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Helzberg Diamonds Complaints & Reviews

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Helzberg Diamonds - Gender discrimination

Posted: 2015-06-21 by    Terry L. Bowen
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My complaint is in regard to gender discrimination of customers. I purchased a 3 ring Wedding set for my wife and myself in 2014. Let me reiterate that I MADE THE PURCHASE. Not my wife. Since the purchase, my wife has received 2 COMPLIMENTARY pearl bracelets, and recently received a card in the mail informing her that she has a COMPLIMENTARY necklace for her upcoming Birthday. The following is my complaint. While I do not begrudge my wife for receiving these COMPLIMENTARY gifts, I am disturbed by the fact that only the woman is ever given these COMPLIMENTARY gifts. I (as the actual purchaser of...

Helzberg Diamonds - Poor quality product and service

Posted: 2014-10-24 by    janelle2014
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
The first time we ordered from Helzberg at the jewelry store in Sioux Falls, SD, we ordered this ring: http://www.helzberg.com/product/mens+band+2023881.do?sortby=ourPicks. They gave us an item number to look it up online. When we looked it up, the number matched a ring with a hammered look, and ours did not have hammering at all. The number was for the wrong ring. Thankfully I noticed this and called them and we changed the order. Another problem was that different workers told us different things about our ring. Our ring had a metal listed as ss. Some workers said it was stainless steel, some...

Helzberg Diamonds - Washington, Tacoma - Bad Customer Service

Posted: 2013-07-23 by    never at helzberg in tacoma
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Wow - what an obnoxious sales person. the sales person kept telling us about her $50, 000 wedding ring, and sticking it in our face and trying to get us to buy a bigger diamond. The manager just stood there smiling and letting her embarrass us. We knew our budget and we really got tired or her pushiness. She didn't know anything about diamonds and quality - all she knew was size - how ridiculous! We asked to go into the "diamond room" to look at some stones and she decided we weren't going to spend enough to make that worth her time. We did get her card and tore it up as we left- we went...

Helzberg Diamonds - Pennsylvania - customer service

Posted: 2013-06-07 by    jane doe1
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I went into the robinson store just for a simple ring cleaning and looking for earings. A foreignor came over to greet me and when i explained i would like my ring cleaned she kept telling me i need a inspection card to clean my ring. I told her i just want my ring cleaned thats it i dont need a inspection she continued to lecture me like a child about having my card. After 10 minutes of this......

Helzberg Diamonds - not a good jewelry store

Posted: 2012-11-05 by    bj cool
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Helzberg Diamonds @ The Augusta Mall on Wrightsboro Rd: Many people have experienced job harassment & discrimination, The District manager is Incompetent, and allows a bad store manager to mistreat black customers & new employees, that's why Helzberg can never keep people emplyed with the company!! The staff are a group of unprofessional people, that fight over commissions, stab each other in the back, and no nothing about the Jewelry Business, except for lying to customers, being rude to customers who complain about their lousy customer service, & messing up purchase orders.. I used to work...

Helzberg Diamonds - incompetence

Posted: 2012-10-29 by    Lisa Carol Pope
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
I worked for the company for a while, and what I've experienced there; harassment & discrimination: The District Manger turns a blind eye to whatever happens, and allows the store manager; Raymond Husband to mistreat black customers and new employees. His staff are a group of unprofessional & incompetent people, who really don't know anything about the jewelry Business, except for how to lie to customers, stab co-workers in the back, and be rude to customers who complain about Helzberg's lousy customer service. I wouldn't buy any jewelry from those clowns. They harass & mistreat...

Helzberg Diamonds - Texas - Diamond replace warranty

Posted: 2012-07-18 by    MG Torres
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My husband purchased my wedding band at Helzberg and a diamond kept getting loose. We would take the ring for inspection every 6 months like the warranty requires. Two months ago one of the diamonds fell off the ring, so I took it to the store to replace the stone. The Helzberg salesperson told me it had to be sent to corporate office and that it would take a while, about a month to get it back. It's been two months already and every time I call the store or go in person to check if my ring is back they have a lame excuse. I am tired of their incompetence. I used to love Helzberg stores and...

Helzberg Diamonds - Ohio, Toledo - Poor Workmanship

Posted: 2012-07-05 by    UnhappyMary
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
I purchased a new diamond ring on my 30th anniversary from Helzberg Diamonds in Toledo, Ohio. My previous diamond, that I had had for 30 years had never lost a diamond. The new ring I purchased was of similar size as my last one. I have had this new ring for 5 years now and it has lost '7' diamonds - 2 times the big teardrop diamond in the center, and 5 other diamonds. I just picked up my ring less than 2 weeks ago because I had lost a smaller diamond, and they were supposed to put a new diamond and completely add new prongs to ALL the diamonds. As I just said, THE EXACT DIAMOND INCLUDING...

Helzberg Diamonds - North Carolina - Fake Gold

Posted: 2011-12-08 by    Owenskcc
Complaint Rating:  40 % with 5 votes
I bought a citrine gemstone ring and a pair of 1/4 carat diamond earrings from Helzberg Diamonds in 2000. Both the ring and the earrings have 10k stamped inside of them. They have not been left in any cleaning solution or subjected to crazy temperatures. The jewelry has turned copper color. I took it to a local jeweler and was told that they are not 100% gold. It is been some time since my purchase, but I thought they were a reputable company. Why would they sale fake gold? I do not care how long ago I made the purchase, it was a legal contract and they should honor it. I will be shipping both pieces...

