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Tods Shop UK
Fake product
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John Kenney Aka Pobama25@yahoo.com
John Kenney Aka Pobama25@yahoo.com
3. (46 mins ago)
The company is a scam and the product is not effective
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They wanted to get money for the fake membership, which I haven’t bought from them
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Triple AAA Roadside Assistance

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Government Vacation Rewards Complaints & Reviews

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Government Vacation Rewards - Rip Off

Posted: 2014-05-31 by    אמת
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 7 votes
GVR is the worst business ever!!! Do not get involved with this company. They are just ripping people off and stealing money in broad daylight. Their staff is so rude and only educated on how to get money. They call selling promotions and when you say no they just hang up. Their prices are still high as hell and they AR NOT affiliated with the military!!! Take it from me am an active duty member. I got so ripped off and my vacation was ruined because of these guys. My integrity is golden and i beg those who reads this to go elsewhere. Use Military Vacation Deals, NOT GVR. These guys will get theirs...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Travel & Vacations

Government Vacation Rewards - Failure to honor an email ad

Posted: 2013-11-11 by    Spcsmith
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I received an email for veteran's day showing that the company could use the military star card to book a car and airfare reservation. When I called the company they told me that they couldn't use a Military star card to reserve a rental car, and that it was a package deal. So when I called back about the package I sat on hold for 1 hour just to have them disconnect me and the I called back again just to have them disconnect me after another 30 mins of waiting. This company should be charged with false advertising and taken off of the military's authorized companies. They refuse to...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Travel & Vacations

Government Vacation Rewards - Booking Error

Posted: 2013-10-13 by    Murillo619
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Been with this company and used them for one vacation but now they totally screwed up my next. Booked the wrong date for my return flight. They booked it wrong for a month, so now i had to come out of pocket by an extra $500. They are aimed to rip off military members and a company like this should be shut down it is a disgrace that the military will continue to promote them to pick pocket troops like myself....
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Credit Cards

Government Vacation Rewards - Contract Not Honored

Posted: 2013-06-13 by    Pappa
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 6 votes
We booked a Honeymoon vacation to the Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island Bahamas which was supposed to include several vacation perks. One of which- Free Breakfast for the entire 4-day stay. Before taking advantage of this, we asked Guest services how this would be handled. They stated to just use your room key to pay and at the end of the vacation when you check out. the amount/s would be removed from your bill. The hotel refused to honor this part of the contract and stated, they have no clue as to why that was put in our package. I contacted the original booking agent and they stated it is not their...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Travel Agencies

Government Vacation Rewards - Contract dispute

Posted: 2011-08-12 by    GVR scam
Complaint Rating:  85 % with 13 votes
Contract states you are not entitled to a refund if cancellation is after 10 days. Not looking for a refund, however, GVR refuses to cancel my contract. Already paid for four months, have not used any of my points, yet GVR refuses to stick to their contact, which says you cancel but no refund. GVR expects me to pay another 6 months. Very unhappy with this company because they told me I can use my points to get a room for my family of five, however they don't tell you the rooms are for two people. This means I would have to get a separate room for my young kids, what sense does that make?...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Travel Agencies

Government Vacation Rewards - Delaware, Delmar - Unauthorized Automatic payments

Posted: 2011-07-27 by    ncondon
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 19 votes
I was contacted by a Sales rep in early June about getting a vacation package. He said you would pay $149 right now to secure your 75, 000 points, that could later be redeemed for a 5 night cruise or a 7 day resort stay. We would pay off the remaining balance over time. After that balance was paid was when we could take the vacation. Sounded like a good way to budget our vacation that we had been wanting to take. July comes around and my card was charged for $138, so I called the number on my bank statement. It was government vacation rewards stating they were taking out my automatic monthly payment....
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States, Delaware, Delmar Complaint category Unauthorized Charges

Government Vacation Rewards - California - Unauthorized charge to credit card

Posted:    GiNoitall
Complaint Rating:  90 % with 69 votes
I was traveling on government travel orders to Georgia in March of 2010 with another government employee. On 2/26/2010 my co-worker / co-traveler contacted our local Leisure Travel office to reserve two separate rooms in the same hotel for our trip. The Leisure Travel office asked for a credit card to secure the reservation so I gave them my government credit card to reserve both rooms since my co-traveler did not yet have a government credit card.

We checked into the hotel at the same time on 3/2/2010. They did not have a room secured under my name but they had an additional room...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States, California Complaint category Travel & Vacations


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