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Wyndham Vacation Resorts Complaints & Reviews

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Wyndham Vacation Resorts / False Advertising/Scam

L.Boyd on 2015-05-24
I received a call from Wyndham Vacation Resorts stating that I had won free airline tickets and to pick up these tickets I would have to attend one of their presentations that would take about 2 hours. I did not do my research before I went (which I truly regret now) and got caught up in their presentation. These people are extremely good sales people & they act like they are doing something really good "just for you". The sales pitch started with the sales person asking about my travel preferences, then she started her sales pitch about how great it is to buy a timeshare with Wyndham Vacation...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Deceptive marketing and breach of agreement

jlb2 on 2015-04-21
Wyndham Vacation Resorts sales pitch Attended a sales pitch and didn't buy...very reticent about providing incentive and still have not received Spend a Night on Us rebate...without boring you with details, have attempted to contact for resolution multiple times...resent docs after being informed of fictional list of missing documents, etc...multiple attempts...clearly trying to avoid issue and hoping we simply go away Additionally, the package appears to be designed in such a way as to discourage anyone from actually claiming the incentive. Not only are instructions vague and contradictory...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Charged $300 fee ten days after canceling initial contract 72 hours of signing.

A_Ruiz on 2014-05-28
On the contract it states, Purchaser may cancel in writing any contract for the purchase of a timeshare, without penalty or obligation. I canceled a contract within 72 hours of the 7 days in writing of the initial signing of the contract, via certified mail. I received confirmation of the cancelation. However, my credit card was still billed for $300 15 days after the signing of the contract. It has not been refunded.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Timeshare rip off

Sminsen on 2012-11-25
On 11 November 2012 a friend and I were at Wyndham Vacation Resorts, INC., located at 226 Dwyer Ave., San Antonio, TX, 782040000 to hear a sales presentation. During the course of the sales pitch I repeated asked several questions (i.e., how much is the down payment, what is the TOTAL cost to me, how much will my total monthly payments be, etc.). Since I already own a timeshare with Wyndham, they told me if I transferred to their location, it would only cost me $3000 more total over the course of the loan. This is blatantly WRONG. My original loan was for $12, 000 of which half was already...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Florida, Orlando / Deceitful Business practices

Choc_Chip on 2012-09-20
We have been Wyndham Owners for 13 years. We bought or upgraded 3X in that period. After the last one, we did some research into the company and found a whole host of lies, and people who have had the same experience. We have given Wyndham the opportunity to cancel the contract and terminate our membership, but they declined, so we went public. Our last purchase was at Ocean Ridge in Edisto Beach, SC. Love the location, the resort, the activities staff, but hate the Owner Services office. We pretty much have the same feelings about every Wyndham resort we have visited. The pressure to upgrade...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Florida, Orlanda / Online Banking and Statements

aeromedical67 on 2012-09-03
Wyndham Vacation Resorts has the most user unfriendly online mortgage payment system I have ever encountered. First of all, the only option you are given to pay your mortgage online is via auto bank withdrawal. You are not able to make any extra online payments through their website. Also, you have accessibility to your current balance or information that indicates how much of your mortgage is being applied to principle and/or interest. In order to obtain this information, you have to call Wyndham's business office M-F from 9 am to 5 pm EST. The only other option to email them for thi...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Tennessee / checked credit without permission

tntea12 on 2012-08-01
July 15 we arrived at Ocean Walk and Wyndham. I had made reservations the week before on the phone and was told we would have ocean/front condo. I was told a lady name Chris would check us in and meet us when we arrived with our room keys, bands, and parking permit. She did. When we got to our room, we found our balcony overlooking the Hilton’s swimming pool. I called Chris and she referred me to Vickie the lady I made reservations with. First she told me to up grade to another room would be an extra $300. When I told her I would pay it, she said it would be an extra $800. I wanted to...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Texas / I paid for a vacation package

I purchased a vacation package almost a year ago for 199.00. It was supposed to include 4 days/3 nights at a wyndham hotel. I found out in November I had breast cancer. I had surgery and just finished chemo and I received a call from them wanting to setup at time to book my vacation. At the time they knew I had 3 children and the reason I bought the package was so we could all go to San Antonio. Now they say I have to up grade to two rooms because all their rooms only allow 4 people. Some I ask how much is it to upgrade. I really don't want to have to stay in a separate room from my...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Time share

blane on 2011-10-11
DON'T LET WYNDHAM RUIN YOUR CREDIT RATING. I bought a "time share" and paid the total price in cash up front. Now, several years later, I am unable to sell the worthless thing. But worse, I called Wyndham to tell them I no longer wanted to participate in their "vacation club" and pay the ever increasing yearly dues and fees but they told me I COULDN'T GET OUT. They said I could simply stop paying the fees but they would turn me over to a COLLECTION AGENCY and this UNPAID DEBT would go on my CREDIT REPORT. What a scam! What a rip-off! This is the first time I've ever heard of a...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Misrepresentation, Scammers

latosh on 2011-08-12
I've been a owner at Wyndham since 2004 on our recent vacation to the Skyline Tower in Atlantic City my husband and I went to a Owners update that ended up being a scam and now we may be in a position to have to foreclose on the property. We were lied to by the sales person saying that are maintenance fees are going to increase by $200 dollars and in order for us to stabilize the fees we should join the Wyndham Access program. We thought that was the right choice at the time until we started receiving inflated bills over $300 more than i had to pay. I contacted the sells rep and she said...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Verbal Contract w/Paul Christen not honored

