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Ikeyless.com - Kentucky, Louisville / Key fob

Reviewer48225 on Feb 26, 2016
Same old same old here. Bought what appeared to be a new key fob for my Mazda. Turned out it was used. Took the key to the dealer and they stated that there was no chip in it so it could not be programmed. I set a return up and they expected me to pay for the return shipping. I had fight tooth and nail to get them to give me a return label. Then they said that they would "test" the key when they got it back to determine if it was defective. Of course they are going to say, "Key looks fine to us." and most likely charge me a large restocking fee. These guys are definitely scammers. Just buy the key from the dealer, it's well worth it.

Ikeyless.com / iKeyless Key Finder

Reviewer96979 on Feb 2, 2016
I place an order of three key finders on 1/22/2016 # web order 709727 and receive the product inmedietly.After trying them notice that the sound providing from them is not loud enough to be heard from a few feets.I changed the battery, but steel cant heard it from a few feets away .I am returning the key finders and will like to have a reimbursement to my credit card. I also placed a web order for a KeylessEntry Remote-4 Buttons for a 2009 Chevy Cobalt and has not receive it, # web order 702796.

Ikeyless.com / Do not buy from these guys, a lot of heartache and expense

Gleinek on Jan 17, 2013
Ordered a switchblade for my Honda Civic SI to replace my secondary key. The Live Chat was no help to get the right key sent over. The instructions for installation were illegible and horribly laid out. My specific car model wasn't even in them, and the instructions for the other models didn't work either. What a waste of money. Do not buy from these guys, a lot of heartache and expense.

Ikeyless.com / They really should at least tell you up front if you are buying a used item

Venya on Dec 25, 2012
Beware...they will send you a dirty, used keyfob and then tell you it is in their terms and services that they reserve the right and that all items sold may be new or used...no way of knowing. The customer service rep I spoke to today even admitted that this practice was not fair. They really should at least tell you up front if you are buying a used item. This is supposed to be a Christmas gift...and I received it today, Christmas Eve...great :/

Ikeyless.com / It's been 17 days, still waiting

Kolmaze on Nov 27, 2012
Their "Same day shipping" means, "We'll ship it on the same day that we decide to ship your order." I ordered a remote on 11/09. It's been 17 days, still waiting...

Ikeyless.com / Got my remote for my jeep and it's USED

Compone on Nov 21, 2012
Got my remote for my jeep and it's USED!!! it doesn't say that anywhere on their home page until you look on their terms & conditions which is BS!! i just hope it works now - before buying look around at other websites and make sure what you're buying is a new or used product!!

Ikeyless.com / Stay away from this one

Virada on Aug 27, 2012
I had an issue with a flip key I bought, and instead of doing their part to fix the mistake, they just slapped a band-aid on a bullet wound. I already paid to try to get their key programmed and didn't find out until later that it shipped without the transponder chip. To fix the situation, they just sent me a new chip instead of trying to do a partial refund like I asked.

Ikeyless.com - California / Key less remotes

monaghanboyz on Dec 27, 2011
Ordered 2 remote key fobs to replace worn out factory equipment. They were very good about collecting the payment quickly but the items sent were VERY used even though there was nothing about buying used parts on the website. The directions enclosed with the remotes were copies of a Ford service notice and the left 1/4 of the page was faded and smeared as would happen when a copy machine is out of toner. So they were useless. So now I have two extremely used remotes that may or not work No answer to their phone and no answer to the emails. Feeling totally ripped off. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY

Ikeyless.com - Kentucky, Louisville / deceptive sales practices

callmeditch on Nov 24, 2011
I purchased a keyless remote for my car from the ikeyless.com website. I was surprised to fund that the remote was very used, given there was no mention on their website that the product was used. This is a very deceptive sales practice. Do not purchase anything from this company.

Ikeyless.com / The keyblade I ordered was ok technically, but obviously used

Minees on Nov 23, 2011
The keyblade I ordered was ok technically, but obviously used. The blade itself is slightly damaged on the sides. I have been trying through email and phone for several days to order a replacement key blade I have not gotten any response (order #208316). So far I feel like I got scammed.

Ikeyless.com / damaged product

mechevar on Nov 22, 2011
Ordered a keyblade that was obviously used (order #208316). Tried to contact via email and phone and got no response when I tried to order a replacement, not even a refund. Hopefully something happens, but as of now, I feel as though I got ripped off

Ikeyless.com / These people are crooks

Pooldayke on Oct 29, 2011
These people are crooks. I called after reading terrible reviews first thing monday after a sunday night purchase. I was told that my order was canceled and that I would get a refund by end of business on monday 10/24/11 Called on Wednesday 10/26/11 talked to Jason who sent me a confirmation cancellation email and said the refund would happen that day. It is now Friday 10/28/11 still no refund. Emailed them yesterday left message today. What will it take to get my money backs from these people. Horrible customer service had to mention the Attorney General for them to agree to cancel the order and return my money. I guess that is my next contact. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE VERY VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

Ikeyless.com - Kentucky, Louisville / Condition of items, no customer service

alohilana on Oct 6, 2011
Countless reviews and warnings online should verify this, but ikeyless is an untrustworthy business. They should have had their license to operate as a business revoked long ago. I placed an order with ikeyless for three remotes. The order totaled more than $190. They debited my account immediately. I decided to add a fourth item to my order and emailed less than five minutes after placing the order to see if the item could be added to my parcel. I was informed that this was not possible, as the item had already shipped. So I stupidly placed the second order and paid the $5 extra...

Ikeyless.com / This is the worst customer service that I have received

Loopare on Mar 11, 2011
I bought 2 blank keys that ikeyless advertized as a factory keys worth $35.00. I keyless sent basic blanks that you can get at any store .. I took the blank keys to a locksmith 15 miles away, and he told me that they sent the wrong blanks. I Then took the keys to the Chevy dealer and was informed also that the blank keys were wrong and will Not work with the car. I have emailed them 5 times, they have tried to say that it’s me and I am not taking the key to the right place to be cut so I then tried to call with no luck, 3 times on hold with a wait time of 10 to 18 min just to get a...

Ikeyless.com / Do not do business with these people

Sarotta on Jan 31, 2011
Horrible customer service. Waited for days for a manager to call and then was hung up on when I called back. Do NOT do business with these people.

Ikeyless.com - California / scam

I bought a remote for my car from this company and they sent me a scratched up remote, probably bought of Ebay for $15. They sold it to me for $100. The instructions were not complete either so I couldn't get it to work.. Do not buy from this company, they are a total scam. They probably buy their stuff of Ebay for much less and re-sell it to you for 3-5 times the price they bought it for. They do not answer my emails or my phone calls. I'm in the middle of the claim procedure with my bank. DO NOT BUY!!!
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