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Supercuts Complaints & Reviews

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Supercuts - Pricing

Posted: 2015-09-14 by    Reviewer64144
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have been going to Supercuts for 4 1/2 months twice a week. Today the manager tells me I have not been charged enough all of these months. She increased my visits by $9.00 for each visit. She did not apology. She was not kind about it... She acted as if it was my fault somehow!!! She was very rude and unprofessional. I will never go back to Supercuts nor will I recommend them......

Supercuts - Colorado, Arvada - HSA Training

Posted: 2014-01-09 by    Annonymous68
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
The training was with a woman in her late twenties with a very big ego. I'd like to say I have a pretty good read on people when I talk to them and I could tell right away that this trainer was a b***#%. I knew I was going to either make it through the week long training dreading it or end up leaving. Guess what happened? I ended up leaving the 2nd day. This trainer was very patronizing. She would ask me a question about a certain technique and if I got it wrong she would try to make me guess and make me look like I was an idiot for not knowing. She would then proceed to talk to me like I was...

Supercuts - California, Cupertino - unprofessional service / Desrimination

Posted: 2012-09-17 by    Brad Casey
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
On Saturday 9/15 at around 9:30 am I walked in to this Supercut store to get a hair cut There were 5 people who looked like they worked there, and only one person was given a haircut to a customer. I was the only other potential customer. When I arrived I took off my hat and got a few chuckles (not thing unusual about that with little hair), from two of the employees. One who was sweeping very slowly, and the other who was messing with her hair. Not one of them greeted me. In fact, I sat there for 5 minutes and was completely ignored. I am over 50, so I can only summarize this store discriminates...

Supercuts - Butcher cuts at super cuts

Posted: 2012-07-26 by    Wozmle
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I walked into Super Cuts in Shirley NY I told the hairdresser CHRISSY that I wanted ONLY the top trimmed, Well she didnt listen & While I was off guard she proceeded to cut the side of my hair below my ears & I screamed at her She cut a lot off I had to complain to the manager I will report this Salon & WONT QUIT UNTIL she is FIRED!, There are too many COMPLAINTS against them....

Supercuts - California, San Jose - bad haircut

Posted: 2012-06-15 by    bsjbigdog
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
went to this particular store because it was on our way to our destination. At the very start, the owner was arguing with one of the stylist, the girl that took me back, although nice, was SO intimidated by what kind of cut I was requesting...wanted a 11/2 on the bottom part with a slight trim on the top to keep it spikey, NEVER had a problem asking for this. the owner and another girl had to TEACH her how to cut my hair. Im more upset that the owner was watching this the whole time and didnt step in till the damage was done. it was all i could do to get out of there without them cutting my ears...

Supercuts - Texas, Houston - hair cut

Posted: 2012-03-24 by    frank bonner
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
The hair stylist insisted I learn the reasons for her using scissor or trimmers. I explained - as I always do, that it doesn't matter, I just need a hair cut. She said she had several questions I needed to answer before hoe could cut my hair. Really? For what purpose? To waste my time apparently.
She called over another employee who went through the same routine. Instead of just cutting my hair, they wanted to play 20 questions.
I went to another hair cutting business, and got my hair cut without incident or all the bull....

Supercuts - Employees do not care about their customers

Posted: 2011-11-02 by    supercutsisbad
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I walked in to my supercuts appointment at 2:00. After waiting for ten minutes, I told the hairdresser that I wanted her to use the four. She said "four all the way around?" I said no, and to leave some hair on the top. She then ignored my last comment and gave me a buzz cut. When I complained, she said I should have told her more clearly, and maybe next time I should write down what I want so the employee won't get confused....

Supercuts - Stay away

Posted: 2011-08-31 by    vader7
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was seated rudely for a haircut because I have long hair and the girl obviously did not want to be bothered. I did not want any of my long hair cut just cleaned up underneath and MAYBE have the ends cut.

I had put my own hair up and she left it that way instead of placing it out of the way to do her job. She proceeded to clipper the shorter hairs only to pull a large portion of my longer hair out of hold with the guard and she PROCEEDED TO CUT OFF THE LONG HAIR AS IF IT WERE NOTHING AT ALL! I said "you are cutting my my long hair", she said " Oh I am arent I" as she continued to...

Supercuts - Horror Hair Cut

Posted: 2011-07-21 by    Devon54
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I went to Supercuts for a hair cut on McNight Rd in North Hills, Pittsburgh, PA and my face was cut by the hairdresser's scissors in 3 places. I didn't realize until I got home. I was cut so bad it still won't heal. Stay away from Supercuts!...

Supercuts - Terrible Hair Cut

Posted: 2011-07-05 by    ryantavis
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I'm sorry, but i just received the worst hair cut of my life. I asked the lady to cut it with a 2 razor and then blend it in on the sides...then cut it finger length at the top. She used 2 razor all the way up the sides and into the top of my head. After the hair cut I look very similar to Chunk on the Goonies movie. I told her that she cut it way too short up to the top. She then proceeded to argue with me and stated in very broken English that this is the way it was supposed to be because of the round structure of my face.

I never received a receipt so I can not provide you...

