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Regency Beauty Institute Complaints & Reviews

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Regency Beauty Institute / Rip Off

Reviewer50209 on Aug 26, 2015
This school is a big rip off my daughter is going here right now and should graduate today. . . However on monday received a letter stating she owes 984. 24 in over time fee. . . For a young lady fresh out of high school. . . I would advise anyone that wants a career in beauty to go to lone star or hcc. . . Please don't go to regency !!!

Regency Beauty Institute / Cosmetology School

Millie12 on Mar 4, 2015
No matter what you hear, do not- I repeat, DO NOT attend this school. Here's the deal, before Studio Luma Regency was actually a disciplined and respectable school, now that Luma has taken over the curriculum and the institute it is complete trash. It's all marketing campaign, the teachers don't even know what's going on half the time they're literally babysitters. It's not their fault, the company is completely detached from the schools themselves, if you have financial, campus, enrollment, etc. questions too bad, call the department and sort it out over the...

Regency Beauty Institute / worst school ever

steph west on Jan 21, 2015
Regency beauty was the worst discission of my life!!! I transferred from Tennessee and wish i would not have teachers are OK but the campus manager and the head quarters are a joke they are not helpful rude and do not care if you have any problems they just don't care I would like my money back that's how bad I hate it I have four days left and they terminated me they don't care the hard times or the struggle as long as they get their money that's all that matters to them. But I know now not to recommend this school to anyone ever I just want to be done so I never have to...

Regency Beauty Institute / Complete waste of money

Viviane.s on Mar 26, 2014
The regency program at the Darien /Downers Grove campus is nothing but a waste of money. Of course with any school there will always be pros and cons but in this case the cons unfortunately outweigh the pros. I wish someone would have informed me about all this before I took the program and that is why I am writing this review .The very first thing I have to point out which is quite sad is a lack of professionalism . These educators are supposed to be licensed cosmetologist yet don't know what there are doing half the time. Yes, I do learn but only from a select few. The floor manager...

Regency Beauty Institute - Texas, El Paso / Racial Discrimination, horrible staff, bad experience, and WASTE OF MONEY

ghaele on Mar 21, 2013
This school is the most misleading school I have ever had the horrible experience of deal with. They say oh its hard to get into this school and I thought i accomplished something so great when I actually got accepted. Turns out ANYONE AND EVERYONE will get into this school as long as you have the money to do so. Don't waste your time folks! I felt so out of place here in El Paso, the instructors as well as the students made it a point to speak spanish when they knew I did not, I was literally the only white person in this school and they made sure that I knew it. I felt so discriminated...

Regency Beauty Institute - Ohio, Columbus / Unprofessional

Columbusgirl on Dec 15, 2012
I recently attended this "institution". My time there as a student only lasted a few months. Okay, let's start from the beginning. During the tour everything is all cupcakes and sunshine, and they talk "up" everything in there school. "We're nothing but professional" "incorrect behavior isn't tolerated" "we only accept students that are the best" yatta yatta. It seemed like a great school so I enrolled. My first day was alright, except that there was a fist fight outside between two students. (Seriously, I'm not lying or exaggerating. A fist fight.) this turned me off to...

Regency Beauty Institute - Ohio, Tri county / customer service

Jessie Jones on Jul 17, 2012
I went to the salon for a appointment, while sitting under the hair dryer, the entire inside of the dryer fell down on top of my head. I informed the instructor on duty and she told me that regency has no money so there is nothing they could do about it. I ask for a accident report, which at first I was denied, but after informing the instructor that he had to supply me with one, he gave me one with a attitude. I have never heard from any one with this company concerning this matter. Not a very good experience.

Regency Beauty Institute - Michigan, Southgate / dont waste your money or time

honeymaid on Dec 23, 2011
I currently attend regency and have very good attendance & academics. There are soo many bad things to say about this school I don't know where to begin. Let me start with broken equipment for about 2 months now. They are a joke. When you do a campus tour they are sweet as pie but when you are working on a client and have a problem they are no where to be found. My rotation has 26 stations with 46 students. We have to work on our manikins at a manicure table because there is not enough stations for everyone. When you get your first clients and you are nervous and its busy, you are pretty...

Regency Beauty Institute - North Carolina, Winston-Salem / Hassle and big mistake

Tasha Simmions on Sep 14, 2011
I have been at this school for over a year now and just recently switched to day time ive had alot of trouble and i have spoken with my campus manager and advisors time and time again and nothing has been done i only have three months left thank goodness but i still need 48 hair cuts 48 live styles 9 live relaxers and 8 live perms thats alot when all i do everytime im on the floor im working on my dolls! ive paid 18, 000 dollars to this school and i am beinginng to regreat ever spending my money here all they are out to get is ur money ! The educators are great people and really try to help...

Regency Beauty Institute - Wisconsin, Madison / Terrible School

distressedstudent89 on May 14, 2011
I am a current student designer at this campus. I work hard, have a 99% grade average, and good attendance. This school does everything possible to knock me down and discourage me. Between an extremely careless campus manager and inconsistent and un-qualified "educators", I come home every day feeling like my dream of being a cosmetologist isn't worth the hassle. Our school is overcrowded, riddled with fights, and money hungry. Today, a student was jumped in the parking lot by other students' friends. The campus manager didn't even call the police. Sickening behavior by student...

