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Godaddy.com Complaints & Reviews

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Godaddy.com - Worst Company in the World

Posted: 2015-01-15 by    Klement30
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Dear GoDaddy.com

I herewith regret to inform you that we absolutely despise your service. Unfortunately, your very competent sales person advised that we rather pay upfront for the next 2 years. What a clever tactic, here we were thinking of saving a few bucks. Never once did we suspect that your motives were to trap us in your evil claws.

Since we are losing tons of money due to email downtime, I asked one of your consultants if I could get my money back because your service is NOT working. I mean, surely if you buy a TV and it does not work, you should be able to...

Godaddy.com - Renewal Rip Off!

Posted: 2014-02-21 by    Stephen Facenda
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Watch out if you do business with one of the biggest domain name scammers on the planet - Godaddy.com. If you choose to do business with these charlatans watch out for the AUTOMATIC RENEWAL. Unless you turn this function off, you will be billed without your knowledge. This happen to me and I am currently asking my credit card company to get involved to reverse the charge. Calling customer service was NO HELP. Very rude and uncaring. Now we understand how they can afford 4 Million Super Bowl commercials. BUYER BEWARE!!!...

Godaddy.com - Cheating on online products

Posted: 2014-02-08 by    Naveen V
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
i Have bought 5 years of SSL certificate from Godaddy India Service provider, i have not utilised the product for one year and i want to utilise the same, however the same was expired and not available in my cart, spoke to their customer care services which located in india. however they have taken 5 hours with out provided any solution, and at last telling us, u can not utilise the certificate and go and buy for another certificate

Buit they did not clarify me how my 5 years valid SSL Certification was how it is expired in 1 year, they have simply avoiding my exact problem and giving...

Godaddy.com - Money

Posted: 2014-01-01 by    kimparsi85
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
SCAM! They take your credit card info and tell you they are only charging you for a 'free trial'. They ended up charging my card over 400.00 and when I called they refused to return my money. I ask for a supervisor and they tell me that they cannot refund me my money back because the account is active for the next 'year.' That even though it was cancelled, it would continue billing me for the remainder of the YEAR b/c it is in small print that whether it's active or not, it does not matter.

Don't ever, ever settle for this. If money is tight, print up...

Godaddy.com - hosting issue

Posted: 2013-08-24 by    iteksolns
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
We bought hosting space on 14-aug- 13 with go daddy, still (24-Aug-13) we are unable to host our site . They are unable to resolve this issue . We are fed up by communicating and raising incident against this issue .They are just saying we would resolve this issue within 24-72 hours. Please help us to host our site otherwise we have to take some strict action action against Go Daddy .
Our customer number is : 66181109 and
incident numbers are :20268928, 20211298...

Godaddy.com - Arizona - Billing inappropriately

Posted: 2013-03-04 by    Bilked by godaddy
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Took a closer look at my account history at GoDaddy.com. Shame on me for not staying on top of it every month. Realized I have been charged over $300 for services I never bought or ever used from GoDaddy. On both calls to "support" I was blocked from talking with billing directly. And given the old...well you must have bought it because our system says you did...and my favorite...our system doesn't let us refund any charges that are more than 60 days old. Can everyone please just admit that you have the money and you're not giving it back.
Shame on me for paying closer attention...

Godaddy.com - Wrong promise form godaddy.com hosting

Posted: 2013-03-02 by    Srikanth7005
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Wrong promise form godaddy.com hosting.. i have took Deluxe hosting plan from godaddy. there is option for FREE Domain with Any Annual Plan* its fake promise. i try to reach on C Care from godaddy number: 040-49187600, 9 AM to 9 PM IST and 7 days a week. when i call it always i lesson award winning C care for min 10 mins.. award winning means to hold 10 mins and its not a toll free number.. fake godaddy.com in india. no support for any users. i think fake promise and bad services form godaddy.com. 100% airtel ccare is better....

Godaddy.com - Texas - Commercial too much

Posted: 2013-02-03 by    angry momma!
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Watching the Super Bowl with my family.
I DO NOT WATCH QUESTIONABLE materials with my toddler in the room! The commercial with the model and brainiac was TOO MUCH, TOO FAR, AND NOT ACCEPTABLE for FAMILY VIEWING! WAY over the top and NOT appropriate!
If I EVER had any inclinations of giving my business to godaddy.com, I now will NEVER use them.
There appears to be NO concern for families or children! I AM OUTRAGED! This is RIDICULOUS!...

Godaddy.com - Customer service is terrible

Posted: 2012-08-21 by    Slizze
Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
Customer service is terrible. Everyone tells you something different so they are not training their employees properly. I just say go with another site for web hosting etc. I've had terrible experiences. My site was down for 48hrs and for 3 months they couldn't figure out why my site wouldn't accept paypal. And they are the experts?? They allow paypal as part of their checkout process. No one ever got back to me and I was sick of calling. I must have called every days for weeks!!...

Godaddy.com - England, Greater London - Domain name scam

Posted: 2012-06-05 by    StevenCahill
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
These guys are absolute thieves! I'm so fed up of using them. It seems they are more concerned with sucking the money out of their customers pockets dry rather than providing an exceptional, memorable experience. I was abroad while I received an email notification that my domain name expired on 5th May and that I had 90 days to renew. I couldn't renew while on holiday so thought that I could do so upon returning to the UK as I would do so in 16 days from the date of the notification. I returned and attempted to repurchase the domain name but these blood suckers did not let me do so and...

