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Walden University / A Ed. d student in the Department of Education

Reviewer10529 on 2015-11-20
I must also be a fool believing in Walden University and the Education Program. It is a joke and if possible I would like to join the legal suit of filing against them. I have been in this program where I could have obtained 2 doctoral degrees. I'm still waiting on approval, with the chairperson not knowing what he is doing. I also complained about a 2 week turnaround for the instructors every time you submit anything. I'm just trying to complete this scam because I wasted valuable time and money, but I will never recommend or have anything to do with promoting this school after completion. I wish I would checked sooner, even after the signs were there. My mistake !

Walden University - Kansas, Minneapolis / Unprofessional business practices

Gracieb on 2015-06-19
Within the next few weeks, I will not be a student at Walden University. As an institution of advance learning their administrative business practices are inefficient and unprofessional. I have always thought that once an educational institution's main focus is on increasing profit margins and less so on the welfare of its students, and the quality of its pedagogy then there is bound to be a conflict of interest. The university's "unethical" practice to recruit as many students with a failure to explain the financial aid process in details prior to and even during enrollment i...

Walden University / Unethical Business Practices

Justice4Now on 2015-04-21
I am a former employee for Walden and was recently let go by the company after seven years. I am pursuing legal action against Walden for various reasons. If you are a former or current student in the college of education, especially if you were a TEACH grant recipient or you feel you were misled about an education program, you should contact me. If you are a prospective student, I would just strongly encourage you to do your research. Walden's programs are often not accepted for renewals, upgrades and salary increases, and Walden advisors likely will not inform you of these restrictions. Most...

Walden University - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Irresponsible and fraudulent practice

JoRo on 2015-01-27
Walden University needs to be investigated for the irresponsible practices that exist within its DBA program. As some have already mentioned, their current practices keep students from graduating, not only in a timely manner but in or around the timeframe that they "sell" you when considering their program. They give no consideration to the thousands and thousands of both personal and federal funding that will never be recovered, as many students will just default on those loans when they finally realize that they have received nothing in return for the work and money. I had taken a sabbatical...

Walden University / Lack of help to progress--delayed finish

Linda Zar on 2015-01-25
I am in the DNP program. In the program, you cannot start the doctoral project until your final year. During this year, all of us in my group have been told that instructors have two weeks to respond to submissions. My professor has literally been on vacation the entire month of December. All 15 of us hoped to finish but there is a huge bottleneck of who gets the projects submitted. ONe or two of 15 may be able to graduate, and the rest of us in this class (with no instructor for one entire month, and no break in tuition because of it) are trying to progress. I do realize that the doctoral...

Walden University / Law Suit

caselog2015 on 2015-01-06
A group of past and present Walden University graduate students who feel they have been victims of educational fraud or scams are in the process of preparing litigation against Walden University. This may or may not be a class action suit or each case may be tried on its individual merits. The attorneys have yet to determine which approach they will take. All cases will be taken on contingency, so there will be no attorney’s fees unless the case is won. Once the law firm begins examining each individual case, they will advise you if your case qualifies for litigation. The more cases we...

Walden University / quality of DNP program

DNP candidate on 2014-08-23
Think twice before you sign on to do a DNP program at Walden University. The Master's program was great! So, I stayed there to get my DNP...the content material was almost just like my master's program and the dissertation writing has been a nightmare. Response is slow. By policy they have 14 days before they have to respond but it takes much longer. The chapter writing has taken me over a year and I am told will be another 6-9 months. Getting the practicum hours in has been horrible. They are focused only on clinical sites like hospitals and Dr offices, but I am in leadership and...

Walden University / Discrimination

Student09142 on 2013-11-18
I am a veteran with more than 20 years in the United States Army as a motor transport operator. When attempting to enroll in the school for a Master's the faculty member (can't remember her name) said that the university seeks a high standard of their students and I would be better suited finding a trade school since none of their degree programs would be "the right fit" for someone like me. I am retired now, so not looking for schooling on my trade, but a degree in Management. I am looking for another school that will accept me.

Walden University / Fraudulent school

Walden1234 on 2013-07-13
It’s absolutely heart breaking what this school does. This place is an absolute fraud. They will destroy your sanity, keep you locked in a psychological prison, bleed you dry from the cost, and still refuse to grant you your degree. I am out to warn every single person I can to try to prevent as many as possible from being victimized by the fake, fraudulent school.

