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Scotts Lawn Service Complaints & Reviews

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Scotts Lawn Service / non authorized service

capt-will on 2014-10-17
My letter to the local scott lawn service: This service was never authorized by me and in fact I refused it when solicited by phone! I responded to a phone call asking if I wanted the service; when I was told of the price I declined saying I had a local person who has been doing for me for $225. In addition, Michelle, or someone at the office was to call to schedule each service; I received no call for this service or the previous service. When I called to complain I was told by Michelle that the manager would be in contact. This never happened. She did say she would cancel further service...

Scotts Lawn Service / Sales people not giving correct info to lure customers in for their services

Mrs. Jo Jo on 2014-03-22
Serviceman and Salesman contacted us many times about their lawn service. Each time we told him that their services were too expensive. The other companies who had given us bids were much cheaper than his. After several conversations with him, he told us that he would give a plan for five app for $33.00 plus tax if we would let him do the service. We agreed to the $33 plus tax deal. He told us he would get this set up through their office and would begin the service ASAP. On 3-21-14, their tech treated our lawn. He left an invoice for $66.00 due immediately. I called the local company and...

Scotts Lawn Service - Texas, Houston / Service

Not Scotts on 2013-05-23
I had given instruction to Scotts that I needed advance notice of when they planned to perform service as I need to put my dog up so they can gain access to the back yard. The back yard is the majority of my property. Needless to say they came without notice serviced the front yard and never serviced the backyard. I contacting them immediately that I was not going to pay until they performed the whole service and I needed notice of when they would be there. After many phone calls, the best they could do was give me prior day notice but could not committ to a window of time, hence my dog would...

Scotts Lawn Service - Florida, Fort Myers / Billed for no service

David Chaves on 2012-12-12
Billed for service that was not performed. Have talked to manager, (Chris) he has told me the service person has talked to me about the service.I have not heard a word form George the service person. I was told today on 12/12/12 that George talked to me last week that is impossible i was in California last week. He keeps telling his manager Chris that he has talked to me several times that is a LIE. I feel Scotts has ripped me off for $45.00 Dollars.I will never do service with Scott's again and let my neighbor's know what a rip-off they are. David Chaves

Scotts Lawn Service / Scotts Lawn Services Advertisement is a lie

Sineg on 2012-10-24
Received a mailing with an advertisement of free lawn analysis. Requested this service online. I received a call from Scotts representative in Elgin IL and was asked if I want any paid services. I said that I want FREE LAWN ANALYSIS as advertised. They told me that it takes up to 2 weeks to send somebody out. And that if I am not home, they will leave analysis at my doorsteps. Nobody showed up. I have a live-in babysitter who is around the house all the time. Called them back after 2 weeks. Was offered paid services again. When I asked them about free lawn analysis, they told me that a person wa...

Scotts Lawn Service / they are supposed to come when I am home, they have times, but came when I wasnt home, n did half my yard not enitre yard

unhappie on 2012-08-16
When I called them to do my yard again this yr, *after a cpl yrs ago I was a little late on a payment, but it was made, they never came back out or called to finish my yard for the yr, but I thought I would try them one more time...I'm sorry I did now...these people DO NOT DO WHAT THEY ARE ASKED. They have the times when to come to my home, they came when I wasnt home, n cant do the backyard unless I am home...I have called for 2 days for a return call, which they haven't even gave me the decency of...They also sprayed for grubs, WHICH I NEVER AGREED TOO., THEN CHARGED ME 41.00 FOR A...

Scotts Lawn Service - Michigan, Wixom / Billing for unauthorized services

PPP2012 on 2012-06-25
I had a lawn service from Scotts Lawn service in 2011. I was not satisfied with the service as lack of proper sevice distroyed my lawn. During winter of 2011, Scotts lawn service sent me an offer for 2012. However, I did not renew my service. In spring of this year, without my authorization, they provided a fertilizer service at my home. I consider that tresspassing as I had not authorized any service. I called them and informed them that I have not renewed my service and stop any further services at my home. I also informed them that I will not be paying for that service as I had not...

Scotts Lawn Service - Texas, Houston / Misleading the customers and cheating

A victim in texas on 2012-06-14
Hi Customers; Please don't ever believe this company. The reps of this company don't have any idea of what they are telling. They don't know more details of the grass. They just needs the money from the people. I am a victim. I don't want to give my details. Please please don't ever let this people ie I mean Scotts lawn service people don't ever let them to your home. You will be losing your money. They say in words they will treat all type of grass weeds and all. Please don't ever believe them. They don't take care of the customer satisfaction. The management is very poor. A victim

Scotts Lawn Service - Texas / Lawn care

silverone1 on 2012-04-30
I am very dissatisfied with Scotts Lawn Service. When they treated my trees and shrubs, wherever the solution hit the grass between and around trees and shrubs, the solution killed the grass. I now have trails aroung the yard with dead grass. I really find it had to believe in quality service when they are usually here for normally 10 to 15 minutes and either treat the whole yard or do a tree and shrub servicing. And then charge $70.00 for this 15 minutes of work. I think it is a total rip-off. Needless to say, I have cancelled this service and will never recommend this company to anyone. EVER!

