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Merry Maids Complaints & Reviews

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Merry Maids - Michigan, Davison / theft of money

Lynn Krebs on Oct 28, 2012
On 8/29/12 Merry Maids in Goodrich, MI came to my home for an initial cleaning. A theft of $600.00 was soon realized and a police report filed. After 2 months investigation, during which one of the 3 crew members was uncooperative with the police, the theft could not be PROVEN. The employee in question was new to Merry Maids, in her probationary period, and a relative of another employee in the local office. The police stated to me that they believed she took the money but could not elicit a confirmation from her of the theft. The Corporate office, of course, sided with this new probie...I...

Merry Maids - Tennessee, East Ridge / The truth from an employee/bad service

nevada92 on Aug 15, 2012
I previously worked for the merry maids in East ridge and would like to tell the truth about what really happens behind the doors... First off the boss Bill Bowers is very rude and has been described by other companies to be unprofessional and "crazy". Bill has no concern as to if your house gets done correctly as long as he doesn't have corporate called on him. He is never at the office until 11 or 12am unless someone is in trouble or if corporate is visiting. He will promise customers the same maids and the same time schedules but it usually does not happen. When it comes to talking to...

Merry Maids - Pennsylvania / Rude Billing Department

christopher2011 on Nov 30, 2011
My complaint is with the billing department. They threatened to file criminal charges against me for an outstanding balance. They claim that they tried to contact me to settle the outstanding balance. I checked my voice mails and emails, they had not contacted me regarding this debt, after we last spoke about it two months prior, at which time they said I should call them when I was able to pay. I appreciated that kindness. This debt is my responsibility, and I have since made good on a payment plan with them. However in their efforts to collect they treated me like a criminal fleeing justice, and with all due respect, I think that this is unprofessional on their part.

Merry Maids / Sent me surprisingly big bill

Noumak on Nov 18, 2011
I live in a small apartment and called this service to clean four rooms.I was told that it would be between 160-260 for the first visit. I told them to forget it at first but then called them back and said that that sounded okay. She said it would probably be less. Four people came to clean and when I returned the bill was 448!!! It was clean but not sparkling and I really could see nothing but the bill. I called and yelled a bit but got no where. I highly suggest NO ONE USES THIS COMPANY TO CLEAN.

Merry Maids / Terrible service

HatesMerryMaids on Nov 15, 2011
The maids were lazy, and tried to scam us out of more money even though they were too lazy to do their work. When they clean, then don't put stuff back where they found it. Unorganized and cheap service. My son was so angry when he found that his organized room became a wreck after they left, and his paper airplane that won a contest was kept in mint condition, but was under a pile of books when we came back. Everything in the bathroom was out of order. We've tried Molly Maids before, and it was much better than Merry Maids . Don't use this service if you have antiques or if you're an organized family.

Merry Maids / Do Not Apply

SS2011 on Oct 18, 2011
The manager at the Iowa City, IA location is horrible. Do not apply or consider wasting your time working for this person. The manager plays dirty, does not follow the rules, lies like the width of the ocean, and then uses the lies to wrongfully write people up or terminate them. Corporate in TN will not even call back non-management employees or listen to their complaints when the "Average" employee is being "Abused" by management authority. Wasn't aware that dictators were allowed to be managers here in the USA.

Merry Maids / Don't waste your money

Margaret1919 on Oct 16, 2011
After $250 dollars, the bed terribly made, the full size mirror in the master bathroom dirty, upholstery not vacuumed (they came back to do it);the kitchen floor, which was supposed to be "the same as the bathrooms" according to what they told me on the phone, was simply mopped on top of the old dirt. The day the "SALES MANAGER" came to give me an estimate, she took a credit card number and said I did not need to use the same card the same day that services were rendered. I gave them a check, call them to tell them, they said it was ok, the card would not be charged, and I discovered that it had already been charged. They very graciously offered to give me a credit and did not even apologize!

Merry Maids / Don't Use !

janislmw on Oct 16, 2011
We've had issues with Merry Maids customer service and their cleaning. I've contacted management at the Lawndale, CA location and they have done absolutely NOTHING to address my issues. We've had them show up late, and I request a call before they show up in order to put my dogs out. They have yet to call me before showing! The cleanings have been a disgrace. They will clean areas you can see, but that's about it! Don't sign a contract!

Merry Maids / Bad job

SparkyParky2003 on Oct 7, 2011
I contracted for 2 hours of cleaning - almost $200.00. I was expecting out of town guests and was counting on them to make the house ready. They arrived 45 minutes later than the time I was told. We left to do errands and less than an hour later were called to say "they needed more time". I said no - when we arrived home we found that they had cleaned only the master bedroom, the kitchen (small) and the bathroom (small). They had not touched my living/dining area, the kitchen floor, nor my GUEST bedrooms. So much for getting ready for my guests! They had failed to clean the bathroom sink...

Merry Maids / Fraud

reviewer01 on Aug 9, 2011
I would like to recommend that no one get service from the office located on 6101 Idlewild Road #135 in Charlotte, NC The Franchise office managers there are cruel. They have previously discriminated employees due to their accent even though they are US Citizens, from other countries but clean on a background check. Also they supposedly put office employees on salary but they hardly give them breaks and work long hours. How can customers and business partners trust such unfair people like that? Just remember you two bosses there, what comes around goes around, you should be ashamed of how you...