Walden University / Walden University

KicksandGiggles on 2013-06-07
RUN FROM THIS SCHOOL!!! I was a PhD student and Walden fraudulently gave misinformation regarding my student loan and auto registered me for classes I did not need nor could simultaneously keep up with working full time. It was the worst experience I have EVER encountered. Please listen and read this and other complaints about Walden. The enrollment advisers are sweet as pie once you get in. Its pure hell after that. You will NEVER get the same answer twice. The staff is mega rude and the $$$ get flows into them and you are defenseless. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND WALDEN UNIVERSITY. THE FEES IN ADDITION TO...

Walden University / Walden schemes to get more money

Walden scheme on 2012-12-30
Walden is a money mill!!! Dissertation students need to watch out! I've been working on the first 3 chapters of my dissertation for 3 years because at every step my chairs have been stalling me. I thought that it was just that my chair didn't know what she was doing, so I asked for a new one. This second one gave me the ok on all areas and then when it was time to do the rubric to move to URR, he failed me on 5 areas. How does one fail the areas this very same instructor helped them to write and ok'd a few days earlier? It appears that the strategy is to stall the student for as long...

Walden University - Minnesota, Medford, Or / I did not enroll for the fall. Walden enrolled me anyway.

McNelly David T on 2012-08-26
I left Walden University last year. I thought about returning in April but gave notice and did not return calls. I was simply done with the University and never authorized enrollment for the fall. Yesterday, a package came with books from Walden and then I realized I had an invoice for $4, 700. Classes start September 4, 2012 so I sent an email. The email is below. I will keep calling next week but I want it documented that I did email a formal request to drop even though I did not enroll in the first place. I want this drop done quickly because I never approved it in the first place. I got...

Walden University / STEALING MONEY

Lehnee on 2012-02-15

Walden University - Massachusetts / have been scammed

zitter on 2012-02-08
Stonewalled from completing dissertation. Have been ignored, abused, and pushed from mentor to mentor who either resigned or left me dangling for months on end. E-mails and calls have remained unanswered. Am almost $200, 000 in debt. Have evidence. Am looking for others to organize joint claim and to expose them via media. I have names, addresses, and contacts. Contact me: leahzitter@yahoo.com

Walden University - Alabama, Birmingham / fraud in education

Dr. Paul on 2011-08-31
I witnessed a lady who was very lazy and she said that is why she went with Walden. She said she "could buy her degree in counseling." There are many places in the Birmingham Meto Artea, where she could actually earn a degree. For example, the student told me her Walden teacher told her to write a TERM paper with just 3 references and that would get her an "A., " in the course. She told me she worked for Immigration, part of the federal government. The scammers of the world know how to not work and how to get cushy jobs. Walden is an insult to higher educatiomn and has been obviously paying...

Walden University - Texas / Lack of honest advisement for PhD programs in Counseling Education and Supervision

odisa on 2011-07-21
I was interested in applying for the Doctoral programs in Counseling Education and Supervision and Human Services; I wanted to finalize my academic plans by determining which plan would be right for my career path. The enrollment advisor Lisa told me that I had to send a copy of my LPC license for the Counseling Ed program. I told her I was an LPC Intern; working toward full licensure, and she could look up the information on the state website; she told me she wasn't authorized to do that. The woman wasn't even informed of the process to acquire full licensure; I had to explain that...

Walden University - Maryland / Student complaint

MG83 on 2011-04-28
I have been trying to get a section transfer, I first went to my adviser, she intrun connected me to the intrim program director, which he did not like, they sat on the complaint for some time then they wnet again and told me I needed to submit a formal complaint, ( which Walden University rules mention, once there is a formal compliant submitted the University has to respond with 10 to 15 days, again they sat on it, until I had to e-mail and go higher up, but by this time and from the begining the Director had made his mind up not to allow me to transfer. I will have to go to J. Kaplan who i...

Walden University - Minnesota, Minneapolis / FRAUD

Run Don't Walk on 2011-02-09
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME. EXPENSIVE MISTAKE. Six months into my PhD program, I changed the focus of my major and the enrollment advisor kicked me out of the entire school instead of transferring me into the new major. I had to wait months for the program to begin again, and there was a negative mark on my report (i.e. dropping out of school--but I didn't). I never had anything less than As while in the program. And on top of that, I was continuously ill-advised for the KAM independent study program. The academic advisors kept insisting that I needed to take intro classes at $2, 000...

Walden University / cost, lack of response, grievance filed without so much as an acknowledgment...the list goes on!

Walden is a money trap! They do not reply to concerns let alone ADDRESS them! They can't retain quality faculty at this point and it is beginning to be quite evident! I began my Dissertation to have my Chair leave the University. Ok, new Chair. She took three months to reply to anything I submitted! New Chair and frustrations sent to "advising". Still working on the dissertation and the University fails to acknowledge that there was any wrongdoing on their part...it's "my problem" and I'm certainly paying for it!
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