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Pimsleur Approach / Unauthorized charges

mamasellea on 2015-06-16
The pimsleur is really unethical company. They told my husband that he only need to pay for the shipping of the CD. Upon knowing that he can cancelled, he told the customer service that he doesn't want any subscription charge but found out they started to billed us 3 subsequent months for something that had been cancelled in the first place. My husband was really pissed off and called them. The customer service said that they will cancelled the billing once they get the package back which they should have as we have the tracking that said that it is delivered. Still waiting for the refund.

Pimsleur Approach - California, San Jose / Fraudulent billing tactics

westcoastfrank on 2015-05-13
I initially purchased a quick and simple approach to Spanish CD program which stated a great deal for only 9.95. I keep all my emails so I still have the receipt to prove the original price. Once you sign up for what you think is a 10 dollar deal you are added to the Pimsleur elite gold purchase you did not ask for and subsequently starts billing you every month for up to 500.00 dollars you did not sign up for. Your quick and easy 9.95 purchase has just turned into a continued billing cycle that cost hours of disputing as well as the feeling of being financially violated. I don't like people taking money I did not approve. Stay away Rosetta stone would have been better, at least I knew that was expensive.

Pimsleur Approach / repeatedly billed for something I did not ask for

LidiaT on 2015-01-20
My child asked to buy two CDs for $9.99 each of foreign language instruction, one for Japanese and one for Egyptian Arabic. I gave her the go ahead. Since then we've been charged $256 in several payments for a "Gold series" which was supposedly left on our doorstep by the mailman. I have one box of tapes and CDs, but no trace of the others which were supposedly mailed. Regardless, we never asked for this, the website advertising the CDs did not mention signing up for anything, just the CDs.

Pimsleur Approach - California, Rowland Heights / Charging without notifying

mohsen.alam on 2014-12-02
I ordered a package of $9.75 for Arabic. i received the item and tried to complete those. But its my bad that I couldn't finish and those lessons are not suited for me. I didn't return or call them back or even not browsed their website again. After couple of weeks, they send me one package of Arabic Gold Version, I didn't receive any email or mail prior to the delivery. When I received I just ignoredd it as I was pretty sure that I didn't order anything from them. Because I even don't finish the firat CD I ordered. They send me another package after weeks. I ignored a...

Pimsleur Approach / Deceptive advertising

Cessna190 on 2014-04-03
Ordered an initial Spanish language cd for 9.95. What they fail to stress is that this ties you into shipments of advanced courses for 256.00 each. Because of debit card change the couldn't auto bill me so they called. This how I found out I was hooked into this. The CS rep said I was outside of the return period so "tough" .

Pimsleur Approach / Bait and Switch

jdatbs on 2013-11-08
Company offered a "Quick and Simple" introductory foreign language course, promoting "learn a foreign language in 10 days for $9.95." I purchased the course. While purchasing I was given another "special deal" and bought what I thought was a complete course for another $35. I received an email receipt for the $9.95 course and only when I read the entire receipt did I learn that, by ordering the $9.95 course, I was automatically enrolled in their "Rapid Fluency Purchase Program" for which my credit card would be charged $64 a month for four months. They are sneaky and underhanded in the manner...

Pimsleur Approach / Scam / Fraud

Texasgirl13 on 2013-05-29
I ordered the Pimsleur approach sometime in September for "$9.95", or so I thought. They continued to send me another box for a couple of months. They began charging my account $64 / month in November! I called the company to complain and he promised that the last payment has hit... NO! They have billed us each month until May. I even tried emailing the company saying that I never returned the products! Finally our bank put a stop to it this past week. None of this is explained when you purchase the language cd's! Beware!!! My husband is Chinese and I thought it sounded like a great...

Pimsleur Approach - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19103 / unauthorized charges on bank account

Lawrence Luther on 2012-12-27
Initially offers very inexpensive language learning, but it turns out to be very expensive. Offers a few disks for 9.95 but then auto-debits your card for 64.00 a month. ( I didn't know this until I received the first disk). It is obviously their intention to have you not recognize that they will charge later. It is also very time consuming to get in contact with them to stop payment. If you don't stop them they will end up charging you several thousand dollars. A very disreputable company. They continue to auto-debit my account even after I have cancelled and repeatably called to stop shipment and charges.

Pimsleur Approach - Pennsylvania, Philly / Fraudulent charges on my bank acct.

mpr69 on 2012-11-30
Pimsleur-Approach /Stroll-handles their billing & shipping. They suck you in with a cute 1 hour internet infomercial; sounds like you're paying $10 per set to learn a foreign language, next thing you know you start seeing recurring bills every 2-4 weeks at $64 a pop ($256 per level) when you call you get the bum's rush and they can't refund even if you return these unused disk sets (or so they claim). Totally bogus, and they are well aware of it. They accuse you of trying to SCAM them. Stay far away unless you want someone to clean out your bank accounts for you.

Pimsleur Approach - Maryland, Cockeysville / Quick & Simple Italian CDS

Louis M. Luperini on 2012-11-24
I received an E mail from Pimsleur Approach as to learning various languages by way of CDS for only $9.95. I selected Italian and filled out the E mail form which required my credit card number. I supplied my credt card number and sent the completed form back to the Company. A couple of weeks later I received the CDs called Pimsleur Quick & Simple Italian 2nd Revised Edition. At that time I believed that my purchase was successfully completed. A couple of weeks later, I received a box in the mail called Pimsleur Approach, Gold Edition. I did not order this Gold Edition, however, since the...

