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Toys R Us / Incorrect item shipped, incorrect refund, poor customer service

online warning on 2015-08-10
I would warn about shopping online with Toys R Us. I ordered a product from them that stated was in stock and then was shipped a duplicate item from the order that the cost was less on. I did the online chat to report that it was incorrect the same day I received it and to see if the part of my order that was still yet to be shipped could have the correction made. I was told that could not and most likely would get duplicate product in order, which in fact I did. I was additionally told that now the product is out of stock and no store in the US has it, yes I did ask that, and no date of in...

Toys R Us / Gift delivered to recipient that didn't include senders name

Lisa A Murray on 2015-04-06
I received a link to a friend’s baby registry for BabiesRUs and decided to order a $100 gift card to be delivered to her electronically (via email) on 3/26/15. I typed in a nice message, reviewed the preview they presented of the note that would be attached and submitted my order. Shortly afterwards, I received two email confirmations from ToysRUs. One message outlined the message the recipient would receive. This is what it said “Dear, Hooray! has given you an eGift Card from ToysRUs and BabiesRUs.” I thought it was strange that the recipient’s name, my name and my...

Toys R Us / Cancelled order

Tara Turner on 2014-12-08
I would strongly advise people not to shop at toys r us for anything, especially christmas! This is truly a greedy, crooked company that doesn't deserve to be in business. It's companies like toys r us that only worsen an already poor economy. My son wanted a wii u for Xmas. I decided to wait until Black Friday in hopes of saving $. Toys r us.com had them for $199 so I ordered oñe along with 4 other items. Well, a few days later, I got a package and everything was there except the wii u. I called and the person I spoke to was fluent in English enough to understand over the...

Toys R Us / Customer service; order online, pick up in store

lostinny2003 on 2014-11-29
Purchased item online for store pick up. Was told and emailed that total was $24.06 (for Wii game and protection on disc). Second email from toys r us stating confirming purchase stated total $23.88. Email stating item ready for pick up stated total was $21.59. Waited much longer at store (after getting ready for pick up email) for item then if I had just gone to the store and purchased item off the shelf. Noticed a sale on the same game that I had purchased online with in store pickup so I decided to purchase the same game again as well as a few others due to the sale being buy 1 get a second...

Toys R Us - Australian Capital Territory, Canberra / Extremely poor customer service

a-thomas on 2013-12-07
In this Baby R us store in the Capital city of Australia they expect customers to carry 20kg products over their heads( no shopping trolley on repeated request!!!) I had very bad shopping experience at Majura Park Toys R us today( in Australian Capital Territory). I went into the ToysRus shop today to buy a baby cot, baby bathtub & a lot of baby items . I asked initially a staff where I can get a shopping trolley as I couldn't find one in front of the store. He adviced me to search in front of the main entrance of the store. I went out twice & couldn't find any. I continued my...

Toys R Us / work

Jay69 on 2013-05-08
I worked for this company until just May 8 2013, When I decided to quit not only do they try and threaten you constanly with taking hours from you! They don't take into considetaion other things/Family and they have no idea how to treat customers not only would I not shop there I wouldn't even consider working for a company that has no respect except for the small profits it makes on products you could easily get cheaper from Amazon or Walmart.

Toys R Us - Ontario, Pickering / Baby Registry Debacle

MAG78 on 2013-04-11
I am writing this as a cautionary tale to all expectant mothers - do NOT use Babies R US registry nor patronize Toys R Us as a company. I registered my baby shower exclusively with Babies R Us - FIRST MISTAKE. Then when I returned to the Pickering Store 2 weeks later to add a few more items to my registry - I walked with 8 pages of "stuff: that was NOT mine. My correct registry number but the items were for a BOY while I am having a GIRL. I then spent an additional hour in the store - SECOND MISTAKE manually re-adding the items that I wanted to the gift registry (with the help of two part-time...

Toys R Us / Product Outages

TRG71 on 2012-12-20
Has anyone else noticed that on the Toys R Us website everytime they update their sales, when you click on almost any item it is out of stock for shipping? But, for anyone that shops e-bay, the items are available on the direct from Toys R Us E-bay store at regular price. So, since all the items are shipped by Toys R Us, I question how it can be available for shipping on one site but not the other. Apparently if you are willing to pay the full price + shipping instead of the sale price with free shipping, they can magically find the item for you. Another scam by Toys R US...

Toys R Us - Michigan / Free shipping not honored, Membership # not accepted

MonroeSteve on 2012-12-05
Started by the site not accepting my membership # so I logged on via an email hyperlink. I placed six approved "ship to home" items in my cart, which amounted to almost $100. (Video games and controllers) Shipping was supposed to be free for purchases over $49 but the site demanded almost $15 for S&H. Tried to checkout to see if that would change but the site suddenly forgot I was logged on and again wouldn't accept my membership # so of course I wasn't able to use my points payout dollar they sent to me. Called 1-800-869-7787 and after listening to the recordings, was transferred...

Toys R Us / I have been extremely disappointed with every person that I have spoken with on the phone at their company

Naomi on 2012-05-02
I shopped for X-mas at a Toys R Us store and bought nearly $200 worth of stuff. I wrote a check. It cleared 4 days later and then 5 days after that they credited the money back to my account. Wanting to do the right thing I contacted them and now it has been a week and a half of Hell trying to get them to take their money back. Again, I just wanted to do the right thing and now they want me to spend my own time, gas and money to fax them a copy of my receipt just to fix a mistake that is not even my fault! I have been extremely disappointed with every person that I have spoken with on the phone...

