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International Oddities Complaints & Reviews

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International Oddities - California / The crap they sell is dangerous

Kari Ann on Sep 12, 2012
They don't test the crap they sell and they certainly don't warn anyone of the dangerous effects. My brother ordered some products from them and a week after receiving them he killed himself. He had never shown any suicidal tendencies before and after doing some research i find out these products they're peddling without FDA regulation can cause psychosis, heart attacks and more. When I emailed them and told them what had happened they basically sent me an "oh well" reply. This junk is evil and this company doesn't care that they're killing people. Please stay away from it.

International Oddities / dream smoke and ultra wizard smoke

high4life on Aug 2, 2011
in 1992 i tried dream smoke and ultra-wizard smoke and yes it was from international oddities. the dream smoke gave me nausea and a headache(as a cigarette, in a waterpipe, and a hand pipe), the ultra-wizard smoke did nothing at all(same methods as the dream smoke, yet no buzz what-so-ever!! in summer 1997 i tried their "dro buds" sample in the plastic tube and it was a leaf shaped like a bud(i tried it and nothing, no buzz!!). if you want something that will get you high, try funky monkey, king kush herbal, chills pice(if your state allows it), hayze spice(if your state allows it). the only place which sells real legal buds is legalheralshop.com, no bull, no crap, no lie.

International Oddities - California / bogus claims

i bought a can of "krypto" bud. smelled pretty good & strong. tasted ok, but only gave a "baby" buzz, really just a tease barely noticeable. i'll hand it them for their marketing savvy-ness, all the pictures & bs "testimonials really are allureing !!! but product is not what i was lead to believe. won't be ordering from them again. chalk it up to a $45 lesson learned.

International Oddities - Missouri, Springfield / Scam

FYI - Anyone who has ordered from International Oddities and has discovered it is a total scam and paid by debit or credit card may call their bank or card issuer and dispute the charge. I did get a number from my bank to try to resolve the issue which is (800) 730-6933 but I got voice mail for a general manager and my phone call was not returned. I encourage everyone who has been scammed to dispute the charge and hopefully you can obtain a refund. Also apparently the only "legal" product which was supposedly somewhat worthwhile K2 Blonde has been banned nationalwide as of December 19 so don't be fooled into buying anything else.

International Oddities - California, Torrance / False Advertising - False and Misleading Advertising, Errors & Ommissions

This company gives the impression to the consumer that their beautiful buds are "Hybrids" which to most people in the know means a hybrid of the marijuana plant spliced in with some other legal herb plant that packs a legal wallop of chemicals like Kava Kava, Valerian, Ginkoba Biloba, etc. Therefore, you get the distinct impression and expectations that their "smoke" will at least taste like the real deal and have a noticeable buzz, "Guess Again". The website claims that they DON'T use tobacco, but in fact their products all taste so similar that they have to be flavored TOBACCO. I wa...

International Oddities - California, Torrance / Online SCAM

I was trying to find a cannabis substitute and found this company advertising its "legal buds". I bought one can of their "Krypto" - and let me tell you - the stuff not only tasted AWFUL, smelled AWFUL, and did not give me a buzz AT ALL! I am very upset to have been SCAMMED!! If you want a good substitute, I recommend trying any of the K2 products - at least THOSE WORK!! I bought this because it claimed to be real, natural buds...and NO REFUNDS, so you're SCREWED!!!

International Oddities - California, Torrance / not what they advertise

does not look like what is advertised, and smells like some kind of bad chemical.Ordered 3 can spesial, and all 3 cans plus the free can smell identically the same. They say that the sell bud, these are not buds, just a bunch of bad smelling stuff, that is rolled into a ball.

International Oddities - Florida / Slick Marketing, aka Scam

After much research, I came to the conclusion that I just need to try it for myself. Take it from me, DONT! Its complete fucking garbage. Bunch of herbs probably oregano, catnip, wild dagga etc.. mashed and sprayed together. NO BUDS. MASHED UP GARBAGE. Whoever is in charge of marketing for this company is pretty slick, and a fucking asshole. All these jokers need to be shut down. Dont even think one site is better than the other either, because they re all same products except I.O fancies it up with better packaging and presentation. I hope one day someone takes the time to shut all these...

International Oddities - California / Charged me Twice

I used to smoke allot of weed in the 80's (Showing my age right there) and I have always enjoyed it. I only ocaisonally am able to find some these days but when I do, I use it for medicinal purposes; I am Bi-Polar and it is known that pot is the best drug for Bi-polar people and there are many studies to have it legalized medcinaly for this purpose. Getting older, I was concerned with buying illegal drugs so I did some research online for legal alternative buds and came across International Oddities. I decided to place an order, which I really couldn't afford because I am on...

International Oddities / Fraud and cheating

I am just posting this hoping others may read it and save themselves some money. I saw some flashy ads for 'real legal buds' from international oddities, that took me to the website is internationaloddities.com that said experience the pleasure of real bud, so I clicked them. I was amazed that I could buy this stuff legally, so I immediately placed a trial order for some of their krypto and dro bud as they say it is their 'best'. Despite reading some negative info online, I was still intrigued at these products, so I splurged and spent like 60.00 on this crap. It was not...

International Oddities / Awful company

I bought some herbal products from International Oddities after reading their reviews and watching several online videos they provide for their customers. All bogus and lies. Product nothing like their ads, I didn't even bother trying what had I bought from them. I wanted to contact them and there is no phone number or address to make contact. The only number they give is: 800-730-4438 which takes you to a long-long ad and then ordering line...nothing else offered, total automation, no live person or forward number. Don't buy from them, all sugar coated flavored pressed pipe or chewing...
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