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TeleBrands / Refund of payment after order cancelled

frostin on 2014-04-08
I Ordered ONE Hurricane Mop and didn't get a chance to review order before submitting! THEY DO THIS ON PURPOSE!! I was charged $159.92 for something that was supposed to be $29.99 plus $12.99 S/H I have been refunded all but $29.99 (item #3 on order confirmation) This has been going on since January 26, 20142014 this company is a total scam and why isn't it shut down...they are screwing everyone that they do business with according to all of these complaints. They should be taken off TV sales as they are not reliable and can't be trusted to keep their word!! SHAME ON YOU...

TeleBrands / the quality of the products which telebrands send us was very low.... all the items were defective

anupam pandey2000 on 2014-01-03
u people fool the the common man by showing somethng on the t.v and giving something else ... on 26/11/2013 we ordered nicer dicer by order no. M1373955... and on 28/11/2013 we ordered 5 in 1 sofa cum bed, electricity saver and wedge cushion by order no.M1374418... 1. binding of sofa cum bed opened the 2nd day of use... 2. cushions are very very uncomfortable and 1 is puntured also m not able to identify the hole... 3. nicer dicer is highly defective... the blades are not of the material which u show in tv.. they r made up of iron... many of them r not straight n v r unable to chop even...

TeleBrands / Did not order anything

T. Umbaugh on 2013-08-08
Going through my bank statement found a charge of $39.98, external debit withdrawl. I did not order anything. Dated 7/19/2013 Only identifying information was a phone number of TELE800-777-4034 on the bank statement. I called and they wouldn't give me the address of the home office for the company. I suspect "Telebrands" take payments for other companies. I spoke with a "Vernon" who said there were no managers as they had all gone home, I put in a request for a manger to call me 8/8/13. We will see. "Vernon" said he was not able to refund my money.

TeleBrands - North Carolina / Pocket hose

Eleanor Smith on 2013-06-12
I purchased pocket hose early may 2013. I got a confirmation letter by email and a tracking number. I was billed credit card may 30 and told my order was shipped and would be here 7 - 10 days. As of june 17 no order has arrived. Checking the tracking order they say it was delivered june 7. No one can explain this, only tell me it will be here in about 2 weeks. I told them where is it and why another 10 days. They say check your post office. They were suppose to ship to my physical address and now say post office, no one can tell me which shipping company is handling this and not to worry...

TeleBrands - Florida / DOG GROOMING BRUCH

Ronald J L on 2012-12-05
Last Sunday (12-02-2012) my wife and I were shopping for a dog grooming brush she had seen on TV. When we found what she was looking for, we could not easily confirm what the total price was. We had to enter all of our information in order to find out what the final price would actually be. We did that, MISTAKE. Once we had determined the price we did not want the item we were looking at. So there was no apparent way to abort the site, and there also was not confirmation screen to actually place the order. We just left the site, and went on about our shopping. Come to find out last night there...

TeleBrands / This is fraudulent practice and people should beware of this company

Vigo on 2012-10-30
I ordered a Zirconium ring from a telemarketer named Telebrands and talked with an automated answering machine. All I ordered was a ring but when the order arrived it included earrings which I did not order.During the call I was offered several things to buy (including earrings) but I kept saying NO but they sent earrings anyway.I called the company and talked with a representative who apologized and said she’d deduct $5.00 from the order if I’d keep the earrings. Rather than going to the trouble of sending them back I said ok. This is fraudulent practice and people should beware of this company.

TeleBrands - Missouri / Over charged

Riley Keys on 2012-08-10
This company is a total rip off. They told me my order was 15.99, and if order today they would add a second one free. I placed the order for one and paid 9.99 for rush shipping. One Month later I was charge 98.91, and was taken out of my checking account. You can't talk to them because no one in the office speak english.

TeleBrands / Poor website practices, hidden details

txmatn on 2012-03-18
I have ordered two seperate times from Telebrands, the first time, last year near Christmas, my wife began an order, and then changed her mind. She said she never sublmitted the order, however they charged my card anyhow. The second time, the product advertised free shipping, saying it would explain if I continued, when I entered my card info in the blocks and hit continue, it never got to the free shipping explanation. I backed out of the window hoping it would not charge my card, however it did, and I had to pay the shipping, Also, I had a $20.00 gift certificate from Telebrands that I...

TeleBrands / Slice-O-Matic Ripoff

Ruth C. on 2011-12-25
Saw an advertisement for the Slice-O-Matic for $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. "Call right now and receive a 2nd Slice-O-Matic free, just pay seperate S&H." When I called all my information was taken by an automated machine. I declined the offer for the 2nd "free" slice-matic along with about 20 other offers. When I got my invoice, I was charged $53.96. When I called customer service, they explained that even if you decline the offer for the "free" 2nd product, they will ship it to you anyway and charge you the $6.99 S&H because it is actually a buy 1 get 1 free product. They...

TeleBrands / Not recommended

dentalplan on 2011-12-25
I ordered 2 skillets for 31.97, got a debit for 51.96 from Telebrands. The moment i saw the incorrect debit, i phoned Telebrands and canceled the order. I was told i would see the reversed debit in 5-7 days. I did not. I phoned Telebrands again, was told a credit would be placed against the card in 5-7 days. Again nothing happened. I contacted my bank they investigated my complaint and said i'd have to deal with Telebrands myself. I'm still out 51.96. I contact Telebrands again and i'm told 5-7 days i'd see a credit.