Toys R Us / I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to apply for a job at toys r us

Haginaled on 2012-04-23
I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to apply for a job at toys r us. I’ve never been through anything so unprofessional and humiliating in all my life.First of all they herded all of us into a room and called it a group interview.I have over twenty years of retail and retail management experience and not once did myself or anyone else get the opportunity to discuss our skills and knowledge for the position in which we were interested in.Instead they gave us a list of activities to do, witch included a number of ways to stand up in front of a bunch of strange people and make a fool of...

Toys R Us - Florida, Boca Raton / Poor Service

GingerDuck on 2012-03-10
Simply wanted to buy a "trike" (3 wheeled bike) with handle for our 2 year old daughter. After carefully reviewing trikes on the Toy R Us website, went to the store in Boca Raton, Florida (on Route 441) to look, evaluate and purchase one for our daughter. With daughter in hand, upon arriving at the store, ran into two problems. First, they had many trikes with handles but only had one model on display - the rest were in the box. Second, the trikes are high up on the shelf making it difficult to pull down for evaluation. I was able to pull them down being a 6 ft 1 in guy. But I'm thinking...

Toys R Us - New York, Middletown / Incorrect Sale/Refund

LMcdon on 2012-01-21
on Jan 4 2012, I purchased a squinky toy set which was priced in the aisle as buy one get one half price. I verified the pricing with a store clerk in the aisle before selecting 2 of them and went to the register, I also presented a rewards coupon--the store clerk rang up the items but did not apply the half price discount- when I asked about it I was told the amt would adjust when the sale was complete and he had me swipe my credit card but the the charge was not adjusted he then stated I had to get in line to customer service to fix the issue after waiting another 20 minutes in line the...

Toys R Us - New Jersey, Union / Refund policy

:( :( on 2012-01-07
Back in September (2011) my wife and I tried to return 3 toys that my 1 year old got for his birthday. One of the toys we had a gift receipt for and the other two we did not. After being told we were only allowed to return the item with the gift receipt we asked to speak to the manager. The manager was every understanding and was going to refund the two items for store credit (that all we were asking for). During the transaction the computer system refused to allow the store credit. The store manager even made several attempt with the tech support and customer service to over ride the...

Toys R Us / Cannot get a store credit or refund

Nicole S. on 2011-12-25
I had the same issue with Activision. I purchased the Skylander Spyro's Adventure, for Wii, from Toys R Us. The product doesn't load; I have exchanged it twice and still does not work. My initial attempts one month ago to reach their company resulted in them not responding to my complaint. I reached someone today and they will not refund my cost for their faulty product. My cost was $118, plus $20 for figures for the system, Plus $18 insurance from Toys R Us. The representative treated me like an imbecile, said my Wii was faulty and needs to be repaired...I informed him that I have...

Toys R Us / Attitude is Everything

Heather R. on 2011-12-25
I have been trying to purchase a Monster High Cruiser bike for a month or so for my daughter for Christmas. Unfortunately, it is sold exclusively at Toys R Us. It is manufactured by Dynacraft and I will be sending them a letter regarding my experience so they are aware who they are choosing to do exclusive business with and their daily practices. I've stopped by a couple of the stores near my house, checked status online daily, and called many stores on they day their receive their trucks. No one is able to tell me if they will even be getting more in or if it is simply a discontinued...

Toys R Us / Overcharges on Sales Items

Barbara on 2011-12-25
Scanner charged MORE than the advertised price. They would only adjust bill, NOT refund the difference x 10, up to $5, per the MI Scanner Law. On 12/21/11 in Toys R Us, Roseville, MI, a large sign displayed the Apples to Apples Party Box game for $17.49 through 12/24/11 with a stack of the games. A store scanner scanned it as $18.19. We spoke with a floor associate, who said the price would be entered properly at check-out and if not, let them know about the mistake, refer them to the sales end cap. The item was purchased along with other items, for a total bill of $55.81. We were improperly...

Toys R Us / Bad customer service

barrier on 2011-12-22
I have recently paid my layaway off (Dec 10, 2011), I have been there several times and called several times, the customer service people cannot find the layaway and do not care where it is. I was not told when I put the layaway in at Paducah, KY that is would be sent away 200 miles for keeping, now it looks like it is not going to get here in time for Christmas. I explained to them that it was for Christmas, they could care less. I have always shopped at Toys R Us and this is giving me a very negative outcome of the store. The non caring employees and management are not good for any...

Toys R Us / ruined my baby's birthday

LISSABURK on 2011-12-08
i ordered my daughters bday gifts to be instore pick up and 3 hrs later got a order cancelation notice because the items were not in the store like they were supposed to be. I called them they refused to let me talk to a supervisor that evening the next day i called and spoke to someone that said he fixed it all items would ship to my home next day...well they didnt only one item shipped the rest were still just sitting at the warehouse when i called back the girl i got put me on hold for a second and said mam i cant find a supervisor we have other customers with issues that are being...

Toys R Us / On Line Ordering

mjapple on 2011-12-07
What a SCAM!!! I place an order on line for 11 items for shipping and in store pickup. The order went through yesterday and today I get an email canceling 7 or the 11 items for store pickup. When I called customer service I was told to place the order again to see if the items were in stock at a different store. Little did I know that Toys R Us is holding the funds for the items they canceled. I was told the funds would be released in 5 to 7 days!!! How can they hold my money when they have canceled my order??? Customer service is the worst I've ever had to deal with!!! This just put...
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