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wen haircare - Nevada / monthly billin

Bobbi98 on Sep 14, 2012
I purchased the Wen shampoo online for $29 a month. I seem to be getting billed $29 a month for the last 6 months but have only received 3 bottles total. Last month I was billed again $29 and received nothing. Today my account was debited $38 dollars, and I have not received any shipments for months! When I called to cancel I was told I signed up for 90 day shipments and still owed them money!!! They said there is a shipment somewhere out there on its way to me, and I could not cancel or received a refund until I received that shipment, and sent it back to them (they recommend by insured...

wen haircare - Washington, Seattle / fraudulent money back

chinook on Jun 2, 2012
Tried the special introductory offer after seeing infomercial. Products were well priced with money back guarantee. Original supply arrived and was billed as advertised, trouble began with automatic renewals. Tried to change delivery schedule to once every 3 months - instead received THREE TIMES the product at THREE TIMES the initial price. Since I had to open package to check shipment, I had to not only pay return postage for the wrong order, my account has been charged each month automatically. Took four phone calls over 6 weeks to get partial money back. I was told they never received...

wen haircare - Pennsylvania / Wen

annajean79 on Mar 20, 2012
I never write reviews but in this case I feel it is necessary to warn everyone about this company and their product. First, this company is incredibly fraudulent. Everything you read about them locking you into a membership and continuing to charge your card, making it impossible to cancel when you call is true. Please be forewarned before ordering from this company. My experience resulted in attempting to call, getting a representative but then they ask why you did not like the product and transfer you to a line where you do not get a person to speak with. After calling back a few times, I...

wen haircare / Hidden &Membership&

upsetkendall2011 on Jun 27, 2011
So I ordered the 30 day supply to TRY this product and you are forced into a "membership" so they can keep charging your card! They said they already sent me the new product so i have to return that before i get my refund. SO MAD! My papers I recieved do not say anything about automatically sending new product and charging the card. i had to go digging into the terms and conditions online in order to find the itty bitty fine print that says by ordering you opt into automatically getting the product sent monthly! The product itself made my fine hair feel dirty all the time and like a waxy wire feeling, its gross... DO NOT BUY

wen haircare / Stay away

AprilL on May 16, 2011
Ordered Wen about 3 weeks ago. Started looking up the ingredients. The styling cream alone has Polyacrylamide and the building block of this is a human nerve toxin. Under the impression that we were receiving just natural ingredients. I am canceling today and I will keep looking for something that is not harmful. It also did not make my hair look the way it was portrayed in commercial. I have dry frizzy hair but not only did the product not make my hair unfrizzy but it has words in the ingredients that I can not even pronounce. I looked up a couple of the ingredients and they are not friendly to humans. I will not order this product again. I am very disappointed in the ingredients.

wen haircare / No results

Mnus on May 11, 2011
I ordered the intro package and used it regularly as directed and ran out quickly (I have long thick hair). Once I received my 90 day package I began using it immediately with hopes that over time and being consistent would lead to the advertised results. Well it has been almost 3 months and I can say there have been no results- I am going to call this week and cacel so I don't receive any more shipments. Also I am looking into www.keratinearth.com to see how that product works. I have very dry, overprocessed, and damaged long and thick hair and am looking to tame it. As for my neutral position you get what you pay for and tv offers are always a risk.

wen haircare / Over priced wen hair care products

Gloriab on Apr 22, 2011
Purchased Wen in Oct 2010. Received initial order-fine. Had to call in Jan 2011 to see if I had another order coming. Received 2 bottles of shampoo, 1 condtioner and 1 hair balm, which they charged me extra for. So through March of 2011 they have charged me $207.73. That is all the product I have received. Have e-mailed them to complain, to no avail. I was able to cancel my account-thank goodness. Good product but too expensive for my tastes. They also told me they had sent out an order to me in March-which I have not received as of 4/11/2011. I hate being lied to!

wen haircare / Horrible stuff

kakpit on Apr 17, 2011
This stuff is horrible it i have very thick long hair, i figured i'd give this a try it made my rppts so greasy i was too grossed out to run my fingers thru my hair and my end were so dry they felt like hay my once beautiful shiny healthy hair was ruined in a matter of weeks by this *** product. you know whats an amazing shampoo and conditioner? aveeno active NATURALES. i didint see any sulfate in the ingredients either. aveeno has restored my hair plus it seriously moisterized my ends and made my roots soft anf fluffy with serious volume. i mean the *** infomercial shows them using wen...

wen haircare / Rip off

Amywack on Mar 21, 2011
Wen hair care product is a rip off, make your hair oily and you are signed up for a club they will not let you cx, very rude on the ph. I had to cx my debit card to make payments stop. RIP OFF stay clear of this company!! Don't let the infomercial fool ya, the product smells like dog shampoo and makes your skin break out too!! Horrible! sneaky! bad! bad! bad! company!Please save yourself the hassle and your hair, this co. will keep charging your credit or debit card the only way to stop it is to cx your cards.

wen haircare / Greasy Hair

Krisdito on Mar 2, 2011
Wen makes my hair extremely greasy after a couple uses. If I use other shampoo/conditioner for a few days and then use when twice a week, it seems fine, but to use Wen for everyday use, my hair looks like it hasn't been washed in days. Even a coworker asked if I was even washing my hair. Not good! Also, this same person ran her fingers through my hair, and although she said it was soft, she noticed her fingers were oily and smelled like grease. I like to use it one or two times a week because it will make it shiny and it has a mentholatum feel on your scalp, but I cannot use it everyday or I would look like a grease monkey.

wen haircare / Scam, $200! For 90 days, watch your credit card bill carefully!