Regency Beauty Institute - Texas, Arlington / Cheats and Liars

NoRegency on Apr 28, 2011
I have never been so mis treated and mis understood on financial aid and or my grade and attendance. This school has tried to screw everyone over on the week of their graduation saying you owe this much more money. They also do not care about your physical cosmetology education what so ever so I would love to know what my $18, 000 went towards. They are busy following you around the school and playing cops and robbers with you. My wallet was stolen from this school as well as keys. And nothing was ever done about it. I felt so betrayed looking at the person and still to this day am about who...

Regency Beauty Institute - Arkansas / Please read this warning

aurorad on Apr 28, 2011
First let me say that they have not terminated me, I am not even on probation. I am considering withdrawing at this time to attend a different school. This school is set up to make you fail, I have seen many good students be termed over being absent; while constant behavior problem students are allowed to stay. They don't care about that, all they care about is if your attendance is 80% or better. Most recently a student that I know was terminated with an academic score of 97% and a 79.9% attendance. Another overcame being terminated only to get the boot again a week after being back...

Regency Beauty Institute - Indiana, Greenwood / Breaking the state law

I was fine with this school until recently. I am at the Greenwood, IN campus, and there has nothing but lies going on there. My progress was great and so was my attendance, but one day they have this lady from corporate come in and tell us that how Regency has been putting in your progress is wrong, and that they were breaking state law by not having us complete all of the live model requirements. That suddenly we had to have all of our live model requirements and that even if you only had a month or two left that was not their problem or fault. We were in a uproar. Sure, there is drama there...

Regency Beauty Institute / Never ever

Jazzae on Mar 22, 2011
I attend Regency right now I started July 19, 2009 and I hate the school.They have the worst teachers ever..They are rude and very unprofessional.Im losing our on my hours right now because a Teacher (Tracy) and I got into a very heated debated.She talked to me very nasty and rude and she always does, and all the campus manager (Lisa) would do is tell me to lose my attitude and apologize to (Tracy) because I spoke my mind and wouldnt allow her to talk to me that way. I tried walking away from her but all she does is follow me and keep pushing the issue. To me you do not that when you can see a...

Regency Beauty Institute - Illinois / SCAM SCAM SCAM

dontdoit2011 on Mar 8, 2011
REGENCY BEAUTY INSTITUTE IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVVVVVVVVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!! I went to school there and I did graduate, so I know first hand how rotten of a place it really is. There is no consistency, most (not all) of the instructors are ignorant, cannot cut or color hair, and/or cannot read. IT IS A JOKE! they pack the classrooms as full as they can to make as much money as they can but fail to teach any sort of use full skills to students because there are just too many students in the classrooms! it is impossible to learn when you are all right on top of each other. There are...

Regency Beauty Institute - Ohio, Dayton / Quality of service & rudeness of Instructor

9977777 on Feb 27, 2011
On Friday February 25, 2011 I called Regency Institute in Dayton Oh to schedule an appointment for hair service. My requested student was unavailable, so I requested a few others and they were not available either. Once I arrived at Regency I realized that I ha gotten the students names mixed up, and the student I requested was there and available, so I asked. Sarah the Instructor if the student could still do my hair? Sarah replied no because Ashley was already entered into the computer. Since I was pressed for time with a very hectic week I went ahead and let Ashley relax my hair. After...

Regency Beauty Institute - Indiana, Mishawaka / This is an exception to the term

jaytay22 on Jan 14, 2011
I am doing a review on the Mishawaka, IN campus. My experience has only been for the past 2 weeks, so maybe I did not see enough to be fair. But from my perspective, this is it: Regency had actually contacted me because I had shown interest in beauty school from some online forum. I would only have a week to get financial aid processed, but they were VERY helpful and expedited the process. I met with the charming campus manager for about 2 hours to discuss enrollment. She already had paperwork ready for me. My first day: We get our "$1200" kits. I ASSURE you, that kit is NOT worth $1200! (I...

Regency Beauty Institute - Maryland / Everything

Regency is the worst school by far I've ever been to. From day one I have always had issues with the damn place. It all started with the financial aid department. When I had enrolled, they told me to fill out my FAFSA, turn in some papers that they sent me over email, and then everything would process. Later did I find out that they had not told me everything I needed initially. For about 4 weeks this kept going on, they would tell me oh you didn't turn so and so in, so I would turn it in, and another day they would tell me that Iwas missing something else THAT THEY NEVER TOLD ME...

Regency Beauty Institute / IT'S A SCAM

I am a current student at Regency and been only 5 months to learn nothing but their a scam. I looked into transfering and they told me I could if I pay them $7900 for 465hours completed. I am a low income single parent of two and have no way of paying them so they told me I could withdrawl and they would keep my hours until I came up with their money. So im back at square one, $20, 000 richer, and after I pay them the $7900 they will be 27, 900 richer and I'll be in debt when i'm finished. If I get to finish because they want let me graduate owing them the $7900 and will be paying...

Regency Beauty Institute - Indiana, southbend / scam

i been going to regency in southbend for the past year full time and ive seen it all personally with the scams. i took a maternity leave authorized by my doctor and i was terminated due to the fact that the campus manager at the time reported my leave late which resulted in me being terminated because of their 14 day absent policy. instead of them correcting it the told me i would either pay 100.00 dollars to restart or pay 3, 000 dollars for the time i had been there. i decided since i wanted to get my license i paid 100.00 dollars to restart not knowing i would have to pay for the days i wa...
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