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PODS / PODS it My Car

jgilbert0120 on Jan 28, 2015
PODS dropped of a pod on our narrow Portland Oregon streets for my new neighbor when he moved in. When the picked up the pod they obviously had issues with the narrow streets proceeding to tear up the neighbors yard and backing into my car (fairly nice sports car) in the process. Filed with insurance company and PODS sending each pictures and info as well as filed a police report. PODS said they would respond within 48 hours of the claim. Two weeks and nothing. Insurance company told me PODS was giving them the run around and making communications impossible. After almost four weeks I let them...

PODS / pricing

MDLDa on Jul 26, 2014
Do not use PODS they will take money unauthorized from your bank account. They are unethical. They took an extra 120 and called it insurance? They did not deliver on their services and kept changing prices. The quote they send you in email will not be what you pay. They sent me email after email saying one price and then when they had my credit card they charged me more. Do not trust, this is a bad business practice.

PODS / Delivery - POD Setting

Ordered a POD to store one room of furniture. Property incurred water damage due to broken water line. I wanted to temporarily store my furniture in a container while the damage was repaired. Ordered the unit on-line. It was delivered on the day promised. However, it was dropped with the loading door facing the rear of the property against a fence. There is no way to load the pod with the loading door against a fence. I called pods asking them to flip the container so the door faces the driveway and street so it can be loaded. They were emphatic that the pod was set correctly and if I wanted...

PODS - District of Columbia / Poor costumer service/ inflexible policies

Vee C. on May 7, 2013
After paying PODS to house my articles since October 2011 for $270 a month, I discovered the company will has no policy (in fact the rep- Jason seemed to relish informing me) that they would charge me an entire additional month rent on top of the $107 drop off and pick up charge although because I was asking for delivery the day account would be billed. I indicated that since PODS has made in excess of $5, 400, they might create a policy which allows flexibility in the last payment if it is within a certain timeframe. Jason indicated I was moving somewhere where that flexibility was not...

PODS - Arizona, Surprise / Delivery of goods

LynEarl on Apr 13, 2013
I will never use PODS again! We negotiated to have our household goods moved from Florida to Arizoa thinking, yes it's a little more expensive than doing it ourselves, but they will get it to us safe and sound. Someone forgot to mention to PODS that getting it to you on the date they said they would was paramount to the consumer! They delivered it to us to load in Florida on time, they took it away on time, and they CERTAINLY drained our bank account of the money to pay for their services on their schedule. But when they e-mailed me 2 days before they were to deliver saying they'd be...

PODS / PODS - This company sucks and employees are unprofessional

jkm14 on Jan 30, 2013
I got a response from a a lady named jennifer@podssocial.com to send details of my account and then I did follow up with this lady after a month and she assured that she is going to talk with her executive resolution team to resolve my issues with PODS. After few days I got an e-mail from PODS saying they will not do anything so I believe this lady is completely scam with no value for her words. Sending e-mails to her is completely waste of time and the result of my communication with PODS was waste of my four months and my case is still hanging in dark.

PODS / Hijacked my stuff

Finn C on Jan 11, 2013
I called to get my stuff delivered. I live 60 miles from where the POD is stored but they want to charge me $720 to deliver my stuff. They are holding my stuff for ransom!! The issue, as they explained it to me, is that I live in a territory served by a different franchisee than the one where the POD is stored. So to move the container they have to transport it to the other franchisee ($$), charge me one month's rent!, and then charge a delivery fee. Why can't the franchisee who has my stuff deliver it? I have no idea. Corporate says they have no control over what the franchise owners do. That is complete BS. I don't believe it for a second.

PODS / Beware of weight limit

LakeGator on Oct 13, 2012
Beware of the new interstate agreement form they ask you to approve. It has recently been changed to specify a maximum weight in ANY of the container sizes you rent. Here is the revised text: the maximum weight of Tenant’s property shall not exceed 4, 400 pounds contained in either the Lessor’s sixteen-foot (16’) Container(s), twelve-foot (12’) Container(s) or seven-foot (7') Container(s I'm told a good estimate for weight is 7 lbs per cubic foot. That works out to just under 630 cubic feet of cargo. Note that the cubic feet in a 16' container is over 16, 300 cubic feet. Lots of space, not much weight capability.

PODS / Customer service

tpduffany on Oct 7, 2012
Ok so I have been sitting in my living room in Florida on lawn chairs for the past five days. Why you ask well this wonderful company PODS seems to be unreliable. For the past six months I have had all my worldly belongings in storage win PODS while I make my transition from Massachusetts to Florida. Of course I had made PODS aware of our move date and they assured me that everything would be delivered on time. Well this was just not the case today I received half of my belongings nearly a week late. It gets better a broken TV and mouse droppings in the new couch oh what a wonderful service...

PODS - Tennessee, Memphis / Damage

Never again Pods on Feb 4, 2012
When PODS delivered my unit i opened it to find everything had been flipped and damaged. I made over 10 calls to Corporate and.that many more to the local idiot who ran the location.They did nothing to fix the damage. The commercial does not show what happens to your unit once it arrives to there warehouse. It is moved by unskilled forklift drivers throughout there facility. Ever see forklift drivers with an unbalanced load?