Melrusty on Feb 23, 2011
I order the Wen Hair Care System and was pleased with the way it worked, until I started noticing all the charges on my credit card account. I was billed twice a month and received a 90 day supply! It ended up costing me over $250. for 90 days of shampoo! I will try the Shampoo 1 from Sally's Beauty Supply. I have seen good reviews and I am just really tired of being screwed and not being kissed!!! Wen Hair Care is a huge scam! They even say there were 2 accounts with my name on them, shipping to another address!! Are they going to credit my account?? I doubt it! It is a scam!

wen haircare / Products caused hair loss and damage

Justincase579 on Feb 17, 2011
I have thick/coarse dark blonde hair and I get highlights / lowlights regularly. Dryness & frizz is always an issue and I was optimistic that wen would help. I used their products for about three months. When I first started using them I was very pleased with the results, but after about two months I wasn't getting the same favorable results. I thought maybe I was having a weird case of "bad winter hair"...maybe it was due to some female hormone change...maybe what??? I am accustomed to shedding hair but I noticed I started shedding A LOT in the shower(more than usual.) Also, I wa...

wen haircare / I hate wen

Kirbearr94 on Feb 9, 2011
I have this product for about 3 weeks now. Well after a couple days of using it I started to get the biggest allergic reaction to it! My neck is full of red dots and my scalp is sooo itchy. Sure, maybe not everyone could be allergic to it; however, it DOES make your hair greasy and harder to work with. I can't even curl my hair right because of how gross my hair got. So I stopped using it for about a week and my hair got so much more better and looked prettier from the Dove Shampoo.

wen haircare / Bad product

Ahoxx080 on Feb 7, 2011
Wen Hair Care makes your hair greasy. I am used to washing my hair every other day, which is what my stylists have encouraged me to do throughout my life, but with Wen you cannot even make it through a 12 hour period without your hair getting greasy. Furthermore, it did not make my hair look any better than Suave does and it adds about 10 minutes onto your shower time. Furthermore, with every other product I have purchased that has automatic refills, the website has very clearly indicated that my card will be charged the next month. Wen does not. Finally, with the refill "plan, " the company went...

wen haircare / Designed for wrong market

Jass on Jan 7, 2011
I have been using Wen for 3 weeks now; it's the worst hair "cleanser" I've ever used ! Not only does it seem to coat the hair (no matter how well I rinse) leaving it look dirty, but it doesn't really condition my colored hair (as advertised) either. The hair just looks dryer ! Putting extra on as a leave-in conditioner is just *** - hair just looks worse. However, it works GREAT as a naturally-based dish detergent. Really cuts the grease (probably all that peppermint oil in it). No kidding. Try it, lol ! So at least it wasn't a complete waste of money.

wen haircare / Scam

I had my boyfriend buy me the 30 day supply of Wen for me for our anniversary. I tried the shampoo and it was terrible. It made my hair feel dirty like it didn't even clean my hair. I gave it two more tries and it still made my hair feel like it was never washed. Over a month later I got another Wen kit at my door. I thought it was a mistake or something because it didn't show up as charged on the credit card. Two days ago I got another kit. My boyfriend called the place and told them that we only did the 30 day supply and they told us we did the 90 day supply. I know for a fact that...

wen haircare / Bad customer service and products

Wen hair products do not work any better than any other hair product I've used. It actually started to make my hair look worse! I received a free sample through proactiv, just pay shipping and handling. I called to cancel and they had already sent me another box but it cost 90 dollars!! I never agreed to this or wanted this. No one informed me of this when I called to order my sample for just the shipping. I can not stand places that do business this way, like they try to sneak things in and think you'll be too lazy to do anything about it. Well I canceled and had to shoot through...

wen haircare / Deceptive advertising

I saw WEN hair product ads everywhere online. I was excited about using an organic product line to repair and restore my damaged hair. When I ordered, I was responding to an ad offering a 30 day supply for $29.99 + shipping and handling. see below between the double brackets [[ . . . ]] [["Wen Hair Care 30-Day Supply See the difference WEN can make for your hair in just 30 days. 5Wen Hair Care 30-Day Supply WHAT'S INCLUDED QTY SIZE ITEM 1 12 oz. Cleansing Conditioner 1 2 oz. Styling Crème 1 2 oz. Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask BONUS ITEMS 1 10 g. Texture Balm 1 Wide Tooth...

wen haircare / Chaz is a souless thief!

I purchased wen and i was completely disatisfied. I could get better results by using regular conditioner, rubbing hard, combing and rinsing. they don't tell you that your 3 month supply will be sent automatically and that you will be paying for it over a 3 month period, $90.oo for junk.If you try and cancel you get the run around. Do not buy this product.It is a scam . please tell all your friends. People, we need to be mindful of eachother in this economy. We shouldn't allow businesses to continue to steal form us. ENOUGH!

wen haircare / Lied to me

I signed up for WEN hair care and after a few months decided to cancel, but they were so insistent that they talked me into keeping my account but changing the products. When it started piling up in my cabinet I finally called and cancelled. The company rep told me I could return all unused and unopened product and I would be refunded. This was a lie and now they have the product I paid for but they won't refund my money. Also, after 3 months, they took another deduction out of my checking account and tell me it will take 6 weeks to refund it back. I wish I had found this website before I ordered from this company.
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