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Casey's General Store Complaints & Reviews

Casey's General Store - Illinois, Quincy / Asst. Manager Jackie

Mstery1 on 2016-03-15
I don't know what her problem is but for some reason she decided she had a problem with me and how I was doing my job. She just kept up complaining about everything that I was doing and then when I do something wrong ( which we all do) she just kept up with comments about it. Even...

Casey's General Store - Kansas, Topeka / District manager and Store Manager NEEDS TO GO!

Reviewer54722 on 2016-03-01
I have been going to Casey from the day it open its doors, in the last few years the Management and the District Manager has been really NASTY to it customers. The District Manager will not speak to anyone employee and customer and Zack the Store Manager is VERY RUDE to his employees, I've...

Casey's General Store - Iowa, Madrid / Management

david gaumer on 2015-11-05
my son just finished employment for just over 30 days. he was fired in an id or not id bust. the only problem is his manager and assistant manager. my son is not familiar with corporate politics and crap, he just wanted to work and make money. when he signed his paperwork his manager put a...

Caseys General Store Employee / Dirty employee

Trouble123 on 2015-07-15
Caseys has an employee working and it is known fact he's got genital warts.many people have witnessed him going to the restroom never washing his hands and returning to work.ok so he's got a problem, his business right well it becomes mine when he's serving food to the...

Casey's General Store / inappropriate conversations by workers

lewing on 2015-05-12
was just in Casey's general store in Marquette Iowa and had the worst service that I've ever had there. I went in to get a pop and cigarettes put my pop on the counter and told the lady my brand of cigarettes and the 4 workers were so engrossed in the conversation that they were...

Casey's general store Haysville ks / Employees using drugs

Employee on drugs on 2015-05-06
I recently stopped into Casey's while visiting in Haysville kansas.The young man at the checkout seemed very on edge like he couldn't wait on me and my children to leave.After checking out I went out to my car and proceeded to help my youngest open his chips.I looked over and the...

Casey's General Store, George Iowa / Manager harrassing step son's mom's family

I am making the complaint on the manager of the store in George, Iowa named Jenna Honkomp. She is my son's step son and lives on a farm a half hour away and decided to come to work in George "so she can watch me" as what she told my son. Tonight on 5/1/15 I started receiving snap chat...

Casey's General Store / Managers

SMD13 on 2015-02-28
I am currently an employee at a Casey's General Store and have noticed multiple things wrong with the place. I have been sexually harassed by a fellow employee and my boss swept it under the rug, I turned in another fellow employee (who was doing deliveries that night) because they...

Casey's General Stores Inc / Moldy Pizza

bobdole777 on 2015-02-11
I worked at Caseys making pizzas in the kitchen. I have worked at a lot of food places and have seen some gross things, but that Caseys was the worst. When I started there it seemed like no one had cleaned behind anything in years. There was a serious ant problem and we had a few mice in...

Casey's - Kentucky, Owensboro / Managment Behavior

dianneatkinson on 2014-12-17
Where to start, I was lucky enough to have gotten a job at Casey's a few months ago or so I thought. Until you are hired on as an employee you don't realize just how corrupt it is. The Manager, Jessica Eubanks is very childish, rude, and unprofessional. She will discuss her...

Casey's General Store / Refuse to service me

Peter coudron on 2014-10-07
I went into the Casey's general store to buy some merchandise. Walked up to the counter to pay and the employee named Stephanie said she wasn't going to service me and walked out of the store to smoke a cigarette and started using her phone. I then waited about five minutes for...

Caseys / x employee

paw1950 on 2014-10-02
I am retired from whirlpool after working for 35 years. Want something to do a few days a week. I have also had two knees replacement. Well to make a long story short I could not do it. Well the ass, manger decide to bad mouth me in front of my husband and another employee . I think thi...

Casey's - Missouri, Carterville / Food quality

Cindy Wilson on 2013-10-26
There pizza has hardly anything on it, the last three time we have ordered it was awful, no meat ( we order meat l0vers) this time I ask the girl if she had sandwiches, she said they have pork fritter sandwiches, I ask what she would order, pizza or fritter sandwich, she said she would...

Casey's General Store - Indiana, Cayuga / High Gas prices,

Debbie Dunavan on 2013-10-07
Gas prices are running $3.47, 15 minutes down road it is $3.15, in Terre Haute $3.05, Covington $3.15. When you ask why so high the answer is they must run same price as Marathon station, that when they were built they had to sign a contract with marathon that they would run same price...

Caseys General Store - Missouri, Joplin / manager

great customer on 2013-03-14
manager is speed freak, she talks so fast and comes off rude. She barks off orders to staff and sits in office all day. Her kitchen staff hates when she is there cause she is wishy washy, and hangs out in the office w/door open to watch them. She gets bent out of shape at the least little...

Casey's General Store - Missouri, Owensville / Unhappy employee

Toria13 on 2012-12-01
I have been working for Casey's for almost six months now. Coming into the job I knew that the manager was new and only started two months before me, but when I was NOT trained and told to read the handbook and then a week later told that the handbook was wrong, after that it was like...

Caseys Pizza - South Dakota, Huron / no breaks

cathy kirscher on 2012-09-09
Well my hours are somtimes from 2:30am to 1pm or noon to close or they just end up being 11 to 13 hours shifts and it gets me I didnt ask for that shift but they gave it to me. Then there are no breaks at all during that shift. they say its in the policy and they dont have to. i really...

Caseys General Store - Indiana, Marion / Gender Discrimination

casey's marion on 2012-08-26
I worked in Marion IN. I was hired when the store opened. I started as a pizza maker and then to cashier. I applied numerous times for a management position and finally i was told i would get an assistant position. The area manager told my boss to show me every thing but the books until he...

Caseys General Store - Illinois, Neoga / Poor Service

Martha G22 on 2012-08-09
My husband and I are regulars in caseys. We know most everyone who Goes there and works there, we were sad to hear that Pam had left Now we don't usually say anything but the employees that are in There now are just not what we are used to. They are not friendly And no customer...

Caseys General Stores / Cashier was rude and unprofessional

Silko on 2012-01-14
Walked in door both cashiers made a rude commit about me, started laughing at me . I was offended rolled my eyes at pat and she came back with a smart remark, that if I keep rolling my eyes there gonna go back into my head. I don't appreciate being treated in this manner, she needs to...

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