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Hair Cuttery Complaints & Reviews

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Hair Cuttery - Maryland, Dundalk / Waxing

Tabitha Brewster on 2015-11-22
DO NOT GO HERE! I used to have good experiences here with a particular stylist but he hasn't been there in a while. I stopped in yesterday and got my hair cut and eyebrows waxed and not only did Wendy wax off literally half my eyebrow so it was bald, she didn't say a word and hid it with my hair so I didn't see it until I got in my car. Therefore I tipped her and bought hair products. I went back in and showed the manager and they would only refund the 8.00, not the whole 60.00 INCLUDING THIS SHADY LYING INCOMPETENT PERSON'S TIP. Absolutely ridiculous. I had to go buy 40.00...

Hair Cuttery - Connecticut, Storrs / Service/honesty/failure to provide proper service i

Reviewer91464 on 2015-10-03
My daughter went to hair cuttery in Storrs CT and paid for a service which was not rendered. She asked for highlights, they told her that they would show up after about a month which they didn't and just dyed the whole head one color. They also had told her that if she was not happy with it after a month to come back and they would fix it for no charge. When she went back, they said they were afraid her hair would break if they did the actual highlight. This was very disappointing to her and it spoiled her entire day as she was looking forward to being happy with her hair and was unhappy with it for that entire month.

Hair Cuttery - Connecticut, Norwich / Bad Service

Frank Booth on 2015-06-25
HAIR CUTTERY - Stupidly long story, I went to one of their shops in New Jersey and they were closed when they said they would be open. I called customer service they said they would send out a coupon for a free haircut, they never did. I called them again, same thing. Gave up on it, called them back nine months later same run around. Ridiculous. Hate this company. The regional person said on the notes they called me twice, they never did, I suspect they just want to give people the run around enough so they just give up. AVOID THEM.

Hair Cuttery / not even close to what i asked for

mrs.smith13 on 2014-10-10
I was growing my hair out for 3 years so i could get it styled the way i wanted it. so finally i went today to get it done. i took a picture with me of the exact cut and style so they knew what to do (shaggy long hair with a side bang). .. i look into the mirror and find my hair completely chopped off to my neck and no bangs. Best part is, it was the manager of the store. needless to say. Dont trust the place.

Hair Cuttery / Cut hair off

I went to have my hair trimmed no more than 3 inches came out with more than 10 inches removed completely. The man never gave me his name and he went to great lengths to tell me how healthy my hair was and how he can tell I dont blow dry it, etc. I had to stand up for him to trim it. So upon this I can no longer see what he is doing to my hair. He took the undergrowth and trimmed it first. But unknowingly to me, cut all of my hair the same length as it. He had me sit back down and then trimmed my front area. Then said your done, and said it will be so much easier to brush out now. To my...

Hair Cuttery / horrible hair cut, overprice, wrong style, no correction

Horrible haircut on 2014-02-14
I saved all my money to get a hair cut for Valentines Day. I asked for a 'full' haircut (I have very thin hair) and electric blue streak coloring. What resulted was such a thin, mousey, grey haircut that I look and feel like an ironed out mouse, and look like such a ragged old lady I look SO bad :( I called immediately to ask for some correction, I tried to be understanding, but I dont have any more money. My stylist said that she cant do anything without more money and said she was in the middle of someone else's haircut, and she hung up on me. This was so bad and I feel so bad...

Hair Cuttery - Illinois, Rockford / horrible cut even worse color

soooounhappy1 on 2013-10-07
Ok so this is going to be some what lengthy as it took place over two days. On 10/5 I went to a local Hair cuttery for my first time. The company was recommended by a friend. I wanted a cut and color and ended up getting my eyebrows done as well. The stylist and I discussed what I wanted and I even asked if it was possible to go a shade lighter on my over all color. I guess I should add I was light caramel with blonde highlights. He said it would be hard and suggested I stay the color I was. I was ok with that. So we go through the cut and color process. As I am in the chair and he ha...

Hair Cuttery - Pennsylvania, Norristown / Unstable Hairstylist

Cliffy44 on 2013-08-02
I write this, I a perplexed and confused as to why a Hair Cuttery stylist would demean a good tipping customer, who was praising her expertise. On Friday, 8/2/13, I went to a Hair Cuttery, where I had been frequenting, on and off, for 5 or 6 years. There was a brief interlude, where I met "Cairlen" (name changed, as per advice of counsel, to avoid liability) at a different styling establishment; and those 5 times, I got the best haircuts of my life. And at "Cairlen's" other salon, when I mentioned that I converted from Hair Cuttery to her location, her comment was that she "WOULD NEVER WORK...

Hair Cuttery - Florida, miami beach / Coping with a Bad Haircut

arale norimaki on 2012-11-30
Well I am not impressed at all! The customer service you receivee at the Hair Cuttery=bad management They are trying to be a professional but worker look unhappy it feel like Hostile work environment. i feel sorry for the worker there. i do not recommend anyone to that Hair Cuttery location. Save your money – and go to a different location

Hair Cuttery - Virginia, Virginia Beach / Burned eye after waxing

CiCi1016 on 2012-11-28
Daughter went to hair cuttery to get a trim and her eyebrows done...we were over charged for the hair cut and they burnt & tore skin off her eyelid from waxing over the same area more than once and the wax being to hot! Then the girl tells my daughter oh you'll be ok...I guess the wax was too hot..Manager is extremely rude!!!

