDERAL PRIVACY LAWS prevent them from giving out that information because they don't want people taking justice into their own hands. I work for Vesta and we GLADLY do everything we can legally do to help out people who have had their debit/credit card or in some cases IDENTITY stolen from them. If you file a police report, law enforcement can EASILY subpoena Vesta's records and get all the information and nail the person who stole money from you.

Vesta processes millions of orders every month, and with all the security they use to protect people's security a very small percentage of orders do end up being fraudulent. Unfortunately a small percentage of MILLIONS of orders ends up being a pretty BIG number. What's ironic is that the people posting here on this website who have had unauthorized transactions on their credit cards are just as angry as the customers who get held up for EXTRA security verification with Vesta where sometimes they call the bank to verify a customer's identity or have to send in a fax for identity verification.

Unfortunately when you google Vesta's address you get the first results as rip-off because so many people who see unauthorized charges on their statement automatically assume that the business is ripping off people. If you only knew how much money Vesta spent every DAY on having to deal with card security and disputed transactions you would understand that it HURTS Vesta more than anyone else. Not only does Vesta loose money because someone stole it from them. Vesta has to pay the bank back and spend money on facilities and employees to deal with these issues. THE LAST thing Vesta wants is a transaction to go through that isn't authorized by the card holder.

If someone gets a hold of your card # and billing address and security code on the back of the card (every order over $25 always requests the last 3 digits on the back of the card, as well as some orders for $15) and all the info matches, Vesta sends it to the bank for approval, if the bank approves it and all the info matches in many cases but not always Vesta will approve it. SOMEONE else is responsible for stealing YOUR card information and USING it with Vesta WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.

Vesta will do their best to assist with resolving disputed transactions.

My advice is the following, if you see any unauthorized transactions from VESTA or from any company for that matter, CALL your bank, cancel your card and DISPUTE the transaction. Most banks won't put up a fight if you ask to dispute a transaction, and you usually get refunded pretty fast. Then the bank sends a chargeback to Vesta or the company in question and the company ends up taking the hit and the card holder gets their money back. It's very hard in most cases for Vesta to get the money back from a fraudulent customer.

My last piece of advice is if you try to call VESTA, be PROFESSIONAL, don't start the call off screaming at the representative who's being paid to help you. Think of how you'd want to help out someone if they came running into your work or calling you on the phone at your work and immediately started acting like a jackass and being rude. Let them know in a professional way what happened and that you want to find out more information about the charge. THEY WILL give you EVERYTHING they are legally able to give out (first name), part of the billing address, and the AREA CODE and last 4 of the cell phone #. They do this to HELP you recognize the charges or to recognize who might have used your information. If that still doesn't ring any bells for you, chances are it was someone who you DON'T know who stole your card # from the internet or at a store somewhere. If you're only concern is to get your money back file a DISPUTE either with the bank or with Vesta directly and you'll get your money BACK. If you want to go after whoever stole your information, go to the police and file a report so they can SUBPOENA Vesta's records and find the persons cell phone #. 9 times out of 10 the fraudulent customer provides Vesta with the name on the card and correct address so that doesn't end up helping much anyway in most cases.

Lastly, keep your card information safe and away from other people who might get their hands on it and copy down the. More so than not, unauthorized charges happen from someone you know who has seen your card at one time or another and copied the card information down. Since all orders must have a billing address provided that MUST match the bank's files before it's processed, in MOST cases if a person knows all your card info and the billing address for that card, it's someone you know.

I hope this info helps if you stumble across this page because you're investigating a charge you see on your bank statement.
 24th of Sep, 2009 by   Vesta eCustomer Support 0 Votes
Vesta processes millions of prepaid recharge payments each month on behalf of telecom companies and their customers. We continually monitor orders for unauthorized or fraudulent use of payment devices, and actively work with customers to resolve any issues or disputes promptly and fairly. This is evidenced by our “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau.