PODS - Washington / Dont use them

J Garrett on Sep 1, 2011
Dont do it, If you want to store somthing in your driveway or just move from drive way to driveway it might be OK but do not expect them to deliver as promised (1 weeks notice) in your second location. We asked upfront for our POD to be delivered to a pemanent storage space. Knowing that the pod cannot be left on site as it would block other peoples storage we arranged to pay for demirage for 2 hours while we unload it. The local PODS yard is 2 hours away from this storage space. When we went to have it delivered we made the big call only to find out that they wanted 2 weeks notice (not 1...

PODS / Don't even bother calling

delere on Aug 19, 2011
First I went online to get an estimate. Pretty easy for Uhaul and other moving companies. PODS site said I had to call so I did. I got the big sales pitch about how great PODS is and she wouldn't answer my questions. I asked her very politely I might ad to please stop the sales pitch and just give me an estimate and she continued with the sales pitch as if she had to read it from a card. I finally got an estimate. I told her I could not afford it but thank you. She got rude and started grilling me about how else was I going to move that far, who else gave me estimates, etc. I asked her to...

PODS / Paid 3X my quote

hriley on Aug 1, 2011
PODS sounded like a great idea. It was cheap, the delivery was even on time (I feel so lucky). My problem was that they quoted me around $400 for delivery and 8 months of storage while I was out of the country on a foreign exchange. Then I started getting monthly bills, and I just figured I was paying it off in payments, but when I called them to double check, oh no, I was getting a $194 dollar bill every single month. So that is close to $1600 in storage fees. Completely not worth it. When I called to ask them why I was paying more then they quoted me, the rep. said, "Oh that happens to a lot...

PODS / Bait and switch!

protaginets on Jul 26, 2011
I reserved on the web site for a Pod to be delivered and to store my personal belongings for three months. That is what I signed up for, but not what I got. Everything was kosher until Pods billed me $244 for a second month. I called and they pull out some "addendum" that I must have clicked through stating that I would be charged monthly. I looked at the final page of the reservation. I did a screen capture because I did it on my iPad (and can't directly print from it). There is no mention of a recurring charge on the screen capture. Now after the fact they are adding on this addendum...

PODS / Horrible - 16 foot container delivery

lilliputian on Jul 23, 2011
My quote constantly changed, the customer service representatives could rarely answer a question without placing me on hold to ask a manager, they lost my account information and told me I didn't have a POD when I was starring at it in my driveway, and often when trying to get a quote they would schedule a pickup or delivery without my confirmation. I would never use this company again and would not recommend it to anyone I know.

PODS - Ontario, Ottawa / Misinformation about services

More Careful on Jul 5, 2011
I chose Pods because I didn't want to pack and unpack a moving truck for each part of the move. I was told that Pods would deliver the container when I moved to my new location even if it wasn't in their service area. Now, I'm ready for delivery and they don't deliver to my area. In fact, they told me to get a moving truck and pick up my stuff in Ottawa. My delivery area is just over an hour from Ottawa off the 401. They say they don't deliver all over. Setting up delivery has been very problematic and has taken several attempts. All calls go through a central...

PODS / Overcharged

cjsaus44 on Jun 29, 2011
I decided to go with PODS to move back east from San Diego instead of using the Upack trailer service that we used for the move to SD 4 years earlier. PODS was $100 more expensive, but the senior sales rep out of SD, Mark Carpenter, promised me 2 months of storage would be built into my total cost instead of the usual 1 month. The dropoff/pickup in SD was fine and on schedule, as was the delivery of our stuff. My problem came when they automatically charged my CC an additional $200.44 for a month of storage that was supposed to be included in our original cost. I called Mark and left...

PODS / Awful Service

fultonsm on Jun 29, 2011
As I type this I am sitting on a bare floor of my new house. PODS has just called me and told me they have to reschedule our delivery for three days. I scheduled this delivery date THREE MONTHS AGO and called several times the past week to ensure the delivery date was still set. PODS was supposed to call last night and confirm delivery time, never did. We knew at that point there was a problem and have been calling since 8:00 this morning trying to figure out what is going on. Can only talk to the HQ in FL, you cannot get in contact with ANYONE at the local distribution centers, PODS is not...

PODS - California, Los Angeles / Inaccurate delivery date

LADOC on May 25, 2011
I had a move scheduled from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. I went with PODS, due to the promise of quick delivery and pick-up of the POD. When I ordered the POD, I was told that it would take 9 days to arrive in Philadelphia. I called on May 25th for Pick-up of the POD and was told that It would not arrive in Philadelphia until June 9th! Even if you allow no Sundays or holidays (Memorial day) I thought this seemed excessive. I called and informed them that I was quoted a time of 9 days and they proceeded to deny that they ever promised nine days. If I had known I would not be receiving my...

PODS / Damaged Good & Delivery Mayhem

jackjohnson on May 18, 2011
The PODS experience was less than desirable. The move from the east coast to the west coast resulted in a cracked TV screen (which I packed VERY well). The truck driver in San Francisco dropping off the container decided to bump the container with his truck to "push" it into place. This was crazy, but I assumed he knew what he was doing. He put a large gash in the POD and broke my TV. I put in a claim, which after 45 days, PODS pretended the container had no damage and took no responsibility. The drivers, customer service people and lack of responsiveness from PODS overall was terrible...
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