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The Berry Company - Ohio, Hudson / Digital Advertising

Michele Glas on 2015-10-30
In September 2014, I entered into a 12 month contract with The Berry Company for the YP.Com advertising to start October of 2014. (Since I am able to count, I came up with the conclusion that the advertising contract would be up in Oct. of 2015). I was told when I called & e-mailed to cancel (which took about 3 weeks of calling until I even got to speak to anybody) that the contract would be up in February of 2016. HOW DOES THIS ADD UP TO A 12 MONTH CONTRACT?...I COUNT 16 MONTHS. I just got off the phone with the billing to see how much I owe to pay off this bill. I was told that they are not...

The Berry Company / The berry company

griselda1967 on 2015-07-26
i bought a bottle of acai berry juice from the the berry company. my daughter was taking a sip and she felt a sort of rubbery material in her mouth she spat it out on the ground and there was a piece of sort of green rubber. we strained out the bottle and collected the pieces of green rubber in the bottle it had the letters lag written on it i dont know what the full word is because the rubbery thing was divided into small pieces. i know it was not because the juice had gotten spoilt because it had letters on it. really unsafe for children and for families

The Berry Company - Ohio, Dayton / Fraudulant sales practices/ Harassment/ Rip Off company

Quality Service on 2013-10-30
I will make this one short. I was sold a website. Berry Built a website for a plumber, and I am not a plumber. They published the website without my approval. They refused to take the fraudulent false advertising website off the internet until I hired an attorney to force the Berry company to take the website off the internet. The website had specific information that could have put me in jail and definitely cost me thousands in fines, imposed by the state of Kentucky. Not to mention the false advertising that was put out to the world with my name on it. They are still billing me for this website...

The Berry Company - Nevada, Elko / Failure to abide by their contract

Boyd on 2013-07-16
For 2013 I reuped for YP book advertising as well as adding a Berry designed website. I already had a website but was assured theirs would be topnotch and add to my business. I was asked if I had a domain address in mind and told them yes, in fact I owned one and wanted to use that. To make a long story (6 hours on the phone with no resolution) short - after stating they would use my domain in the recorded contract and my rejecting the incorrect book ad in writing (confirmed by them) and correcting it to the one I wanted, they ultimately claimed that because the website was "unavailable" (ya...

The Berry Company - Kentucky, Lexington / Customer service/billing

RobertJ1966 on 2013-03-13
I did not know my local phone company decided not to bill me for the yellow pages. The Berry Company owns the local telephone book here in Ashtabula, Ohio. Six months after the book comes out I receive collection calls from The Berry Company. Apparently they have been sending an invoice to someone else. I had no idea what the person on the phone from the collection department was talking about because they did not have a good grasp of the English language. After I understood I asked them to send me a bill outlining the services. Instead I got a piece of paper with a total on it. After I...

The Berry Company - Ohio, Dayton / deceptive trade practices, false advertising, harassment

mlindsay on 2012-10-28
The Berry Company solicits business via yellow pages or local phone companies and tries to get you to "authorize" them to build you a website. They do this by promising that you will not pay unless and until you are satisfied with the site. When the site is put up and it doesn't meet your specifications they try to bill you saying that you "authorized" it. When you complain they simply offer "gift certificates" for future Berry Advertising. That's right...gift certificates. What a joke! The daily harassing and disruptive phone call will start coming and they think they can force you...

The Berry Company / Worst customer service I have ever had!

Cash T on 2011-07-16
From leaving my phone number out of the local phone book to my current problem of stopping internet advertising, the Berry Company has caused my business nothing but problems. In December 2010 my ad disappeared on the internet. After numerous calls I still have no explanation as to why that occurred. They have a problem with returning phone calls. I have been trying to cancel some advertising since December 2010 with no success. The only response I receive to my numerous written requests is more inaccurate billings. I have only heard from one person at the company who I thought was going to...

The Berry Company - Ohio, Dayton / bogus lawsuit

Ron from N Y on 2011-06-03
In 2006, I was sued by the Berry Company for advertising I had never requested nor authorized for yellow page ads appearing in a 2004 Orange County Frontierpages for a business that I had closed in 2001 and for which I had written proof that the phone was turned off at the time as I vacated my shop space. I submitted my written proof to Berry's lawyer and the Berry Company would neither proceed with the case or drop the case for over 4 years. We filed a demand with the court and the case was ordered dismissed and a judgment was ordered with prejudice against the Berry Company. which mean...

The Berry Company - Missouri, Columbia / Yellow Pages

jsnichols3293 on 2011-02-23
We had paid for our year of outrageous service which did not benefit us. When they called to renew I indicated I did not want the same service as it was outrageously priced and we received no referrals from the yellow pages. I was to have bare minimum with option to cancel as we were not happy with service. If anyone listens to the recording, this should be stated, but it appears things conveniently disappear on their end. I contacted centurytel as this was our service provider. We changed services through them and they never stated the Berry company had to be contacted as I assumed I was done...

