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Hampton Inn Complaints & Reviews

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Hampton Inn - Colorado, Colorado Springs - Bad Hotel, Insulting General Manager

Posted: 2015-10-10 by    Illinois Ripped Off
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Having stayed at approximately 50 Hampton Inns and Hiltons around the world this was the worst run I've ever seen and will NEVER, EVER, RETURN. Point in fact I challenged the "100% guarantee". My general impression is the staff is very young. Most seem to be college age and no one appeared to be past age 23 years-old. What this means is the staff has no experience as a hotel guest and therefore have no perspective on customer needs. It seemed to be run by the local college as an business training course. Here are some specifics: * We were refused our room choice requested (top floor),...

Hampton Inn - Alabama, Atmore - Accident

Posted: 2015-06-16 by    Beatrice James
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My husband slipped and fell in the rest room at the Hampton INN in Atmore. He walked in the restroom and slipped on a puddle in a puddle of water. Apparently the Toilet from the above floor was leaking and caused this to happen. When I reported it to the District Manager Dan Kania. All he could do for me is comp me a room. First of all he should have been more sympathic in the situation and how about asking if the guest that slipped see if he is ok. Bad management. Im very upset by the treatment that we received. The one last thing that really set me over the edge was, when he told me that we would...

Hampton Inn - Awful hotel

Posted: 2014-11-07 by    Renea Rainey
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This is the nastiest, run down Hampton Inn I have ever visited!!! This place is a dump. The stains on the sleeper sofa are disgusting!!! They change the dining area to the stupid "common area", yet the rooms are awful. The smell is nauseating and I certainly do not trust the cleanliness of my sheets. If what you can see is so nasty, how is what you can't see. We always book Hamptons because we are very sure of the quality of the room. Not in this case!!! I would not let my dog stay here, if I had one. This room has probably not been updated in at least 15 years. I am so disappointed that Hamton...

Hampton Inn - Virginia, Winchester - Unfair treatment

Posted: 2012-10-09 by    Angelrr49
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was treated completely INAPPROPRIATELY, by my manager, Debra Maxwell, I had told her some issues we were having with another employee and she never did anything about it, so when it continued for the past three days, I decided to go to Tanya, the assistant manager, in doing this my boss, decided to tell me to quit for the rest of the day, but never said I was fired, so I will be at work on Thursday, being I was not fired, and did not quit and would like this resolved before then. You can contact me at (540)318-0146. I appreciate any and all help with this situation.


Hampton Inn - Pennsylvania - unfair actions

Posted: 2012-05-15 by    SamD2007
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I worked for this hotel from october 2010 to march 2011. I first was hired on as a housekeeper and then was promoted to front desk clerk. The first couple of months went fine with no complaints and then they started to show their true colors. I went from working the 3 to 11 shift that i had originally been promised to the 11 to 7 shift. I explained to them that i could not work the night shift because i had two small children at home and it would be very hard for me but it went through one ear and out the other. I couldn't quit because i was the only source of income in my household at the...

Hampton Inn - 10 year old looking desk jockey had the power and authority to ruin our weekend

Posted: 2012-04-13 by    Balme
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After traveling over 7 hours with three small children on our first vacation in 10 years, (the best I could manage was 2 days off) we arrived at the Hampton Inn in Arcata CA with which we had made reservations 4 months ahead of time, only to be told that our room had been given away 45 minutes prior because there was something wrong with the card number in their file. They called our home, obviously to no answer due to fact that it was 400 miles away and we were driving.

By now I have a wife and three kids crying in the car with nowhere to go and the only thing offered is the number...

Hampton Inn - Incompetent Front Desk Clerk

Posted: 2011-12-07 by    chikn
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I work for FEMA and when I checked in to Hampton Inn 10-20-11 located Hershey, PA. I gave the desk clerk a tax exempt form for the state of Pennsylvania, The next morning when I checked out I notce that the taxes had not been removed from my check out receipt. I asked the desk clerk, could she look for the form that were submitted for tax exemption, which she did, but stated that she could not remove the tax, because her Manager was not there. She than made a call to her manager; and were told that she could only remove the County room tax but not the state tax.

