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Lane Furniture Complaints & Reviews

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Lane Furniture - Alabama, Thomasville - Cracked and torn fabric

Posted: 2015-03-17 by    Melody & Jim
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I filed a complaint with Marie Richardson on 2/23/15 and they have denied helping me because I have owned the Double Reclining Sofa for over four years. As you can see by the photos, the cheap polyester fabric, which is paper thin, is tearing away from the pad sheet by sheet. It is also cracking all over the sofa. It is myself and my boyfriend who use the sofa and we don't have any pets. I asked them to pay to recover at the least and they will not. I believe an $1079 sofa should last longer than four years and Lane should stand behind their product and by the number of complaints on this site,...

Lane Furniture - Dangerous double recliner

Posted: 2014-11-27 by    Amanitakrisa
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My mom v=bought a brand new lane double recliner loveseat in the spring.When we got it home, that night we found out that if two {or later, even one!} people were sitting in it, in the recline position, and one of the persons leaned forward the l=slightest bit? The WHOLE UNIT would tip over forward!!!My mom, is 85 and sort of frail. I am in my early 50's and quite strong, and it is all I can do to right the unit after it has tipped.I called the store{Mclouds}and they basicly said"oh well..You should have know when you bough tit!"!!We called after 4days!!!Im working w/a woman from the Lane furniture...

Lane Furniture - California - Allergic Reaction to Recliners

Posted: 2013-07-22 by    HankSez
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I recently purchased two Lane recliners. Fabric is polyester/cotton/polypropylene. I have a severe respiratory allergic reaction after sitting on either recliner for over 15". I called Lane Furniture Consumer Services in Tupelo, MS. They say it's not their problem. I asked for some idea in regard to any treatment (stain guard, fire retardant, etc) that might be in the fabric so I can discuss with my doctor. They claimed that the fabric is completely untreated. "Tough Luck" is their attitude....

Lane Furniture - Georgia - crappy recliner

Posted: 2012-07-30 by    knotty
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
So mom got this feminine paisley recliner and it has been the biggest piece of crap.
First we noticed that the colors on the fabric aged 8 years in 2 months and turned from a bright color to a muddy dull color. We rarely ever sat in it because we got it for my brother to sit it when he comes to visit so he can put his legs up as he has leg problems.
Anyway after 6 months, I noticed it sagging, sitting at an angle. And after 8 months, it developed a deep depression in the stuffing in the lower backrest. After a year and 2 months, the reclining mechanism that extends out the footrest,...

Lane Furniture - Junk service

Posted: 2011-06-19 by    ypps
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I"ve had a snuggler recliner for 2 weeks and its sagging bad on one side, its also 6 inches higher than the rest of my furniture. Will never purchase Lane again. Always thought they were a good product. Ordered through Woods Household Appliances, Mt. Pleasant, Mi 48617. Order No. 210531, ser. no. 019072737. Man. and ship date, 05/11/11. I ordered it March 18, 2011, and it took two months to arrive at the store. The chair is style no. 00027714, Pattern 05l, Desc. #oscr. I tend to sit on one side to be near my reading lamp and it has no support....

Lane Furniture - Cheaply Made!

Posted: 2011-05-02 by    RevaG
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
We bought a Lane reclining couch and a snuggler. We've had them repaired at least twice since buying them 2 years ago. The arms are made with cardboard and the stuffing has fallen out. Very hard to pull recliner cord.

The reclining on the snuggler ripes the stuffing out every time you try to recline and they are hard lock down when you go to get out of them. Very uncomfortable to sit in, rather sit on the floor than to sit on couch.

Lane furniture is very poorly made, and we will never buy it from them again!...

Lane Furniture - Big Man chairs are crap

Posted: 2011-04-25 by    Papadusty
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
We bought two Lane Big Man chairs, (I'm 5-10, 220, not what I would call a real big man)inside of 4yrs ago. The chairs have each been in the shop twice and I have fixed broken bolts in each one myself. You just sit in the one and the leg rest pops up and you can't get it to stay down. The other one just don't hardly rock period.The repairman that worked on the chairs said Lane is a real pain to deal with and he was'nt lying! Needless to say, we have purchased our last Lane product!...

Lane Furniture - Won't stand behind furniture

Posted: 2011-04-20 by    paddyp871
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
We purchased a Lane leather sectional sofa from Kittles about 4 years ago for about 2, 500. The padding in the seats, arms and back is completely broken down. They sent the padding but it is up to us to pay for the labor which is the most expensive part of the repair. It is around $600 to have the foam padding put in. I won't buy another lane product. Kittles also refused to stand behind the labor portion of the repair even though we purchased the extended warranty. This extended warranty is the only reason lane even provided the foam padding....

Lane Furniture - Recliner keeps breaking but store won't fix or replace

Posted: 2011-04-17 by    hrt63
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
2 years ago we bought a recliner from a local furniture company and we chose Lane because of the manufacturer warranty. A few days/weeks after the 1 year warranty was up the recliner broke; pieces flew everywhere. Took it to the store and manager refused to replace but attempted to fix. recliner worked, but sat crooked and didn't function properly. at year 2 it came apart again and will not recline. we keep our furniture covered so it still looks new. we feel the chair should be replaced. my husband is disabled and needs his recliner. I will probably never purchase another lane product again....