TeleBrands / Misleading

sonjablue on 2011-12-16
There is a lot to list, so sit tight. First off, when I saw the commercial for the Chef Basket, they claimed the baskets were durable, and that you get a FREE basket when you buy one. You are also supposed to receive a "robostir", with your purchase. The price is advertised "$10.00" and free shipping. When it comes time to order said item, they charge you $10.00 for ONE basket, and it is 6.99 S&H, and to get the other items "free", you have to pay an additional 6.99 S&H charge per item. So what was once $10.00, becomes "23.98" or more. Second, I called their customer service line to ask for...

TeleBrands / The total charged was $23.98 and I want to have awful refund and free return shipping

Hillade on 2011-10-27
I called to order some buttons which was advertised at $10 around feb.18.They first took my credit card number by an automated voice.i then was forced to listen to a whole host of offers at a much higher price.I was never told the total charge nor could I speak to anyone. I tried many phone numbers from the first cal and was sent to others numbers several times.I finally spoke to someone and informed them of my disgust with their operating system and told them to cancel my order which they said they would.Today the order came and I sent more time waiting to speak with someone and they gave me...

TeleBrands / Don't Order from them

unhappycustomer2 on 2011-10-01
I ordered Jupiter Jack back in AUG, 09 two weeks before my wife's birthday and upgarded the jupiter so I would make sure it would work. Paid extra to amount to about $50.00 It took till October to receive it and I was never told it would take that long. Once I got it, the connectors to fit a phone did not work on her phone. Again, I never asked the model to insure it would work with it. I was told I could order the new connector for $2.99 which I did. I told them the model number and make. I received the connector today 12/7/09 and they send the wrong one. That has been four months and still can't get it to work. NEVER, NEVER purhcase from them.

TeleBrands / Beware

Consumer1234 on 2011-09-23
I purchased a Jupiter Jack from Telebrands, com. I have had nothing but trouble and lies from them. They said the payment would be split in two - yes, but they charged $48 on the first time and $10 the second time - not the way it should be done. They tell you an item has been shipped when it hasn't. They guarantee you will receive an item by a specific date, you don't. They bill you for items that are never sent and they lie over and over again. DO NOT buy from this company!

TeleBrands / To date I have not received a refund

Sagide on 2011-09-22
I ordered 4 of the "Shoes Under" shoe storage cases based on the TV ads. They SHOW a "sturdy" case able to slide easily back and forth under the bed holding 12 pairs of shoes in place. What I received was $43.97 of useless flimsy material.What they show on TV has rigid dividers and a sturdy bottom. What I received has material dividers and bottom and CAN NOT and DOES NOT slide even on hardwood floors let alone carpet. When I called I talked to some one who I couldn't understand very well and he was of NO help. I requested a return authorization and he said my refund would be about $20.00...

TeleBrands / Junk

Vicky on 2011-09-06
I had exactly the same bad experiences with this junk company. I saw the TV ad and then tried to order a heel-stick product from www.heelstick.com. The price on the TV is $10 for each, while after I entered my discover information, my address, and everything, the price showed $23.98! Handling & Shipping costs are much more than the price of the product itself. I did not continue, did not authorize the purchase, and just close the website. I thought that’s it. Two weeks later I received the products, and I found that they charged my discover! It was just like a theft, you saved your...

TeleBrands - New Jersey / Lying to customers

Michael Tarplin on 2011-08-12
The status that is shown online is wrong. I ordered a wallet in January through alumawallets(Telebrands) which got backordered so many times that the machine that lists when we did the order in the first place says I ordered it in March. Then, when I finally was able to cancel the order that was for a February birthday present, I tried ordering again today to see what result I got and I got a 1800 number requesting my credit card number to give me gas card vouchers. If you are going to give me a voucher and you have my address you do not ask for more money from a customer. What I want to fix...

TeleBrands / Order cancelled

Odemoura on 2011-06-21
I ordered Aluma Wallet online and they had an offer: Order a silver color and they will send the blue and red ones, must pay shipping and handling. Yeah right! The order was placed mid-December 2010!. Now June 2011 I received 2 postcards from TeleBrands telling me that: "Unfortunately, we are unable to ship your product at this time.. Your order has been cancelled?." I called the number they put in the post card and they tell me to call a different number/. I call the other number talked with a girl she got me on hold 3 times just to tell me that the order was cancelled and if I wanted to...

TeleBrands / order processing

Usher59 on 2011-06-06
Went on the website but never went as far as finishing the ordering of the product and had two orders submitted. Each order was $23.97 and 12.98 was for shipping and handling but under two different categories. Ordered on May 3rd with no confirmation of the order and product did not ship until june 2nd. Was not even aware of this order until the charge showed up in my bank account.

TeleBrands / Over charges: I ordered only one ring

Stmarymead58 on 2011-05-18
I ordered only one royal ring. when I came to the end of the order process. the order was for two royal rings at $78.00. I only ordered one ring for $19.90 and I upgraded the finish for $10.00 with an shipping charge of $6.99. I was unable to check the order or change the order and now I am unsure what will happen. I will call the company Monday. I will report what is done. I have read some of the other reviews about this company and I pray that the company will fix the problem. I just hope the ring is made well.
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