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The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau Complaints & Reviews

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The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau - Texas, Dallas - Mail Fraud

Posted:    richardstruble
Complaint Rating:  94 % with 35 votes
I received a letter stating that there was 12, 000, 000.00 in cash that was unclaimed. All I needed to do was to send a one time 5.00 research and data fee or forfeit my chance to win the entire amount.

Thank God for Google and websites such as this one or I would not only be out 5.00 but substantially more money as I seem to be a target for these types of scams.

Apparently these folks have been at this for well over ten years. I do not understand how someone like this manages to avoid prosecution and is allowed to continue scamming people out of their money. Is there...

The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau - South Carolina, Belton - trying to scam me

Posted:    deborah yon
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 41 votes
they sent me a letter saying i won 12000000 dollars. they asked me to send them 5 dollars so they could verify my identity..for 12 million dollars i'd have sent blood and tissue samples!lol..i hate a liar and thats about all they are..crooks!...

The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau - Scam

Posted:    NasH78
Complaint Rating:  81 % with 21 votes
You can tell them to kis off and forget about me. If they do not want to reply o my emails are send me anymor information about winnings then *** them they won my middle finger in their asswholes. Ripoffs that can die early. I have youtr address *** face I will come down there!!! And get my five dollars and kick your *** for five more!!!

Not only that but you think you are being funny with that bullshit how smart are you? Well haow smart are you put an x on the letter if you do not think I will come and kick it ***. I am sick and tired of this crap ad you need to close your doors...

The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau - Online fraud

Posted:    Valerie
Complaint Rating:  92 % with 38 votes
I to receive a letter from these people, but not thinking that it wasn't.t real, I sent a check for $5 to them what can I do. Document # 8582-8653-3394-TSIF.From L Brady. This letter states that I will win 12, 000.000 dollars. I really fill bad about the I don't want to be a victim of Identity theft, tell me what to do. Should I put a stop on the check. Or should I contact authority. These people should be put in jail for ripping of people like this. An investigator should get involved....

The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau - Fraud

Posted:    Valerie
Complaint Rating:  98 % with 448 votes
THE SWEEPSTAKES AUDIT BUREAU of Dallas, TX. sent me a letter requesting five dollars to enter a sweepstakes. This is suspicious because I have never heard of this company.

I do not believe I will have a chance to win $12 million dollars by entering this sweepstakes, and I would like to see this company prosecuted for sending fraud mail through the US mail service. This is the second letter of this nature I have received from this company this month.

I would be helpful to know how to report such rip-offs to the authorities. This bogus company needs to be shut down and...

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