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Garmin - Wales, West Glamorgan, Swansea| / Garmin Express

Reviewer20057 on 2015-09-04
I think that garmin express has changed the format of my garmin.img files into unix files somehow I spoke to Garmin support and overtime I contact support they give me a different person as yet my problem is not resolved so far I have been asked to download the maps again at a cost of £30.00 where did I purchase the maps from Garmin they do not seem to hold the records for my purchases. and when logging in on garmin express it registers my oregon 450 again something wrong with the software here I suspect anyone else had problems with garmin express??? be careful buying from Garmin they want money before fixing some of their products.

Garmin - Florida / No help with problem

Sandyz on 2012-10-23
I bought a Garmin Nuvi 1450 in April, 2011; I also bought the official Garmin case. It worked fine, even on our most recent trip until suddenly it didn't. The touch screen stopped working, and we realized the screen was cracked. The device had never left our car and was not dropped. I called Garmin and was informed there was nothing they would do...screens are not even covered by warranty if the warranty had still been in effect. This was our third Garmin GPS...I'm looking for Tom Tom or other alternatives now. I expected better from a large, supposedly reputable company.

Garmin / Nuvi Recall

Bao Qatar on 2011-02-22
I have a Nuvi 200W which is being recalled. After one month of exchanging emails with Garmin customer service, I can conclude that nothing works. The quotes below are extracted from Garmin emails. 1. Quote "Your confirmation number is 100410588916. Garmin will replace your battery free of charge. Someone within Garmin will contact you within 1-2 business days." Unquote. No one has contacted me, I had to contact Garmin instead. 2. Quote "You should have been emailed a shipping label, for you to contact UPS on 08457 877 877 and arrange a collection. please make sure your shipping label i...

Garmin / Dissatisfied with response

I bought a Garmin global positioning system (GPS) that didn't work properly. I was referred to a web site that supposedly had a team of experts available to help in such cases. The deal was that I would describe the problem and the level that I was willing to pay when and if the problem was solved to my satisfaction. The levels were $18 and two more, something like $28 and $38. I indicated the $18 level and gave my charge card number. I was calling Friday, July 2, 2010. In short, the problem was NOT solved and the answers given were not even close. It so happened that my 30 year-old grandson was visiting and fixed the GPS. I find that my charge card has been charged $18 and I want a refund.

Garmin / Bad service

TedP91 on
My gps kept having 'pop-up messages' telling me that my maps were outdated and that I should go online and update them in my StreetPilot c330. I finally gave in and purchased the upgrade for the newer maps. But, when I did, it erased all of the canals in my city. I live in Cape Coral Florida, and this city happens to be the city with the most canals/waterways in the world! There are over 400 miles of canals here and you have to see them to know where you are in the city. After complaining and several correspondences to the company, they reluctantly refunded the $119.00 to my credit...

Garmin - Maryland, Towson / GPS System

My daughter purchased a Garmin (GPS System) from them and the screen was cracked. She did not use it for about 2 weeks which is when she noticed it. She also had paid for an extended warrenty for it. They told her they could not change it or repair it because it had to have been dropped. And her warrenty did not cover misuse. All they would do was refund her the prorated amount of the warrenty. This is not the first time We have had a problem with them but they never have to worry about anyone in my family buying anything else from them ever.

Garmin - Arizona, Chandler / DO NOT BUY GARMIN

I bought a Garmin a couple of years ago and today tried to update my maps. The Garmin is unrecognized by two different computers using two different cords. Customer service acknowledges this problem happens and told me I woul have to pay $85 dollars to have the unit refurbished and sent back to me with a 3 month guarantee. They told me this would include the same map that originally came with the unit. This means to get my GPS in good working condition I have to pay $160-210 (depending on whether I want the single map update $69 or lifetime updates $119). I may as well buy a brand new GPS. I...

Garmin - Ohio, Painesville / Rip offs on updates

HoneyE on
I bought one of these for my husband for Christmas at Walmart. It needed Map updating as soon as we used it the first time, which I purchased for about $80. I understand the updating but the cost is ridiculous for the updates. If I would have known you have to pay to constantly update the stupid GPS I would have thought twice about buying it. What a load of crap and what a complete rip off concerning the price, not to mention it should have been updated when it was first purchased for free!

Garmin - Virginia, Aldie / Stuck with a lemon

skmmz on
Garmin is very disappointing. The first day I bought my Garmin it never acquired satellites (kept telling me it couldn't acquire and asked if it should keep searching?). From that point on it took at least 7-10 minutes to acquire satellites. We would have to pull over to the side of the road and let it "warm up" before we continued our trip. When I would compare this to someone else's Garmin, it was clear mine was not right because theirs always worked within seconds. I called customer service several times to ask them what was wrong and they told me to update the software, oh - and...

Garmin / Poos service

JimA71 on
My new Garmin Nuvi 755T instructs me to turn, after the turn was already made and I am about 100feet up the road. At some intersections, while i am waiting for traffic so I can turn, it shows that I already turned and it instruct me to go straight. Garmin stated what their wide range of acceptable inaccuracies are, but I don't buy the excuse. My girlfriends $100 Magellan is right on the mark as well as my Delorme $49 PN40. So why is the performance of my $400 Garmin so poor and Tech support stated a reset is all I can do(which didn't work).

Garmin - Wisconsin / Upgrading Maps

How come when I try to upgrade my maps, it comes up with "registered to another person"? I knew this was going to be a problem when I thought I bought a new unit from TigerDirect and it said it was refurbished when I got it. And now Garmin replied that they couldn't contact the previous owner, refunded my money and more or less said I was screwed! Now, how does TigerDirect get away selling used equipment as new, and why doesn't Garmin clear the previous customer when refurbished. Good questions for the BBB.

Garmin - Texas, Grand Prairie / Problems with Garmin Navigator

I was having some trouble with the Garmin Nuvi 200 and was talking to some guy about resolving the problem.  He gave me several things to try and none of them worked.  He acknowledged that he did not help me with my problem.It was my understaing that if I did not get the problem resolved I would not be charged.  Today the money was deducted from my account.What can I do?  Who can I contact for a resolution to this?Donald E. Harbour

Garmin - Georgia / Maps

I own a business and have a client who utilizes Garmin. This person travels quite often as does his wife and they both have a Garmin account. She just activated a lifetime contract with them when she upgraded her maps. However, when my client went to upgrade his maps and as his Garmin is an older model, he had to choose which part of the US he wanted to download. Mind you, he didn't know this until he had already purchased the maps and tried to download them and received the "too little memory" error message. So, he contacts customer service and after about three hours on hold, he finally...

Garmin - Florida, Havana / Customer Service

Patti on
Bought a StreetPilot C340 a couple of years ago. Recently paid over $50 for the dvd with map updates. When downloading to the GPS, I got an error - and it has wiped out all of the maps that were on the GPS. Trying to get customer service from them is a joke!! all they do is respond with something else to try. I have asked them in each email - can't I just mail it in to you? I did get through on the phone once, and someone logged onto my PC, looked at the dvd, tried to run it himself, etc. and even he didn't know why it wasn't working! All I want to do is send the unit, along with...

Garmin / Extra Delivery Charges

chill on
I purchased a Garmin and specifically asked for two-day delivery. I asked the order taker several times will I get it in two days. She assured me that I would. Didn't get it until 5 days later. Very incompetent order takers plus you have a hard time understanding what they're saying. They don't speak good English. Paid a large sum for two-day. I emailed and called and they won't refund the EXTRA delivery charge. I will never deal with these people again. If you're smart, you'll read ahead before dealing with these people. I wish I had.
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