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Reliant Energy - Texas, Kerrville / Inncorrect Information to Equifax credit agency.

Michael Dawkins on 2012-10-24
Why have they (Reliant Energy) submitted to Equifax that I haven't paid a bill when I can prove I moved from 106 Old Ingram Loop; Ingram, Texas to 1000 Paschal; apt. #901; Kerrville, Texas when these alledged cost occurred. I was with K.P.U.B. Kerrville Public Utility Board-thier dispatcher goes to my church... They are preventing my fiancee & I from getting an acre of land to place the double wide we just bought and MUST MOVE or forfite one half our purchase price.

Reliant Energy - Texas, Houston / Poor Customer Service

On Est Tex on 2012-08-27
I received a late bill payment notice from Reliant Energy, which urged me to call to make payment arrangements on a late account. When I called, I was on hold for an inordinate amount of time, only to speak with a rude customer service representative, who took even longer to get me to a customer service supervisor. I ultimately hung up the phone and called in again to request a service supervisor. While the supervisor did follow through with the payment request, this company needs to teach its front-line customer service representatives that they have a job ONLY because of loyal customer...

Reliant Energy - Texas, Irving / Wrong Letter of credit for electric service

Emersonkp on 2012-05-30
Reliant Account No: 70047706-0 I have requested for Letter of credit from reliant over my previous services as I have recently moved to OHIO and had to change the electric company. Reliant had published a wrong letter of credit both to me and my current electric provider stating 6 late payments. As per the records with reliant, I have not done any late payments. However the customer care representative is unable to provide a quick service to correct the information and send it back to current provider or to me. This is making life horrible for a person who has been so genunie to do all his payments on time with reliant

Reliant Energy - Texas, Bedford / Horrible Customer Service

FourLittleDiamonds on 2011-08-02
Called Reliant to ask about their plans. The guy on the phone went into hard sell mode on one of their plans. After I listened for a while, I asked him where I could look at the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for the plan so I could compare it to other plans. He said he couldn't provide me with the label. When I said all electric plans have to have an EFL, he hung up on me.

Reliant Energy - Texas, DFW / Customer service

Danny H on 2011-07-07
Have you watched the commercials about the way big electric companies treat their customers. That is exactly the way Reliant treats their customers. Words cannot express my frustration with the way Reliant has treated me. ALL I WANT IS MY POWER TURNED ON. I don't want to be miss lead. and I sure don't want to be charged for their mistakes. My power is not on they say is, and their attitude is we will just have to agree to disagree. REALLY

Reliant Energy - Texas, Arlington / Electricity Switching

rae56 on
I have been a Reliant Customer for 7 years and transferred my service every where I have moved. The last move was just from one apartment to another and I thought that everywhere was okay - a few months later I received a phone call asking did I want to switch back to Reliant, I advised at the time that I had not switched away from Reliant and didn't know what they were talking about. They advised I had been switched, but wouldn't tell me the name of the other company and asked again if I wanted to remain with Reliant. Of course, I said yes, then about a month later I received back...

Reliant Energy - Texas, Kennedale / To Connect or Not to Connect

Applied to join Reliant and was told would need to supply a $530 deposit which would be refunded after 12 months. Filled out all the necessary forms online, they deducted the $530 from the bank and 7 days later we receive notification by phone and mail that we have been turned down. I returned the call to find out why only to be told they would only talk to my wife as the account was in her name. She phoned the next day to be told we were turned down but they were not sure why. After some mumbling and checking, we were told we were turned down because of a permit...for what they had no idea...

Reliant Energy - Texas / Fraudulent Marketing Practices

CG1000 on
A telemarketing representative identifying himself as a Reliant Energy representative contacted me concerning using Reliant service claiming huge savings particularly on demand charges. After much debate and calculating bill comparisons with the rep I agreed to to a 3 month trial with them to see if the rates would really save me money. He told me I had 3 months of bills to cancel and that I would recieve a duplicate bill so that I could compare their rate to TXU's rate which I was currently with at the time. After agreeing to this I was sent over to a phone varification center and they...