Helzberg Diamonds - Michigan, Novi - Pandora Style Bracelet

Posted:    Anita Manns
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 2 votes
Two years ago when the Pandora Bracelet came out in the Michigan area a company known as Helzberg Diamond came out with hugh signs and advertizements for the new Pandora Bracelet. Since such time I have had charm after charm break on my bracelet. Fortunately, the company has replaced each charm due to the fact that a warranty was purchased at the time of the bracelet. However, today (2010) I happen to visit the store and indicate to the manager that I continue to have problems with a Pandora bracelet that was purchase for me as a gift and the manager said, " We don't sell Pandora Bracelets,...

Helzberg Diamonds - Missouri, Independence - Snubbed!

Posted:    laurab37
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
I was with my children and dropped by the store to inquire about purity rings. There were maybe 5 or 6 other customers in the store, and every representative was with a client except for one client who was being helped by two employees. All she was doing was filling out a credit application, so I asked one of the representatives who was there if they had purity rings. She snapped at me! Saying that they'd get to me but right now they were with a customer. The children and I walked around and waited a good 5-10 minutes but she and her co-worker chatted it up with the client. Finally, we left....

Helzberg Diamonds - Poor (or NO) Customer Service

Posted:    pampam
Complaint Rating:  88 % with 8 votes
My husband purchased a diamond anniversary band from Helzberg Diamonds while he was on a business trip in New Jersey (Woodbridge). He was told by the sales people that the ring could be resized to any size, as he was unsure of my American ring size (we live in Europe). This misinformation convinced him to go ahead and purchase the ring. It turns out the ring was so big, it could not be resized by a master jeweler here in Germany where we live. We were told the diamonds would probably fall out because of the great size difference. So I called the store manager and explained the situation to her....

Helzberg Diamonds - Fradulent charges were put on my credit card

Posted:    DimI87
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
On, January 7, 2010 I went to pick up a package from UPS as it required my signature. When I opened the package, I realized that I had received a “diamond ring” from Helzberg Diamonds by mistake. I have never visited your website, nor had I ever purchased anything from them. I did the honest thing and I immediately call Helzberg Diamond, explaining that I had received the ring in error and would like to return it. The person I spoke to couldn’t explain to me why I had received the ring, but the invoice said I purchased it on January 4th. I was not in town that day, nor did I go...

Helzberg Diamonds - Bad diamonds

Posted:    KarL82
Complaint Rating:  83 % with 6 votes
I took my diamond wedding ring in to Helzberg with a loose diamond. They sent it off to one of their jewelers to be fixed. When it came back to their store the diamond had a noticeable black spot in it. I brought it to their attention and they would not do anything about it. They stood behind their jewelers they outsource to. I would have never bought this ring if it had had this black spot in it. I am very disappointed with Helzberg, I had always thought they were a reputable jeweler. I would never recommend Helzberg to anyone....

Helzberg Diamonds - Iowa - Poor Quality and even worse customer service

Posted:    AVH
Complaint Rating:  60 % with 5 votes
My husband purchased my 2 cttw solitaire engagement ring at Helzberg's and when we received it back from having it sized, the stone was completely loose in the setting. It rattled when I wore it and I was so upset. I couldn't believe anyone would even return costume jewelry to a customer in that condition, let alone an expensive engagement ring that should be wearable throughout a lifetime. Also, they CHARGED us for the resizing which blew my mind, and then would not refund the money after I returned with the damaged ring. They had my ring for almost 2 months before I received the ring...

Helzberg Diamonds - Not one, but both of our wedding rings destroyed

Posted:    HanF59
Complaint Rating:  75 % with 4 votes
We purchased our wedding rings through them in 2005, and over the last couple years of having them clean and polish our rings, they managed to destroy not just my wedding band but my wife's as well. Neither of us have the same ring we did when we were married. They offered to replace the rings, but in my wife's case, they could not, and to get her ring to look the same, we had to pay them about $500 more dollars due to their error and shabby craftsmanship. I had reported them to the BBB and the Attorney general. I had taken off my complaint with them because they offered us to take care...

Helzberg Diamonds - Fraud and scam

Posted:    Samantha
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 20 votes
Bought a 4000.00 wedding ring from them in 2000 which was an upgrade from the 2000.00 ring I got in 1998. Have not had problems with it until December 2008 when I noticed that the shank, 3/8 marquee diamond, and prongs was all missing out of my ring. Took my ring to Helzberg fully expecting them to fix it since they are suppose to have such a great warranty and so customer oriented. Boy was I wrong. They are trying to get me to pay 800.00 to have my diamond replaced.

And get a load of this, between shipping from the store to corporate and back to the store they lost one of my smaller...

Helzberg Diamonds - Fraud and cheating

Posted:    Eduard
Complaint Rating:  73 % with 22 votes
On October 25th, 2008 Helzberg was having a jewelry show and I purchased a 2 K princess cut diamond for $10, 000 and a mounting for $3, 000. The next day we noticed a spot in the center of the diamond and returned to the store where they showed us 2 yellow diamonds that we could trade it for. My choice was clear with carbon in it or yellow with no flaws. I was told at the time of purchase I could upgrade at any time and receive full credit for the ring so we decided we would just upgrade next year once this ring was paid off.

90 days later the engagement ended and I went to sell the...

Helzberg Diamonds - Colorado, Broomfeild - Credit Card Policies

Posted:    DaveLund
Complaint Rating:  60 % with 5 votes
I bought a diamond ring 2 days before Christmas for about $2500. I going to put it on my credit card but was sold their 90 day same as cash credit card deal. Approval took about 5 minutes as my credit is excellent. I paid off $1000 in January. $1000 in Febuary. And the ballance in March. With that apyment schedule I received a late payment penalty of $39 on a minimum payment due of $37 and a negative credit report. The customer service representative very kurt and unwilling to work with me resolving this issue. I will be closing this account as soon as I can get verification that the ballance is...

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