Godaddy.com - poor servcie, horrible e mail service provider

Posted: 2012-05-07 by    Mike Edison
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I use their e mail service and created a domain for my company to receive e mails. Their service stinks, I am so sorry I ever did business with them. I experience problems getting my e mail wand often, and always it is never THEIR issue which they immediately deny when you call. Today May 7 2012 I had issue with Outlook getting on their server. I had the same issue with two computers and an Internet service hosted by two different companies in NYC. Their crack Go Daddy Customer Service denied it was them, said to call the internet provider.

You waste you time doing that, the NYC Internet...

Godaddy.com - I have spoken with too many friends and associates whom have had difficulty with this company's hosting

Posted: 2012-04-06 by    Muolde
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Well, well, what can one say about godaddy.com. A lot -- most of the reviewers have been right on the money. Stay away. Yes, the site is cheap for domain registration, yet, there are tons of domain registrars out there, today. Do your shopping. Bob Parsons is frankly a weirdo! I would not give this troglodyte one penny. He's a gizzillionaire and supports -- Well, let's leave that one aside. Regarding the hosting services, stay away. I have spoken with too many friends and associates whom have had difficulty with this company's hosting....

Godaddy.com - Quite a horrible american company to deal with

Posted: 2012-02-01 by    Bierniere
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Still really fed up with these guys who turn a professional service into a money grabbing exercise. Every time you try and navigate they greet you with a request to upgrade, buy, change something which as you guessed, will cost $$. They are real sharks and their attitude is if you don't like it, don't bother. Even their management area is a nightmare always trying to stop you transferring domains away and stalling the process. Quite a horrible american company to deal with..ugh....

Godaddy.com - Why does anyone use Godaddy?

Posted: 2011-12-22 by    Chabrile
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Why does anyone use Godaddy? Between their Elephant killing and sexist CEO to their lame servers that work different (and worse) than any other domain reigstrar/hosting company, there is nothing that Godaddy offers that you can't get better or cheaper from more reputable, caring, compassionate companies. However, if you are a Nascar fan that prefers to use the Hooters of the internet rather than getting good products and service then perhaps you want to stay with godaddy....

Godaddy.com - California - Godaddy.com billing scam

Posted: 2011-08-19 by    laruton
Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
I have tried to cancel my domain hosting services with godaddy.com twice now to no avail. Recently godaddy.com charged me $198 dollar for an auto-renew of domain names that I have tried to cancel. I recently contacted them to try to resolve the issue and they are requiring documentation that I don't have. I can't cancel the auto-renew and I can't take my credit cards of file with them. This company has no problem charging my credit card without any documentation at all however when you try to cancel their godaddy.com auto-renew scam they all of a sudden require all sort of documentation....

Godaddy.com - They advertise a ton, but they are basically for people who are not familiar with domain names or hosting

Posted: 2011-08-11 by    Wagete
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Truth be told...GoDaddy is like AOL used to be. They advertise a ton, but they are basically for people who are not familiar with domain names or hosting.

Their domain name signup is extremely spammy and uses hard upsells. they tell you that you "need" a whole bunch of stuff that in fact you don't need, is free with other domain companies, and doesn't do what it says it does anyway. I used to have a ton of domains with them, but have switched all of them to a company that is the same price, doesn't constantly harass you with phone calls, and provides free privacy protection,...

Godaddy.com - Please do not use it

Posted: 2011-08-09 by    Esse
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I used GOOD AS GOLD account to invest in domains industry, but Godaddy needed to refund some money to me.

I begged those people not to send a check by mail but made a wire transfer, in the same way I´ve sent the money. One week later, I`ve received an e-mail telling me “the check is literraly in the mail to you”.

I´ve been waiting for 3 weeks in order to receive the check, a tracking number, the shipping company´s name, a scanned copy of the check or the invoice, but nothing happens yet.

My VIP Sales Representative just answer:...

Godaddy.com - highly unprofessional company

Posted: 2011-08-01 by    victimofgodaddy
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
We have renewed our domains with this company through paypal and due to some reason, paypal charged back the transaction and these guys simply took the domains off our list and despite calling for 3 days, they did not reinstate them. Unfortunately, the domain names are high ranked domains and are on the 1st place on Google for few key words. Our page position went off and almost 12 people work on the products/services these domains provide. We have a so called dedicated account manager to our account as we have more than 1000 domains in our account. He is of no use either. Firstly, the domains we...

Godaddy.com - New Jersey - rip off

Posted: 2011-06-07 by    blackdog1
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
About a year ago I purchased a domain name from Godaddy.com. There were now indications that my Credit Card was going to be held on file for automatic renewal. I never used the domain name and when my email started to get inundated with requests from go daddy.com to renew I came to the logical conclusion that my years subscription was ending. In none of the emails that they sent were there any indication of automatic renewal and I was content with letting it run out as I did not want this name any longer. On 06/06/2011 I received an email that my account was being automatically renewed for $109.18...

Godaddy.com - billing without authorizaton

Posted: 2011-04-17 by    dontusethiscompany
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Godaddy.com charged my credit card --- WITHOUT MY PERMISSION - an amount of $125.74US and because we are a Canadian Company the amount debited to my card was $128.24 CDN. As soon as I noticed the charge on my credit card I called and after discussion they agreed to refund my credit card. PROBLEM they neglected when issuing the refund to acknowledge that it was an international sale - as a result I was left to pay the discrepancy in the (debit vs refund) exchange rates. Godaddy.com ULTRA AGGRESSIVE SALES PRACTICES; POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE; I WOULD NEVER USE THEM OR RECOMMEND THEM...

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