Hair Cuttery - Maryland, Germantown / worst haircut place

H. Jasim on 2012-11-25
One of the worst hair beauty saloon, they are trying to be a professional but they are the big shit in Germantown area, their all beautician experts just only trying to get tips and stuff they dont care of their customers hairs, most of them they cants understand that what the customers are explaining about the hair style. when they finished the hair cut, after talking shower and drying the hairs brush them, some hair look long and some look very short, they never do the right job, I tried them upto 3 time and everytime they were not friendly, and all of them hair experts dont know about the hair cut at all, I dont know, how they get their license. I will never recommend anybody to go to Hair Cuttery.

Hair Cuttery - Virginia, Manassas / Horrible haircut

In satisfied customer on 2012-08-13
I took my daughter in for a haircut, she has long hair and plans to donate it. We told the guy who was cutting her hair, that she want it just below her shoulder. He just BUTCHER her hair!!! Some parts were long some were very short, it was all uneven! He had the nerve to tell me it was cause he had layered her hair. BS!!! I don't know how to cut hair, but I know THAT was not layering. I was so upset, I demanded that someone else fix her hair. The girl tried to fix it, but end up cutting it shorter. He f*cked it up so bad, she couldn't even salvaged the damaged that he did! To top it...

Hair Cuttery - Virginia / Butchered my hair

SDtennis10 on 2012-07-07
I went to Hair Cuttery with the intent of getting a new hairstyle. My hair was long and all one length, so I wanted to try something different and a little shorter since it's summer time. I got there and showed the lady a picture of the cut I wanted. She then kept playing with my hair and then said how I could donate it and it would still be as long as I wanted it (I play tennis so I needed it to fit into a ponytail). She then told me I needed at least 8 inches to donate and showed me where my hair would come to. I agreed to donate it only because she said it would still be long enough...

Hair Cuttery - Illinois, Hoffman Estates / bad hair cut

niloufer khan on 2012-02-28
I went to this salon for the first time in oct.2011, for a hair cut.I asked the stylist to just take an inch from my length and trim my long layers just half an inch, the stylist didn't pay any attention to what i ask her to do.and she chopped off my layers and cut them in a way that they looked so uneven.she gave me a terrible hair cut, i still paid her and the next day i called the manager to complain about my bad hair cut so manager told me to come back for a redo with this other hair stylist who, she said was more experienced, but unfortunately that was the opposite, because thi...

Hair Cuttery - Florida, Jacksonville / Not listening to customer

Whisper_of_Truth on 2011-08-09
I'm from Georgia visiting my daughter and I needed my hair trimmed for my son's wedding. My hair was down just touching my lower back/buttocks. My daughter took me to "Hair Cuttery" where she gets her hair colored so I could get a trim. I asked the girl to cut only 4 " or to my "Shoulder Blades", instead she cut 10" and its now on my shoulders, not the shoulder blades. I am very pissed and I went in the store the next day to speak with a manager and the manager says "What do you want us to do about it?" It would have been nice if the girl listened the first time about only cutting...

Hair Cuttery / Unproffesional

Andy77 on 2011-06-08
I went in for a trim. The dumb *** girl cut all my hair off and still expected me to pay for it. I don't think so. It wasn't straight or what I wanted. I saw they offer color. LMAO!!! Not to mention I could hear her gum smacking the entire time. Very tacky people. They don't have a clue what their doing. They talk a big game but can't back it up. I won't be going back. Can't believe they hire incompetent people like this. They should be shutdown. This shows extremely poor management.

Hair Cuttery - Florida, Apopka / hair color

thuenur on 2011-05-29
I have never had a bad experience with hair cuttery, so It was my birthday and I decided to get my hair colored and cut. I brought pictures with me to show the women exactly how I wanted my hair. well she puts the dye on and waited and put me under the hot dryer, then starts washing it out and notices the ends aren't the same color as the roots. So she calls another women over and that women starts blaming it on me saying that i had color in before. I said actually i haven't colored my hair in a long time and I've had many haircuts since then. So then they precede to get bleach and...

Hair Cuttery / Butchered my hair and skimmed money from the till

ZDv73 on 2011-05-18
Asked for a trim. Explained I didn't want the style altered; just wanted the bulk trimming out. Result was a lop-sided cut, one side shorter/thinner than the other. The back was uneven, a chunk missing, one part noticeably spiked longer. Paid cash; she put it into the drawer. I noticed she seemed to take too much money out of the drawer. I later noticed from the receipt that she'd keyed in less than I had given her. She'd effectively "fiddled" the cash register. She didn't introduce herself but the receipt said "Dana", Westtown Hair Cuttery. Thank goodness hair grows. I'll know not to let Dana near me again.

Hair Cuttery / Rude and burned my scalp

Un inpressed on 2011-05-15
Well after my stylist wasn't to friendly, she proceded to wash and cut my hair then was blowing drying my hair and was burning my scalp and as i pulled away she continued to dry my hair, she didn't ask if there was a problem with the heat nor did she ask if the water she was using was a good temp !! so now my head is sore thanks a lot !! nor do i like my hair cut!! i guess i should have waited and went to my normal stylist she is so good to me like her alot.

Hair Cuttery / Never Again

ChellieBean on 2011-05-10
I had been to the Hair Cuttery before for a simple trim, and I always came away adequately confident in the work they did. This past hair cut, though, I had not been to a salon in a while, and needed slightly more off than usual. My hair is a little longer in the back than it is in the front, and I asked to maintain as much length as possible, but the incompetent *** working on me cut until it was even, taking some 4 to 5 inches off in the back. What's more, he gave me a blunt fringe without asking, and trimmed in layers that I was trying to grow out. He didn't listen, didn't...
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