I informed the clerk...

Hampton Inn - Pennsylvania, Hanover - Subpar conditions

Posted: 2011-11-14 by    *_Mike_*
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Was forced out of my house due to plumbing issues and stayed at the Hampton Inn in Hanover, Pa with my wife and 2 children. Apparently they dont care about thier guests in the least. We had roof construction directly over our bed at 8am everymorning for 2 weeks. Particles and debri fell all over us every morning. When I complained at the front desk the lady offered me a bowl of earplugs. Absolutly ridiculoous to even make money off a room where people can't sleep. I'd estimate the noise was around 95db. Maybe they should try to take care of a 2 year old on 4 hours af sleep for 3 weeks....

Hampton Inn - Hotel Booking Problems

Posted: 2011-08-03 by    messk8
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Hampton Inn, Bethlehem PA. We book three rooms for the night of my nephews wedding. We were promised that we could also have a rollaway bed at an extra fee which I agreed to. When we got to the hotel the room with double beds were not much bigger than single beds and they had no roll away beds. Also other people booked rooms and when they got there they were told that the hotel was overbooked and they had no rooms. I was always under the impression that when a bride and groom reserve a block of rooms for their guests that they would be together.

Well we were all over the hotel and...

Hampton Inn - Kansas, Junction City - Manger not fair

Posted: 2011-06-14 by    sue
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I work at the Hampton Inn. I am on vacation and recieved an e-mail from my manager demanding me to sign it and return it. She had decided that if I talk to other employees or listen to them I will be terminated for gossip. Im the Executive Housekeeper there and have to listen to them. She also decided that an employee could still have her job even thought she was a no call no show two days in a row. She didnt get wrote up or anything. Instead she was giving the the right to run the housekeeping department on the weekend and then was also allowed to write up another emplyoee for calling in sick on...

Hampton Inn - Virginia, Williamsburg - BEDBUGS

Posted: 2011-06-11 by    hokiegirl02
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
First off I will say that it's a real shame that this hotel is so nice, but a rude staff and a rude manager will RUIN anything. I am a seasonal employee who stayed at this property, every morning my friend would wake up with bites on her, since we were going to the water park during the day and then out at night we just assumed that it was from being outside. On the 2nd day of our stay there was a cockroach in one of our beds, we called the front desk and the lady who barely spoke English came up and got it, apologized and said this hotel NEVER has bugs. As an employee I know that it's...

Hampton Inn - Scam

Posted: 2011-01-13 by    Voder
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
On January 1st, 2011 my Mother-in-Law, Mary, passed away peacefully in her sleep. Because she was a community leader, a great many people attended her services.

My wife and I flew directly from Georgia to California to arrange Mom's funeral services, which also included reserving rooms for incoming family. I was in charge of that task.

I called the Hampton Inn in Temecula California to secure a multiple room price break. Chris in sales (sharp guy) offered a fair discount and I told him I would call as soon as I had an exact number of rooms needed.

Hampton Inn - New Jersey, Parsippany North - Terrible Customer Service

Posted: 2011-01-06 by    Not usually a complainer
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
My wife and I booked a room for Sunday January 2, 2011 night through hotels.com. Full disclosure - the information we received when we booked the hotel stated they have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Saturday January 1, 2011 night was terrible for our family as my kids were sick and vomiting all night long and consequently we could not make our trip.

We called hotels.com early in the morning and they stated that they had no problem providing the refund under the circumstances however they needed the approval of the GM of the property. The GM, Mr. Michael Williams, was contacted and...

