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Strong Memorial Hospital Complaints & Reviews

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Strong Memorial Hospital - New York, Rochester - Horrible Care for Inpatient Mental Health

Posted: 2012-03-02 by    dazenough
Complaint Rating:  89 % with 9 votes
My family member, who had been horribly depressed because of a very painful health condition, attempted suicide. She was admitted to a medical unit where she did not receive any counsiling whatsoever for 4 days and then was transfered to the most horrible psych unit I have ever seen. They mix them in with murderers and rapists, etc, who stand outside her door and yell about how they are going to kill so and so when they get released and exactly how they are going to do it. They are not allowed to have a cell phone, tv, or anything to do at all but either stay in their room alone and terrified or...

Strong Memorial Hospital - Patient privacy/HIPPA/

Posted:    Mrs.Jackson44
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
HIPPA is a joke at this hospital, employess talk openly and freely about pt's and it's disjusting.If you complain about it nothing is done.I will be contacting JACHO....

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