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Rebath - California, Buellton / buellton calif

Reviewer57698 on 2016-01-30
donot I repeat donot ever use these people. order my shower replacement in oct. 22 2015 was told 6-8 weeks. 14 weeks later after I had called every month to make sure all was on schedule the day of the install I called to see why installers were late and was told I had to reschedule again because they had no installers. they told me another 2 weeks and then another 2 weeks until shower door came in. totally not acceptable. I have sold my house and this was to be done before buyers moved in and now its not going to be ready for them. this company totally unreliably and if you ask to talk to anybody in charge or have them call you back its like nobody exist. Wow what a rip off...unsatisfied customer

Rebath / Contract

WI/IL on 2015-04-21
Signed contract to have one of their bath fits put into our completley demo'd bath . Conbtracted in November for job to take place Jane 5, 6 & 7th . Got called week prior to be told job was delayed do to getting product in and it would be done in 6 weeks which turned into 8 wks. March 9th they came to start job (2 man crew was excellent no complaints about them personally) 2nd day on job husband walked in to see them installing regular (not green treated wood) for the door frame to the shower. He told them that was not code compliable. They left and came back with green treated wood to...

Rebath - Idaho, Post Falls / Left me injured

Bumper on 2013-04-08
I found re.bath in a trailer-showroom which was parked at a home depot. A salesman came to my house. On that day I hired them to install a shower. The office is in Spokane, wa. The first issue is the accident. The second issue is the quality of work. The accident: The plumber working for re.bath finished his work. He left the property, failing to return the crawl space-access-cover to its correct position. The contractor working for re.bath broke a work-light-bulb in the bathroom. He asked me for a replacement bulb. When I stepped into the hall closet, my right leg stepped-off into the...

Rebath / Liars

ReBathOwner on 2011-04-16
Maricel Gotay has stated complete falsehoods about me on this site. She is absolutely a disgruntled employee who quit without notice. She received her full pay including vacation pay due. I will be contacting an attorney tomorrow morning to start a lawsuit for slandering me. Just for the record, I was an absentee owner in Florida and had nothing to do with discrimination. Maricel Gotay, who is Hispanic, worked for me for approximately 8 years. Why? I am an equal opportunity employer and have never uttered anything that could be construed as racist. As for Terry Gowen, he is also a disgruntled...

Rebath / Rip off

Wassr1956 on 2011-03-15
Rebath installed shower over year ago. found out shower door is not re bath door. been trying to get them to replace it for over 1 year. customer service has never answered the phone. over one hundred calls and always hear "leave a message, your call very important to us" bull. I left message that I will look to sue if no total refund. aimee is the worst customer service rep in business history. always at lunch. must weigh about 350 lbs by now. Aimee, you are a disgrace. I want a total refund sent express mail and in my mailbox

Rebath / Joke service

I had a caulk problem and water is sitting between tub and tub liner. I have been calling rebath for 2 months and a guy with a rebath franchise nearby has of yet not come out. I have called him repeatedly and still have plastic covering my bath tub and a hole in my kitchen ceiling where the water came through from the tub on the second floor. If I would have known the service was so poor I never would have gone with them. The guy who installed my liner and wall went belly up.

Rebath / Waste of time & money

Looking for a full bathroom remodel, I found rebath in the phone book. When I called asking what services they provided, they stated their specialty was bathroom remodels and that they did everything from the doorway through. When what I thought was a contractor came to the home, I showed him the work I wanted done and also showed the downstairs bathroom as I had water leaking from upstairs to down and would eventually want some repairs done in the water-damaged downstairs as well. I was surprised when the gentleman took out a large book and pamphlets consisting only of bathroom and tub...

Rebath / Caused water leak. Refused to fix

Kuxor77 on
(217) 423-8827 installed a new tub/shower kit appx. 2 months ago. The tub was way too small and then to make matters worse I had a major water leak that they caused(I never had the leak before they did their work) has damaged my trim and has caused numerous near slips and falls. They refuse to fix the water leak and/or replace the miniature tub they put in. They refuse to return my phone calls, forcing me to call time and time again. I had a plumber come in and find where Rebath caused the leak, yet Scott Carr and Eric from the rebath Decatur office refuse to admit any wrongdoing...

Rebath / Took my Money! Closed Company!

My wife and myself saw Rebath at a consumer shower and we got an estimate a week later. They wrote a contract for $4500 and we wrote a check for half. We have tried calling them and went to the address on the contract. Poof ! Our money and Rebath is gone. I talk to the business next door and she told me that they had closed a week before the consumer show. What nerve! We have called the police and they said it was a civil manner. These Rebath people are theives!

Rebath / Took my money, started a job, did not complete, then vanished

Fraser on
Do not use Re-Bath. I compared Re-Bath to Bathfitters at the Vancouver B.C. Home Show and went with Re-Bath as the franchisee promised an earlier completion date. As per his invoice 09-05, December 11, 2009, which I've paid in full, in fact overpaid on the tax by his error, for work done December 11, that work has yet to be completed and is needing SILICONING and FAUCETS as per the invoice. The franchisee has vanished off the face of the earth, with all numbers defunct, and unresponsive to mail. That's very very wrong, and no way to run any business. Do not use Re-Bath.

Rebath - Utah, Salt Lake City / bad salesman

Sam on
I had these poeple out to give us an estimate. Before they would come they insisted that both me and the wife needed to be there. I was about 15 minutes late and the salesman just went off on my wife. This was the first bad sign. I got there and he spent two hours trying to convince me to spend $5000 on a cheap plastic wall covering for my shower. I dont think the stuff is worth a few hundred dollars. He got madder and madder until I told him to just get out of my home. I have never been treated like this by anyone.
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