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Google Money Master Kit Complaints & Reviews

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Google Money Master Kit - Fake company

Posted:    jaj 11670
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
Low signup fee, other monster charges hidden far down the sign up page.
No way to unsubscribe.
Impossible to contact via the help line number.
Third party web companies dipping into your account.
The only way to stop the thieving was to report the credit card used to sign up as lost stolen, this cancels its use and blocks any future activities.
(Be warned, simply put, this is a theft scam, clever, stealthy but simply a group of thieves taking your money) dont do it....

Google Money Master Kit - California - Unauthorized withdrawl from my bank account

Posted:    Canyoubelieve
Complaint Rating:  84 % with 19 votes
I signed up for the "work from home" packet for a shipping and handling fee of $1. 95 month (June 2009) and have yet to receive said packet even though a charge for. 65 cents was deducted from my bank account. If was followed by a charge of 81. 32 that i did not authorize and was not shown on any of the information. It firmly said $1. 95. I would have thought that we could rely on google more than this, or i would have never even requested information....

Google Money Master Kit - Texas, Corsicana - Unauthorized Debit

Posted:    westpaule
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 6 votes
Got email about how Google was on the news about how to link websites to search engines. Info was free, but $1.97 shipping. They then called to confirm and tell me that the info would arrive in 5 days. Also that I would get more free info and if I did not want to keep it, cancel in 30 days. I said I did not want it and got charged $72.21 any way. Did not get free CD either. Company said wait 7-10 days, bank says 30 days. Total scam! Anyone get their money back yet?...

Google Money Master Kit - Michigan - Scam

Posted:    Amy
Complaint Rating:  89 % with 204 votes
This is not real? I get all the emails and such and that happens to be a scam?
I also ordered the kit, and i saw this so i called them and they got the phone.
I realized that when you ordered it, there is no section where you type in your
Address. . Right? I'm not so sure, (Got a short memory. . .) anyways, so i called them
Asking about that the web didn't have the seciton to type my address, but it says that
The kit will be mailed to be 2 - 5 business day. . They got the phone, and said that
There was no account information about me ordering...

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Credit Card Technology May Mean the End of the Wallet
Credit Card Technology May Mean the End of the Wallet
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