If you have questions regarding a charge from Vesta on your credit card bill or bank statement, email ecustomersupport@trustvesta.com or call toll free 888-440-9956. A representative will be glad to assist you.
 1st of Oct, 2009 by   ColombianWifey 0 Votes
they got me too for $43.50 and i haven't paid anything from boost. Anyone know where else they could have gotten it?
 6th of Oct, 2009 by   VivaZ 0 Votes
I have tried to contact Vesta several times for fraudulent charges relating to my AT&T GoPhone. First time I called I was on hold 25 minutes before they asked me to leave a mssg to have a rep call me back. They finally called back 4 DAYS LATER, then told me they could not reverse charges since it had been more than one week since I ordered the phone. Have made several calls, each time I am routed to a representative in an Asian country who can barely speak english and just reads prompts from a screen, completely ignoring my questions. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, they put me on hold for up to 36 minutes before I hung up, frustrated. When I called again they told me there was no supervisor available, please hold for a "specialist". When the "specialist" is finally available they ask me to hold for a supervisor. After several phone calls and over 2 hours on hold, I finally contacted my credit card company and disputed both charges.
 14th of Dec, 2009 by   Young Z 0 Votes
I lost my card 2 days ago but i called my bank to cancel the card but vesta still is taken money this is bullshit icant believe this shit vesta i don't even have a gotdamn tmobile phone and i got these bullshit shit ass charges on my bank account you guys have hit me up for 83.92 in two days this is unacceptable what has this world come to i mean damn i know it a Recession but gotdamn is this what the government is doing stealing from Americans like my self this is bullshit i will dispute fight it take it to court whatever i will get my money back because this is unacceptable man im pissed off some why some how i will get reimbursed for these false charge here me VESTA!!!
 3rd of Jan, 2010 by   NetStoreOwner 0 Votes
Okay... Now I know it is upsetting when you get a charge and don't expect it. BUT. I have had Boost now for a year and I paid with my debit card for 7 months and NEVER had an unauthorized charge. I finally signed up for AUTO-PAY and they automatically take it out of my debit card every month now. I think that most of these complaints are directly related to people signing up for the auto-pay and either not remembering OR just not reading what they are clicking OK for.

They did make a mistake on my husband's account last month and double charged him, he called and they credited him back immediately and with zero hassle... so I think more people should really pay more attention to how they are paying and what they are clicking in check outs online. As an online merchant myself, I know that these systems do not just charge willy nilly without the card holder agreeing in some way (it is illegal and company's like Sprint who owns Boost don't conduct themselves in that manner). IF you are paying at one of these Boost retailers or store.. BEWARE! Most of these stores are not actually owned by Boost. I would suggest only paying Boost directly or purchasing the cards from well know established stores and paying that way on the Boost site or by phone.
 5th of Jan, 2010 by   Izzypeet 0 Votes
I googled 11950 SW Garden Place and one of the websites I clicked on gave me the best information.

"Vesta Corporation provides electronic payment solutions. The company enables secure payments for goods and services through various channels, including the Internet, the phone, retail point of sale, and mobile commerce applications; and consumers and businesses to make electronic payments for taxes, utilities, DMV registrations, and licenses. It also offers prepaid payment and fraud management solutions for prepaid mobile and stored value accounts; and various retail payment solutions. The company serves telecommunications, technology, and financial markets. Vesta Corporation was formerly known as Carrier Service, Inc. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon."

It turns out that my hubby renewed my car tags and that is where the charge came from.
 30th of May, 2010 by   Josephine p 0 Votes
This is the address for boost mobile. I just paid my bill and this is the address that is shown on my bank statement. You can go to boost mobile on line and get all the contact information there.
 8th of Jun, 2010 by   givemymoneyback 0 Votes
i got charged 53.00 3x just buying a boost prepaid card..im looking at the time of all these posts and it seems like this has been going on for a very long time. How can this still be going on?
 3rd of Aug, 2010 by   Jesamine 0 Votes
i payed 54 dollars for my boost mobile phone and now my phone is turned off does anyone know what i should do?
 20th of Feb, 2011 by   isaiasrivera 0 Votes
lol.. i almost did the same thing the only reason it hasnt went through its because u failed to verify that its u that purchased the mins... or payments.. or were eset up for auto reboost ect.. and accounaticlly withdrad money from ur debit or credit card. if u dnt respond them under 4 hours the money is automatically re embursed in ur card under 24 o 72 hours... i did my research b4 i assumed... so im gettin my money bak... b wise and dnt use ur debit or credit to pay ur bill... use the boost cards.. but if u want to.. go ahead auto re boost!
 7th of Mar, 2011 by   PISSED @ BOOST MOBILE/VESTA +1 Votes
I been on the fkn phone for 2 hours now! It took that long for them to tell me that boost doesn't accept the card I have so the payment is sent to Vesta or whatever the hell that company is called! Supposedly the money is going to be refunded into my acct in 3 days or less! All I know is it DAMN WELL BETTER BE THERE or the Boost Mobile has got something coming to their asses! smh! WOOOOO SAHHHHH!

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