Reliant Energy - Texas, Lewisville / Raised Rate against 12 mo contract

I signed a contract 4 months ago. It is called "Secure 12" and I was told that I agree to keep Reliant Enegy for 12 months and they agree to give me 11.8 cents per KWH for 12 months. The first three months I was very happy with my 11.8 cents. But this month they raised it to 11.9447 per KWH. That added another $5 bucks to my bill. I called to tell them I was not happy and they told me that it was just too bad but the State of Texas said they had to raise my rate. Can you believe that??? They actually blamed this on the State saying they had a mandate. I told them my contract was for 12 month...

Reliant Energy - Texas, Houston / Billing /customer service

Why is it that the consumer must pay for the providers INCOMPETENCE. And then they want you to feel like its a privaledge that they let you pay. I received a bill for 172.00 as opposed to my previous bill of 7.19. Called to find out what happened, was told, probably bad meter, but if I requested a work order that they (reliant) will probably try to charge me for back usage. I said it needed to be fixed. Got a RE letter 13 days later that they couldn't check meter because it was not accessible. Been in same place for 7 years that I know of along with 12 others.This just keeps getting worse, now I owe them nearly 900.00. And am being virtually forced into accepting there payment, or disconnect.

Reliant Energy - Texas, Houston / Billing

bgc on
My December bill from Reliant had a meter reading that was 1000kwh higher than it should have been. I didn't notice it until after I paid the bill. When I called and complained they said that it would even out on the next bill. On December 31st we saw the guy reading our meter in the back yard. I went and read the meter after he left. When I received my next bill the meter reading was "estimated". It was also 1200kwh higher than the actual reading. My actual meter reading was still below what they had billed me for the previous month - they owe me money. Well, they billed me for $190!...

Reliant Energy - Texas, Simonton / Incompetent billing with no protection

kdjkdj on
After hurricane Ike I expected a small delay in getting my bill. Instead I waited two months and then fearing a cut off I called in a complaint that I had not received the bills. The previous two months before Ike I had not received bills either and called to find out what I needed to pay and payed the bill including late fees for $407. This time I received a letter stating that they were looking into the problem. Then, just 2 days before Christmas, I received a bill for $1554. The usage history showed a spike charging me $900 one month and $500 the next. Calling a utility repair company I...

Reliant Energy - Texas, Colleyville / high energy charge

Gary on
I have been trusting that I was getting a decent price from my electricity billing company. At the time I signed on with them they had one of the best rates around. I am on a month to month plan and I was not diligent in comparing the rates they were charging me each month. I got my electricity bill for the month of November. We did not run the air-conditioner that whole month but the bill was still very high. I looked at the rate they were charging for the energy charge and compared it to the last few bills. I realized they were charging me 18 cents per kWh and had been charging me over...

Reliant Energy - Texas, Houston / Bad business practices

Valerie on
Quite frankly, Reliant Energy has lost my business. Their billing system is a broken mess, showing one bill with a lower amount, then correcting their mistake and sticking me with a higher bill. If this was the first time, id chock it up to a error, but its happened a few times since I started using their services. They refuse to assist me in extending my bill pay time, eventhough this was my first time requesting, instead referring me to their imfamous credit department which is not staffed on weekends. Like alot of "real world" bill payers in this "bush" economy, I do have to pay in partal...

Reliant Energy / Outrageous bill

Last month my light bill was $87.00.I have switched over to TXU so my last bill with reliant energy came in and it was $248.00. I have no central air so I have not turned on my window units yet. Yet my bill went up from $87.00 to$248.00 without doing anything different. I called them and they had me do a meter reading and give them the nos. over the phone. I did that and they as much as called me a liar. I said isn't there a way that the meter was not read just estimated. She said no. Something needs to be done about reliant energy.
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