Hampton Inn - Amazingly poor customer service

Posted: 2011-01-04 by    Bater
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
My wife and I booked a stay at Hampton Inn hotel in Parsippany North, NJ for Sunday evening January 2, 2011 through hotels.com. Unfortunately, my kids were up all Saturday night vomiting with fevers and we could not make our trip. We called the first thing in the morning to cancel the reservation and while hotels.com was happy to refund us, the hotel itself refused any type of refund by direction of Mr. Michael Williams, the General Manager. We did not cancel within 24 hours but did so in the early morning of our intended stay. Obviously we did not anticipate our children being sick. While we have...

Hampton Inn - Arkansas, Clarksville - Harassment and Discrimination

Posted:    cmbarto
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I was recently told that I did not need more days because I had another job. My other job is working two hours a week. I work every time I am scheduled and do not lie about having an appointment or whatever to get a day off. I work and do my job but still make minimum wage and will probably be fired in the next week or so.

The harassment is from the head housekeeper. She is suppose to check all the housekeepers rooms. but just checks mine. Then she goes and lies to the manager that i am not doing something that she told me to do. I do everything she tells me to do and put up with...

Hampton Inn - Beware

Posted:    Mick
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I prepaid via priceline.com $228.65 for my entire stay atthe Hampton Inn from May 1 - 6, 2010. I checked out of the property with a zero balance folio. Two days later I checked my credit card and saw that the property had charged me $965.19. I called the property and spoke to the General Manager who told me that they did not participate in priceline.com. I faxed the GM my receipt from priceline.com proving I had pre-paid for my stay and that my offer had indeed been accepted by the property. The property has failed to credit my card back the additional $965.19. Despite repeated calls to the property...

Hampton Inn - No hospitality

Posted:    Denis
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I went to the Hampton Inn of Raynham Massachusetts looking for hotel room after a close friend's wedding. It was late at night after sharing a special day with old friends. The receptionist did not know how to process a credit card transaction and tried to conceal her ignorance by telling me that my credit card was denied and that "It was likely due to insufficient funds in my account." She told me this very matter-of-factly and in front of my fiance and other guests in the lobby. Embarrassed and caught off guard as I had used my credit card just a few hours earlier, I went outside to call...

Hampton Inn - Texas, Dallas - Security

Posted:    Rick 99
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I checked in to the Hampton Inn off of I-35 and parked my truck right across from the entrance lobby with the tailgate up against the fence facing I-35.
During the night my truck was broken in to using a srambling device to unlock my keyless entry system. The thieves took there time and went through every compartment of my truck as if they had nothing to worry about or were tipped off by some one from the hotel.
When I discovered the break-in and went to complain, the front desk clerk informed that they used to have a problem at this hotel and had a security service monitoring the...

Hampton Inn - Do not use them

Posted:    DinZ90
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
After being evacuated from the Oak Glen Fire in California we chose the Hampton Inn to spend Sunday night it hopes of returning home the next day. We arrived about 8pm and the desk clerk gave us the evacuee rate of $85. They gave us a late check out the next day that was appreciated.

On Monday Aug.31 we decided to return, called for a room and was quoted a rate starting at $135.

It is sad that a company wants to take advantage of evacuees.

We are business owners in a tourist area with limited lodging possibilities and we will NOT RECOMMEND this Hampton...

Hampton Inn - Idaho, Twin Falls - Illegal Eviction-Management Abuse

Posted:    Steve and Angela
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
On May 23, 2009, my wife and I checked in to the Hampton Inn, and went to sleep at about 7PM At approx. 9PM, we were awakened by the "temporary" Hotel Manager, Juanita Hatcher, accompanied by 6 Twin Falls Police Officers, who demanded entry to search the room. We were told there were "numerous" complaints of a "marijuana" smell coming from our room.

Upon examining us and searching the room, the Police verified there was no such activity going on at the time, or even recently, or we would have been arrested immediately. Ms. Hatcher became loud, provocative and rude and demanded that...

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