The Berry Company - Texas, Houston / Nothing has been resolved!!!

TiredofThis_2 on 2011-02-01
I spoke with Jasmine Fleming in the Hudson, Ohio office in December of 2010 and I told her I had been trying to cancel my advertising in the Houston Texas Sugarland/Katy directory for over a year. She assured me that she would get to the bottom of the situation and she herself would call me back. I called back and spoke to another rep who told me that nothing had been done on my account and they are still charging me for services that I do not want! I really want this to end. I have been dealing with this for too long and I am sick of it. I will NEVER do business with this company again. When...

The Berry Company - Arizona / Left out our ad

George Rogers on 2011-01-24
After paying for display ads for over 30 years, this year the ad was not in the book, even after I (like usual) talked to the rep on the phone. When I call to try to talk about this I am faced by a wall of some very uncaring people (well, if you weren't billed for it, what are you complaining about?). OR, I'll get you something special online, I'll call you back in 30 days(60 days ago). Am stll waiting to hear from these bozos.

The Berry Company - Ohio / Employees

Irritated2TheMax on 2011-01-11
The customer service is horrible. I had to wait on hold for 34 minutes. when i finally got through to somebody the were talking so fast and made it seem like they were rushing me off the phone. they didnt give me the answers that i wanted and never gave me proff of what i wanted either. The rep name that i spooke with was Jasmine Fleming. Its seems like she is in too big of a hurry to care about anything. I will never do business with this company again.

The Berry Company - Ohio, Cincinnati / billing for unrecieved services

parlour on
In June 1999 I contracted the Berry Company, who was working with Yodel, to create, host and market my website. I was suppose to pay $883 for 6 months and $600 for the last 6 months for a year. Billing would not start until the website was up and being marketed. They told me I would be up in 2-3 weeks so I went ahead and cancelled my current website marketing. After calling and working with numerous different technicians it was November and I still wasn't up. They started billing right away though. I saw I was going to miss the Holiday marketing, which is essential for our gift sales and...

The Berry Company - New York, Jamestown / Deceptive Advertising Practices!

I own a small LLC and have done business with our local carrier (Windstream) up until last year when I ported my local phone number over to Verizon (cellular). At that point I was notified by Windstream that I *might* be responsible for the Yellow Page advertising directly from the publisher. I thought that would be fine at the time. Several months went by and I thought that maybe they had forgotten about me. However I received a bill one day from "Berry" (whom I had never heard of) for advertising for the past several months. I willingly paid it and have continued to do so until June, when...

The Berry Company - New York / False & Deceptive Advertising Practices

I am an attorney in Rochester. The Berry Co. has billed me and reported me to a debt collection agency over a purported advertising debt which I do not owe. I have asked for the basis for the charges and have received nothing. I have submitted proof I do not owe the charges they are claiming. I have spent months trying to resolve this, have been hung up on, etc. I am in the process of investigating a law suit against this company. Anyone else with a complaint, please e-mail me at mark@vienceklaw.com. Thank you.

The Berry Company - Ohio, Cincinnati / being falsely billed

they are charging us 1, 580.79 for service. we have never agreed to use their service. it is for advertising in the phone book. we have gotten a new phone book ever year and our ad isn't in it. so i feel we should not have to pay for their service.

The Berry Company - New York, Rochester / Diseptive Charges after Contracts End

DO NOT USE THE BERRY COMPANY. If you are thinking about it Stop right away. Demand that they actually send you a contract don't do anything with them over the phone, and if you don't receive it from them keep calling until they send it don't just let it go and assume they are a fair and balanced company with good business practices. There not…. I am an independent contractor with a major financial firm. An acquaintance of mine was working for the Berry Company and talked me into taking out an Add in the Rochester Yellow pages. We spoke about it over the phone and I agreed...

The Berry Company / Fraudulent Charges

I just remote call forwarded a number that was being used by another party that had a contract with The Berry Company. I paid the installation fee and monthly fee and Northstate Comm just started adding the charges to my bill. I have filed a complaint with the BBB against both companies. I have informed them to contact the prior owner and have the ad updated to reflect his updated company info. I plan to file with the Attorney General's then move to a more serious forum. I have asked them to supply me with details about the existing contract and a copy of it. It would be beneficial for them to take this seriously.

The Berry Company - Texas, Lubbock / Deceptive Sales Practices

I was contacted by a very chatty and friendly associate of the Berry Company and offered an advertising contract for advertising in the Windstream yellow pages. I asked if I had to make a decision now and the representative said no. I told her to fax over the information and I will look it over and decide later. After about nine minutes of conversation the call was over. I never received a fax, only a bill for $400.00 due immediately. I called and said there must be some kind of mistake. They said they had recorded the conversation in which I agreed to the advertising contract. So after they...
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