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Montel Health Master Complaints & Reviews

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Montel Health Master - Florida, Cantonment - refund

Posted: 2012-08-13 by    C. Bliss
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
I did not like the machine and when I tried to return it with a guarantee of a refund, the return address was bogus. I finally got hold of someone named Victor, operator T84, who gave me an address to return the machine. The company refunded only part of my money- I paid $179.94 for the machine and was refunded only $149.97, plus $25.85 shipping charges to return it. I want the rest of my money including the shipping charges.
In hopes this complaint generates a response.
Carolyn Bliss...

Montel Health Master - North Carolina, Raleigh - refund of return shipping

Posted: 2011-02-23 by    Carol Honeycutt Lewis
Complaint Rating:  94 % with 17 votes
I ordered the Health Master off the infomercial on TV. It worked once. The second time I used it the motor froze up and just would not work. I called the customer
service number and the rep. went through a series of things for me to do. Nothing worked;the motor remained frozen.I told him I just wanted to return the machine and I
didn't want a new one. I followed all return instructions and paid for the return shipping. Now they say they will not refund shipping charges because "they "say that I re
fused troubleshooting. That's not true! According to the infomercial,...

Montel Health Master - Texas - Broke after 3 weeks

Posted:    TX Dad
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 12 votes
The product is great but the engine is not. It broke after 3 weeks. I purchased a seven year warranty and followed the instructions to return it. I called to check on the status and was told I probably should have sent a check with it. The warranty I purchased does not mention any payment for repairs and I followed the instructions to a T. After explaining this to the customer service lady, she checked on it and said they would process it soon and send a replacement.

The problem is, the thing broke after three weeks. Plus the customer service people have no idea what they are talking...

Montel Health Master - Colorado, Colorado Springs - Stealing MY money the worst customer service

Complaint Rating:  96 % with 23 votes
I ordered a Montel Williams Health Master which was defective!! After several attempts to return the product I was not successful after being told I would be sent a shipping label and all would be well. It WAS NOT! Finally I got them to give me a shipping label and all seemed fine. EXCEPT!!! THEY JUST CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD FOR 2 MORE MACHINES!!! What the f!! Now I have to shut down my cards, and FIGHT TO STOP PAYMENT. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO now INSTEAD OF JUST RETURNING A DEFECTIVE MACHINE TO GET ONE THAT WORKS I will send all there trash back and write Montel myself. THIS IS AN FNING SCAM. STAY AWAY OR...

Montel Health Master - Colorado, Highlands Ranch - No Service Response

Posted:    Montel HealthMaster Service
Complaint Rating:  89 % with 19 votes
I purchased the Montel HealthMaster in November of 2009, used it with great joy for three months. In Feb, 2010, the motor stopped working. I contacted customer service (I purchased the extended warranty) and they said I didn't need to send the unit, they would just send a replacement base unit. Every month since then, I have called the customer service line, and every time, I am told, it will be in the next shipment, within the next two weeks, and will be shipped immediately. I have asked to speak to a supervisor, and they are never available. I am told to be patient, and there is nothing else...

Montel Health Master - Washington, Seattle - Poor Service

Posted:    bethann
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 21 votes
This is a copy of what was just sent to "info@myhealthmaster.com" - the only alternative I could find for the insaneness of trying to go thru calling "Customer Service" which is anything but...!!!

To SOMEone who may be concerned...PLEASE!

Mid April (April 8th or April 14th) I ordered ONE HealthMaster - later in April I received TWO and was billed for two. The day I ordered I had placed 2 calls. The first call I ended up canceling my order as the young man taking the call obviously did not know what he was doing. It took a very long time and he kept putting me on hold....

Montel Health Master - California - Poor Quality

Posted:    Antelope Place
Complaint Rating:  94 % with 47 votes
Yesterday, 4/18/10, my husband and I were looking for a blender that was strong enough to blend veggies and fruits. We happen to see Montel's infomercial and liked what we saw. We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and purchased one for close to $200 minus their 20% discount coupon. New to juicing, we were very excited to try it out. I read the recipe books that came with the product and noticed that many of the recipes called for fructose. I thought that was strange because Montel talks about the health benefits of his blender but I don't think fructose is very good for you. Also, it said to...

Montel Health Master - Maryland, Baltimore - Poor Customer Service

Posted:    Armstead Howard
Complaint Rating:  96 % with 313 votes
In mid-June, I ordered and received a Health Master blender. The blender stopped working after using it for approximately a month. On June 17, 2009, the listed customer service telephone was contacted. We were informed that a return label would be forwarded to return
the Health Master. To date, the return label has not been
forwarded. After, at least, four additional calls still no response. Requests to speak with a supervisor were met with evasiveness and resistance;i.e. "she cannot come to the
telephone now "; "the supervisor is busy now"; or "I'll have her call you back"....

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