Supercuts - California, Sacramento - Hair wasn't cut correctly

Posted: 2011-06-20 by    margobaccellia
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
I went in to have hair trimmed.
When I went in the first time, the stylist didn't cut nothing off,
So I was VERY disappointed and decided to go back, So they can
do a touchup on it. I suggested that they just trim some
more. (mind you I have cowlicks). The other stylist
cut more than an inch off. (I'm a woman and now have VERY short hair).
I asked for hair trimmed alittle off earloobs and bangs trimmed to eyebrows.
Earloob hair is cut a good inch above and bangs are an inch too..

Supercuts - New Jersey, Bloomfield - the customer service at supercuts

Posted: 2011-03-15 by    monique5
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
i walked into a supercuts hair salon and was refused service a colour for my hair they said they coudlnt do it

after that i applied for a job at supercuts i have been in the hair industry for many years and wanted to improove my skilss . I went into suerpcuts jsut to ask for directions to the studio and they were very rude telling me they could not give me any information about that and the studio was located right behind the salon .

when i went to the studio school the teacher was a very good stylist but i feel she treated me very unfairly. I was picked on from the...

Supercuts - Washington - bad employer

Posted: 2011-02-08 by    Former employee
Complaint Rating:  91 % with 11 votes
I had worked as a stylist at a few Supercuts for a few years. I have been a cosmetologist since 1991. Supercuts and Great Clips were the worst employers I ever had! My coworkers were very unprofessional. They dressed like prostitutes. They had inappropriate conversations regularly, even in front of other peoples children. They ususally talked about, bar hopping, doing drugs, sex, cheating welfare, the scumbags they dated, their tattoos, their periods, their std's, and their newly pierced nipples. I avoided them by cleaning the shop when I wasn't doing a haircut. I was the only ladylike,...

Supercuts - Pennsylvania, Avondale - butchered my hair

Posted:    cynthia Sudnikovich
Complaint Rating:  60 % with 5 votes
I dropped my mother off to get her nails done and decided to walk next door to Super cuts for a trim. I have my hair styled like Victoria Beckman. I told her I only wanted about a half inch taken off, my hair was shoulder length. She took about two inches off and literally took random chunks of my hair. It looked as though you gave a five year old a pair of scissors and let them go to town on my hair. There were layers where there shouldn't have been, chunks missing, etc. The bill was $34.00. When I got home I began to examine what she had done and was horrified! I am 47 years old and have...

Supercuts - Mississippi, Hattiesburg - closed early

Posted:    tinky08
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
i went to the salon at 3 pm the store closes at 5 and the stylist informed me that they were closed due to the fact the wait was 2 hours long. 2 hours before they close? i have worked in many of stores and never have we stopped taking customers 2 hours before closing!...

Supercuts - rubish hair cut

Posted:    k pavey
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
realy bad hair cut for my husbond when we got home i had to recut it, the waste or £16.50 was not funny, she hairdresser hardly spoke i dont think she even wanted to work.young and not very experianced at all. stay away...as a hairdresser myself i just hadnt had time to cut his hair so i thought id treat him instead of having it done in the kitchen..so total waste of money, nearly went back to ask her to finish the cut and to put it right but my husbond didnt want to make a fuss.....

Supercuts - I was absolutely astounded by the service i got at Supercuts

Posted:    Trikotale
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I was absolutely astounded by the service i got at supercuts, it was horrible, all the stylists were just mean ass bullies, rude, loud, talking about sex, talking about inappropriate things with customers, talking about there boobs, telling customers, nope, we cant do this style or that style, they get mad and angry with the customer, if the customer doesnt like there haircut, they will say, its not my problem... if you dont like it go somewhere else. its is probably one of the worst salons i have ever seen, it is by far the worst business i have ever seen conducted.

And complaints...

Supercuts - Ontario, Hamilton - Supercuts

Posted:    lance cunningham
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 16 votes
I have read many complaints about Supercuts, well, I have seen people respond to them by "I am a stylist there and its super awesome OMG"
When I worked at supercuts for six plus years, I saw so many talented and not so talented stylists go through the revolving door of employment, that one could easily fill a stadium with angry stylists.
I could write a book about my complaints about supercuts but I will stick to the most pressing.
Supercuts when they hire you make you go though a training proccess called HSA, I ve seen alot of people say they saw people not get passed, but...

Supercuts - Illinois, Tinley Park - Staff

Posted:    Erika30
Complaint Rating:  71 % with 7 votes
I went into Supercuts the other day to get a haircut and your stylist, Danielle cut my hair. While I was paying, she didn't give me a receipt as I was getting my coat on, I noticed her putting in the register that she charged me for a senior cut, but i payed for an adult cut. Just thought you'd like to know about your staff. Also, it's ashame that another one of your sylists, Peggy is late everyday and she's still there. Don't you think it's time to clean up before it's to late?...

Supercuts - Poor customer service, bad haircut

Posted:    TedE51
Complaint Rating:  71 % with 7 votes
I went in the supercuts in austin texas in oak hill. I was helped by an ashley, the manager and she was rude from the beginning. From when she took my name, to the haircutt I tried to get. She couldn't follow the easiest of directions. I will never go there again as well as I will file complaint w/ store. I asked for my head to be shaved and I wanted to leave my sideburns. It seems easy enough, but the first thing she does is, *** my left sideburn!! I almost fell out of the chair! So I said, what are you doing!! And she acted like I never told her in the beginning to leave the sideburns....

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