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IC System / Imaginary bill!!!

Michael Washeleski on 2014-12-15
These people ( IC System Inc. / PayPal Inc. ) say that I apparently owe someone quite a bit of money, $16, 978.05 to be exact. Anyways, I've never once used a paypal account in my life. I don't exactly remember when, but I did in fact attempt to open a paypal account a long time ago. But as far as I can remember I never did in fact complete the process. That was a long time ago though so I don't remember any specifics, all I really do know is that I NEVER once used that account wether it was completed or not!!! Anyways here is the supposed account info... Paypal Inc Account No...

IC System / Tracking Exwife for Debt collection

I have been receiving calls at work and on my persoanl cell phone from IC systems and a collection officer named Mickey' if that is her real name. Their phone number is 866-913-5380. I have been divorced now for over 2 years and I am not responsible for any debt that she incurred since our seperation agreement and divorce. I want these people to stop calling me and I am also reporting them to the North Carolina States Attorney Generals office.

IC System / What debtors don't think about

heyyo on
Wow it's surprising to see those of you who are actually in debt talk as you do. Or those that aren't in debt but are relatives, significant others, etc.. of debtors. I hope you realize that debt collectors are also people. If you're swearing at them, you think that's respectful and professional of you? Obviously they aren't going to take that from someone they don't know either. When you get on the line with a collector, it's almost 90% chance that you're not talking to the same one as before. So why vent and cuss at someone who has never even talked to...

IC System / Fraud and cheating

Valerie on
I nominate a telephone representative of IC Systems as perhaps the most detestable person I have ever had contact with in my 84 years on this earth. My son (age 57) has been a patient in a New Jersey mental hospital for 30 years -- sentenced NGRI (Not Guilty Reason Insanity) for a violent crime. He will likely spend the remainder of his life in confinement. My son ran up some charge card debt in spite of the fact that his address was clearly that of a mental hospital. Now the harassment squad at IC Systems is calling multiple times daily with very belittling words addressed to my son in spite...

IC System / Harrassing Phone Calls

deb on
I have been receiving calls from IC System. I have told them repeatedly not to call because I am dealing with the Credit Card company. The credit card company is dealing with me directly which they do not have a problem with. I have repeatedly told them to quit calling but they get nasty and hateful with me. Even when I tell them I am dealing with Credit card directly. I have even told them that I that they are just harrassing me and that there are laws preventing this. But to no avail. They call at least 40 times a day. The credit card company supposedly has told them that I am paying them direct but it doesn't stop them.

IC System / Awful experience

Valerie on
My wife fielded the call, they said it was a business opportunity. I have been disabled since march and cannot make the payments, I told the very rude 1st person I could not pay and she transferred me to the supposed supervisor who was demeaning, he insisted I have my parents pay bill, I told him that the family helped pay my "rent" in the past. He kept insisting that the parents living on fixed incomes could still help because they did in the past. I left the phone call at him being delusional and it was ludicrous to insist my parents have to pay so I can make the payment. Pushy, arrogant...

IC System / Rude and obnoxious collection agency

Valerie on
IC Systems has the most unprofessional and ignorant employees I have ever dealt with in my life. They all give fictitious names when you ask them to identify themselves. On 9/3/08 I was called by a female who would not identify herself. She was asking for personal information which I was reluctant to provide; especially since I did not know who she was or who she represented. She was very rude and talked very badly to me. I called back and asked for a supervisor. A very ignorant individual who claimed his name was Eric Anderson got on the line and proceeded to try endlessly to humiliate me. He...

IC System - Minnesota, Saint Paul / Illegal and harassing 3rd part phone conversation

Mark on
I am complaining about the very rude and unprofessional conduct as well as ILLEGAL activity on behalf of a collection agency called ICSystem. Collectors from this company have contacted my elderly father and have deliberately intimidated him into relaying information concerning my payment status which in turn relayed my account information to unauthorized parties. My father was unable to get the name of the person representing IC System and in turn emailed instantly with the news that I owed a debt collector money that is not owed. I managed to get a hold of a collector later in the day and...

