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VRBO - Texas, Austin / VRBO did nothing to help

Matt on 2016-01-06
I had used VRBO in the past and rented a place. The property ended up being a fraud, so I cancelled it. Then I called the owner and asked him to return my damaged deposit of $300, but he refused to give my money back. I told him that his property description was a fraud and he must return the money, I gave him 24 hours to do that. Later I received a message from the owner saying he'll come to my house and deal with me personally! I contacted the VRBO immediately and they promised to do something. I thought they'll ban that owner or call the police, but they did nothing at all! In the end owner just changed the description of his property and never returned my money. I'm very disappointed with VRBO.

VRBO / Unethical

JM123456 on 2015-08-17
I had a negative experience at the Lotus Lake House in Grass Valley, CA, listed on VRBO. I posted a factual review and the owner was allowed to attack me personally both on and off the website. He wrote harassing emails and left voicemails threatening me if I did not remove the review. Apparently this practice is allowed by VRBO. The owner was then allowed to post personal information about me on the website and VRBO refused to remove the listing even after I escalated the problem to a manager. So there is a reason there are very few negative reviews posted on VRBO.

VRBO - South Carolina, Edisto Island / Elizabeth Lewis

LM Lewis on 2013-08-27
My family and I rented Property #256913 in Edisto Beach, SC through your website, for the week of August 4th-August 10th, 2013. (Daily rental, plus tax: $186.36 for 6 nights = $1118.20, plus a onetime cleaning fee of $125.00 = Total: $1243.20) Upon arrival, we discovered the home to be unsecured, in addition we encountered the following issues (which were immediately email to the owner): (1) a pet urine puddle on the floor on the porch, (2) the tap water in the home had a foul odor to it, and was undrinkable (an item that was never disclosed by the owner, which caused one member of our...

VRBO - Hawaii, Kaanapali / Serious mouse problem

T Portugal on 2013-04-23
We rented cottage #17 last week for spring break. We saw mult mice in the kitchen and bathrooms during our stay. Even had found a hurt bleeding mouse and a dead mouse which was very upsetting to our children (not to mention us). Found mult points of entry that easily could be spotted but owner never seemed to have fixed. Previous posts suggested mouse problem but owners assured it was taken care of and a problem in other cottages. We have stayed in other cottages at this location before and never had a mouse problem. Final day I found rat feces on my daughters toys that were in the nightstand...

VRBO - Tennessee / Will not Refund money for a listing they did not publish

Leroy_Brown on 2013-02-13
I paid for $698.00 for a listing on VRBO on July 2, 2012. After completing the listing and submitting credit card online, the website interface crashed. I had to start all over with a new listing and PAY AGAIN to complete it. The funds from the "failed" transaction were drafted from my account, as well as the funds for the second payment Now- on Feb 13 2013, after multiple calls to VRBO and many broken commitments by VRBO staff, such as Kerri, Chad (A senior agent) Heidi, Dianna and others, I am still out nearly $700.00 with no apparent prospects of getting it back.

VRBO - Utah, Park City / Breach of rental agreement by owner

aw511 on 2012-10-10
I had a rental agreement with Jim Ring for his Park City, UT property VRBO #106012 for 2 nights in August 2012. He cancelled my rental 10 days before my scheduled arrival and refused to refund my $330 (2 nights at $150 + $30 cleaning fee). The reason he gave for cancelling was that he got a longer-term renter for the property - so he was cancelling me for another person. Jim offered a credit but did not respond at all to my request that he refund my money - even the cleaning fee I had already paid. I had no use for a credit because my travel plans were already booked and I had no plans to...

VRBO / Accusation of broken equipment

Quivele on 2012-02-24
When I arrived at the Sevierville TN cabin. It was very dirty. Bathrooms, jucuzzis, hot tub filthy. Towels on the tolit brush instead of towel rack.I immediately called the housekeeper. He said he hadn't been contacted until that morning by the owner to let him know we would be there.He was rude and still didn't get things clean.. so I called the cabin owner(elaine foster). She of course didn't answer and still hasn't called me back after 2 1/2 weeks. Through email- She claims I broke a basketball game while I was there (which was already broken, I assumed she knew since...

VRBO - Florida, Anna Maria Island / Rental cancellation

jquinby on 2011-12-12
In June 2011 we made an initial payment on a beach house rental posted by VRBO under listing # 322472 for 12/23-12/30/2011. We followed up with the final payment 0n 11/08/2011, per the rental contract, and were looking forward to being away from home during our first Christmas without one of our sons who had passed away earlier this year. On 12/09/2011 we were notified by the rental agent that the house had been sold and that he had been advised the previous night that the new owner would not honor our contract. In addition, the rental agent also advised that he could not comply with the...

VRBO - California, Dana Point / VRBO rip off

wanderers 301 on 2011-08-31
Stayed 36 hrs and the place had dirty floors, worn appliances with rust on the side of the fridge, uncomfortable beds.. called the owner and she agreed to a partial return but once we were out of the unit she claims we caused damage and wont return calls or emails... has now kept the whole amount plus deposit.. would never trust her or VRBO again I then put up a poor review and she responded with lies! sated we stayed 4 nights and told her we wanted to explore the area, we checked into a hotel 5 minutes away for the remainder of the vacation on the 2nd day... and I did report to her that the...

