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Hair Club Complaints & Reviews

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Hair Club - Rip off

Posted: 2015-05-28 by    Bittsey
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Hairclub make you think that you are going to help you getyour hair back but this company is nothingbut a rip off Tbey glue hair a wig to your scalp charge $3000 for umonths. Rope you into a contract prices beginning at $299.00-$499 per month.
To glue a piece of hair to my head I went there to see if Ithis place could help me grow my hair back.
not to get in debt!...

Hair Club - Minnesota, Bloomington - Satisfaction far from &guaranteed&

Posted: 2015-04-29 by    gecko310
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I've had 3 hair transplants with Hair Club over the last 5 years...and hardly anything grew for me. Dr Duncan Simmons then moved out of state after my last transplant and has not contacted me or even seems interested in helping me out. Hair Club insists that my hair did grow...but I know damn well what I look like in the mirror. Now I'm out 25 grand, have a very noticeable scalp, and a permanent scar in the back of my head. I'm beyond upset. Hair Club absolutely ruined my life...plain and simple ....

Hair Club - stuck with a bad contract

Posted: 2015-04-08 by    Marlbro
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Before we signed the contract, my husband and I asked them about their product and how does it work. They made us think it was permanent it is glued to your head and it is not a wig. They called it Matrix. They said don't worry you'll love it, we said ok as long as its not a wig. To us it was a wig. It looked fake, but they told us he has to come back for pretreatments and he has to learn to keep it up. We live 3hrs away and they knew that. They did not tell us we had to keep coming back. We argued with them that it was a wig and they kept telling us no its real hair that doesn't...

Hair Club - California, Los Angeles - Dishonest and Fraud

Posted: 2013-12-22 by    nikki nik
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Hello...I have found this site far too late. I have already paid Hair Club LA almost $4000 and i have given the wig which is glued to my head. I must say that i went in with thinning hair and i thought they would enhance my own hair which is what they told me at the consultation. after many questions they never showed or gave the me the answer to "what is it that you will use?" They took the matrix off last week and i almost had a heart attack. my own hair has fallen off so much already and i am bald in front. i had asked them continously if the glue and matrix will not effect my own hair because...

Hair Club - Texas, Dallas - Unprofessional

Posted: 2012-12-19 by    mcleasters
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
The Hair Club for men hires unprofessional staff. We went to the Dallas Texas office and like a past review I just read, they will bug you over and over and over on the phone. We had went to an original appointment and met with David which he was nice. After we asked them not to contact us while we were on vacation, they did, numerous times. Then when we showed up for our second appointment, we saw a female, Stacey, that said she wanted to make sure we saw her this time because she thought we were rude when they called us on vacation and we werent open to dicussion. Since she was caddy and rude...

Hair Club - Virginia, McLean - Refused refund

Posted: 2012-08-25 by    David Sturt
Complaint Rating:  92 % with 13 votes
Dishonest. Did not refund money for products rendered before 3 days. Never used and advised everyone to not use them. Tried hair piece (wig) over weekend and Hair Club refused to accept rejection of product so I had to eventually pay total cost of $3000.00. The initial cost of $1000 was not refunded as mention in contract. By most state laws, a consumer can return product within 3 weeks. Not with "Hair Club".
Should be something to stop the Hair Club companies from dishonest practices. Hope someone files a civil suit on them and asked for everyone in the USA to joined in on the class action...

Hair Club - California - FRAUD THEIFS SHAME ON YOU

Posted: 2012-07-06 by    Taline H
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 6 votes
HAIR CLUB you all need to be hunged! you are cheeters and theifs! You make a bullshit contract you scums! They come so nicely to you but they are all WITCHES and Alex the Devil himseld. This was on sunset in Hollywood. I got me hair piece and right after they got me in to ther "service"plan so I can get "a second set of hair for only $1200!!! after this hair came they put it on me and cut it so UNPROFESIONAL. when I wanted my original hair back they WOULD NOT give it back to me! I said I paid $3000 for that hair its my hair and the Wicked witch Dora said Oh its in the trash! I said give my hair...

Hair Club - North Carolina, Raleigh - Bad Services

Posted: 2011-12-04 by    vholmes
Complaint Rating:  89 % with 19 votes
Started the process back in 2/2011. Paid my money upfront and was looking forward to having hair again. Got my first application and everything was beautiful, hair was a perfect match and the beautician was wonderful. Three months later went back for my 2nd application and that's when the nightmare began, the color was wrong and it was not the right size. It was sent back and I had to wait another 2 1/2 months. When this head of hair came in it to was perfect, I had no complaints with it but how many times can you go through having to wait on something that you have paid for and the company...

Hair Club - Florida - Useless Products

Posted: 2011-08-17 by    abbi1980
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 6 votes
I completed one year of the Hair club treatment and it was a complete waste of time and money. Their products were expired, and irritated my scalp. I think we should pursue a class action lawsuit. Anyone from South Florida interested send an email to sashayssecret@hotmail.com. Over $2000 was spent and not one strand of hair grew back, as a matter of fact I lost hair....

Hair Club - Georgia - Dissatisfaction

Posted: 2011-08-05 by    Bigbe
Complaint Rating:  93 % with 15 votes
I went to Hair Club and the first 30 days had several complains. Ordered a hair system that was to be the same color as my hair, to be straight, and measured for right fit. I got different color, wavy, and it had wrinkles on the side and back making it an unsnug fit. When approched on these issues they stated they could color it to match my hair, that all hair has a wave to it (do I look like I fell off a watermelon truck or what) and that after awhile the system will stretch and cause these wrinkles. They did not offer to replace the system just gave me one option, the coloring, and excuses for...