Merry Maids / This company cheats its customers

doglover2010 on Jul 5, 2011
I was charged a $88 lock-out fee by the Merry Maid at 20331 Lake Forest Drive, Suite C14, Lake Forest, CA even though they showed up at my house 3 hours early. I had an 11am-3pm appointment and they showed up at 8am, while I was getting dressed for a morning appointment. I told them to come back at the scheduled time, and they said they would. They never showed up after I waited around all day, and when I called to complain, they claimed I had an 8am appointment, which was a total lie, and they refused to clean my house, and they charged me a lockout fee, even though I was at home. This is a total rip-off. I was going to sign up for a monthly service, but I am appalled for being charged for their mistake.

Merry Maids - California, Lake Forest / Ripped Me Off

This company cheats its customers. DO NOT USE THEM! I was charged a lock-out fee by the Merry Maid at 20331 Lake Forest Drive, Suite C14, Lake Forest, CA even though they showed up at my house 3 hours early. I had an 11am-3pm appointment and they showed up at 8am, while I was getting dressed for a morning appointment. I told them to come back at the scheduled time, and they said they would. They never showed up after I waited around all day, and when I called to complain, they claimed I had an 8am appointment, which was a total lie, and they refused to clean my house, and they charged me a $88...

Merry Maids / Stay far away from them

I should have know at the initial "assessment" meeting where the woman asked about each task over and over - I saw her recording my answers on a form, but when the cleaners showed up they were not aware of what they were supposed to do. I found them chewing up the clock in their car in my driveway, and the house was not cleaned. I called the office, but the manager was obnoxious and so was his co- worker - I decided to write it off as a bad decision.

Merry Maids / They're doing exactly what they advertise they don't do

I was pleased with the first 3 visits by the Merry Maids, then on the 4th visit half of the house was very visibly not cleaned. I got home less than an hour after the cleaning, and called the office to leave a message that the job wasn't done. I never got a call back, and when I called again twice they refused to come back out an re-clean despite that they say they will do just that to fix a bad cleaning. Then, after I fired them I discovered they charged me again for the next week's cleaning that they never did!! It's been a nightmare of bad service. Despite leaving messages on...

Merry Maids / Horrible customer service, I would not recommend this company

Had Merry Maids come out. Initial cleaning was ok but was overcharged . Second visit, team showed up unexpected no appointment arranged. This time cleaning was horrible, were in my home less than an hour. Also over charged for this visit by 30.00. When i called to complain I was told that I would get a call back. Its been a month no call back no reschedule. Horrible customer service. I would not recommend this company.

Merry Maids / We will never have them back

We just returned home after the Merry Maids cleaned it. To beginwith our home is not dirty we just wanted the floors, wood cabinets and wood work cleaned. Well there were visable spots on the ceramic floor tiles and hardwood floors. When we took a damp paper towel to the surfaces they all had dirt on them. They did fold the toilet paper rool ends and paper towel roll. Not worth the $275 we are now out of pocket on this one. We will never have them back.

Merry Maids / They over charge the elderly and the disabled

I know first hand that this mm offce is very unproffessional. The manager is very rude to customers and employees. They over charge the elderly and the disabled espeially if the insurance company or the state is paying the bill. One of the employees will rip off customers on a first time in and say she was there 2 hours and really only there for 1 hour this happens when the customer is not home to verify time in home. This all really makes me sick, especially when the seniors and disabled get ripped off. I have cleaned for a long time and would do extras for the elderly and disabled.And to rip off customers, how can you sleep at night. I would not want it done to me.

Merry Maids / Merry Maids really gives cleaning services a bad name.

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and wanted a good cleaning done since I'm not able to do it the way I like. I literally just had Merry Maids leave my house and it took 2 women almost 3 hours to do what normally should take about an hour and 1/2. Over $250 dollars later, I am completely mortified that I used this service and wasted money on Merry Maids. There are so many good services out there and this Merry Maids really gives cleaning services a bad name.

Merry Maids / Anyone with any sense or morals wouldn't hire this company

I have been employed with Merry Maids for 6 months. And I can tell you that most of these reviews are probably 100% true. Yes the teams are trained properly. But as soon as training is complete, the focus turns to speed instead of thoroughness. While your being charged for example $100.00 for this service, each team mate is lucky to see 10-15% of that. We work on a commision base, which means the more houses we can get cleaned, the more money we will make. Sub-standard service for too-high prices becomes the normal in this company. And the employees seem to be the last ones they are concerned...

Merry Maids / Never again I will use this company

I live in the Baltimore area now and am a breast cancer survivor... twice in 9 years. I should also note that I cleaned houses as an independent contractor for many years. I can no longer do normal house cleaning due to the residuals of chemotherapy after radical mastectomy and lymph nodes removal. My surgeon's staff select recipients and then they contract Merry Maids for (6) 1-hour cleanings as a service to people in my condition. I was grateful to be on the receiving end of a service that I once did. The "maids" who came were nice enough but they will not lift a hand to move one item...
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