Lane Furniture - Junk

Posted: 2011-04-16 by    Offmgr08209
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I purchased a Lane double recliner sofa. After 5 wks, the arm cushion came loose from the wood frame. The poly filled cushions have flattened & the material has stretched. Per customer service "the warranty is for labor & cover to repair only" for 1 year from date of purchase. Customer Service suggested I use the palm of my hand to try to move the poly around in the cushion! I now own a 6 wk old piece of furniture that looks like a 25 yr old piece of furniture. And Lane is supposed to be so good. I will scream it to the world that Lane furniture is junk....

Lane Furniture - Defective recliners

Posted: 2011-02-28 by    Gdvl
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
Lane furniture company sells defective recliners and does not honor their products . We purchased two at over $ 1ooo.oo . We special ordered them and I sit on bare wood that I have to pad with batting. My husband s mechanism is broken .We complained from the day of delivery to no avail. They are two years old and we are faced with having to buy new recliners to replace new recliners. What's wrong with this picture? This is the one we have escalade hide-a -chaise 11919. We spoke to customer service personel in North Carolina .phone # 662-566-7211....

Lane Furniture - Rip off

Posted:    Carolynt64
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I bought 2 recliners about a year ago, and one of them are broke and its just from use, i have no kids, so it wasnt abused.

I will not buy any of their furniture ever again...I thought i was getting a good deal when i got both recliners on sale and i thought it was a steal at $700.00 for both.

Its a shame when you cant buy anything that will last a normal amount of time.

Its seems we get riped off all the time no matter what it is, what happened to, they stand buy what they sell.?...

Lane Furniture - Recliners suck

Posted:    Croo
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
Bought 2 new Lane recliners expecting quaulity and customer service. The whole left arm became detached and called them to have it fixed (under warranty) was told we would have to pay for labor. No problem. They brought it back a week later worse than ever. NO MORE LANE.

Store blamed upholsterer he blamed store Lane will do nothing....

Lane Furniture - Louisiana - Defective Furniture

Posted:    khart35
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
We first bought an Ashley couch and love seat.We paid almost $2000.00 for it.After a few months we called the Ivan Smith store from where we bought it to tell them the color was comming off the leather.The manager said he also had another customer with the same problem and he would let us pick out another set of furniture but it had to be something else and he suggested Lane. So we picked out a Lane leather couch and an oversized chair, both recline. We had it delivered and after 3 months we noticed that the seams and stitching behind the cushons were comming apart and the seam on the arm of the...

Lane Furniture - Dangerous to children

Posted:    Carol
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
In October 2006 we purchased a Lane dual reclining sofa (the ends recline and the center is stationary) from a local dealer.

Within 6 months we had to have repairs done(I plan to visit the dealer for the exact dates). It has been giving us major problems again. Both sides are pulling apart from the sofa and on one side (between the reclining section and center)there is a gap large enough for a small child to become trapped.

We have a two year old grandson who gets his foot caught unless we stuff something in between the sections such as towels.

This morning...

Lane Furniture - Poor quality

Posted:    Frank
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I purchased a Lane Action Sofa 07-22-2008. The springs and cushions

are already failing. This is an expensive sofa and I would think their

furniture should last longer than 1 1/2 years.

I will never buy Lane again. I am very disappointed in the quality of their

furniture. Especially at the price they charge. I will for sure go back to

buying Ashley when our family room is finished and I get my new set.

Can't believe this poor quality is made in the U.S.!! Would think the

quality would be...

Lane Furniture - Beware

Posted:    Hawk
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
I spent around $1400 for 2 matching Lane "Leather" recliners at Hurwitz Mintz in New Orleans. My brother and I are big guys and in case it wasn't obvious enough, I made it clear to the sales person that we needed strong furniture, made for big men. She directed us to the Lane recliner, that was also a rocker and swivel chair. About 4 months later, I had to call for repairs as the seat support and lever mechanism was failing on both. To their credit, Hurwitz sent out a repairman to fix the chairs. Only problem? It happened again, and again, and again. Until finally, the store's warranty...

Lane Furniture - Unbelievably ignorant customer service people

Posted:    EdwL95
Complaint Rating:  75 % with 4 votes
I inherited a 1931 lane cedar chest a few months ago. As it needed some reconditioning, I started searching for parts. I needed: a lock mechanism, some trim weather stripping and hinges.

After scouring the net, a furniture restorer told me to contact Lane directly. BIG MISTAKE.

The customer service people were surly and acted as if I was wasting their time.

I finally got the hinges and trim ordered and had to pay for that. The lock mechanism was free as the old style had caused injuries in the past.

2 weeks late a box easily 2 ft by 4ft...

Lane Furniture - Bad service

Posted:    Samantha
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I purchased a leather recliner from Frontroom Furnishings in Columbus, Ohio after my old chair started to wear out. The old one was a cheapo, lasted me a good 5 years before the cushions literally wore out from under me. So, I figured I'd go all out and buy myself something better for Christmas. I have owned the thing for two/three months and the leather is peeling all over the place. It is not big peels, but little stuff. The guy from the store said "oh its from your shoes wearing it off." To which I replied that I don't wear shoes in my chair, and how does that explain how nearly every...

Lane Furniture - Indiana - Recliner chair

Posted:    UpsetInIndy
Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes
I bought a really nice Lane recliner chair and ottoman for around $800 some 7 years ago. I thought I got a really sweet deal as others of this style were almost twice as much.

To be honest, I've loved this chair.. nice and comfy and very stylish. However, last night when sitting down I heard a weird sound and while attempting to lean back to investigate under me, the thing went all the way back down to the floor with me in it. I thought maybe something like a spring had broken causing the issue, but what I found was that the entire metal attachment to the chair had simply torn...

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