VRBO - Florida, Pensacola Beach / Owner unprofessional and Lack Service

Vacationgirl911 on 2011-07-12
I contacted owner by e-mail to rent the unit.The owner said it was available. The calendar showed availability and I responded back asking them to send rental agreement and to tell me how to make my payment to reserve the unit. After 1-1/2 days of no response, I called and the voicemail was full. I e-mailed with phone numbers to respond due to time getting close and got an e-mail saying the unit was rented, sorry. This was very unprofessional. Don't put a listing in and tell someone the unit is available and then rent it out from under them without so much as a phone call. I've...

VRBO - Colorado, Silverthorne / VRBO #212041

Baseballskiing on 2011-05-03
Beware of this owner! Good Luck on getting your deposit back. Owner said there was drywall damage next to the fireplace after two weeks of unanswered phone calls and emails. After reviewing pictures of the fireplace that I took during my stay, I could see that the damage to the fireplace was repaired prior to our visit. When I finally got the owner on the phone he changed his location of damage to stratches by the stairs. This is a clear indication that the owner is dishonest. Owner cussed at me for 20 minutes on the phone and called me unspeakable terms. I would not reccommend that anyone rents from this owner.

VRBO - California, San Francisco BayArea / rent a home

Lucialorenz on 2011-04-01
Dear Sirs, during the month of October 2010 we rented a house through the 'agency VRBO: Location: Point Reyes Station CA 94956 period: 31 September 2010-17 October 2010 Object Name: "View Country Retreat" Contact: Email: junebarbera@gmail.com Rent: $ 3250.50 + $ 200 Security Deposit Having called two times the reimbursement of $ 200 Security Deposit we did not get any response. Please take note and take action to obtain repayment of the deposit. At the moment we are interested in a new contract by the same agency (VRBO) and look forward to your prompt response in order to sign a new contract. Yours sincerely Lucia Lorenzetti

VRBO - South Carolina, Kiawah Island / Rental Reviews

After a rental thru VRBO at Kiawah Island, the site disallowed a negative review, stating the owner confirmed we never stayed at the property. We furnished tons of documentation of our stay to VRBO, and they initially agreed with us and allowed the review. The owner saw the review, called VRBO, and the review was taken down after owner lied about us staying at the villa. The owners at this site have the right to pick and choose reviews to be posted. Wow, great policy there! Obviously, owners and VRBO work together to maximize the rentals for both parties. I can't imagine having to deal with VRBO over a financial dispute.


veggiemommy on 2011-01-09
This VRBO owner withheld our security deposit because she miscalculated the actual cost to heat the pool during our stay. The rate she offered was $15 per day and she tried to cover her $450 monthly gas bill with our deposit. She was not available when the microwave stopped working, she did not call me back when I had questions about the gate and accused us of having animal feces and urine stains on the carpet. The best part is that there was never an animal in the house! She threatened that there was no where to hide in her last email. BEWARE OF THIS CRAZY AND UNDERHANDED OWNER. The house wa...

VRBO - California, Los Gatos / VRBO Listing #292327

Renter8 on
15 Highland Ave located in Los Gatos, CA is listed on VRBO #292327. This house is misrepresentated. We prepaid 2 months rent in total $9, 200. We lasted 17 days in the house. There was no central heating. An antique floor heater that would only keep the living room warm if we kept all doors closed to other areas of the house. Each room had recessed heaters that were from the 1950's made by a company called Wesix that went out of business years ago, and looked like a fire hazard if turned on. The kitchen did not have any heat. In the morning even the heated room (living room), required a...

VRBO / Customer Service

After having problems with posting a listing to VRBO.com, I attempted to contact Customer Service for assistance (twice) and received standardized replies that were no help. I requested a phone number to talk to someone (they don't provide any phone numbers) and was told that they do not talk to their customers, only email. I finally sent enough emails that the customer service manager emailed me and said that she could call me, which she did (on an unlisted number). She said that there were issues but blindly defended all their actions. I requested a refund several times without any results. I would avoid this company at all costs as there is no value placed on customer service.

VRBO / http://www.vrbo.com/153137

Don't stay here! Condo has extremely LOUD bedrooms because it is located five feet from busy road / highway - Gulf Blvd. Our family had to sleep on roll out beds in the living room it got so bad. Neighbor downstairs (owner's sister) told us to make sure we were quiet the moment we arrived because she had to 'work'. Owners brushed our concerns off and didn't care that our experience was so bad. Would not respond to emails. Also claimed sights of intercoastal water way from bedroom balcony. There is a tiny patch of water about a mile or so up the road. Very misleading...

VRBO / Terrible rental vacation

Dan on
Rental #222405 - vacation home was filthy outside, wasps everywhere that prevented us from enjoying the back porch, a/c didn't work (my husband became physically ill), fridge didn't cool, we had to change our dining plans since the BBQ pit was completely filthy. Neighbors were using the property when we arrived. We had to make our own beds - only 4 towels for a house that sleeps 10-15. House smelled like mildew. Contract requested we pay a $75 cleaning fee but also told us we had to vacuum - I DON'T THINK SO! The light on the multi-level porch operated via a motion detector but...
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