Scotts Lawn Service - Florida, Saint Cloud / Worst Service ever

jmo314 on 2012-04-10
I paid a lot of money for my service. I paid 43 a month plus the initial fee for the first big treatment. I had just had new sod put on and had Scott's Lawn Service treat my grass. I never so many weeds, dry spots and fire ant piles in my life. I questioned them about it and they always had an excuse or it was my fault. Either I watered too much or to little and the dry spots were because I have a tree that's giving the grass shade mind you mostly everyone in my neighborhood has trees in their front lawn and their grass looks great. The weeds never died they grew like crazy. They...

Scotts Lawn Service / Employees Servicing Customers

otherguy on 2011-12-30
As a former employee of Scotts Lawn Service I would be gravely concerned of not only their services but what kind of employees they have on the job. Let me go in to more detail of employee’s histories and in which several are still employed at Scotts. • Lets start with the 2 employees ( lawn techs) that sub sequentially failed their drug Tests. Of these 2 employees I currently still works at Scotts. Both employees purchased a home Drug test as they were told of the upcoming drug test in which they also took a supplement to Try beating the test. Needles to say the inexpensive home test...

Scotts Lawn Service - Connecticut / BAD SERVICE

BobSz on 2011-10-13
Customer for over 4 years and am sick of the quality of service and scams this place runs. My lawn is full of broad leaf weeds in the month of Sept, at the end of the season when these weeds should have been killed back in June. I paid for Gub control and got grubs in late Aug, looked and seen they did the GrubX preventer that same month, when it should have been done in may-june like I paid for. Now the label says (that they must follow by law) as a preventer it needs to go down before grubs are active and at that time they should have used a curative product. I had insect damage over the...

Scotts Lawn Service - Missouri, Bridgeton / Terrible Service

HearMyVoice on 2011-08-17
We are thoroughly dissatisfied with the services rendered by Scotts Lawn Service in St. Louis, Missouri. I will grant, up front, that the last two years have been challenging years for lawns and gardens. That said, I have never had worse service from a lawn care company that I did with Scotts. Treatments were applied late, requests for treatments took 3-4 weeks after reminder calls, and some treatments were applied during heat conditions that are not recommended. The funny thing was we had a customer satisfaction representative from Scotts come by and he not only agreed with our problems but...


JIMMYDEANER on 2011-02-27
Horrible company, horrible employer, dont even use their own product, they use a cheap brand from overseas to save money ..I'm a current lawn tech in PA.. I was hired last year and I have hated it ever since and cannot wait to find another job.. The company does all they can to screw you over and pay you less. As most everyone else has said they raise the payout goals so you cant make commision and then make you work 6days a wk 60 hrs and you still dont get crap.. It is completely unbelievable how this company gets away with this.. I am embarrassed to go to lawns when they FORCE us to...

Scotts Lawn Service - New Jersey, Wayne / Poor service

After several conversations with different customer service representatives about the many issues our lawn suffered under their care, the invoices received reflecting charges that we were told would be waived, it is clear being their customer is a gamble. Under their so call care, our lawn was actually worse than when we used to apply the fertilizer ourselves. More weeds, yellow grass, voles, and it is clear they missed some large areas of our lawn. Nevertheless, and after many complaints and senseless explanations from their customer representatives blaming a “rough summer”, we have learned our lesson, and formally inform them in writing that we are cancelling their service.

Scotts Lawn Service - Wisconsin, Waukesha / Application and charge

In 2009, I called for Scotts Lawn Service and they applied weed and feed and left an invoice which I paid. In March of 2010, they appeared at my residence and provided weed and feed and left an invoice. I did not call for this service. I called the Waukesha office and spoke with Crystal. I advised her that I did not call for an application. She stated to me that since I used them in 2009, it was automatic. They keep coming back until you cancel. She asked why I did not want to pay the invoice and I stated that I was moving as well and would not enjoy the lawn. Crystal advised me that she would...

Scotts Lawn Service - Georgia / Weeds

Scotts Lawn Service decided they should spray for weeds in my yard...again! Well isn't that nice. They could see that the last treatment did not do any good so for $37.00 more they would treat it again. What a racket and they don't ever feel embarrassed to ask for more money. How do these people stay in business?

Scotts Lawn Service / Rude service

IaK87 on
I signed up for mimimum tree and shrub service, and for regular lawn service. Scotts provided double the number of tree and shrub treatments agreed upon. When I called to inquire, customer service would not affirm or deny they added extra treatments. When I asked to speak with a manager, I was told they were not sure a manager would want to call me back. They are rude, they charge more than they say they will, and their work did not result in my yard appearing healthy.

Scotts Lawn Service - Massachusetts, Andover / Canceled service and they continued

They had called me in Fall of 2008 and asked if I was pleased, I said actually no. I want to cancel my service. Come Spring 2009, they started up again. I didn't enter into the 'prepay' contract like I had done years before. I ignored any solicitation they sent. After my husband sees them at our property, I contacted them. They would not remove the charge for the work they performed that day. I was under contract with another company. So, I would be charged for the same work 2x. After so many automated calls, I would often speak to a rep who said they were looking into it. I get...

Scotts Lawn Service / poor company

As a former employee of Scotts Lawn Service.I will tell you they lie about the products they promote they will use and will use lesco products and such like in place.After the recall they had for not registering products with E.P.A. and agreeing to sending letters to customers to land in the mail on a Friday they did a nation wide of turning of their phone systems so not to answer customers concerns.They consistently violate laws in making applications in the pouring rain because if the employees don't they will be terminated.All of this probally has to be due to the fact all the upper management at Scotts Lawn Service are 85 % True Green Chem Lawn employees if that doesn't explain it.
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