IC System / Fraud

Valerie on
IC systems just offered me a settlement for 60% but did not want to send me a letter in writing, I advised until something in writing is sent to me I will not pay a thing on a hsbc credit card which by the I tried to work with them but every time I called would get someone from India that couldn’t speak English, I have been a collector for over 17 years and this rep at ic systems was not helping at all, I am a write off collector and take very different approach but when they said I couldn’t even have a letter I said no after reading some of the horror stories here.

IC System - Minnesota, St. Paul / Demanding payment when there is none

IC System collection agency doesn't work with consumers. I, too, came upon hard times when I lost my job due to an auto accident. This has placed my family in an extreme financial hardship. They demanded payment even though my bank accounts are in a negative balance and food has yet been placed on the table. They charge overage fees that still puts us further in the hole by $16. This continues to make our bill climb instead of reducing the balance. We can't even afford the minimum payment, yet they draft monies before the due dates to appease their clients. They even went to the...

IC System - Minnesota / Numerous rude phone calls

Melissa on
This company calls my cell phone several time a day. I currently work nights so i am asleep when they call. Today I answered one of their calls and they asked for someone by a different name. When I told the man I was not that person he began arguing with me. I asked several times if our call was being recorded and also to speak to a supervisor. He continued to talk over me and repeatedly ask for the person he was calling for. I kept telling him he had the wrong number and he told me I was lying. I contacted the company via the main number on their website. I was given two managers names to...

IC System / Rudeness

Nomne on
I have spoke with this company about calling my home phone looking for another person. I told them to not call my number and they keep calling back. What else can be done about this? Plz advise smb!

IC System - Minnesota / People who are in debt

icrep on
To everyone who has a problem with IC System, pay your freaking bill! It is not illegal to collect money from low life scum, so all the people who complain they keep recieving calls, or are rude, best thing is get over it and pay your bill!

IC System / Rude

This company is soooooooo rude, The company my credit card company hired is IC System and I have talked to them seveal times and this time they told me I should have not used the credit card & that I needed to pay them today x amount of money and I said I couldn't pay at this time they told me I should get out of my mortagae & move in with someone so I could pay them. They are a 3rd party from my credit card company & I had sent the credit card company a cease calling letter and it states in the letter that the 3rd party can not call you but they do not go by this letter and they are in...

IC System / Harassing calls

Valerie on
IC Systems should stand for Idiot collectors. I don't know where they get their info. I don't owe them anything but they call day and night. Tonight it was 12:50 am. My terminally ill husband almost fell out of bed the phone scared him so bad. It is always an automated recording yet when I call to find out what this is all about I am on hold forever and never get thru to an idiot. I have no reason for any debt collector to be calling me. The only bill I have that did not get paid was from Prevention magazine that I did not order nor do I want and I have written them stating this. If I ever find out what this nonsense is about and it has to do with Prevention mag. I'll be furious.

IC System - Alabama, Montgomery / Calls for no reason at all!

This collection agency called me for no reason. I do not owe any debt whatsoever. They simply are fishing for people who do owe money, in the hopes that somebody will send them some. They are liars and abusive over the phone (once they ascertain they won't be getting any money from you). I believe the government should shut them down at the earliest opportunity before they abuse more helpless consumers.

IC System - Minnesota, Saint Paul / Harassment

I am being contacted by phone and mail from these people. They are contacting me about a charge that was made on my credit card that was false. My account number was used by someone that got my number after the fact that i had closed out account for this reason with someone else. The item that was purchased was for something through a pei education inst. What i have no idea. I found out about this through a letter i received from pei in jan 2008. I contacted them a told them it was used on a bogus credit card number. The card had been cancelled months prior. I then received a letter...
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