Hair Club - Did not adequately explain bio matrix

Posted: 2011-04-25 by    Cboonurse2000
Complaint Rating:  94 % with 16 votes
Once they have your money the overall customer service goes out the window, you would do better to order a lace front wig then find a stlist or salon to bond(glue) it on because that is all thats done except for the free shampoo etc..Bio matrix is a rip off and my friends have ordered the exact hair and found a stylist to do this foe several hundred dollars cheper.They dont tell u this at the consult phase but they get real ghost when calling about complaints, Jacksonville Hair Salon aka as the hair club now i know why customers dont return....

Hair Club - Horrible service

Posted: 2011-02-02 by    Lissalissa
Complaint Rating:  94 % with 35 votes
I have been in the unfortunate position to have to use hair replacement systems for many years after a chronic illness caused me to lose my hair, and, as a woman, I have not had the courage to just accept baldness. As a result I have used several hair replacement stylists, and companies and conclude that Hair Club is the least horrible of the ones I have dealt with.

First, I will say that any replacement system will never be as good, or look as good, as your own hair. If anybody is going to try a hair system, which is basically just a fancy name for a wig, that person must be realistic...

Hair Club - No refund

Posted:    Oliver R
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
I had my 'free' consultaions with "BOB" at Hair Club on *** St. in Knoxville TN. I was promised that if I did the 'biomatrix' hair replacement that it WOULD NOT damage my hair, and that I would receive ALL my money back !00% of $1500 if not satisfied. I was never given the patch test to see if my hair was strong enough that is listed on the contract. The contract is written so tiny and is so long, and I trusted BOB and just did it without reading...that is ***. My hair was ripped from my head in dime sized bald spots by this process. I was treated horribly when I asked for my...

Hair Club - Florida - THIEFS

Posted:    HAIR CLUB
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
PLEASE DO NOT GO UNDER THEY'RE TREATMENT. The laser treatment will make your hair to fall out even
more, didn't you notice that, before having a problem of hair loss, during summer time your hair falls out a little more ? Well Helllooo ! they apply heat in your scalp, when I told them that they treatment was not working for me and in fact it was causing me more hair loss they offered me extentions. HATE THIS PEOPLE, they make money with the misery of women like me that having a mild tyroid disorder that silly doctors didn't pay attention to was suffering from this horrible...

Hair Club - Spam

Posted:    TampaFlorida
Complaint Rating:  92 % with 12 votes
I received a Spam email from the Hair Club which seemed enticing, since my hair is receding (now I realize that I must have been identified by someone as a potential sales lead and no doubt there is commission at stake if they reel me in. Well, having a little idel time on my hands, I took the bait and clicked through to their web site at HairClub.com and found they even had a location in my own city here in Tampa, Florida. Wow, how convenient I thought! Hmmm, I was seriously thinking about taking their free promotion to inspect my hair and scalp (a $250.00 savings) forgetting that my $15 Barber...

Hair Club - California, Beverly Hills - Dishonesty

Posted:    Valerie
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 31 votes
First of all I made full payment 6 weeks prior to treatment. When I was called for consultation I was introduced to Bio Matrix. The consultant, Alexander made Bio Matrix sound like part of my hair. I got excited because I thought hairtransplant cost arm and leg maybe Bio Matrix will do samething. Here is the dishonest part, Alexander or any other consultant that you may encounter will never tell what really Bio Matrix is about. Let me make very clear what Bio Matrix really is. Bio Matrix is equal to Wig, that is right you read it correctly it is wig that glued on your scalp. You sleep with it, you...

Hair Club - Scam charges

Posted:    Valerie
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 15 votes
Thanks for all the reviews about Hair Club. It helped me change my mind and save money. They seem like just a business trying to rip people off. When they asked for deposit they processed everything really fast but for crediting my money back, they are acting so slow and do not respond my calls back! Shame on such a business!...

Hair Club - Fraud and cheating

Posted:    Valerie
Complaint Rating:  96 % with 113 votes
I absolutely would NOT recommend The Hair Club for Men and Women to anyone! I was charged $1000.00 and received no services or products. I signed a contract (after a great deal of high pressure tactics, I might add) to receive the product they call "my hair" on all their commercials - in an attempt to make people think it's not really just a wig glued to your head. The very next morning I called and told them that the glue they had used in the patch test had left a terrible rash on my head and I therefore, could not agree to have a whole wig glued to my head with this stuff. They offered to...

Hair Club - California, Beverly Hills - Bad service

Posted:    Valerie
Complaint Rating:  97 % with 35 votes
First of all I made full payment 6 weeks prior to treatment. When I was called for consultation I was introduced to Bio Matrix. The consultant, Alexander made Bio Matrix sound like part of my hair. I got excited because I thought hairtransplant cost arm and leg maybe Bio Matrix will do samething. Here is the dishonest part, Alexander or any other consultant that you may encounter will never tell what really Bio Matrix is about. Let me make very clear what Bio Matrix really is. Bio Matrix is equal to Wig, that is right you read it correctly it is wig that glued on your scalp. You sleep with it, you...

Hair Club - It is only a cam

Posted:    Valerie
Complaint Rating:  93 % with 15 votes
Hair Club for Men's "consultant" is nothing but a trashy, smooth-talking salesperson. In the so-called "free consultation", I was informed that their awesome product was not a wig.

Like an idiot, I let the "consultant" rush me into signing their rip-off contract. When their amazing product arrived, it was nothing but a cheap, obviously fake wig stuffed in an envelope!! By the way, she did not tell me that they were going to shave my existing hair till AFTER I was dubbed into signing. What a scam!! I intend to fight this outrage because I'm not dissatisfied, I was just ripped-off....

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