Pimsleur Approach / I dint order

yklee on 2012-11-12
i am just ordered a $9.95 learn french CD, but they send me the gold edition and charge me $64 every half month. i do contact their customer service by E-mail to cancel this and they said i cant make the cancellation and i must pay for total $256 for each level. Then i request for sending back the CD to them, but hey not allow me to do that.

Pimsleur Approach - Virginia / Sent tapes I did not order.

102&7 on 2012-10-10
I ordered the $ 9.95 audio lesson for Spanish. I received them about 3 weeks ago. To day I received another GOLD set of audio lessons. I DID not order. I refuse to pay for them. I need help. So many people are being taken for a sucker. They should not be able to do this.

Pimsleur Approach / dishonest marketing and billing

SNAVE on 2012-08-15
It is truly unfortunate that these excellent language programs are being marketed in a dishonest manner. Once I REQUESTED the low introductory offer I was immediately enrolled to receive the more expensive GOLD edition even though the advertizing stressed (except in the very fine, hard to find print) that I would have 30 days to decide if I wanted to keep the original offer. What actually happened is that I was sent and billed for the Gold edition DURING the 30day trial offer. Calling customer service, I was curtly told that I should have read the full offer even though at every point in the...

Pimsleur Approach - Colorado, Englewood / Unautorized sending of product not ordered

fancydance1212 on 2012-08-10
I ordered a starter set 4 CDs to start Spanish. The cost was $9.95. That is okay. However a few weeks later I receive in the mail the Gold set of CDs which I did not order. The first ones didn't work anyway. I have been reading about all these people on here who have been charged thousands of dollars for this Gold Set which was sent to them unauthorized. They are having a hard time getting their money back. I am turning this company in to ic3.gov which is the FBI Internet Crimes Unit. This isn't right. These people need to be put out of business and I am going to make it my mission...

Pimsleur Approach - Pennsylvania / Language Instruction

Hawko on 2012-07-25
If you make the mistake of ordering their CD for $9.99, you are enrolled in their Gold Courses Level 1, 2, 3 and 4. Your original purchase becomes a license for unauthorized charges against your bank account or credit card amounting to more than a thousand dollars of unordered, unwanted merchandise. If you close your bank account they send it to a collection agency, despite the fact you never ordered any of it. There's no return address to send back the unwanted product, nor are you given your account number to be able to cancel (which you never ordered to begin with). There'...

Pimsleur Approach / If you are offered a deal on learning a language, do not respond.

Simsime on 2012-07-12
I got an offer to order a language product that said I could learn a language in 10 days guaranteed for $9.95. I saw nothing that indicated I would be charged more. I received the course but did not open it because I had other things going on. I ordered it in April 2012 and in May 2012 I began getting bills for $64.oo from the company. I disputed the bill and offered to send the course back, but was told that since I disputed the bill, I would have to wait until the dispute was resolved before I could sen it back. In the meantime, I received a second course and bill which I also disputed, and...

Pimsleur Approach - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Internet Scam

AngryElisa on 2012-06-12
I ordered the $9.95 trial version of the Pimsleur Approach Spanish course. Honestly, I never even got around to opening the box. A little less than a month later I received a "Deluxe Gold Edition" course in the mail. Confused, I went and opened the original box that I received and a note inside congratulated me on enrolling in a rapid fluency program and this "gold course" would be coming as a free 30 day trial. The note also said that I could cancel at any time within the free trial period. I called them that very day to cancel. They kept trying to talk me into keeping it a little longer...

Pimsleur Approach - Pennsylvania, Exton / Fraud

Alberez on 2012-06-06
As a college Spanish teacher, I'm always surprised by some product's advertisement which claim that they have THE greatest method ever developed in order to have their customers speaking a foreign language in record times. However, Pimsleur's claims of having a person speaking a foreign language in 10 days is not only preposterous, but obnoxious. Learning a foreign language (like learning many other skills) is a process that involves MANY different brain functions and that varies greatly from person to person due to factors like age, level of education, dyslexia or other...

Pimsleur Approach - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 19107 / unsolicited merchandise

lmetter on 2012-04-26
i ordered a $9.95 course which they sent. two weeks later they shipped me a Deluxe Gold Edition more advanced course formwhich they expected $200+, and said i would receive one automatically each month and be billed for it! i enclosed a letter explaining why i did NOT want any Deluxe Gold Editions, and sent the box back certified mail, return receipt requested. i never received the signed receipt. nor was i billed that i can track down. BUT today i got another one! then i found several websites like this one detailing their fraudulent shipments etc. how do i make them acknowledge the returns and stop sending them to me?? if anyone can provide any help or a contact who would help me, i would be very grateful.

Pimsleur Approach - California / Fraudulent Billing scam

I tried a $9.95 foreign language CD and instead was later sent a $256 collection of additonal CDs that I did not order. This is a total scam that I complained, as did my wife, by several phone calls. When you call to complain they talk over you and claim you have to pay or they will ruin your credit rating and send you to collections. It is a major scam. They know exactly what they are doing and should be arrested and sent to prison for terrorizing people who are simply trying a low cost product but instead give a credit card number that Pimsleur's marketing system terrorizes you with...
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