JAMROX on 2011-05-26
On 22 August 2010, we purchased 154, 000 Wyndham Points from Mr. Paul Christen at Wyndham Grand Desert. Based upon that initial meeting, we subsequently purchased another 146, 000 points (for a total of 300, 000 points) on 2 October 2010. We now have cause to believe Mr. Christen sold us Wyndham ownership based upon false pretense. He sold us Wyndham ownership as an investment and explained how we would make money by renting our points. During his sales presentation, Mr. Christen presented a copy of a Wyndham property invoice from Travelocity showing a room that had recently rented for $10, 000...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Wyndham is a bunch of heartless scumbags

Wyndham Sucks on 2011-03-05
Wyndham is a bunch of scum bags. They promised me and my husband so much said I could book whenever I wanted to and that it was the most sound investment in this market. We bought 154, 00o points. The next day buyers remorse set in . So I got to investigating. I saw the same timeshare for sale on eBay for $13.00. Are you kidding me ! I have also seen on this website and many other people trying to get out of their timeshare and Wyndham just sticks them with it. We returned it the next day we were still at the resort. You should have seen the sale mans face when I brought all the print outs of...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Nevada, Las Vegas / Fraud/scam/misrepresentation

On July 9, 2010, while vacationing in Las Vegas we were stopped by a person in Imperial Palace Casino and asked if we wanted to go to a free show. He asked if we were married and made over $75, 000 a year. If so, all we would need to do was sit through a 90 minute presentation were they would provide a lunch. After the presentation we would receive tickets for a free show and $75 dollars in food vouchers. We stated that we were not interested in a timeshare presentation and he told us, “No, it’s definitely not a timeshare.” We accepted this offer, and relying upon those...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / timeshare

I have been an owner since 2004 and it has been one problem after another and numerous hours waiting on hold to never get the issues resolved. You can never talk to the same person twice, the owner relations reps do not give out their last names or extensions. The left hand has no clue what the right is doing. This is a good example of a company that has grown too fast. The initial sales pitch was to be 2 hours, it was over 5, we have since been to many 4-5 hour presentations. Once you buy they are never satisfied and will always try to pressure you to buy more. Drown you in paperwork. I wa...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Texas, San Antonio / Slimy sales tactics

My husband was tricked into purchasing discounted hotel nights and Fiesta Texas tickets at a mall kiosk in Arlington. We did not know we would be forced to sit through a 90-minute sales presentation until we arrived in SA to use the package. Despite honestly telling the rep that we were both unemployed and would be unable to purchase anything, they still made us sit through 2.5 hours of hard sell, worse than when I worked at a used car lot as a college student! I been around sales my whole life, and I have never experienced treatment like this. For example, we were crowded in a room that wa...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Unethical sales practice

Shawn on
In Oceanside Pier 2/2008 I too had the same experience others have reported with an unethically sales practice where they scammed a Discovery VIP pkg on me with credit vouchers for RCI worth $200 each that were given (that don't apply to Discovery owners) and a casual acquaintance visiting with me was slapped on the contract (who I have no info on). Once I found out what they'd done I called & spoke with the sales manager Anthony @ the Oceanside Pier Resort where I was told they knew they had a problem and that that specific employee since then has been terminated. He stated other...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Nevada, Las Vegas / Rude Managers/Sales Person

I went to a sales presentation at the Harrah's Hotel where Wyndham Vacation Resort rent space for their presentation on March 12, 2010. The main part of the presentation was fine until the end when a Manager by the Name of Dena Pittijohn came over, she just wouldn't take "no" for an answer no matter how I phrased it or what I said with good reasons for my "no" answer. She kept pressuring and pressuring me to sign. When she realized that I was not going to sign, she stormed up from the table and said she was going to put my name on some list and stated for the future if I wanted it...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Scammed Lied to and fraud

went to Atlantic City Wyndham said they could show us a few things . we already were owners . A salesman said Wyndham would buy back are three other timeshares form other resorts . and have no maintenance fees . and only have to deal with Wyndham . Yes it was Great Well let me tell you No it was a scam Fraud Bait and Switch . Mr. L was a high salesman in Wyndham . he took me and my wife for a ride 6000.00 dollar credit card charge not authorized by me and also now instead of one time share with Wyndham they say I now have a new year one be sides my legal every other year one .. and to make...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Virginia, Williamsburg / DECEPTIVE SALES METHODS AND FRAUD

Wyndham has consistently refused to resolve this complaint, opting rather to call the US Navy Chief Petty Officer making the complaint a liar: On April 4, 2008 while visiting Wyndham’s Governor’s Green resort we attended a sales presentation conducted by Wyndham salesperson Henry Wilkerson. We were promised that the presentation would take only 90 minutes, but by the time it was concluded it lasted much longer. In fact it lasted four hours. We had our children with us who are 10 and one year old. At the end of the presentation, Mr. Wilkerson knew they and their frustration distracted...

Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Virginia, Alexandria / Scam

I attended a timeshare presentation because we were luered in by promises that we would receive two vacation getaways with a free dinner with each, also they advised that the booking for these was easy, that all we had to do is make a call and then forward the certificate. Once we received the certificate the truth was revealed, there is no phone reservation and in fact you really may not even get to choose the dates! I am attaching the certificate so you can see what a scam it is! I bet very very few people even try to use it... Now, about the presentation, it took twice what they advertised...
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